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187 10th Street Ne
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I love this Mexican restaurant in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. I adore the Taquitos Pollo which is covered in ceviche ... yummy.\r \r My husband and I love Mexican food when we...


I honestly never thought that I would be writing this review for my ""soon to be"" formal favorite Tex-Mex Restaurant. I've been a regular for nearly six years and have always be...

Overpriced food and alcohol 11/5/2010

I bought a glass of Cuerbo Gold margarita at Zocalos and was surpriced when I was charged $ 11.00... then I ordered a Quesadilla for $ 16.95 that looked like (no lie) a soft taco with some cheese and chicken on it.. I spent like $30.00 bucks on a glass of margarita and a tiny punny quesadilla, Maybe they do that because of the location I dont know but that is just highway robbery in my opinion. also their margarita mix is done with cheap tequila all they do is add a shot of Patron, Cuerbo or witch ever one you get and charge you anywhere from $11.00-18.00 per glass. more

Regular Customer Turning Ex-Regular Customer 7/30/2010

I honestly never thought that I would be writing this review for my ""soon to be"" formal favorite Tex-Mex Restaurant. I've been a regular for nearly six years and have always been faithful to ZOCALO, but I've strongly been considering breaking up with ZOCALO. \r \r Breaking up is not easy especially when your children have practically grown up eating this food. Some of my greatest celebrations have been celebrated at ZOCALO, but things have started going SOUTH really fast. Their utter disregard for customer comfort is the main reason for our BREAKUP. \r \r As you all know for the past couple of weeks Atlanta has been one of many cities that has been experiencing extremely hot weather. The heat index has reached as high as 105 Degrees at times. Well I am the school of thought that believes you should be comfortable when you partake in a meal especially in a restaurant setting. Well these schmucks have taken it upon themselves to not repair the A/C or turn it on even. I am not sure if it doesn't work or they get some satisfaction at seeing their customers drenched in sweat while they are eating their meals. I personally cannot stand it, and have decided to let the world know as well. \r \r In conclusion, the food, staff, and location is GREAT, but TURN ON the A/C PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or it's OVER!!!!! Pros: Food, Staff, and Location Cons: NO AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Save your Money, or go to a restaurant worth your money. 2/19/2010

Ok. So this is a place in atlanta so of course the prices are going to be a little high, but trust me when i tell you the food is not worth the price. I went with some friends looking for a place we never been to and we decided to go to Zocalos. Worst decision i made that month. We get there and the waiter is horrible. He treated my friends and I as if we did something wrong to him. then the ""manager"", as if he knew how to run the place, comes to our table to see the ""problem"" and he treats us like crap also. We paid for so called ""mexican"" food. $10 for a piece of tortilla looking thing, that didn't even taste good. Lets just say my friends did not have a good time. The waiter,manager, and the entire people working in the front were rude to us. There are so many places in atlanta with a much better environment and much better food. I really enjoyed Taco Mac in midtown. But if you decide to go there, please write down your experience and maybe other people will start believing these comments and avoid zocalos at all times. Pros: i never went back again Cons: service,food,prices more

not worth getting paid to eat here 9/2/2009

watch out! they change your bill after you leave! and also, the valet parking is for expensive cars only, no handicap parking. there were empty parking spaces. nonetheless, i was turned down (with a handicap parking pass). a bentley rolled up and received a spot front row! i love jerks Pros: left me something to talk about Cons: not accessible, they add to your bill more

Authentic Mexican Food in Midtown ATL 3/25/2009

I love this Mexican restaurant in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. I adore the Taquitos Pollo which is covered in ceviche ... yummy.\r \r My husband and I love Mexican food when we went to this Midtown restaurant. Pros: Fresh Mexican Dishes Cons: Sweet Tea could be better more

Bad, Bad, and Worse 8/20/2008

WOW- terrible food, prices, and service. No one in my party had a single delicious dish, the waiter was awful and the cheapest meal is over ten dollars. I was completely disappointed and will never return. Cons: AWFUL service, food and prices more

Casual Mexican fare in the center of Midtown 4/24/2008

Despite being in the center of Midtown and driving past this restaurant daily, this was my first visit to Zocalo. However, this visit almost did not occur due to reading the previous multiple bad reviews. \r My visit was quite pleasent, and you get exactly what you go for: standard mexican food and good margaritas at a decent price. I am not sure what the patrons before me who were not impressed expected for a $10 a plate mexican restaurant? \r I visited on a nice weather day, and the restaurant, which resembles an off-the-beaten-path mexican beach cantina, had all of its windows open for the evening breeze. Me and my dining partner started with a pitcher of house margaritas ($25), and an order of the homemade guacamole ($6), both of which were good. I had the chicken mole ($12), and my partner had the pork enchiladas ($12), again, both of which were good. \r My only complaint is the ""first basket of chips on the house"" policy. When I drink margaritas I like to eat chips, and have never ran into a mexican restaurant that charges a per basket fee ($1.50). \r All-in-all, I would definately return to Zocalo; good food, good margaritas, and within stumbling distance home! Pros: Potent margaritas Cons: Rather small, can fill up quick more

