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Very Poor Customer Service - Review by Teresa Ü | Marshall Field's

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Very Poor Customer Service 4/5/2006

I don't shop in this store very often, because I find the items to be a bit overpriced, and I don't really care for their customer service. This view was reinforced on a recent trip. I had four items that I needed to return, each one from a different department. The girls department is immediately inside the door,and one of the items was from the girls department, so I went there. I asked the cashier if I could return my items to the register or if I needed to go to customer service. She told me that they took the returns at the registers. So, I placed my items on the counter and got out my receipts. The cashier looked at me and said, "We prefer that you take your returns to the individual departments." I told her that I would prefer not to have to go to four different departments to make my returns,and asked her if she could do all the returns at her register. She replied, "Don't you have any more shopping to do? You could just run them to the different departments while you were shopping." I was getting frustrated at this point, and told her again that I didn't have any more shopping, and I didn't want to have to run all over the store. I had my three year old daughter with me, who was being very good at the time, but you never know when a three year old will lose it! I also needed to get home before my daughter got home from school. The cashier then sighed heavily, and said to the customer behind me, "I am SO sorry about this." By this time I was more than a little irritated. The cashier then scanned each of my items, and handed me a receipt to sign, while I was signing the first receipt she threw the next receipt right on top of the first. I don't think it was an accident. The entire time the cashier was processing my returns she was sighing and frowning at me. When she got to the girls item, she asked me, "What department is this from?" in a VERY snotty tone. I told her, "It's a girls" She then retorted, "What KIND of girls?" It was a size five little girls skirt, so I replied, "A little girl." The cashier then said, "Well, where did you get it?" I told her that I had purchased it at a nearby store, but the department looked exactly like the one we were in. She then looked at the customer in line behind me and sighed again and rolled her eyes at me. I could not help myself any longer and told the cashier, "Please do not roll your eyes at me, I am just as important of a customer as the person behind me." Of course the cashier denied that she had been anything but nice. By the time the cashier processed my last return I was almost shaking I was so upset. The cashier did not thank me, or give me any sort of parting remark, which I was not surprised about. She then began helping the customer that had been behind me, who as it turned out, was returning the outfit she had been holding while standing in line. I would be very happy to never shop in this store again. more
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