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Z & C Enterprise Inc - 8 Reviews - 7620 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA - Shoes Reviews - Phone (323) 655-4967

Z & C Enterprise Inc

7620 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 655-4967
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It is impossible to describe in words the amazing array of shoes at this store! The selection is huge for both men and women--and every single shoe is something exciting, fresh, ...


First....the only reason I'm giving Tony K two stars instead of one, is the entertainment factor. This guy shucks and jives like an old-time gospel preacher. One of the first th...

Tony K shoes on Melrose is a joke! 5/19/2012

I have to completely agree with the other reviews on Tony K shoes on Melrose. I recently went in the store and was browsing. Tony K's son asked me if I had ever heard of their store, I told him no. My response must have really struck a nerve because he made a snide remark that his shoes were better than made in China shoes and when my friends and I left the store he said to his father loudly, ""the problem with these customers is they buy $30.00 shoes..."" Clearly trying to jab at us. (I'd like to ad that my friends and I own plenty of designer, quality shoes). I went back in the store and explained to him that his store was empty and he really could not afford to be insulting the only people that actually were in his store. He quarelled with me and I realized there was no since in trying to reason with the crazy man and left. This man is pure hilarity. more

I have to agree with all of the above 7/6/2011

I had the same experience in this store as the other people. This guy is EXTREMELY pushy and the only reason I got away without being forced to buy something, is because somone else came in the store - a new victim in the lion's cage. That's what it felt like in there. My advise is, don't go in there unless you are sure you want to buy shoes from them! more


This guy has the worst customer service EVER and has serious anger management issues. I simply walked into his store to try on a pair of boots. Within one second I was inundated with b.s. as to why his shoes are better than everyone else's. While going off on everything ever made in China, he inquires into my profession and is surprised to know that I'm not a hairdresser (sorry Tony, I'm the CFO of a major financial corp.). Yes, I tried to bargain the price as is common practice on Melrose, but Mr. Tony went absolutely bonkers when it was clear that I was not going to buy anything. I quote...""You are a disgusting person...get out of my store"". Get this - I'm 5 months pregnant, but still politely bid goodbye to his mother and father who are working the cash register as he xontunes to berate my friend and I. Unfortunately, I had to return to his store a few minutes later as I had left a shopping bag behind. He insisted that nothing was left when finally his mother finally handed him my bag... which he proceeded to throw on a bench so as not to have to hand it to me. His behavior was worse than that of a spoiled 3 year old and I wouldn't recommend giving his store a dime of your money. \r \r more

Disaster for your money and time 2/20/2009

I tell you the story, you judge. If you buy boots you really liked at first and find out later that one shoe is shorter than the other one, you will be very dissappointed to get a defective product for over $300. But you'll be more dissappointed and get more upset when you try to return them to the store and get your money back. The owner doesn't want his defective product back, so he will try to persuade you that it's probably your vision that needs correction but not the shoes!!!))) Don't even count on being resonable and try to explaint what the problem is cause all you dare to say aginst the quality of the shoes would be considered as insanity. In conclusion, let's do the simple math $300+ 2 hours spent = bad product, service, insult and a bad mood for at least 2 more hours. Do you think it's worth it? rent a bad movie, cheaper and less offensive! more

Tony K 3/2/2008

I can't believe the other reviewer gave this guy 4 stars. This place has the worst customer service in the world. As soon as you walk in everyone in the store, including Tony K himself hovers around you and pushes you to try on the first pair of shoes you touch, without considering your size and liking of the style. Yeah his shoes are unique, but do really know if they are genuinely Italian made? Of course the guy is going to say he gets his shoes from Italy, he's a salesman! Tony K thinks he's good looking, speaks five languages and is the best shoe designer on Melrose. With some of his women shoes, the straps look like they are held down with tacks, ""yeah real cool design Tony"". Oh lets not forget if we refuse to buy his shoes, try walking into the store and then try on a pair, but then say you'll think about it, Tony will go into a temper tantrum and start putting you down as if you're not worh wearing his beautiful shoes. One time he even put down a pregnant woman and told her how big she was, just because she said she would come back later. How do I know that I was in the store the same time she was there. Let's not forget the price, his shoes are priced 4x what they should be. His shoes range from $200-$1000 because he scavenges on customers who are more likely to be fooled and will pay that much for a pair of knock-off shoes. Becareful when you shop at Melrose, just because the products are from Melrose, does not mean they are the best. The first time I was ever in his shop, my boyfriend bought a pair of men's boots that were priced $500, but he gave it to him for $200. Why would you knock off $300 from a pair of shoes if they were really supposed to be sold for $500. Oh I know why, because he mentioned that we were his only customers that evening that were willing to buy something, plus he really wanted to sell his knock-off shoes. We were stupid once, but never again. DO NOT SHOP HERE HE'S RIPPING YOU OFF, BUY THEM ONLINE THEY'RE WAY CHEAPER! more

