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Turn and RUN!! - Review by Kimberly A | Evergreen Pet Shop

Evergreen Pet Shop

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Turn and RUN!! 3/24/2006

Stop! Before you even think about entering this store, talk to a few people and get their opinions of this business. I went into this pet store just to mill around and look for some new kitty toys for my two cats. I saw the cutest chihuahua puppy and had to see it. I was thinking about purchasing her. The lady I talked to told me I couldn't hold the dog because I wasn't going to buy it. How do you know whether I'm going to buy it or not?! I told her that yes I was thinking about purchasing this dog. She gave me a "Yeah, right!" sort of look. How unprofessional! I bought my chihuahua from them almost two years ago. I found out my chi ended up having parvo two days after I bought her, so we had to send her to the animal hospital. Evergreen did pay for it! But that's where my nice comments end. Later I found out that my dog also had pneumonia. And had had it for a while. My question: How did this dog live?!?! Okay, so my husband goes in and is talking to the lady that sold us the dog. She offers to have our pet carrier washed out. He says alright, that's fine. She sends a teenage boy, who doesn't know anything about animals, to hose it of. Hello?! You need bleach or something!! And don't set it back on the counter you just took it off of! I couldn't believe it! I had a few phone calls with the woman, who I believe to be the management or owner. She was very rude to me and told me she didn't know what she would be able to cover on my puppy's medical bill. I didn't have a clue what to say to her! But later on she phoned the "owner" and they gave her the go ahead to cover the parvo and pneumonia. My dog also had a ball that they let her play with in her cage. I found out later that that ball was not to be used as a dog toy. It could potentially kill them. I think it was made out of some kind of styrofoam. A pet store giving a pet a deadly toy!! What is up with that?! I've had a couple of friends apply for jobs there. They both worked there for about two weeks and quit because of the way they treat the animals over there. Those dogs are supposed to go on daily walks. Yeah, that doesn't happen! Their cages don't get changed as much as they are legally supposed to. The list goes on and on! I am surprised this place is still allowed to do business. Hopefully I can get a group of people together to help shut them down. What an awful business! I forgot to mention that my parents and I bought a cat from them years ago. I'd say almost 10 years ago. I was telling my parents everything that was wrong with my dog when I bought her and they said that they had problems with our cat when she was first born too. I wish I had known that in the beginning! I'm just glad I'm the one that bought my dog. I'm not sure if anyone else would have gone through all the crap that Evergreen pulled. Then she would have been put to sleep! Like I said, she's almost two and the happiest dog I know! Too she had to come from Evergreen. more
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