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Security Problem 5/14/2011

If you have a serious computer security matter go elsewhere. Advised him that I had just that due to multiple reinstalls and new computers and hard drives with all reasonable precautions taken. His response was "I'll do it as a challenge." I had told him that I thought something was inherent in the motherboard because of frequent reinstalls I had done. One month and about $250 later after he provided "security" services the security problem again arose again resulting in the crash of a newer laptop. My last communication to him via email was "Your Arrogance Belies Your Ignorance." And in that communication I sent him a link to a March 2009 article entitled called "Researchers Aim Low for Root Kit Hardware." The article concerned insidious BIOS virus root kits and commented on just how difficult detection and removal of such viruses is. (Now I know that minimally a BIOS has to be flashed to even begin to be successful against such a beast and it apparently takes about five minutes to do that. This article was found by me in an on line search about security about three months after he provided his "security" services in September, 2010. Advice: Don't be a victim of false arrogance. more