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CrooksCat urine? How do I get rid of it 9/14/2006

Home Remedy Recipe Cat Urine Smell and Stain Remover Ingredients Baking Soda White Vinegar Dishwashing Detergent 3 % Hydrogen Peroxide Directions: 1. If the carpet is newly soiled, first absorb as much of the cat urine as possible using paper towels or an old towel. Place towels over the cat urine patch and tread on them so as to absorb as much wetness as possible. Repeat with dry towels until no more moisture can be absorbed. If the cat urine has dried and you are not sure where the soiled area is you can use a black light (pictured above) to detect it. In a darkened room the black light will pick up cat urine and other stains. Hand held black lights can be purchased for between $15 to $25 2. Next, wet the area with a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water. Make sure you use enough of the solution to penetrate the fibres deep down. Allow it to dry. You can assist drying by blotting with paper towels as described above. A fan can also be used to assist drying. The acidity of the vinegar will neutralize the ammonia in the cat urine. 3. When it's dry, apply a liberal amount of baking soda over the affected area and drizzle it with a quarter of a cup of hydrogen peroxide mixed with a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. Work it in with a scrubbing brush or your fingers (be sure to wear rubber gloves) to dissolve the baking soda and work it down into the carpet. Allow it to dry. Then vacuum. Please Read the caution below regarding hydrogen peroxide The vinegar will neutralize the ammonia and the baking soda will remove the odor of the cat urine. Important. Never use ammonia or ammonia-based products on the carpet. The smell may attract the cat to that area and will encourage cats to urinate in the area You may have to repeat the above process several times for heavily soiled areas. Caution, you should test your carpet for color fastness in an inconspicuous area for 24 hours. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent. Use only 3% Hydrogen Peroxide You can use the above recipe without the hydrogen peroxide (use water instead) if you are not sure about the color fastness of your carpet. more
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