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Zoe Lotus Healing Arts - 31 Reviews - 402 Ne 72nd St Ste 2, Seattle, WA - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (206) 601-7204

Zoe Lotus Healing Arts

402 Ne 72nd St Ste 2
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 601-7204
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Zoe Lotus Healing Arts - Seattle, WA


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Beth is an intuitive and natural healer. I signed up for CitySearch just to write her a review because I feel that strongly about her services. I feel cared for and supported duri...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/11/2013

To ""disappointed"". I remember our conversation very well. I kindly explained that I had a patient coming in shortly and only had a few minutes to chat with you. I also explained that Your pain issue and trauma would respond best if you were well resourced -- The modalities I offer can unlock the trauma again. I simply told you that it was in my professional opinion, having some sort of counselor would be best in order for us to move forward in a therapeutic way. I am saddened to think that your belligerence and anger on the phone with me that day and in your email was your cry for help.. By going through 25 doctors in only 2 years speaks volumes. I do wish you the best and sincerely hope you find the help you need. Kind regards, Beth webber. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/24/2013

I contacted Beth Webber to schedule an appointment for an abdominal massage as I had not tried it before and had significant pain issues. While speaking with her on the phone, I told her about my physical issue. She asked if I was currently in counseling and I said no. I said that I didn't need it right now and that I had plenty of counseling in the past. She didn't schedule me and said that she had to quickly get off the phone. A few days later, I emailed her to schedule and she said that she would not see me for a one hour massage because I'm not currently in therapy over trauma that happened to me over 20 years ago. She also said that she's helped women in the past who have the same rare and extremely painful condition that I have with success, but that she didn't want to see me. I told her that I've seen over 25 doctors in 2 years for my injury with no success and still, she refused to see me. That was very cruel of her. My pain continues. more

Best is wonderful 8/24/2011

Beth is an intuitive and natural healer. I signed up for CitySearch just to write her a review because I feel that strongly about her services. I feel cared for and supported during my appointments and I couldn't recommend her highly enough. more

Beth is the best! 11/5/2010

Going through IVF treatments left me feeling poked, prodded and examined to the nth degree. Supplementing IVF with Beth's acupuncture and Mayan Massage was the right decision for us. She treats the whole mind and body. I truly feel like she takes good, good care of me. Now we are 33+ weeks pregnant and I continue to see Beth ~ weekly if my schedule allows. She has been with us on our journey, treating us with so much respect and loving kindness. more

Beth is Wonderful... 11/15/2009

I began seeing Beth after my husband and I found out that we need to have IVF in order to conceive. Prior to setting up an actual session with Beth, we corresponded via email as we tried to determine the reason my spouse and I were not conceiving. It turns out my husband has high FSH levels which prevent him from producing enough sperm to conceive naturally. He needs to have TESE along with my IVF. Pros: Relaxation, Maya Massage, Healing etc. more

My Favorite Hour of My Week 10/20/2009

My favorite hour of my week is the hour I spend in at Zoe Lotus Healing Arts. It is so relaxing and soothing. I leave like a floppy noodle! Beth Webber is amazingly talented at what she does. Before going to her I'd get my periods once every three months, now I get them once a month, on the dot. In addition, my IBS seems to have disappeared since seeing her. I am an esthetician and send my clients to Beth all the time to help with stress and hormone balance. I recommend her to you, as well! Pros: Much Improved Health Cons: I Leave Too Relaxed! more

Happy With my accupanture and massage! 5/21/2009

She is Amazing! She taught me Maya abdominal massage which helps my period become regular. she is very knowledgeable about woman health issues. It is one year since I do acupuncture and massage with Beth. Love it! Pros: Great experience! more

Best Prenatal Massage 4/13/2009

Beth is awesome! I started seeing Beth last year for preconception care. She did some fabulous abdominal massage to help regulate my periods and prepare my body for pregnancy. Now I am in my 7th month and I swear she gives the best prenatal massages in town (and I am a self-proclaimed massage junkie!). I like the combination of Maya abdominal massage and full body prenatal massage. My pregnancy has been happy and healthy and beautiful! and I owe much of it to Beth! Pros: incredible massage, evening and saturday hours Cons: none! more

best choice for women's health!!!! 12/27/2008

Beth at Zoe Lotus Healing Arts is a true blessing. First she is the only practitioner in WA that practices BOTH acupuncture and MAYA ABDOMINAL MASSAGE. She helped me get my cycles in check, chart my ovulation, and supported me through a 3 month program that included so much!! Belly massage to support reproductive health and hormones, acupuncture - gentle and painless!, herbs to help with my heavy painful periods, fertility charting, nutritional support, body and spirit awareness, and so much more. And all of this was less than 1/10th the cost of horrible fertility medication and IVF - which is what my doctor wanted us to try. We are now happily 12 weeks pregnant - NATURALLY!!!!and enjoying Beth's work for prenatal care. We are truly blessed!! Pros: love the combination of massage and acupuncture!! Cons: none!! more

