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Melaleuca 1/1/2007

How do you review a company that has almost 400 products? I'm going to cover some basic answers to questions posted here about the cleaning products! I will not review 400 products in this post, but I can get you started. So hold on -- here we go. Kitchen countertops: Use Tough and Tender Multi Purpose Surface Cleaner One bottle makes 96 ounces of cleanser. It's got a three step process: 1. it makes water wetter by reducing the surface tension of water. This boosts the overall power of the cleaning agents by allowing them to more easily penetrate and lift dirt away. 2. it breaks soils down. It was blind tested against 409 and came out the winner! 3. it's a permanent stain remover - and doesn't have caustic ingredients that scratch your counter. Tough and Tender will also: kill ants remove candle wax stain clean your ceiling clean hardwood floors clean piano keys and much more Floors: Wood Floors: Tough and Tender! Linoleum and Ceramic Floors: MelaMagic * Industrial Strength: A special balance between detergents and solvents pulls grimy messes from all types of surfaces. Use MelaMagic on your lawn mower, your car engine, or anything requiring an industrial-strength cleaner. * Biodegradable: The naturally derived solvents and detergents of MelaMagic are biodegradable. * Great Value: One bottle of MelaMagic dilutes to make up to 32 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner. You´ll save money and you won´t have to go back to the store every time you run out. Keep a bottle in the kitchen and one in the garage for on-the-spot cleaning power. Appliances A combination of Tough and Tender and Solumel is a great cleaner. For heavier cleaning use 4 ounces of MelaMagic with 1 capful of Solumel all in a gallon of water. Bathrooms: Tub and Tile How many of you have sprayed down the tub and had to leave the room or you couldn't breath? Tub and Tile eliminates the need to leave the room! It has a combination of natural citric acids and Melaleuca oil that effectively remove soap scum, lime scale, and hard water spots. It doesn't scratch your tub either! Use Tub and Tile full strength to eliminate mold and mildew. Never use it on granite or marble. Soluguard Disinfectant Automatic Dishwasher: Diamond Brite * Spotless Dishes: Special ingredients like Opti-Shine pull tough messes from your dishes and leave them spot-free. Three anti-film agents keep water from settling on glass and spotting. Even in hard water, Diamond Brite Gel gives dishes a perfect shine. * Concentrated Value: You’ll only use 1/4 as much Diamond Brite Gel as the national leading brand — but the results will be worth showing off. Spot-free glasses will speak for themselves! * Earth-Conscious Cleaning: Other dishwasher detergents can contain up to 20% phosphates or other caustic chemicals. These chemicals can damage the environment or tarnish your favorite dishes. Diamond Brite Gel contains no phosphates or chlorine bleach — just the natural cleaning power of Opti-Shine. Melaleuca has five divisions of products: Vitality for Life (vitamins, mineral supplements, weight loss supplements and specific condition supplements) Bath and Body Melaleuca Pharmacy Nicole Miller Cosmetics and Facial Care and Ecosense Cleaners. Now let me take a minute to talk about bleach. It's the number one bad chemical! It is a byproduct of chemical warfare developed during World War II. It kills everything - including you! I know I know, we all love our bleach. Let me give you a formula of Melaleuca products that work even better than bleach! 1/2 cup of Diamond Brite 1/4 cup of Tub and Tile 1/4 cup of Mela Magic 1 1/2 cup of Prespot put in a 96 ounce container and fill with water. You only need to use 1 or 2 ounces! Okay -- fine print (in bigger letters!). Melaleuca's customers were all referred to the company. You become a member for a nominal one time fee of $29 (this month it is only $14.50) and then you will receive 30-40% savings EVERY time you shop. Oh yeah, they have a rebate program. Every time you shop, you receive 10% back in advantage dollars to shop with! So how do you become a member? Let me be the one to refer you and we can do it either online, or via facsimile. Feel free to email me at deb@travelwoman. com for more info. Visit to see all of the products. When you get to the prices -- the first price (and the larger one) is for direct customers who don't want to shop each month. The lower price is for preferred customers. Preferred customers agree to shop every month (for items they now go to the store for) and order 35 products points (see PTS for how many product points each item is). Apologies for the long post -- but I could talk all day! more
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