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Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - 24 Reviews - 45 E Union St, Pasadena, CA - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (626) 683-3308
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Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio

45 E Union St (at enter Kendall Alley)
Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 683-3308
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Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA
Zoey Van Jones - Brow Studio - Pasadena, CA



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I read the reviews and decided; This is the place I will entrust w/my eyebrows. What a wonderful experience. I decided I had to have them done ASAP, loved the fact I had all the i...


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Watch out Manhattan, Beverly Hills, Here comes Pasadena 7/16/2011

I read the reviews and decided; This is the place I will entrust w/my eyebrows. What a wonderful experience. I decided I had to have them done ASAP, loved the fact I had all the information needed on the ZVJ website-amazingly easy to do. I chose Raquel, would have chosen Zoey but my pocketbook did not allow. Raquel was very attentive. I was very impressed that Zoey came over to take a look, offered her advise on what I needed to do in the future-loved that!!! how to maintain-then wanted to see the end result. Just real impressed with the business pride at this studio. Even the cashier was extremely polite and offered her advise. I felt like I was on Rodeo Drive or Fifth Ave. Check out ZVJ, you won't be sorry!!! more

Love it! 5/5/2011

Zoey is amazing and so is the rest of her staff. Any one of them will shape your eyebrows enough to transform your look. Trust me, you will get tons of compliments after a visit to this brow studio. You'll get hooked! more

Ginny is amazing! 10/28/2010

Ginny is an outstanding brow artist! She can tint and shape any untamed brows into works of art. She also tints eyelashes which is a godsend for us blondes. She is also a lovely human being, very professional and gracious. more

lovely braus 4/14/2010

Ginny did wonders for my brows, so grateful and giddy w the results! She's so warm and welcoming, put me at ease immediately and made me feel less self-conscious about my caterpillars ;) She's a natural, meticulous and efficient - will surely come back for touch-ups! Pros: Ginny, warm welcoming salon Cons: hard to find on first visit more

No I Am Not In Porn 4/13/2010

Did that get your attention? I heard that most men that come here and wax are in ""that"" industry. Pros: No Pain and No Hair Cons: A little spendy yet worth it more

Yes, it's worth the separate trip for brows 11/19/2009

I've been going to Raquel for a year and a half now and I cannot say enough kind things about her and BrauHaus. I actually receive compliments about my eyebrows on a regular basis (sometimes direct, sometimes ""Your eyes look great, did you get new makeup...?"") They treat waxing like the priority it should be, not an afterthought to other spa services. They wax, pluck, tint, dye-anything you can imagine and the results are always fabulous. I strayed once, in a pinch, at my hair salon and was miserable until things grew out enough for me to go back to BrauHaus and have the job done right. It's also just a great space with a friendly staff and awesome vibe. Go, it's worth it. Pros: Eyebrows as art Cons: Arrive early your first time, it's a little tricky to find more

The best of the best! 11/18/2009

Love it! No other place like Brauhas! more

Brows frame your face 11/18/2009

I used to drive to Beverly Hills to see a diva and thought I would never find someone to match his skill ; I not only found some to match the skill of the perfect eyebrow, but , Zoey surpased my diva;is so much more professional and dotes on you as if you are the most important person in the world by not rushing to the next appointment. Pros: Perfect technique to make you look your best more

THE best place to have your brows done 11/18/2009

This is the most professional brow place I have had the joy to find. Zoey does an amazing job - she tries to work with your natural brow shape - highly recommended. They also can tint your brows for a few extra dollars which is totally worth it. Pros: Fantastic brow shaping, pleasant salon, friendly atmosphere Cons: Not cheap but worth every dollar more

Never find another place like it 11/11/2009

I can say my sisters and I love this place. My one sister use to see Zoey (before she moved to Italy) and I know she will be making an appointment when she is home next month. My other sister and I see Raquel. We love her. She does such a great job with our brows. So friendly and social. I have never had a bad experience at the BrauHaus. Pros: Professional establishment, clean, friendly more