amazing healer! 1/15/2008

So my hubby and I decided it was time to try for a wee bebe....but I knew that coming off the ""pill"" would be challenging. I knew I needed help getting my cycle in check. I remembered how heavy, how painful, how incapacitating they used to be. My friend referred me to Beth and I feel blessed to have found such an amazing, gifted healer!! The Maya belly massage is phenomenal - for me it was a wake up call - what I didn't know about this body I am walking around in - WOW. I consider the belly work sacred, sounds corny, but the work is that good...started to change my periods right away. And Beth teaches you how to do the massage on yourself - how awesome is that!? For my challenges we used herbs, acupuncture (did not hurt!) and the belly massage. Beth gave me some great advice on diet to not only help with my periods/hormone balance, but also to prepare my womb for pregnancy. I am thrilled! I feel awesome - energy is up, no weird hormonal head aches, cramping has all but gone, and for once I truly feel I am taking care of myself. I can't wait to continue with Beth for prenatal care. Ladies! your periods don't have to be horrible, there are self nurturing holistic fertility options!! Go to Beth - your womb will thank you! Pros: general massage, belly massage, acupuncture, nutritional suggestions - all in one session!! and she works eves/weekends! Cons: doesn't bill insurance - but her rates are awesome for all you get!! more

Beth IS amazing! 11/2/2007

If Cityseach allowed 10 stars I would try and give Beth 11. On my first visit to see Beth I was unable to consume liquid with my meals due to severe stomach and digestive pain. I was drinking vinegar to no avail and was desperate, truly desperate to find relief. Beth has a gentle hand with the acupuncture and not only did my system evaporate in a very short time frame I've found some surprising good side effects of my treatments; my PMS symptoms have disappeared as well! Even those who are made squeamish by needles should feel comfortable with Beth. She never gives you more than you need and she's works hard to keep you in health and out of her office (seriously). more

hooray for moxa! 9/10/2007

I was very VERY pregnant with our second child and at 34 weeks well, we had a breech babe on our hands. I found Zoe Lotus and Beth online and also through a recommendation from a friend. I had acupuncture only twice before for neck pain. Beth said we didn't even need to do needles! We did what's called moxa therapy, burning this herb (mugwort?) over the two points on my little toes for 15 minutes. About half way through, the baby was very active. Beth did some wonderful massage for my low back, neck, and tired sore swollen feet : ) heaven! She sent me home with my own moxa, instructions for use and we checked babe's position 5 days later....and voila! head down! Hooray for the moxa! Hooray for Zoe Lotus and Beth Webber - she's amazing. Wish I would have found her sooner. Once this baby's born, I plan to go back for some much needed TLC. Beth calls it ""mothering the mother"". I can't wait! Pros: the kindest most nurturing practitioner! Can't wait to return! more

incredible healing arts! 8/15/2007

I have suffered with anxiety and depression for many years. My husband and I have also been trying for a baby for over a year. I was tired of the western medications for my depression and did not want to go the western fertility us that would be the last resort. Beth not only made me feel SO much better, but I am completely off my anti depressants in favor of more natural herbal remedies, dietary changes and lifestyle modifications. I am sleeping better, my periods are more regular, not as painful. I have made myself an important priority for the first time in my life and it feels GREAT!!! Beth has taught me about my ovulation cycle, charting and basal body temperature. Beth has reminded me to take an active role in my health and well being. With my stress level down, and my ovulation and periods more regular, we are so hopeful to conceive in the next few months. Beth is a treasure!! Pros: evening and weekend appointment times Cons: none!/.l more

Health and Life is changed by this incredibly talented woman!!! 4/13/2007

I have been receiving massage and acupuncture treatments for over 10 years. In all that time, and with all the many ""experts"" I saw, only one changed my life. Her name is Beth Webber. She has helped repair sports injuries through her amazing massages but her acupuncture treatments changed my life. Pros: Amazing experience. more

Highly recommend for massage and accupuncture 4/9/2007

I would highly recommend Beth for massage, allergy/sinus treatment and prenatal massage/accupuncture. My husband and I initially started seeing Beth for massage. She is a terrific massage professional and we don't even bother getting massages on vacation now because no one compares to Beth! Beth has also treated my allergy and sinus problems with acupuncture and herbs. She helped wean me off allergy medication and the treatments helped prevent the sinus infections that I was getting. I also saw Beth for prenatal massage and acupuncture when I was pregnant. The treatments helped throughout my pregnancy, but especially in the last trimester. She is a kind, caring soul and a wonderful healer. more

