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Zavodnick, Steven, Md - Vox Medica

210 W Washington Sq
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 592-7852
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Dr. Z is the best! I've been going to him for 7 years. He's always really warm. In the beginning we went through lots of different medications because a lot of them were not worki...


Dr. Z has been treating me for some time. He is a genius when it comes to drugs. He has a few areas that could use improvement. He has almost no interest in taking any time to tal...

The best! 1/11/2012

Dr. Z is the best! I've been going to him for 7 years. He's always really warm. In the beginning we went through lots of different medications because a lot of them were not working for me. He was extremely helpful during this period, until we found something that actually worked for me. He never pushed a single medication on me! Calling him a pusher is just silly, you go to him for medications, that's what he does, so what do you expect? Someone to hold your hand? He's not a therapist. You're supposed to go to therapy in conjunction if that's what you need. Most sessions are approximately 15 minutes long, so there isn't much time for you to find someone to relate to your problems. Just someone who's there to simply to their job. more

Erratic 9/4/2010

Dr. Z has been treating me for some time. He is a genius when it comes to drugs. He has a few areas that could use improvement. He has almost no interest in taking any time to talk with other doctors who take care of me. That has resulted in their taking on his job of figuring out what are the right drugs to compliment my other drugs for physical conditions. He shows no interest in learning about other areas of psychiatric therapies that would work in tandem with what he does. Not all patients know about these things. I think it is important. He is quick to anger, and quick to forgive. So if you can accept this, then you will get the best drugs for your mental illness. You will have to do the rest of the work yourself. But I guess that is the way things are these days. more

Bad Dr. 4/18/2010

He's a pill pusher. He writes prescriptions based on patients' feelings. He fails to do testing to see through what the patient is telling him and what the patient needs. This is a Non-patient review. The patients love him because he gives them the drugs they want. If he was a real Dr. he would have alternatives to drugs. Like all psychiatrists he has lost his way and is promoting addiction to prescription medication. Alcoholics don't need amphetamines! Pros: He'll write your prescription Cons: Even if he doesn't test you more

Excellent Dr. 2/5/2010

I have been trying for years to find a psych. to help with my prescriptions. Mostly they barely listen and give you whatever the latest pharmacy rep is marketing. Dr. Z is the closest to a therapist you'll get in a psychiatrist. He listens, he's caring, and really tries to figure out which medication is going to work, given your personal history, both behaviorly, and your experience with other medications.\r \r I highly recommend Dr. Z. Pros: Best Psychiatrist I've ever seen Cons: Busy guy more

Best psychopharmacologist world wide! 5/17/2009

I was fortunate to meet Dr. Zavodnick when I was 48 years old, I am now 57. I had been a real psychiatric consumer beginning at age 5. At 47, I was still suffering severe anxiety, mixed with bad depression and some hypomania. I was very fearful about medication. I had previously experienced some pretty bad side effects from most of the medications that were prescribed by other psychiatrists over the years. The side effects from of the medications were more debilitating than my psychiatric illness. A friend of mine from an anxiety support group suggested that I see her ""medicine man"" Dr. Z. I liked Dr. Z right away. He is straight forward/honest and has a GREAT sense of humor. He said that when a person is in therapy for 30 plus years and isn't better, medication is probably necessary. I basically knew that he spoke a truth but I was afraid of ""pills"". Dr. Z. doesn't get gushy, mushy, and give warm and fuzzy pat answers. What was more important was that he understood and worked with my fear. The first medication that I tried worked. I had been in torment for so many years that I felt a ""high"" not having to wake up to another day of obsessing and ruminating. Feeling better was not just because of the right medication, but, because of the doctor who prescribed it. Psychopharmacology is a balance between a science and an art. That is precisely where Dr. Zavodnick's talent lies. I moved to Florida some years ago. The number one psychopharmacologist here, falls a distant third next to Dr. Zavodnick. If you have been in ""brain torment"", give Dr. Z. a try. He saved my life! more

Fabulous Guy 3/4/2009

I must disagree with the review called ""Very Mixed Feelings"" and suggest that it might be the client who was not able to be open, warm and sensitive at the moment of the visit with Dr. Z. When you give get warmth in return. Anyway, what was your goal ""Mixed Feelings""? Was the goal to feel better or get warmth from your doctor? Hmmm. \r \r Steven Zavodnick is a seasoned professional who reads his client/patients . He knows about who he is observing and how to adjust his own behavior. He is ""just what the doctor ordered"" for most clients. He gets to the point and makes you feel better without a lifetime of appointments and making you poor. He has the answers/solutions for your needs given your particular circumstances. He is warm and wonderful.....try asking for a hug. Love him!! What a huge difference he has made in my life!! Thanks Z. Pros: Dr. Z. has a great head! Cons: I don't care that the office isn't pretty. more