They charged me for lettuce...for my taco 1/17/2008

I've been to the Zocalos in Grant Park and I've always had a great experience. It is more casual than the Midtown location but it's good food at a reasonable price. I went to the Midtown location and I was very disappointed. I paid a dollar for lettuce to go on my tacos...Do I need to say more because I can. I could talk about the service and the attitude of the manager. I wouldn't recommend it. The margaritas are pretty strong but that's typical of any regular Mexican restaurant and they won't be as expensive. I don't mind paying more if the food and service are good but I spent $30 on so-so tacos and two margaritas (not including tip),\r \r Don't do it- Pros: Convenient (located at 10th and Piedmont) Cons: Poor service, over priced, valet parking that has to be validated, so-so food, not worth it at all more

Poor customer service...rude staff 1/8/2008

We went to Zocalo to have dinner with our family and my girlfriend is Vegan so we just wanted to get her tortilal shells with pico on the side so she could have something to eat while the rest of us enjoyed dinner. In the past this had not been a problem....a few weeks earlier we had a very nice young lady serve us and she brought my girlfriend her tortillas and pico...but this time was different. The waiter took forever to get to us and then we watched as our drinks sat on the edge of the bar for 10 min until he brough them to our table...this would have been understandalble had the place been busy..but it wasn't. He dropped off our drinks an ran and in another 10 minuits, came to take our order. When he heard my girlfriends request he said no...we don't have that on the menu...we explained how just 2 weeks earlier the waitress had brought this dish for us...he still refused. I went to speak with the manager and he was very rude and also refused.....needless to say we will not be eating here again. It is an unfortunate experience but when I ran it by some of our neighbors who eat there, they said that some of the waiters and the manager can often times be very rude.\r \r Save your money and go someplace where they treat you well....we really enjoy places like Beleza..on Juniper and 8th....and even though Sweet Devil Moon is slow...they are super friendly and have $10 bottomless Sangria. There are plenty of places to eat and drink around town where the food and the service is is too bad Zocalo is not one of them. Pros: Location is convienient Cons: Rudest service I have ever had more

The real deal... finally,,,,,,,, 12/23/2007

I am so glad my boyfriend talked me into trying ""Zocalo"" despite having read the last few reviews it got. All I can say is that being a born and raised Mexican living in the US for the past 8 years it was so wonderful to have some ""authentic"" Mexican food. After noticing some very typical dishes in the menu I made a special request for Mole Enchiladas the which was not only met but was probably the best I've had in a really long time, the margaritas were good, but it's hard to get those wrong! and the Queso Fundido appetizer was phenomenal. We also got ""Flan"" to go, it took us a couple of days to eat it but when we finally did, it was so much better than I expected. Authentic Mexican food is quite different from the ""Tex-Mex"" stuff most people are used to in the U.S. and that is the only explanation I can come up with for some people being unhappy with Zocalo, however I would strongly recommend keeping an open mind and just give it a try!!!! You may just be very very surprised. Now if you have had Real Mexican food and you know you like it, you will ""love"" Zocalo. Pros: Awesome food! more

Will not go back 6/27/2007

Where should I start from? It is the Decatur location, first, only good thing: the server. Sweet guy, he was great. The rest: forget about it. Rude rest of employees, very bad margaritas, and very rude manager. If a customer complains about something in a restaurant, a manager should apology and try to get it corrected, instead of arguing with the customer and treating her as an unwanted customer. This is ABC of hospitality. Anyways, I and three of my friends ordered chips and salsa to start with, and received it in 20 minutes. It was sooo hot in there w/o AC which is no brainier to have it in Atlanta. (If you have AC and it is not working; it is even more shame) We had to move out side to get cool in the middle of summer. No apology for AC situation. Entrees were late and mediocore but I can not get over how bad Margaritas were despite of the premium price. I used to love the place when they first opened in Midtown and may still be good there. My biggest question about this place is why do you not take care of your biggest value, the customer and why do you argue with them? Decatur Zocolo is a mess. Will not return. Pros: location Cons: fod, drinks, managers more

