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The Screening & The Meeting With Mr. Stallone! - Review by D D | Star Theatre Fairlane

Star Theatre Fairlane

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The Screening & The Meeting With Mr. Stallone! 12/8/2006

"Rocky Balboa" will be an Oscar winner! The movie is phenomenal! Robust with it's message of hope, the film reinforces that true winners never quit even in the face of adversity. Stallone has created a character that we can all relate to and this is the reason for Rocky's huge success. Balboa communicates to our hearts and motivates us to keep fighting! The movie will be opening December 20 in locale theaters. It was after the movie that we were clued in on where the live interview with Slyvester Stallone would take place. For a brief moment, after entering the hotel, I felt like a V.I.P. and it was so much fun being in this position. I told a staff member that I was there for the interview and when she checked the itinerary she didn't see Slyvester Stallone listed anywhere. She was so kind as she pointed me in the direction of the main office way down a lengthy hall. Little did I know that the hotel went through such tremendous efforts in keeping the mega star's appearance under guard that even some of their employee's were unaware of his attendance. However when I inquired as to where I should be for the conference, I was escorted to the proper location with no questions asked of me. At first, I was intimidated that the room was so small because that meant any moment Slyvester Stallone could see me and part of me wanted to run and hide. I didn't like that feeling of being star struck and having to worry if I do or say something wrong. Stallone has a knack though of making you feel very welcome. He came in with a very big smile and sat down around the conference table as if we all were family waiting for our meal to arrive. There was about fifteen of us there and I was ok as long as he was on the opposite end of this set up. He gave us the details of how he met his wife and how much she means to him, both spiritually and naturally. Than I get this bright idea to ask him a question and yes, my worse fear reared it's ugly head. I stood up and mid-way through my sentence my mouth froze. Oh my gosh, what a moment. It made me so embarrassed. My reason in sharing such a humiliating moment is to stress the kindness that Stallone really shows others. He was so patient and tolerating in waiting for me to finish my inquiry. Although he had mentioned that the Rocky character was patterned after himself, I actually bore full witness of this by that event. Slyvester Stallone has a very big heart! Later I went up to thank him for putting me at ease when he jumped out of his chair and gave me a big bear hug! It's been over a week but my head still spins when I think about it. The entire opportunity starting from the phone call until meeting Slyvester Stallone proved to be such a blessing and to think that it started with a genuine prayer from myself for some guidance and inspiration. God certainly does move in mysterious ways! more
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