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We went to this Subway (on 9th and Broadway in the Theatre district in downtown Tacoma) in between errands to have lunch. Everyone was pretty hungry and I'm trying to convince them all to eat healthier so I drove here. I was surprised to see that they don't have stamps or the Subway points card, so you get no added bonuses when you spend an outrageous sum of money on your sandwiches. I think Subway in general is a tad expensive for what amounts to a fresher deli sandwich. These owners are pretty skimpy. Evidently, the local library was having a kids reading rewards program this summer, and kids who completed the program got free kids meals at Subway. A woman came off the bus with her two kids and their hard-won SUbway coupons, only to get denied by this franchise. You could tell she was a single mom, didn't have much money and was counting on the free meals for her hungry kids. And the owner of this franchise told her no a few times. He wouldn't feed the kids, basically, and honor the coupons that these kids worked so hard for. I won't eat at this Subway again, because of that. I thought it was a really ignorant shame for these owners to be so evil and greedy to turn away a stressed out mom and her two hungry kids who obviously didn't have much money and who had spent a lot of time in the library reading a lot of books just to get two free kids meals. And not to mention that this is the ONLY Subway out of the many Puget Sound area Subways I've been to that will NOT give out stamps or points. SHAME SHAME SHAME on this greedy Subway franchise owner! Oh, this is the one a few doors down from the Children's Museum of Tacoma and the only one in downtown Tacoma evidently, so lots of business people go here as well as moms and kids. Please make sure to tell your friends and associates and family not to frequent this Subway for how mean they were to this family. I don't know how they sleep at night denying hungry children food. more
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