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Editorial review from Urbanspoon - Review by citysearch c | Parrillada Las Vacas Gordas

Parrillada Las Vacas Gordas


Editorial review from Urbanspoon 3/20/2012

i have gone here two times and both times were absolutely awful. the first time the waitress over charged us and never came to the table after she took our order. when i asked for the manager to show him the wrong charges he refused to take them off, claiming that i did order the things on the bill that were incorrect. on top of this the gratuity was added to the bill!! the second time i went was with a friend who really wanted to try this place. not wanting to ruin her choice, i sucked it up and went. i ordered a salad and when it came out completely dry i asked for dressing and was told they do not have any dressing for the salad. the busser said they serve it plain. i politely told him that he could take the salad because i was not going to eat it dry. the busser took it without a problem. when the server saw him taking the salad he ran over to the busser and argued back and forth with him. he then took the salad from the busser and stormed over to our table. he literally threw the salad back on the table and told me that the salad was mine and i ordered it so i must pay for it! i told him that i never said i was not going to pay for it, but i wasnt going to eat it, so he could take it off the table. he threw up his hands and left the salad on the table and walked away. he went to the other servers and began talking very loudly and pointing at our table. i started to get aggravated and called the server over and asked him why he left the salad. he snatched it up and rolled his eyes. i wa so tempted to walk out but i wanted to stay so my friend could try the food. when the food came out the server never came to ask us how we were doing. our water glasses were never refilled and we ate our entire meal without anything to drink. we waited for 30 minutes after we were done eating to get the bill. when the bill came i payed the amount subtracting half of the automatic gratuity. when we were walking out of the restaurant the server came running up to us and yelled that we did not pay the full gratuity and that we must. i replied that he did not deserve the entire tip amount and i gave him what he deserved. he then followed me out the door rubbing his shoulders up against mine yelling that i must pay his gratuity. i laughed and said i know how it works since i too work at a restaurant in miami. he then began to yell things at me in spanish. he created a huge scene. everybody was staring at us, but i continued on my way to my car vowing that i would never put myself through such hell again! more
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