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1813 7th Ave (at Olive Way)
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 443-3933
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Zum - Seattle, WA


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The new ZUM location is as gorgeous as it is energizing! A personal trainers' dream, ZUM has almost every piece of specialty equipment you can dream up, to ensure that every work...


I found Zum to be chic and phony, well suited to yuppies instead of regular folks. They are extremely expensive and seem to care more about the money than the people. Their staff ...

Gorgeous Space, Knowledgeable Staff 4/27/2011

The new ZUM location is as gorgeous as it is energizing! A personal trainers' dream, ZUM has almost every piece of specialty equipment you can dream up, to ensure that every workout is fresh and fun! more

Kym Beldon at Zum is a miracle worker! 2/27/2009

I've gone to Zum now for almost 4 years. I've trained with several of the trainers there -- all were excellent. But none that I've worked with was as amazing as Kym Beldon. Kym knows how the body works better than anyone else I've ever met. I go to the gym because of various physical problems - arthritis, diabetes, balance. After five months with Kym I can do more with my arms than I have since I was a kid. My glucose levels are normal. And my posture has improved dramatically. She has a way of explaining what muscle to use, how to do an exercise, that allows you to do it right and gain the most from every movement. She's serious, fun, positive and complimentary.\r \r I also love Zum because people you won't hear weights clanging and people groaning. Just the sounds of all sorts of different ages and fitness levels working hard on core strength, balance and other items that allows them to live longer, pain free, and perform at whatever physical activity that gives them joy. Even if that's just taking a walk with the dog.\r \r Working out with Kym has been life changing for me and I can't recommend her any more highly. Pros: Everything! Cons: Expensive, but worth it more

Hands down THE best gym in Seattle 12/18/2008

I have worked out at various gym's in Seattle my whole life. Zum is the first gym where I have ever felt excited and motivated to go to the gym as oppossed to dreading it. My trainer, Joe DeShaw, is the BEST ever. He is extremely knowledgable about the body and has been integral in helping me reshape my body. Not to mention he is one of the most genuine, caring people I have ever met.Whether I am climbing the rope, jumping on the trampoline or leaping in the sandpit, I get an amazing workout and it is super fun. His class, Hard Core is the best core workout ever and awesome for glutes, abs and middle back. My posture has improved dramatically. The place has a great energy and all the trainers are friendly and caring and welcoming. I feel like I am going to work out with my friends. I like to be there and I get an amazing workout. Its pricey but its worth it. Pros: great trainers and great aesthetic for a gym Cons: pricey more

Down to earth people who care about your health-NOT snobby or pretentious 5/7/2008

I love Zum. I was intimidated to go at first. It was so nice looking that I thought that it meant snobby and pretentious, but I was COMPLETELY wrong. I have never been at a gym where everyone was so nice and down to earth. After my tour, I met a trainer Kathryn who invited me to her class the next day. I was scared to go, but I gave my word so I went. Kathryn remembered me, and the class totally kicked my butt and I joined the next week. The thing I love the most is that people really go to the gym to work out. I have been a member of 24 hour fitness and was a loyal member of Gold?s. I hated the meat-market feel, that people were more interested in how they looked or that they looked like they knew what they were doing more than working out itself. I also hated that it was so busy; I could never use the equipment I wanted. Zum is completely the opposite, its nice people who care about taking care of their health-not just how they look in their clothes. I am a younger member of the gym, and I was shocked at what some older members of the gym could do, they were more fit and strong than my 20s self. The most important part is the trainers know their stuff, and they care about you. Kathryn is amazing! My father played football professionally and is a football coach, and I was an athlete, so I came with a solid foundation?Kathryn worked muscles I didn?t know I had, and I do things my father is impressed with, that?s saying something. Lastly, it is more expensive, but my health is worth it. They also have discounts for groups, my company signed up, and I get a really good discounted rate. Pros: staff knowledge, great facilities, clean, nice- good natured memebers who go to work out Cons: may have parking problems rarely more

amazing personal trainers, great equipment 4/9/2008

I saw physical trainers for 6 months a ruptured disk and nobody helped me heal like Joe at Zum. He is the best! more