Brilliant Doctor Zavodnick. 12/9/2008

I have been lucky enough to be a patient of Doctor Zavodnick for some years now. There are many reasons that make him, in my mind at least, a great doctor.\r \r He keeps a picture of his daughter on his desk, but not his wife. When I asked, he explained that some patients have issues with ""transference"". Me too, but in the fact that I wish he were my father! He is warm, attentive, caring, brilliant and invested.\r \r It has taken me way too many years to find Doctor Z, but I am so thankful that I have. His talents lie in many areas. First, he listens well, without judging, without comment, without any wavering interest. He also uses visual cues, noticing shaky hands, the fact that one is reading a book, rather than staring, the expression and demeanor: How we present. He is up to date on the edge of medicine, but has made it clear to me that our goal is less, or no medication.\r \r When I've asked him about the dismal business of listening to sick people all day, he responded with the fact that he gets great joy out people who are success stories. He is willing to prescribe meds that others won't. He gives samples for people like me on SSDI. He returns a phone call within TWO HOURS. Many of my friends, myself included, don't!\r \r I have recommended Doctor Z to many people. I like the fact that we shoot the breeze when I visit. Even when I am so sick I find it hard to breathe, he engages me. I get tolerant to meds and have to switch often, so I'm pretty high maintenance. But he always makes me feel like it's a pleasure to see me. He is quite the gentleman!\r \r Also, as he has moved to the Curtis Building, you have an opportunity of seeing a great work of art. On the East side of the building (6th Street), is the amazing Tiffany glass mural. Badly lit, but still beautiful, it's worth the trip, even if you don't need help from Doctor Z. Pros: Rapid phone response, vast medicinal knowledge, warm, personal care. Cons: Ugly waiting-room furniture! more

med management 5/28/2008

Dr. Zavodnick was recommended to me for medication management. He is very competent. He is concise, sure of himself,and willing to answer questions. Initially I could not understand his distance. I wished that he was ""warm and fuzzy"" and I wondered for a while if it I was doing something to annoy him. He made it clear that he deals with meds and does not function as a therapist. I then learned from other patients and therapists that this is his way. I will add that he occasionally shows signs of humor. So get the Best when it comes to psychopharmacology, and expect a respectful, responsible professional. If you need additional support, see a psychotherapist. more

Very mixed feelings... 2/26/2008

I'm sorry, but I can't agree with the above reviews. After years of working with great therapists, I found myself in need of a psychopharmacologist to monitor my meds after I decided I was ready to quit full-on therapy with a psychiatrist. Someone recommended Dr. Zavodnick. I started working with him a year ago, and I have to say it has not been the most rewarding of experiences. Yes, I grant that he seems to know his meds pretty well, but I found his affect so flat that I actually considered leaving him to find someone who showed a little more compassion, or at least looked interested in what I was saying. It's taken a year, and he is finally beginning to warm up a little and engaging in some conversation and displaying a sense of humor. Maybe it is because our sessions only last 20 minutes and it's hard to develop a relationship in such a short period of time. But I honestly feel that I could not use him as a therapist because I feel no sense of rapport with him, no connection. As far as med management is concerned, he has made some useful suggestions and is willing to listen to my thoughts on the subject, so I willl continue to see him on that basis. Pros: pharmaceutical knowledge Cons: cold fish more

I concur... 12/10/2007

He is an amazing clinician and this is coming from a licensed psychologist. He is a healer and a comforter. He knows his medicine and is up on the cutting edge psychiatric research. Pros: He is professional, consistent and reliable more

You're lucky if.. 9/2/2006

you are priveleged enough to work with this amazing human being and physician. He is gifted, a doctor's doctor, responsive, incredibly grounded, brilliantly,exquisitely qualified, ""plays well with others,"" and has an amazing sense of humor. As a clinician who spent 20 years searching for a psychopharmacologist who knew what he/she was doing, I finally found that in Dr. Zavodnick. Finally, there is better living through chemistry for me. You're lucky if you land on his turf...very lucky!! Pros: ALL more

Dr. Zavodnick is the best of the best 12/9/2005

This psychiatrist is exceptional both in his knowledge of his psychopharmacology, his wonderful demeanor, his responsiveness, flexibility, and true willingness to work ""with"" a patient in an egalitarian way. He has a wonderful sense of humor. He calls back unfailingly inbetween appointments. Both professionally and personally, he is one in a million. Pros: Brilliant, Empathic, Responsive Cons: None, None, None more
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