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Your Dekalb Farmers Market Cafeteria - 54 Reviews - 3000 E Ponce De Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030-2295, Decatur, GA - Farmers' Markets Reviews - Phone (404) 377-6400

Your Dekalb Farmers Market Cafeteria

3000 E Ponce De Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030-2295 (at DeKalb Industrial Way)
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 377-6400
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Your Dekalb Farmers Market Cafeteria - Decatur, GA
Your Dekalb Farmers Market Cafeteria - Decatur, GA
Your Dekalb Farmers Market Cafeteria - Decatur, GA
Your Dekalb Farmers Market Cafeteria - Decatur, GA
Your Dekalb Farmers Market Cafeteria - Decatur, GA
Your Dekalb Farmers Market Cafeteria - Decatur, GA
Your Dekalb Farmers Market Cafeteria - Decatur, GA
Your Dekalb Farmers Market Cafeteria - Decatur, GA


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Fresh produce


I thought that the produce was amazing but I wouldn't dream of buying any meat product here as the majority of it looked old and not at all healthy. The fish had unclear eyes, du...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/6/2014

Outstanding international market, just remember to pack your patience especially during weekend visits when the place is packed. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/8/2013

This is the first time I have ever written a complaint but it has to be done! During my ""last"" trip to DFM this Saturday I experienced rude customer service, groceries damaged by poor careless packing, and a parking ticket! A $50 ticket marked for ""restricted parking"" written at 6:14. I had only left my car two minuets before this (I sent a text to my husband asking him if he wanted anything at 6:12) and my vehicle was parked behind and next to another vehicle, there was also not one sign stating any parking restrictions. I am shocked and saddened to see this place go from what once was a husband and wife operation to one that is now more concerned about ticketing their customers. I read other concerns on here about the decline of DFM and i do hope that DFM takes our concerns and makes some changes. \r ** I am still unsure of how an off duty contracted officer can write a Dekalb county ticket on private property** more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/18/2013

The thing I like about this place is their fruit and vegetable corner. Now I can get fresh and organic food to my table. I do love living in this city and this place is one of the perks. more

Fresh produce 4/23/2012

Fresh produce more

Horrible Customer Service 11/20/2011

I am furious. I just left the Dekalb farmers market and am now home at 9:39pm. At 8:59pm tonight there was an announcement that the store was closing, at 9pm a police officer was walking around the store with a flash light trying to direct people out of the store. I was confused considering it was just 9pm, I asked one of the workers where the sugar was and she showed me and the cop literally stood at the aisle I was on. At this point you can imagine how upset anyone would be if a cop is following them around a store as if they were a thief! I was walking towards the exit and he was walking next to me, I see a man and asked if he was the manager and he says yes. I then ask if this was normal procedure, of being ushered out of the store by a cop. He says ""the store closes at 9pm"". Obviously this makes me even more mad, I proceed to the cash register. Start paying for my purchases, I ask him his name he says Mike and the cop does not respond. I pulled out my camera phone to record the situation and Mike gets in my face at the register and says ""you can cut that off, no cameras allowed"", and I apologize and say I did not know. He continues to stand over me and says if you want to cause problems, you can leave and we can cancel your order (as if there are no other places to grocery shop in Atlanta). I said ""when you asked the first time it was off"". When I walked through the parking lot I mentioned the situation to another cop, and by the time I got to my car it was 9:06pm. I have never been so humiliated in my life, to be treated like a criminal because I was already in the store and grabbing my last items and it was 9:01. What happened to customer service? As someone who has worked in the customer service industry for over 10 years you are taught to treat your customers with respect and this did not happen here. It was 9:06 when I had already been to the register and headed to my car, the manager and the cop were both inappropriate and need a lesson in how to treat people. more

