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Fairfield Inn Stephenson Highway at 14 Mile Road, Madison Heights is Fair to Mediocre Service - Review by Fran C | Fairfield Inn

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Fairfield Inn Stephenson Highway at 14 Mile Road, Madison Heights is Fair to Mediocre Service 9/1/2006

We have stayed 6 days at the Madison Heights Fairfield Inn by Marriott. Check in Staff was friendly and helpful. Beds are very comfortable. Bedspread and pillowcases are worn with a few holes. Bathtub is worn and dated (should be replaced) even though these rooms were supposedly renovated a year ago. Rooms are not as nice as surrounding hotel rooms at next door Hilton and alternate Marriott Hotels. Marriott Fairfield Inn Website advertises all rooms have microwaves, mini refrigerators and a daily dinner buffet in the lobby from 6- and daily breakfast buffet. The first room we were assigned did not have a mini microwave or refrigerator. I asked the desk clerk at check in where the dinner buffet would be served. I was told the Manager had decided to cancel this week's buffet as it is before a holiday weekend and occupancy would be down. I have noted the hotel and parking lot has been full every night. I regularly used to travel on corporate business and travel a lot for personal business. My spouse regularly travels worldwide for corporate business. Due to yesterday's experience with the Manager of this establishment I can honestly say I am in shock and have had my worst EVER hotel stay which I intend to report to Marriott Corporate Headquarters and PRICELINE. I am thankful that I am able to write a review for Judy's Book so I can share my experience and let you decide for yourself. I am staying here with my 13 yr old son while preparing my parents home of 54+ years for sale since my Mother's death of uterine cancer. I asked my Dad to give my Brother in Law's youngest daughter my bedroom set. He was told to keep the relatively new mattress set as I would move it to TX for us to use at his TX home. My Dad decided to give my Brother in Law the mattress set. We arrived home in MI to no mattresses. My Dad suggested my son and I sleep on the floor while we prepare my childhood home for sale. I decided to use to obtain local 2-3 star hotel accommodations. We were able to spend 5 days next door at the Hilton equivalent 2.5 star hotel with great service and accommodations. (I will review the Hilton Hotel shortly). My PRICELINE reservation stated extra days available near end of stay click here to extend your stay. I clicked on the link 2 days before reservation was due to end and immediate response was no additional days available. I then rebid using different days and received accommodations at this Fairfield Inn by Marriott Hotel. Yesterday morning my son went to get our breakfast as I have been having extreme pain and swelling in my hip, feet, joints, legs and thighs. My son mentioned that at about 9 am the breakfast buffet area was full of friendly workers who were passing our room as they went to work paving/roofing the Big Fish Restaurant next door. My son's comment is they are sneaking over here to eat the free breakfast. All morning I heard people passing our room, banging doors on either side of us and above us. I heard different people talking outside the door to our room. A Ryder truck had backed into the parking space next to us and I heard parents angrily talking to kids saying don't do that. I continued with my phone calls to arrange roofing, tree trimming and locating supplies for our repair projects on my parents. I was sitting in the window next to the door with sheer curtains closed and drapes open about 6 inches while my son rested. My son felt sick so I decided to let him lay down before we proceeded to mow the lawn, etc. I heard further noise outside the door but was not concerned because our do not disturb sign was up. A few minutes later I received a call from a man who did not identify himself and said don't you ever throw trash outside your room or I'll have you thrown out of my Hotel. I asked to speak to the Manager the man stated he WAS the Manager and I that I had better quit dumping trash all over the pavement or he would call the police on me! I said please let me speak to your boss. He said I AM the boss around here and I want you to leave if you ever make a mess again. I said wait a minute---I don't know what you're talking about. You haven't even bothered to identify yourself! We've been in our room all morning with many people passing, banging doors, arguing outside our door, etc. Don't jump to conclusions check your facts first...maybe some of the area workers who snuck in for the free breakfast buffet made a mess. How dare you call a paying customer on the phone and accuse them of negligence and threaten to throw them out! Who do you think you are? didn't you see our do not disturb sign on the door? He said yes. Then I said why are you calling, making unfounded accusations and disturbing us! If you are the manager you need training in tactful handling of employees and customers! My son had to go up to the desk early this evening to ask for a roll of toilet paper as we were out. He commented the same Manager was chewing out desk clerk for some unknown reason. A Manager sets the tone for a business:the Manager of the Madison Heights Fairmont Inn is the WORST Hotel Manager I have ever come in contact with. I am very thankful I can share this info with Judy's Book members and intend to pass this experience on to, Marriott Corporate Headquarters and local corporations who often recommend this establishment to service companies, vendors, etc. Times are very tight in the Detroit Area therefore hotels are competing for the few business travelers. This is exactly how to runoff business! more
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