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.shove it up your donut hole. - Review by miss kitty cat x | Dunkin' Donuts

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.shove it up your donut hole. 9/15/2006

on my way to work this morning i was craving a caramel frap from starbucks with a shot of expresso. yum. instead of heading to starbucks, i decided to go to the new dunkin donuts on hwy 78, cause the coffee is pretty good there, and i could get food at the same time. even though dunkin donuts was ridiculously crowded, i decided to wait it out. 20 minutes i waited, but it didnt bother me, i was cool. finally its my turn to order and since i was craving a caramel frap, i asked the guy at the counter what was comparable to that. he suggested something called a coolata, so i said that was fine and i wanted an extra shot of expresso. i also ordered a croissant and a donut, paid the guy and went to to pick up counter to wait. *then all hell broke loose* it all started when donut guy handed me the wrong coffee -- it was an iced not what i wanted. calmly i explained to him that it was wrong(everyone makes mistakes). and this is how the conversation went.....just keep in mind he was gay and talked like a valley girl. ~ME: "excuse me sir, this is not what i ordered, there is chunks of ice in this and i wanted it blended like we discussed." (at this point i was very nice) ~DONUT GUY: "oh. well the coolata doesnt have caramel in it." ( i was thinking why did he even suggest it and then ask me if i wanted flavoring) ~ME: "well could you please put caramel in it?" ~DONUT GUY:(huge attitude) "well, i GUESS i'll make you a new one" then he starts making it and in the middle he turns to me... ~DONUT GUY: "this wont even taste good if you put caramel in it" (huge attitude) ok...all my patience went out the window.... ~ME: "im sorry, who are you to tell me what would taste good or not..its coffee, it will be ok" ~DONUT GUY:"WHAT-EVA" ~ME: "EXCUSE ME! YOU DONT HAVE TO BE HATEFUL! NEVERMIND JUST GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK" ~DONUT GUY: (he is now across the store now and there are like 20 people waiting in line, and we are both talking VERY loudly) "FINE! I'LL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK!" ~ME: ( LOUD and very shrill ) " YOU ARE ONE OF THE RUDEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER MET AND HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!" (he hands me money which was $3.00 short) ~ME: " didnt give me enough money." "do you have a manager here?" ~DONUT GUY: "i am the manager here"(yeah, assisant manager---glorified title for "jackass") ~ME: "well then i need the number to YOUR manager" ~DONUT GUY: "FINE. you can HAVE the number" he hands me a piece of paper with the number ~DONUT GUY: "here, you can just keep the donut" ~ME: "i dont want your donut" i leave the store. SO, i call the number he gave me for the charleston corporate office and angrily explained what happend, of course they appologized and offered me free donuts for next time... but that is kind of insulting. they want you to go back and get some more bad service. whatever. i was kinda embarrassed that a huge scene was started in front of soooo many people in such a little store. i remember people staring with there eyes buggin. but anyone who knows me, knows i WILL NOT tolerate shitty service, esp RUDE shitty service. i know their job probally sucks and everyone has crappy days, but if you are not a people person, then find a job where custumer service is not part of your job description. i will happily pay for a $4.00 coffee as long as they hand it to me with a smile. SO, after all this and still no coffee, I drove to Starbucks to get my caramel frap with an extra shot of expresso. and guess what? he handed me my coffee and told me to "have a nice day" * all of this would have been avoided if i went for my first instict* more
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