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Zaniewski Michelle Md

17070 Red Oak Dr Ste 309
Houston, TX 77090
(281) 580-7401
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I am so glad I went to see Dr. Zaniweski. Before I went to see her, I was feeling tired, always felt like I lacked energy even after getting a full night rest. I couldn't find the...


I've been a patient of this Endo dr for about 1yr, have to say I HATE HATE having to go back but I have been doing so for the sake of my health & that they let me take my children...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/23/2014

Jamas me senti bien con esta doctora, no recuerdo exactamente cuanto tiempo estuve consultando con ella, pero si fue mas de un ano, en todo el tiempo que solo me atendio personalmente como tres veces, nunca vi un cambio y solo te da una consulta de dos o tres minutos y no la recomiendo en lo absoluto, no volveria a consultar con ella nunca mas a pesar de que tiene un impresionante curriculum, mi consejo para ella es que sea mas humana y trate de ayudar mas a sus pacientes y no lo haga por el dinero que cobra que por cierto es muuucho, las personas que estamos enfermas de este terrible desorden sabemos cuanto se sufre, me duele mucho todo mi cuerpo, sobrepeso, fatiga constante, y cuando le pides que te ayude con el sobrepeso que tienes te dice que consultes con un especialista, es un fiasco Doctora, sea mas HUMANA el dinero no es todo en la vida!!!!!! more

Amazing Doctor in Houston 2/28/2013

\r Thank you Dr. Zaniewski for your great work!!\r Pros: Excellent medical care more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/14/2012

I am so glad I went to see Dr. Zaniweski. Before I went to see her, I was feeling tired, always felt like I lacked energy even after getting a full night rest. I couldn't find the energy to sustain my lifestyle which involves playing tennis and going to the gym. I was gaining weight. My PCP had me on armour thyroid but we were unable to control my levels. My co-worker is a patient of Dr. Zaniewski and recommended her. Dr.Z put me on a different medication and we worked on reaching the right dose for me which has helped me tremendously. She has been very patient with me when answering my questions and concerns. I am back to my old active routine and don't feel tired as much. Her staff is pleasant and friendly. The wait time really depends but sometimes I find myself waiting 20-30 mins but its worth the wait for me. more

Dr Zaniewski Saved my life 5/22/2012

I am taking the initiative to write this little note because I feel there might be others like me who have had a lot of problems finding the right Endocrinologist. Let me start with saying that I had been seeing an endocrinologist in the Medical Centre for the last 2 years for my thyroid problems. She did an ultrasound and never told me that I had issues with thyroid nodules. She just kept giving me medicines and doing my lab work. My situation did not improve. Finally my mom asked me to see Dr Zaniewski . She is also a new patient of Dr. Zaniewski and is happy with her vast experience and her office staff. I listened to my mom and made an appointment. I feel that appointment changed my life. She did a thyroid Ultrasound in her office and found a big complex nodule in my throat and immediately got me in for a FNA biopsy. She does Ultrasound guided biopsy in her office. Couple of days after the biopsy, I got a call from their office, asking me to come in right away. Guess what, Dr Zaniewski gave me the Biopsy results and the nodule was found to have Papillary Carcinoma. I was shocked, the nodule I had for so many years with no one looking at it was a cancerous nodule. Dr Zaniewski was very kind and assuring when she gave me the news of my thyroid cancer. She was thoughtful of my feelings and took lot of time to explain me the details of my treatment. I was so glad that finally I found some one who was highly professional and knowledgeable in her field. Her staff is very helpful and they really make you feel important and you are not just another number. I am so thankful to my mom for referring me to Dr Zaniewski and I am thankful to Dr Zaniewski for diagnosing me. more

very knowledgeable and respectful 12/2/2011

I have read the postings here, and if you stand back and are really honest, it's all subjective. If you don't hear what you want to hear, then the Dr. is terrible? I've had thyroid disease for over 20 years and have read everything there is to read about it. So I consider myself well informed. I've been to Dr. Z 7-8 times now. I find her knowledgeable, warm, respective and caring. I am commenting on Dr. Z after I have seen her enough times to formulate an opinion. Her staff always return my phone messages within 24 hours and really seem to care. If you go to her with an open mind, and be completely honest about what you've tried and failed at, she is wonderfully receptive. I've had my share of horrible Dr's. Dr. Z isn't one of them. :-) Dr. Z is a wonderful doctor. She is extemely thorough and to the point. I am there to get answers and solutions. She is exceptionally friendly whenever I go into the office and reviews your results with you. I would recommend her! more

