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RANDY RANDY RANDY.... Take a course in CUSTOMER SERVICE - Review by Guest | Lynnwood Gun & Ammunition

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RANDY RANDY RANDY.... Take a course in CUSTOMER SERVICE 4/23/2012

I walk in, was the only person in there, ask to have him help me find a gun that would be suitable for carrying; wanted something in a smaller frame, but something with good stopping/protection power. He gave me a stare like I just asked him to give me a check for a million dollars. Minding you, I own several guns, so I am not a complete neophyte. So I ask to see a few under the glass. He pulls them out in a very perturbed way as if I am inconveniencing him or ruining his day. I asked some questions all with remarks of how a MEAN father would respond to a child, berrating, demeaning, etc. I am a grown man, but he made me feel dumb and like I havent felt in a decade. I was at that point ready to tell him off and walk out, but I thought no I want a gun. So I look around some more, then as I leave I ask, do you have this in a 9mm caliber, he says, "I thought we already went over this with you", HUH, excuse me, I am not a child and secondly I am a customer about to spend $500+ at your store, a little respect maybe? Anyways, after that I walked out upset. I am glad to see other people on here saying how they feel to, Randy is a mean person and should not be in customer service. How he stays in business is BEYOND me. You cant make money by being a JERK!!! Word of advice, if you arent in his little circle of friends, or a regular, DO NOT GO THERE he will berade, belittle and make you feel like a 2 yr old. He has no time for people or people asking questions. Go to another Gun shop i beg you, unless you like being made to feel dumb and like an ant. Randy, I hope you read these, take advice from consumers, cause WE ARE the ones wqho pay your bills, we feed you each night, clothe you, put a roof on your head, so RESPECT US. more
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