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Terrible customer service - Review by Guest | Palika Bazaar

Palika Bazaar


Terrible customer service 3/15/2016

Long story short, they had a dress that I wanted for my wedding. They didn't have it anymore in stock, so the owner's wife told my mom that they could get the exact same thing made and to come back with a deposit, the picture of the dress, and all of my measurements. She did exactly that. She drove all the way from RTP to Cary in rush hour to do this for me (I don't live in NC). She gets there and the owner is there (the man) and ignores my mom and continues to look through his phone. At about 5 minutes my mom says "um... should I come back?" he goes "oh, what do you need?" She then let's him know that she spoke to his wife and brought everything she needed. He proceeds with "No! we can't do this! We won't do this!" His wife comes in shortly after and asks why they couldn't try. Then they went back and forth for a while. In the end the answer was no. His wife tried, but my guess he's just .... who doesn't like to get paid. He'd rather turn away good business and future business than try and work with you. A note to the business: Next time this happens, how about you 1. pay attention to your customers, 2. DO NOT BE RUDE, 3. present your customer with an alternative!!!!! My question to you is why exactly do you have a store? Do you want to sell? Even if it wasn't possible, the way you handled it was awful. I am your first review. I wonder what others will think when they read this? Somehow, I think they won't come into your store and they will (and should) take their business elsewhere. I personally don't like giving my business to those that are rude to me and rude to those I care about. I won't give business to people who don't deserve it. Congratulations you just lost more than $1000! Probably more after people read this. more
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