Excellent & Caring Doctor That You Can Trust! 8/13/2011

I recently found Dr. Z while searching for TOP Endocrinologist in Houston, TX. I made an appointment with her. Once I got to the office, I was greeted by her staff and was in the wait room about 5 minutes before being pulled back into one of the suites. I then waited for about 10 minutes. Her staff was very kind and her assistant has a great personality. Once I saw Dr. Z, she was very kind and easy to talk to. Her husband also works there, and he practiced for 25 years in India(I think). Now he's there to assist her in her practice. He was very kind and knowledgeable as well. Dr. Z has many years of experience and she seems very knowledgeable. She ask all of the right questions to make sure your diagnosis is proper. I was recently going to Dr.Patel,who is located off of Huffmeister and who is a horror of a doctor and has a staff with a horrible attitude. I'd been going to this doctor for about 2.5 yrs and had all of the symptoms for hyperthyroidism and he never put me on any medications. He just did nothing but sat around on his lazy butt and smiled, took my money, and stated nothing was wrong with me. My family doctor, Dr. Nancy Naghavi, had to diagnose me! However, Dr.Z made sure that she re-started the process of getting the proper diagnosis of my thyroid, regardless of what the other doctors had said. She restarted bloodwork, re-did the biopsy, and made sure that my thyroid was working properly by putting me on the right medication and getting my levels down to the proper levels. I was itching like crazy for the past 2 years and Dr.Z came in and gave me the right medication I needed and saved my life. This is a doctor that cares and takes all of the necessary steps to do what she can to properly diagnose you and help you! I love her and her staff! After the second visit in her office, her staff knew me by name! I am very picky about the doctors that I choose and Dr.Z is on my list of doctors that I would recommend! Thanks Dr.Z! I love you and your staff! more

Best Doctor in City 12/16/2010

I learnt about Dr. Zaniewski's from H Texas Magzine under Top Docs, while waiting for my flight at the airport. My physician at that time whom I had been seeing for my diabetes had moved out of town and I was desperate to find another one. I immediately called and the receptionist who answered my call made me feel welcome and worked around my tight schedule. It has been four years now and I feel so oblighed to H Texas, and the delayed flight for introducing this great doctor to me. more

Read this...and then go find you a Doctor that cares. 8/5/2010

I really don't know where to start but I'll try to make this quick. I really wished that I would have researched this Dr. before I had my first interview. I want to say that Dr. Z isn't all that bad. I don't like the fact that when I went to get my biopsy results that she wasn't there to give them to me. In a nutshell, her office staff is Ghetto, Rude, and unprofessional. They did not confirm my insurance and wanted me to pay for a procedure that was covered by my insurance company. This happened twice. When I had my biopsy the other Dr. (her husband) cell phone kept going off. Also, after the biopsy Dr. Z was giving me instuctions on what to do as she was walking out of the room. I had to get a refund because they over charged me. The office is dirty and they have stacks and stacks of patient files out in the open. They use out dated equipment and unqualified medical staff. Oh..unethical as well. The assistant who took my blood pressure asked me to get on the scale. I told her I was here two weeks ago and my weight did not change. When the PA saw me in the room, she was surprised that my weight was done by 13 lbs. I advised her that I was not weighed. She was like well it says it on your chart and I told her that is why this is my last visit to this office. The assistant lied on my charts. She didn't even weight me. I want to pay for my office visit...standing in a line, while the office person ate her food. I've called to get test results and they are rude over the phone. Once I was told I did not have cancer it was a hugh relief. Not because of not having cancer but because I didn't have to set another foot in that office. They want me to come back for a follow up. I'd rather live with a lump in my throat then to ever step foot in this office. I would advised anyone to go somewhere else for your thyriod or diabetic needs. This Dr. maybe good but to me her office is a reflection of her and her of her office. This place is like a free clinic.... more

Very caring and smart 3/28/2009

She is a really kind helpful smart lady.I have seen her for 6 years. Her nurse practitioner has seen me sometimes and she is verry helpful.Strongly recommended Pros: Very kind and smart Cons: parking more

Not a day spa -- but a good doctor. 1/7/2009

I have been seeing Dr Z for almost 2 yrs. She was the 3rd thyroid doctor I sought out because the others thought raising my synthroid level was all that was necessary and I was exhausted, hair-trigger irritated, and at my wits end. I was unhappy with her initially because she insisted on seeing me nearly every month and started lessening my synthroid amounts and adding cytomel. Over the course of a year, with all those appointments, yes, there were some visits when I thought I might not go back. Sometimes I was put-off by the staff and I was impatient for results. I insisted on seeing the Dr each time because I had a number of issues I was concerned about. She sent me to a specialist for other tests so she was definitely listening. Yes, my ultrasounds were performed in-house which I felt saved me an additional trip and visit (and saved me one ppo charge since I was already at the office). I will continue to see her even though I do not feel like I am in a day spa when I am there. Patients have to be proactive in their treatment. They also have to be willing to submit to the tests and put in the effort to facilitate their recovery. As far as I am concerned, I am there to see Dr Z and will continue to use her regardless of the ""art"" on the walls. Pros: in-house tests save me time and money Cons: office more

Horrible Practice 11/23/2008

Staff was very rude and unprofessional, especially her husband. The wait time was ridiculous and she was only in the room for about 2 minutes. She has poor bed side manners and made me feel like I couldn't ask her anything. Like I was wasting HER TIME. It was just a horrible expericence everytime I went to an appointment. I finally had to find another doctor. Oh, and beware of the unnecessary and costly tests. Pros: Free parking Cons: Por bedside manners, doesn't listen to the patient, and too busy for her patients more