Best Gym, Best Massage in Seattle 4/9/2008

Until I started going to Zum, I was never inspired to work out. Zum changed that for me. The trainers are fantastic, so professional, so down to earth. They actually want to get to know you, and care about your goals. The facility is also terrific -- spotless and visually arresting. I think some people mistake this for pretentiousness. It's absolutely not that way at all. It boils down to the fact that these people really care about creating an environment that inspires people. It's not because they're snobby. And shame on you, in the post below, for airing the dirty laundry of the staff members. That's really not fair. What does it tell you about a gym when its members feel such a connection to it, that they stick up for the trainers and staff? And I can bet other members who read this would feel the same way.\r \r I also highly recommend Zum's massage services, Colleen's in particular. I've had countless massages at various places in the city, and Colleen's is by far the best and most effective. She's a total pro at what she does. And that means listening to your needs, keeping her focus and making you feel comfortable. I always leave thinking, ""why would I ever have a massage anywhere else?"" Pros: Ambience, Massage, Trainers more

You Get What You Pay For 2/19/2008

I notice that most of the negative reviews are from people who haven't actually worked out at ZUM. Hmmm. ZUM ain't cheap, especially if you're comparing the costs of monthly membership to places like Bally's, Gold's, or 24-Hour Fitness. But ZUM isn't trying to compete with those places. At all. I can see that the place would be a little intimidating to a newbie. I was intimidated. Everything is pretty and shiny and new-ish. Once I got to know the place, however, and you know, ACTUALLY STARTED WORKING OUT THERE, I found that I really got into the vibe. ZUM does have a philosophy, rooted in core strength, and focusing heavily on proper form and diet. For someone like me, this is great. The amount of information my trainer (hi, Mo!) gives me during every single workout can be daunting, but many weeks into my program, a lot of the info is starting to sink in. I'm loving it. I can't wait for my next training session. There are lots of classes for all fitness levels, there is Yoga instruction and massage. One last time: it ain't cheap. But how much is your fitness worth to you? It's worth a lot to me, and that's why I'm a member. Pros: Great environment, great training staff Cons: Spendy more


I found Zum to be chic and phony, well suited to yuppies instead of regular folks. They are extremely expensive and seem to care more about the money than the people. Their staff is kind of weird, to say the least. The head guy, Peter, is not a bad guy, even though he is a recovering alcoholic who has had major problems with women. He just cannot stand overweight people. I found the place to be pretentious and would recommend it only for residents of Belltown. Pros: GOOD LOCATION AND PARKING Cons: PRICE AND PRETENTIOUSNESS more

Unique health club choice 11/18/2007

I am new in town and am taking time to tour as many health club facilities as possible. I inquired about Zum on their web site and received an e-mail response the next day. I liked the personalized service detailed on the site. One day, I stopped in while I was on a run. There wasn't anyone available to give me a tour, so the guy at the desk allowed me to walk through on my own after I filled out a form. This gym is defintely catering to a holistic oriented crowd. The facility looked very modern and clean. The classes looked small and are conducted in areas that are in the main room. I am not sure that I would want to sweat at this facility because it is so pretty. No one followed up with me after I dropped by. Pros: Location, modern style Cons: Niche gym, so holistic that I would be scared to work out in the space more

Life changing gym 7/19/2007

when i started working out at zum, i thought i was in pretty good shape, but i had lots of minor aches and pains and i didn't really LIKE working out, so i didn't go as much as i should have. I've been going to ZUM for almost 3 years now and i can't believe how much it has changed the way i look, the way i feel and the way i view working out. i now feel like it is a treat to go to the gym (!). the staff is super knowledgeable. I feel like i've gotten a fitness degree just working out with the trainers. my favorite thing is that certified trainers (all of zum's are and it SHOWS--they know what they are talking about) teach all of the classes. they are eager to provide extra attention and answer questions about form, and they never ever make you feel like you are less important because you aren't as athletic or in shape as some members. i get lots of compliments on my muscle tone but most importantly i feel 100x better. and yes, i use the sandpit almost every visit :) Pros: trainers! atmosphere. trainers. Cons: i'm stumped more

I love the facility, staff and members at ZUM. Really different and better than mass-market clubs. 7/17/2007