GreatDeals on organics and special items 11/3/2011

HUGE variety of ingredients I either can't find quickly elsewhere or they're overpriced. You grab a cart outside. Variety includes an aisle all about grains and pastas. You can get thing called for in special diet recipes like sucanat, rapidura, and other unusual things along with containers of all of the various flours, whole grains, varieites of lentils of all colors, various couscous types, and many more things. I even found my soba noodles there. Their condoment aisle is a wonderland. They have a great fruit juice section including boxes pomegranate juice that tastes great and is much less expensive than a regular grocery store. They have my favorite organic Muir Glen marinara sauce. They have several major brands of great teas including a huge selection of Yogi and Natural Pharmaceuticals. I can get a large deli tub of loose black tea for $1 with similar deals on other looseleaf teas. They have a speciality asian tea counter. The wine selection is great. The spice section is extremely inexpensive. I can get a deli tub of curry powder for $1, a half-tub of garlic powder for about $.50. There is a whole section of meats and one for seafood. If you want a good variety, it's best to go on the weekend. There is a lot of organic grass-fed meats. They make all of their sausages in lamb casings, so you can even buy chorizo and it's pork free. They have great oxtails,and the prosciutto they sell has the best flavor without being overly salty. Their cheese section is great and includes many specialty cheeses I can't find elsewhere. In the refrigerated section they have all of the dairy and things as well as fresh pastas, desserts, a huge selection of fresh olives, homemade organic pizzas, packages of lox and smoked salmon, and a lot more. Near the meat there is a section full of a variety of salsa's and salads. There is also a freezer area along the back wall behind the produce with a lot of international stuff. There are huge bags of various grains along the back by the spices. I love being able to buy a large bunch of a fresh herbs for $1 versus spending $2 at a regular grocery store, and the $2 bunches are smaller. Oh, reminds me they sell whole tamarind seed, whole LARGE aloe leaves, and many vegetables you won't find anywhere else without having the demand for them. Some things you don't find after summer is over. The bread section is fantastic. I could go on more, but I hope it's clear that you should take an hour or two to check it out. The downside - a ton of employees who don't look like they're American because they act different and many don't speak English. Also, you have to bring cash. If you're aware and plan ahead you're fine, but there is an ATM there just in case. I get cash ahead of time from my credit union to be prepared and save the ATM fees. more

From bad to worse 7/13/2011

What people love so much about Your Dekalb Farmer's Market, why so many great reviews? more

Roach in bread bag 5/15/2011

I love so many things about the DFM--freshness, quality ingredients, variety, & value. But today the unthinkable happened: A LARGE LIVE COCKROACH was inside the bag of bread I purchased from the DFM. If this weren't gross enough, we didn't spot it til we'd eaten 3 slices. Sorry, DFM--I'm reporting this to the Dekalb Heath Dept. I'm over 50 & have never found a roach in food purchased at a grocery store. more

Save money for the freshest foods! 2/3/2011

Why would you shop anywhere else? All other over priced grocery and health food stores cannot compare to the quality and freshness of the foods that are offered at the Dekalb Farmers Market. And, the best part of the experience, is that you save so much money for buying more sustainable produce, meats, etc...I am officially in love with this place! And, while you shop, don't forget to grab a cup of their amazing ethiopian coffee for less than $1. more

The Best!!!!! 1/30/2011

I owned a Cleaning Service I was at one of my customer home. I was looking for for a Market to buy some seafood. They refer me to Dekalb Farmers' Market. I went there it was awesome, the food is fresh different variety of seafood, and the price is awesome. I will be going back. more


i had been a customer at the Dekalb Farmers Market for almost eleven years, even though (i must complain) about the horrible smell in there and also it is super dirty looking. my hair smells like the mildew smell in there every time i shop there! Most of all, some of the people that they hire seem rude (may be the language barrier?) Today, i was shopping there with my three year old son and this rude security guard- a jerk who may be an off duty dekalb police officer, stops me to tell me to check in my shopping bags at the customer service center by saying ""YOU DIDN'T OBVIOUSLY READ THE SIGN WHEN YOU WALK IN, YOU MUST CHECK IN ALL OUTSIDE BAGS"" with a rude authoritative tone. let's get this straight! it is not a shopping bag, it is a canvas hobo bag/ purse!! (what an idiot!) then, i get annoyed and decide to walk out and say that i will just leave because he is ignorant, and he rudely says have a nice day. I said "" you too"" really not meaning it and he comes out into the cashier area and says loudly ""WHAT DID YOU SAY?"" like i would be scared of him- YEAH RIGHT, GO TO H*LL, A**HOLE! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? This is NOT the first time that I have been harassed by some so-called rent a cop, due to the fact that i am different looking and my son is too. They should make every woman check in her purse or bag and get rid of the rent a cop/ police officer who thinks he is god. I immediately went to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's right then and left my huge cart of groceries at check out! NEVER EVER GOING BACK AGAIN!!!! more

This Market -- and the customer service -- is incredible! 6/29/2010

To those who complain about customer service: Have you ever thought it could be you? Once, I was looking for an obscure vinegar needed for a recipe and asked someone who was close by and re-stocking if they knew where it might be. Before I knew it, I had at least 3 employees ""on the case"" with one, somewhere in an office I guessed, giving advice over the telephone. I was way ready to give up -- it really wasn't that important -- but they didn't. And, they eventually found the obscure vinegar for me. Try being kind and respectful -- and you will get that in return, and, perhaps the most beautiful smiles you'll ever see that day. I believe that this Farmer's Market is something that the Atlanta/Decatur area can be so proud of! I am. Pros: An excellent culinary AND multi-cultural experience Cons: Once in a while my ankles get hit from a cart behind me. more

