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Dubious Service Capability 11/28/2006

I purchased my car, a 2006 Chevrolet Aveo, brand new about a year ago. That being said, it is still under warranty. Recently, it began acting strangely. The symptoms were: The daytime running light indicator was going on/off sporadically The car creaked loudly when making turns The radio would spot out, that is, go silent, for a brief time then resume as normal The windshield washer fluid wouldn’t dispense I figured for the most part, all of the things listed were fairly minor repairs. At worst, I had a major electrical problem; at least, a day-long loss of my car that would be a minor inconvenience. I called the dealership from where I had purchased my car, Classic Chevrolet off State Route 2 at State Route 615, and scheduled an early Monday morning appointment. The first irritation arose when I was told that I would not get a rental car. In order for my warranty to pay for one, my car would have to be in the shop for at least 8 hours. I explained to the gentleman that I had to get to work. He told me that would not be a problem; he could have someone take me to work (since I worked close by). We setup a drop-off time of 7:30am on 11/20/06. I got there, and drove my car into the garage to wait in a line of other cars. I parked and went into the small shop on the side and waited for an attendant to assist me. A gentleman called me over, however, 3 others ticked away on keyboards at their empty desks and ignored me. The man at the counter asked me what I was there for, and found me in the system. He asked if I left my keys in the car, which I advised no, and then he asked me to confirm where it was parked and to hand him my keys. He briefly left with a clipboard to inspect my car (I am assuming to confirm the VIN and to take mileage information down, etc.), then returned and began entering information into the system. He then asked me to describe my problems. I ran over the list above, and he would periodically ask a question for further detail. After about 5 minutes, he presented me with a printout, which he requested that I sign. I did confirm that the repairs that I indicated were under warranty, which he did verify, and signed my name. I told him that I needed a ride to work, and he got onto a walky-talkie and signaled to a van driver to wait for me. He gave me vague directions and outside I went. An older gentleman with another female customer waited in a dark van to take me to work. After being dropped off at work (on time), the waiting game began. Finally, around noon, I got a call from the dealership, explaining that my car had been looked at and repaired. The results were: A faulty module on the daytime running lights; which was replaced. A bad fuse on the windshield wiper fluid dispenser, which was replaced. Bushers for my stabilizer bar were part of a faulty design and the “new and improved” (a direct quote) version were on order. I would be called when they arrived, which meant I had to take my car back for further repairs at some point in the future (I was told 2 days, tops). The radio problem couldn’t be duplicated. I advised the gentleman that my husband would be picking up my car this evening (they were open until 7pm), and he told me that he would make sure to call me once they got in the parts for my car. Since it was Thanksgiving week, I had little hope it would get done by Wednesday, the 23rd. Sure enough, the parts must not have arrived, as I didn’t get a call to my phone. I figured I would hear something by Friday. Then, I started my car, and the daytime running light went out. Then back on. The SAME problem was recurring! That was on the 23rd. I figured I would wait until I got the phone call about my bushers and I would mention this problem at that time. Friday the 25th arrived, with no call. Monday the 27th came and went with no call. The daytime running lights were still on the fritz, but everything else seemed ok. Then today, the 28th, I hopped into my car this morning to go to work, and it WOULDN’T START! Turn the key, crank, crank, crank, crank, cough sputter. Turn the key, crank, crank, crank, crank, cough sputter. Turn the key, crank, crank, crank, crank, cough sputter. By this time, I was on the phone with my husband (who was already at work), and crying about being late to work. I tried again. Turn the key, crank, crank, crank, crank, cough sputter. He was offering to come and get me to take me to work. I told him no, he didn’t need to miss work. I tried again. Turn the key, crank, crank, crank, crank, cough, WEAK start. I advised my husband that it was working, and I would most definitely be on the phone later to speak with the dealership, who was supposed to have fixed all of this. Well, the other problems at least, this was new! I called them around 10am today, and a nice lady in the service department located my account. I reviewed everything with her, and she offered to send a tow truck. I confirmed that again, everything would be under warranty. The emphatically confirmed this, then also confirmed that I qualified for a rental car since my car is inoperable. The tow truck driver arrived within the timeframe that I was told, and was a very nice gentleman. My car was towed off the lot, and taken to the dealership. Around 12, I remembered that my front tires had been going flat a lot, and I was having to put air into them every two weeks or so. I called the dealership, not expecting them to have fixed my car yet, and asked about whether they could look at those, too, since I figured they were under warranty. A gentleman got on the phone and advised me that the bushers and stabilizer bar had nothing to do with the tires going flat, and that actually someone was looking at my car was we spoke. Awkward silence. I asked politely if they would look at the tires. He said sure, in an annoyed voice, and we terminated the call. It is now around 2:30pm. I have not heard anything about my car yet. It could be in pieces, for all I know… The result? If you bought a car from Classic, be wary of the service department. You will probably have to call them again, and maybe even take your car back. I will definitely update this review once I have gotten my car back. more
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