ZUM is an amazing place. I've been around it since the beginning, and it just keeps improving.\r \r The facility is compact, but the space is used well. It's been decorated by a high-end interior designer, so it feels like you are staying at a luxury hotel. There's a broad variety of equipment, from the conventional to the exotic.\r \r The staff is expert -- knowledgeable and friendly. The interview process weeds out most applicants, and those who are hired go through a comprehensive mentorship program.\r \r And the members at ZUM really make the place special. Maturity, respect, and positive energy pervade the place. \r \r It's just a wonderful place to work out. Pros: staff, facility, members Cons: does not do the workout for you 8^) more

In this case trendy is NOT GOOD! 7/10/2007

I visited Zum and felt there was a lot of immaturity displayed by the training staff. I felt that I was not part of the club b/c I don't go to the gym to be popular or for social hour. I have been to other gyms such as Renew Fitness in Bellevue and have felt that the trainers were very knowledgeable...unlike Zum which I felt the fitness director didn't know how to help me because of a back injury and his attention was always focused on a female employee of his rather then me as the client. In addition to his lack of knowledge I felt he was disconnected and in general made a bad impression from the get go. Lazy Service for sure! \r \r Pros: Location Cons: Location, trainers, parking, ambience, service..all of it more

Best Gym In Seattle No Doubt & The Sand Pit Has A Purpose!!! 5/1/2007

Zum is unlike any gym I've ever been to. No showboating in this gym it's all about fitness and not checking each other out. EVERYONE I've ever met there was sincerely nice and very welcoming!!! I read a review that said there are no basics but I beg to differ. There is not an array of fancy equipment that one never uses nor would know how to. There are basic pieces like treadmills, bikes, weights, stability ball ect... I know the sand pit makes people think that it's just a looks thing but it is actually for people with bad joints it helps ease the pressure for them. So many of their classes are small so it's like having a personal trainer too! Pros: Classes are great & People are great!! Cons: Parking more

Quite possibly the swankiest health club around! 11/29/2006

I nearly missed Zum because of its misleading entrance. It looks like a nightclub from the outside, but believe me, this is one of the perks! The decor and the staff actually make you WANT to work out. It is just so different from the ""generic gyms"" all of us have been forced to use at some point. The staff are incredibly friendly and the locker rooms are gorgeous and well equipped. If you appreciate aesthetic value and an interesting take on fitness; this is certainly the gym for you (if you can even call it a gym). Don't be discouraged by the ostentacious atmosphere, it is a very friendly place with loads of great amenities. Pros: Decor, No Wait Lines, Staff Cons: A tad pricey more

Unlike any other Fitness Center/Gym 10/17/2006

Simply a great place to spend an hour a day 4 days a week at! Great classes, workout equipment, and amazing people and trainers to be around. Love this place! Pros: Everything about the place Cons: Little on the expensive side, but totally worth it when taking advantage of all the available services... more

Great! 1/30/2006

Amazing amount of knowledge and energy - great community and contagious atmosphere. I look forward to going to the gym every time! more

Zum is Awesome 1/23/2006

Zum is the optimal premier health club. The professional staff gives every member the personalized attention needed to obtain their wellness goals. more



Well worth every cent! 12/10/2005

We visited every high-end fitness center in Seattle looking for second-to-none personal training in an atmosphere that would motivate us to achieve our goals. Zum is hands-down the most impressive club by far. The entire staff takes their role very sincerely, but everyone keeps a great, upbeat and welcoming attitude. The personal trainers are amazing. We are already seeing results. The atmosphere and exceptional client service totally motivates us to be there - and achieve our goals. May not be the cheapest place to work out - but it's worth every penny when we WANT to be there! Oh yea, really great locker rooms too! And the classes - wow! These people really know what they are doing!!! Pros: Client Service, Personal Trainers, Atmosphere more

Great 3/14/2005

I've been a member for about a month now, and I have been really impressed by the staff, facility and trainers. The club ""feels"" high end, everything from the always clean equipment to the nice touches in the locker room. The classes are well taught, and trainers do a great job of making them personalized. Even during peak hours, there is never a wait on equipment, and i've never felt cramped or crowded, something that I really dislike about the major chains like 24 hour or Golds. Pros: clean, friendly, great training Cons: expensive more
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  • Offers cardio, weights, workout classes, personal training, wellness and nutrition consultation, massage therapy and nontraditional equipment, including a fitness sandpit.

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