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"My Deli" is certainly not the place for me! - Review by Michaela S | My Deli

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"My Deli" is certainly not the place for me! 9/12/2006

I had to take my grandmother to the eyedoctor one day and we had a long wait ahead of us in the waiting room. We were all very hungry and when I saw the "My Deli" sign looming above us I was thrilled. I hadn't eaten breakfast and it was now late afternoon - I was about ready to eat anything I could get my hands on. The very first thing I noticed when I walked in was how completely empty it was - unusual since I would assume a lot of people might be on lunch around this time. The second thing I noticed was how completely unfriendly and even hostile the man behind the counter was. No greeting, no smile, just a "what do you want?" glare. And the third thing I noticed was the prices. Really steep, considering that we are talking about sandwiches here. I'm talking around $8 dollars and some change (if I remember correctly) for a sandwich, $2 or $3 for some lousy little bagged chips! But I shelled out my money and hoped for the best. Imagine my horror when the man behind the corner opens up a cheap loaf of store bought sliced bread, carelessly throws a whole lot of lettece and an eensy bit of meat in and hands it to me. I could have made a better sandwich at home easily. I ordered two sandwiches (one chicken, one roast beef) for my family and fallafel for myself. The chalkboad menu was really unclear - I love falafel and just expected some falafel. I get some kind of pita bread sandwich concoction with mashed up falafel bits in it. Needless to say, the sandwiches were as bad as they looked. I felt sick after just one bite of mine and had to throw it out. The chopped lettece in mine tasted like it had been sitting out and the gobs of mayonaise tasted off as well. My husband attests that his sandwich was flavorless and unexciting. My grandmother just gave up on hers without comment. So by the end of this adventure I was still starving and out about twenty bucks. I would not recommend eating here under any circumstance. more
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