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AVOID AT ALL COST - Review by lia m | Aspen Dental

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This is the worst "Dentist" office i have ever been to, and i think it is probably the worst in the area. I arrived late because I could not find the office. I did a google map to find the place and it gave me the wrong directions, and since i am not familiar to the area i had a hard time getting there. When i finally arrived i was treated rudely and was told "you can't search for us on google maps". Sorry, but how was I supposed to know? I waited a little to be seen, and when i finally did I was taken to X-rays first. While in the chair wile the nurse was getting the stuff I heard someone say "yah, that’s the Late 10:30 person" very rudely. That was very unprofessional. I was then sent to a chair for the dentist to see me. He looked at the X-rays and said that stuff looked fine and then he checked my teeth. He had a concern about a wisdom tooth that i knew he was probably going to say something about. He said that he would like to get a full mouth x-ray to see what to do, but the machine was broken. He also said when i leave someone would help me make an appointment to come back and see a specialist about maybe having it removed. Other than that he said that everything was fine. When i was waiting to check out, the person asked if i would also like to have my teeth cleaned, and I was like of course. In my experience that is what you do when you go to the dentist. The hygienist was terrible. She dug her nail in my gums when scraping my teeth and I was bleeding all over the place and it really hurt. I said something, but she did not stop. I have never bled during a dentist visit before this. She then cleaned my teeth in probably less than 1 minute. My teeth did not feel clean at all. She did not even floss and check at the end that everything looked clean. It took her about 3 minutes to do everything. It was terrible. When i checked out the person said that i needed to make an appointment to have a tooth filled. I was like what? The dentist never said anything to me about that. I asked why and she was like "i don't know they found something that needs to be filled". They also made me sign some papers saying that i understood the estimated price for the filling that did not make sense at all. They crossed out the calculated number and increased it by like $30. I felt like they were trying to rip me off even more since I didn't even need a filling in the first place. They also made me sign a paper saying that i refused the fluoride treatment, which of course i did because I am not a kid. I was so disgusted at this place. Not only did they try to make me get a filling that no one could tell me anything about, they didn't even explain to me what i should do about my wisdom tooth. After I left I looked at my papers and realized they spelled my name wrong. Apparently they are incompetent at everything. I had a coupon I showed the receptionist when i came in for a free x-ray and new patient examination. The person said that since i had insurance that i should have them cover it. I now know why, they never get returning patients and they need to make money somehow. After dealing with all the incompetence, i gave them my coupon again and told them that i would like to use it for here and I am going to go to a real dentist and have my insurance cover it. It was the biggest waste of time ever. Not only did I not get my teeth cleaned, My mouth hurt and I don't really know what to do about my wisdom tooth. AVOID THIS PLACE and go to a REAL dentist office. more
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