TONY K IS A CLOWN 2/26/2008

First....the only reason I'm giving Tony K two stars instead of one, is the entertainment factor. This guy shucks and jives like an old-time gospel preacher. One of the first things he told me was what a cool guy he was and then flashed some pink rhinestone skull belt buckle. (Tony - I don't know who told you different, but that belt buckle screams try-hard, no-taste, Melrose loser). He then went on to brag about his prowess as a shoe ""designer"" and then showed me all the celeb photos behind his register. Trust me, the only thing this guy has designed is his impotent sales technique. Tony K sells cheap knock-offs of designer shoes marked up 100% from regular retail prices. He tried to sell me some gray leather ""Banana Boat"" brand (nice huh?) shoes for $200 that are $100 at Zappos implying that he had designed them.\r \r The best part was, when I told him I might come back later to buy them, he threw a tantrum. Apparently, because I didn't buy his pair of worthless, overpriced shoes right then and there I committed an unforgivable sin. He told me he wouldn't sell anything to me and escorted me out of the store.\r \r If you want to see Tony K in full form do the following: 1) pretend to be seriously interested in buying a pair of his worthless shoes 2) Ask him if he can come down on the price. 3) Ask about his return policy. 4) say you'll be back later to buy them. Hilarity will ensue. It's fully worth the price of admission (a few moments of your time) to watch this sorry, loser of a guy go ballistic.\r \r I won't say not to shop at Tony K's because there are all different kinds of people in the world, but I will say if you don't want to be an idiot, don't shop here. Pros: Hilariously Idiotic Owner/Salesperson Cons: Worthless, Overpriced, Knockoff Shoes more

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they don't even know what the shoes are made of! 12/11/2007

Tony ""K"" himself, so he said, ""helped"" me with some shoes I wanted to try on. I must say, the shoes are beautiful, but after putting up with the service, they may as well have been the ugliest shoes I've ever seen in my life. Tony was VERY PUSHY! I asked for a 6 and he just handed me a pair to try on, that clearly was NOT my size. I wanted to buy another pair of shoes, but the ones I really wanted weren't my size. Since it was taking me a while to decide, I figured I could come back for them. I said, ""I'll have to come back."" His response was, ""well then I will make sure to sell them before you come back."" Really great, huh? He rolled his eyes and when they offered us a card for the store, we refused to take it and said that Tony was rude to us. He followed us out of the store and began insulting my friends and I from the way we looked, to how we were dressed, and that we probably had no money because we didn't have any shopping bags. DO NOT SUPPORT A MONSTER LIKE HIM! He doesn't deserve the business if he doesn't even know how to respect people. DON'T SHOP HERE... We even asked what the heels of the shoes were made of and he didn't even know..... \r \r DON'T SHOP HERE.\r DON'T SHOP HERE.\r DON'T SHOP HERE.\r DON'T SHOP HERE! more

I never knew shoes like this existed!!! 10/20/2005

It is impossible to describe in words the amazing array of shoes at this store! The selection is huge for both men and women--and every single shoe is something exciting, fresh, and devestatingly sexy! I honestly saw shoes that were beyond imagination, but not in a weird or far-out way. Just imaginative, beautiful styles with details on the heels and straps that I have never seen in my life! It turns out that the owner, Tony, is also a designer, and his creations are like nothing I have ever seen! He has a huge array of stars who shop there, right along-side the tourists and locals. There is something for everyone, from under $100 all the way up to $1,000! This store is a must-see if you are shopping for something amazing, flattering, and within your budget! more
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