Diners Beware 6/17/2007

This was the worst dining experience I have ever had in Atlanta. To start things off, our server was not friendly, almost rude. The salad that my mother ordered was presented well. But then she noticed that her tomato was moldy. When we pointed it out tho the server, she said absolutely nothing and took the plate away. NO apology, no acknowledgment. Then, throughout the dinner, she continued to reach over her without saying excuse me. When she began to clear the dishes away, she knocked a knife into my sister's lap (didn't apologize) and dropped my father's debit card on the floor (again, didn't apologize). Then the tres leches cake that they brought out for dessert was freezer burned. To sum it up, the service was horrible, and the food tasted like something that I could make in my own kitchen. I will definitely not return. Pros: Valet parking Cons: Service, Food more

spices things up? 5/4/2007

spices things up?\r \r Maybe by intestinal tract. \r \r Overhyped joint with the usual midtown glib service, and the 'ritas are not good. Far from it.\r This establishment is an affront to my sensibilities on about every level. Pros: there is more than one door for you to exit Cons: there is more than one door for you to enter more

Not kind to customers 5/3/2007

Went here several times until we gave up. Each time we went, something went wrong. Snobby attitude from the waiter, food served in shifts, inattentive staff. Last time we were there was about 2 PM on a Saturday afternoon. Fewer than half the tables had anyone at them. We were a group of 5. They wanted to put the four of us at a card-table sized table. We asked if we could move two tables together since it was unlikely the place would get more crowded and there were lots of empty tables. No - they wouldn't. So we left. Pros: Location near Piedmont Park Cons: Attitude of staff more

It was...okay. 5/2/2007

I would go there for lunch, not dinner. The most appealing items (to me) were the lunch items, which they do not serve for dinner, and the server rolled his eyes when I asked them to make it for me (it was a steak quesadilla). I also am a salsa lover, and found them to be slow and stingy bringing this out. However, despite my server?s lack of enthusiasm for bringing me my order, the chef did prepare it exactly right, the open air patio is great, and the margaritas are good. However, I don?t think I will go back to this particular Mexican restaurant. Pros: patio, lunch menu Cons: service, price more

Overpriced guacamole 9/16/2006

We were so annoyed by this place. The patio is extremely cramped and needs to have about four or five tables eliminated. We splurged on the expenisve guacamole because the menu said it would be made at our table, which was exciting and seemed worthy of the $6 price tag. ($10 for the large). We were surprised when a waiter plunked a small bowl down on our table a few minutes later. When we asked about it, he blandly responded that they didn't have enough room at this restaurant to make it. Perhaps they should either eliminate those tables to make the room or take ""Made at your table"" off the menu. That's what I was paying for and it didn't even happen! So unfair. Moreover, they didn't seem to care. I hate it when I don't get an apology for something like that. The rest of the food was unremarkable and very overpriced, and not at all vegetarian friendly. The staff really made me work to find a dish that I could eat, they were not very helpful and didn't make suggestions. I'd probably go to Tace Bell before I'd go here again. Pros: We didn't die Cons: They lied about the guac, poor service, lack of vegetarian options more

Not good at all 7/6/2006

As a lover of Mexican cuisine, I just do not understand how this place has not only stayed in business, but receives excellent Citysearch reviews and appears to be thriving! I've given this place a couple of chances and the only positive feedback I can give is that the service was quite good. With all of the great food choices we have in Atlanta metro, I would recommend that folks avoid this place at all cost! Pros: Location, tequila menu Cons: Food quality, freshness of ingredients more

Big Mistake! 5/30/2006

Went for lunch and ordered Combo Cinco (enchilada & quesailla, rice & beans). Was not crowded, but waited too long for the food. When it came, the servings were so small it was humorous. Not the tastiest either. Pros: Nice Patio Cons: Slow Service, Tiny Portions, Mediocre Taste more

We love Zocalo 12/5/2005

My boyfriend (born in Mexico) and I are new to Atlanta and live in the Piedmont Park area. We were so excited to find Zocalo! We go there once a week to enjoy the authentic food and charming atmosphere. The tequilla menu is terrific as are the cajete-drizzled pastry sticks. Also, the Sunday brunch is an interesting mix of American and Mexican foods. Pros: atmosphere, drinks, authenticity Cons: sometimes loud more

Great for casual meal 9/12/2005

The open air covered patio makes you feel like you are really dinning in mexico. The food is OK but the atmosphere is very fun and relaxing. The margaritias are absolutely excellent and are served in real margarita glasses rather than martini glasses or those bowl glasses some places use. great place for a casual date or to dine with friends. Pros: atmosphere, margaritas Cons: service slow more
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