I'll admit it... I loved it! 11/8/2009

I went for the first time at my wife's suggestion and I relented as a kind of joke (although my brows were pretty jacked up). I've never been all that metro, so I didn't want my friends finding out that I was paying more to get my face plucked than I do to get my hair cut (I get a cheap buzz cut - what can I say?) The fact is, the staff was so cool and set me at ease entirely, and they didn't make me look like I belonged on queer eye for the straight guy. The result was all together natural yet made a stunning difference to my appearance. I'm not one to brag, but my brows look good!! So much so that I have regularly gone back without my wife's knowledge (and needless to say, on the downlow from friends and haters alike). It's a worthwhile expense, but I'll still use a fake name when I post this ;-) Pros: Great job, friendly professional staff, nice atmosphere Cons: As a guy it's hard to justify. Bottom line: just don't tell. more

This place is awesome 11/6/2009

I don't know why people are complaining about the parking. There is a parking garage right across the street. It gives you the first 90 minutes free (my brow appointments are only 30 minutes after the first appointment). You people who live in Southern CA consider walking across the street for parking too difficult. Maybe someone should come up with drive-up brow shaping and waxing for you. Pros: Brow shaping and maintenance; Ginny more

My most favorite bikini wax - ever! 11/5/2009

I now live on the east coast so I'm not every sure she's still there but I LOVED the bikini waxes I got from Luchesse. I usually go for cheap waxes ($30-40) because every time I try a more expensive wax it's not any better than the cheap wax. But, I happened to have a 6-month job in Pasadena back in Nov '07-May '08 and I needed a wax badly. This place had a couple good reviews so I took a chance and spent the money. Still out of my price range (I'm cheap) but worth it so I went back several times!! Luchesse is so nice, the waxing was fast but very clean, and it was the least painful wax I've had....and I've been getting bikini waxes for 8 years now. (I was also able to buy some PFB Vanish there which is great for ingrown hairs, which is funny because I don't think I ever used it after a bikini wax from Luchesse). Pros: clean, fast wax Cons: a little pricey for me more

Attention Men 10/17/2009

The Brau Haus may have a unusual name and an unusual location, but both factors help create a perfect mystique for us men who don?t want the world to know that we wax and pluck. Tucked away in an Old Town Pasadena alleyway, this hidden salon is going to be your new best-kept secret. Gentleman, I, much like so many of you, thought I was doing a handsome job plucking the caterpillar on my forward. However, I did not realize the error of my ways until the owner, Zoey, sat me down and set me on a path to look straight again. Unlike those cheap wax-and-rip-joints that make men look like queens, Zoey, speaking in perfect English, became my new BFF. She taught me that when it comes to men?s brows, more is more, and girls don?t want to date Ryan Seacrest. In short, the stealth Brau Haus comfortably revolutionized my life. Now instead of girl?s asking me if I?m gay, they ask me how I was born with such perfect brows. The salon is hip and trendy, not girly like a typical Beverly Hills beauty parlor. The workers are cool and easy to talk to. One of the stylists, Ginny is absolutely gorgeous also speaks in perfect English topped off with southern bell accent that will melt your heart. So guys, I promise you that after 1 month at Brau Haus, the next time you pinched on the ass, you can rest assured that it?s by a female. Pros: Zoey, Ginny Cons: parking more

WOW! 9/1/2009

Wow! I was so pleasantly surprised by this place that I couldn't believe it. I actually was considering not writing a review because I don't want the whole world to find out about it and not be able to book an apt. haha j/k. Anyhow my sister and I had Ginny. She is adorable, sweet, kind, love her!!! She has changed my eyebrows already with just one visit. This isn't your normal eyebrow job, they spend about 30 minutes grooming you. They wax, trim, fill-in, dye if necessary, you name it. I am very curious to try the bikini wax with Luccese. I heard she is amazing as well! Thanks Brauhaus I am hooked! Pros: everything, Ginny Cons: nothing (maybe parking???) more