Magic Hands! Great listener and very talented individual 4/8/2007

I have been having the most wonderful experiences ever. I want to share with all of you about my experience with her. I have chronic back and leg pain which i have suffered with for some time, being a competitive athlete also comes with pain and tight muscles. This was THE BEST massage EVER! I have had massages in 5 star resorts all over the world and nothing compares to the magic touch of Beth's hands. She has been performing Acupuncture along with massages and I tell you she knows her stuff, she is a very talented and educated young woman. The recommendation for herbs and vitamins have been wonderful. i travel alot and this help me alot. I would definitely recommend going to see her. I am SO glad to have found you!!! I will be a client for LIFE. I visit her 2 times per week for Acupunture and x1 per week for a massage. TRUST her opinion and judgement as she is very talented. She has a great way about her, she is very calm and puts you at ease. I am so glad you moved here. I have sent all my family members to her and also my fellow Athletes which consists of runner, bikers and gymnasts. WELCOME!! Go see her I promise you - you will not be disappointed!! She will change your life!!! Pros: very talented!! Cons: There is none! more

Orlando's loss Seattle's gain 4/6/2007

Beth has treated me for 10 years. She is one of the most honesty and trustworthy women I have had the honor to meet. She not only has an amazing accuracy with her treatment but an in-depth book knowledge to back it up. She has an innate gift that goes beyond the book learning. With that gift she is able to ascertain what your body, mind and soul needs and puts you on a path to healing. She is the only Doctor I would fly across the country to receive treatment from. Pros: she is there in Seattle Cons: she is not here in Orlando more

Beth is simply the best; intuitive, professional, highly educated and trained- an asset to the Seattle area 4/5/2007

My husband began seeing Beth for specific medical issues. He had been seeing a highly respected reflexologist and accupuncurist. He then found Beth. Beth, by far, was the most helpful. She is knowledgeable, experienced, intuitive, thoughtful and genuinely cares for her clients. At the urging of my husband, I began to see Beth for massage. She is amazing! I feel the work that Beth did with me was not only helpful and beneficial but also very individualized. Beth is an effective communicator; she checks in with you routinely to be certain she is addressing your specific concerns/needs. Whether you are looking for relaxation, peeling the stress away or if you have a specific need/focus- I highly recommend Beth. more

AMAZING! Your body will never feel better! 3/29/2007

Beth is an amazing massage therapist. She really helped me with my plantar fascitis by going DEEP in my muscles. I wouldn't say that it necessarily felt good at the time...but the results have been amazing. I miss her living on Bainbridge! My body misses her, too! But, now we have an excuse to head to Seattle and I can't wait to get worked on again. more

Phenomenal Healer 3/27/2007

Phenomenal Healer.My husband and I have known Beth for well over 10 years. We live in Orlando and are seriously considering flying to Seattle for treatments as we cannot find anyone that matches her ability in massage therapy and acupunture. As well as her complete knowledge of healthy medical alternatives.We still buy all of our vitamins and chinese medicine through her and have it drop shipped to Orlando as well as consult with her on any of our medical issues of which we are seeking alternative medicine advise on.Seattle is one LUCKY town to have a practioner such as Beth Webber.She is missed in Orlando.She is worshiped by a lot of people for her healing abilities.We have a very high regard for Beth Webber. Pros: Very Clear understanding of Health realted issues and alternate medicine techniques more
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Owner Message

  • Do you suffer from PMS, irregular or painful periods? PCOS, endometriosis? Anxiety or depression? Digestive challenges? Struggling with symptoms of menopause?

    Are you looking for holistic fertility options, prenatal or postpartum care? Do you need support through IUI or IVF?

    ZOE LOTUS HEALING ARTS can help! We joyfully support women from adolescence through menopause and beyond.

    We offer The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage, gentle acupuncture, prenatal massage, nutrition and lifestyle counseling individually tailored for your needs.

    We believe in promoting the mind/body/heart/spirit connection and facilitating the body's innate ability to heal itself.

    ZOE LOTUS HEALING ARTS: conveniently located in the Wedgewood Center for Natural Medicine



  • Specializing in women's health, this local therapist offers acupuncture and holistic treatments during flexible hours.

  • 3/26/2007 Provided by Citysearch

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    Tuesday - Saturday by appointment
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    Ravenna, Northeast, Northeast Seattle, Northwest, Northwest Seattle, Green Lakes