Great Dr.! 9/30/2008

I've been seeing Dr.Z for 10 years+. She has always had time for me and explained anything I asked about. I like the fact much of the testing is done in house as it keeps cost lower. She & I have been thru a few illnesses together. She was due to have major surgery the next morning and came in specifically the afternoon before to do a biopsy on my thyroid because she was concerned about putting it off until she returned from her surgery. As for her PA, I see her every other visit. All I do is request that my appointments are made with the Dr. I would recommend her to anyone that needs a good Endo! Pros: Dr's knowledge Cons: Waiting more

I owe my life to her 8/26/2008

I have been seeing Dr Z for 17 years. I am 52 years old. My parents, grandparents, brothers and sister have all died of heart disease, most in their 40s. She has kept my cholesterol below normal on VERY agressive therapy. I have developed diabetes but it is controlled. My coronaries are clean.She is strict and she insists that I do all my testing for eye, heart , kidney and vascular disease.Testing and preventive care are important. People come to see her from all over the country. I am really lucky that I found her. Pros: Outstanding care more

Happy with care and service 7/17/2008

Dr Zaniewski's academic record and training are of the highest Level. I was referred to her by another doctor who spotted a slightly elevated glucose level in one of my routine tests. Dr. Zanieski had me complete very extensive self testing for a period, and in conjunction with tests she had run, diagnosed type 2 diabetes. I'm an inquisitive person and ask a lot of questions, the Dr has been very patient with me and answered everything to my satisfaction in language I could understand. Under her supervision I am doing very well in controlling my diabetes. Frankly, I don't care what the office looks like as long as I'm getting good care. I have not experienced what I would consider excessive testing and I consider her fees to be reasonable. Pros: Great medical care Cons: Parking can be a problem at times more

very knowlegable and thorough 3/13/2008

Perhaps the 2 reviewers who just recently posted do not know that Dr. Z has recently had surgery. That would account for having to see the PA and possibly for some heavy frustration of the staff. I have POS and was going to a highly recommended doctor in west Houston. Mediciines were never explained, what to expect was never explained and to top it off there were always med students there and you were today's lab experiment. Doctor Z was recommended by someone I respect and even though she is a very long drive from home she is well worth the trip. She has sat with me and explained how my body is now and could be affected. Taken time to explain all the medicines - pro and con. And has reported to my gp regularly. As to her office decor, yes there are ads - but I've been in many doctors offices in the last 2 months, they all pretty much have them now. more


Worst Doctor ever. Very keen on how to RIP YOU OFF!! She and her family work in the office and keep doing all unnecessary tests to basically RIP YOU OFF!!!! I WOULD NEVER EVER GO BACK TO HER AND WOULD NOT RECCOMEND ANYBODY....PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME & MONEY!!!!! Cons: UNNECESSARY TESTS; INSISTS ON GETTING IT DONE IN-HOUSE TO RIP YOU OFF!!! more

Unprofessional and Way too busy 2/8/2008

I was recommended by my Primary Doctor to see Dr. Z because of a recent diagnose of Diabetes. I was told that she was the best of the best. When I went to her office I was rushed in and had to pay first before being seen. I waited so long and did not even see her. I saw the P.A. She was very rude and unprofessional. I did not like her at all. The second visit I saw Dr.Z and she's great but seems too interested in fulfililng her superficial patients needs in the ""Botox"" department. I am always seeing the P.A. I am at wits end and will now look into seeing another Doctor. It's too bad that I am not the only one that feels this way. I do have to say that the receptionist is very nice but the person who you pay your money to is very rude. Dr.Z patient rooms are outdated. I would like to see Dr.Z focus on her patients than worrying about making an extra buck or two. Pros: no pros cause i feel that my health is valuable and to not see Dr.Z Cons: Bedside manner, Unprofessional, long wait, no doctor only PA more

Never Again 2/5/2008

This was a horrible experience. The office itself makes you feel like you're in a clinic. you are right she has so many patients at one time. She actually told me MY INSURANCE DOESN""T PAY HER TO CALL ME. Very rude and she didn't care that i was upset-told me I looked stressed. well what would you expect when she walks in the room saying ""There's a 80/20% chance you may have cancer"" How rude was that!!! I got my test results and tried another doctor. Oh yeah Know what you should be paying before you go more

Horrible, horrible office 1/13/2008

The most disorganized, rip-off medical experience of my life. Pros: nothing at all Cons: borderline unethical, horrible staff more

NOT recommended 12/8/2007

Dr Michelle is qualified but staff is very unprofessional specialy Mr Singh.They prefer to have lab test with them .After log waiting time Dr Michelle doesn't give you much time to explain the problem.She has 4/.5 at a time and always in hurry.We are disappointed no to have enough time what we pay for.Not recommeneded. Pros: waiting time.Not enough time with dr Cons: parking more
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