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Rescue Rooter Salt Lake City for Tony and Kyler - Review by Guest | Rescue Rooter Salt Lake City

Rescue Rooter Salt Lake City

Rescue Rooter Salt Lake City for Tony and Kyler 9/6/2016

I contacted Rescue Rooter online when my laundry line backed up and flooded an area of my laundry room. The local company contacted me promptly and sent Kyler to clear the line. He worked for several hours and determined that there was a blockage downstream from the laundry line which would need to be addressed. The blockage was behind a wall in an adjoining room and was inaccessible because there was a heavy artist's table and a piano in front of it. Kyler squeezed into the space and took photos with his phone which he forwarded to the local company. He had determined that the problem was a cast iron trap which was corroded and clogged. The next day Tony came to my house to work on the problem. I had been able to move the table out of the way, and Tony and I pushed the piano aside so he had room to work. He cut out the offending cast iron trap and re-configured the pipes, substituting a new ABS trap. He even went to Home Depot because it was the only place open where he could buy a vent for the line. It was a time-consuming project in a cluttered house (I am moving out and my son is moving in, so temporarily we have two households' worth of possessions stacked on top of each other.) Both of these men were hard-working, friendly, courteous, and professional. I feel that they went above and beyond the call of duty to figure out solutions and to resolve problems with their skills. Especially since Kyler came on Sunday and Tony came on Labor Day! After the project was completed Tony filled and emptied the washing machine twice to make sure the problem was fixed. This was the best service I've received anywhere. I am very impressed with these men and grateful to have clean clothes again! I keep going into the rooms and looking at my fresh new plumbing. By the way, the woman who spoke to me several times on the phone was also very helpful and pleasant. Great job! more