The Non - Face Lift 11/21/2008

These women rock! Ginny and Zoey alternately do a fabulous brow shaping. I have ben going steady for a year now and It's my favorite ""recommendation"" to my friends. Ginny also does great special occasion make up - what a treat. Thanks for taking such good care of all of us! more

great place! 8/25/2008

I decided to try this place out after not having my eyebrows waxed for FOUR years. Why the long wait? I was pretty much scarred from my last experience in a different salon with a lasting impression of burning wax and surprising plucks and pulls (with eyebrows that were in the shape of a straight line may I add). But BrauHaus made me forget it all. This salon is worth the time and money! The receptionist and Ginny totally put me at ease. The waxing and plucking of my thick eyebrows didn't hurt at all too! The conversation was pleasant and Ginny prevented the itch I usually get after getting waxed as well. Before I could tell her what I wanted, Ginny practically read my mind and told me what she planned on doing. I didn't even have to open my mouth! Because I am super sensitive to most products, the skin around my brows turned red after waxing. But instead of letting me leave like that, Ginny concealed it with make-up! Since then, I am now a loyal customer for as long as I am able to! YAY! Pros: Customer Service, Ambience, everything! Cons: none that I encountered... more

Brauhaus has done it again! 7/17/2008

I have very thick and intense eyebrows. I?ve always known I can count on Zoey and Ginny to do a great job. I called a few weeks ago to get an appointment with one of my usual stylists and they were both booked! Fortunately Raquel had an opening so I saw her for my brows and let me just say they look fabulous!! She has made this brow team a triple threat! While I was there I decided to get a Brazilian wax by Luccese, which also turned out great. I cannot take pain well and she definitely made it as painless as possible! Its been almost 2 weeks and the hair still hasn?t grown back. The ladies at Brau Haus have done it again and exceeded my expectations! more


I know it sounds kinda corny, ""the waxing queen"", but that's what this girl literally is. Her name is Luchesse. I've been to several different waxers, but no one beats this girl. She knows what she's doing, and it made waxing better for me. Yes, waxing will always hurt, it's inevitable, but she has developed a technique to make waxing days faster but with less pain, and she works clean, one thing i like about her is that she doesnt double dip the sticks she uses with the wax and for some reason, (i'm someone who's really prone to ingrown hair), i have less occurrence of ingrown hair, which is a big deal to me since those suckers hurt like heck! I've come to realize that the right technique and cleanliness counts a lot! I'm glad I found her! Keep up the excellent work girl! See ya next appointment day! Pros: 2 thumbs up more

Lucchese: A bikini waxing Goddess!!! 6/20/2008

BrauHaus <3!!! I have found a waxing Goddess! Lucchese is absolutely amazing and i recommend her to anyone. She's quick, painless (well not completely painless but not as painful), and one of the most friendliest ladies around. What i love about her even more is the fact that she is completely sterile. A previous body waxer kept reusing the same stick on me and would dip it into the wax, which grossed me out. It made me wonder how many woman she has done that to and how much germs must be in that wax. Lucchese used a different stick each time. I love her, again she is wonderful and i do recommend seeing her if you want to get a bikini wax. Pros: Amazing stylists, workers, and body waxer Cons: expensive prices more
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  • Reflecting the impecccable design & artisty standards of its namesake Zoey Van Jones-Brow Studio, in Pasadena is an avant-garde beauty studio that aims to find the optimum shape for your browswhile instructing you on how to keep them looking amazing everyday. ZVJ artists in Pasadena empower clients with personalized beauty advice while giving them flawless service in a modern, dynamic & inviting environment. Whether it's your first brow shaping or your're a long-time client, learn how to achieve your beauty potential while getting red carpet-worthy brows from the pros at ZVJ-Brow Studio. Los Angeles. Pasadena


  • In Short
    Funky and unpretentious with a rock n' roll edge, this brow-centric Pasadena salon's clever name is a play on the 1930s Bauhaus Modernist art movement. With 1,300 square feet of...

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    Tue, Fri, Sat 9am-5pm; Wed, Thu 9am-6pm
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