Bakery, yes! 2/24/2010

Although it can be daunting to run into the YDFM for just one or two things, I tell you: it is worth the trouble. I cannot live without Apple Croissants in the house (truthfully), and they are both flaky and inexpensive, so you can guess where I go. Rather than pay 3 dollars for a croissant at a cafe, I can stock up on baked goods at YDFM for about $1 each, or less if they were baked yesterday! Turn the timer on the coffee maker Sunday night, and wake up to a fresh cup and an apple croissant Monday morning?! Heavenly. Pastries are also great if you've got guests over after a night out. You're in no shape to make eggs or pancakes, so hand them a croissant and go back to bed. Some logistical tips: 1) DO NOT BRING YOUR KIDS. Don't play. There's barely room for one person to get through the throng of people. Add two+ little ones who are wicked bored and want to know what a Starfruit is, and your quick trip becomes an odyssey. 2) USE A BASKET, NOT A CART. Seriously. A), Save money: You can only purchase as much as you can lift, so you won't go over board and B) No traffic jams for you: Lift the basket high and quickly maneuver through crowds. 3) BRING A LIST! (Preferably in the order of the YDFM's layout.) Work in a circle (from packaged goods to dairy) and you will be finished in no time. 4) LEAVE YOUR SWEATER IN THE CAR. This sounds stupid, but I mean it! If you are bare armed in the market, you'll hightail it around the place grabbing what you need and getting the heck out. Rather than fight the cold, use it to your advantage! Follow these rules and allow yourself that one thing you cherish, be it the Apple Croissant, Jordan Almonds, Kiwis or Crab Legs, and your journey will be well worth it. Pros: Good produce, baked goods, meat department Cons: ""the YDFM smell,"" crowds more

Wonderful, affordable, eclectic 1/30/2010

Great place to shop. Tons of fruits and vegetables, a good selection of wine and beer, plenty of freshly baked goods, a lot of coffee, tea, cheeses, meat and fish, among other things. My favorite part is the spices; tubs of any spice you can think of, most of which are under a dollar. Open everyday 9-9 but crowded pretty much the whole time, totally worth it though. Pros: variety, price, long hours Cons: maybe the crowd, but what can you do? more

A local favorite, but the cafeteria? Run! 12/17/2009

I've been shopping at this farmer's market since it was on Medlock many years ago. True, most of the employees speak no English, but they have an incredible array of fresh fruits and vegetables from around the country and around the world. And the signs tell you where the veggies and fruits were grown. They have an incredible meat section, a fair cheese section, and a wide variety of fresh breads with good ingredients. I did see a roach in the pastry counter about a year and a half ago; I told someone, and they closed it out and cleaned it. When the cafeteria first opened years ago, it was entirely vegetarian and it was really, really good. Now they have many meat dishes. While I don't object to meats, it seems that since they were added, the quality of the food in the cafeteria has continually gone down hill. They have had some pretty awesome fried oysters on occasion, however. My most recent experience there will probably keep me from risking it ever again. About three weeks ago, we went to get milk (a good place for organic milk), and decided to stop and have some fried oysters. It was around 4 PM, so they were still fairly busy. Well, we got fried oysters and a veggie samosa apiece, and my friend got some squash casserole. And it was ALL COLD. I'm pretty sure this is a health code violation, as well as being horribly unappetizing. When it was all vegetarian, I would never have questioned the safety, but as soon as you add meat to the mix (especially fish!) this sort of thing is just begging for food poisoning. We didn't get sick, but I'm not one to risk that sort of thing twice. Pros: Fresh food from around the world Cons: Not clean, cafeteria food NOT HOT more

I like it 12/6/2009

I really love this place. My first visit was back in July as both my girlfriend and I love to cook. She took me there just to see and I was thoroughly impressed. All the different foods, spices, veggies, fruits and especially the meat and seafood kept me in that store for hours. I stocked up on spices to take back to South Carolina and when I went back to see my girlfriend again, I just had to go back. Each time I've come to Atlanta since then I make it to the Farmers Market. And yes, I've been to the Buford Rd. market and it's okay, but not as massive. My girlfriend and I like Dekalb so much that I proposed to her in the parking lot. I know to you all that may not sound romantic, but because she likes places like that is what impressed me with her. By the way, she said 'yes.' I have no complaints about the place. The next time I go I'm going to take my boat cooler and stock up with fresh meats, fish and other seafood. You folk who are haters have no clue of real quality. I never found anyone who works there to be rude, but just the opposite . . . very nice folk and very helpful. The last time I was there I wanted live Dungeness Crab. I went to the tank to get my own and one of the employees nicely told me she would get someone to get them for me. She informed me that it maybe a little dangerous for me to try to get them and when I told her I could handle it she said, ""well if other customers who may not be able to handle it see you, then they may want to do it and perhaps get hurt."" She was very nice and went right away and got me some assistance. We brought 14 or 15 live large blue crab for less than $20. Oh yea, when I went to get the blue crab, I noticed a lot of the larger ones were dead. I simply asked one of the guys who just happened to be passing by if they had more, some fresher crabs. He said, ""I'll check!"" He went back and came back almost immediately and told me someone would bring some out shortly. They did and the wait was not long. I was well pleased. Every time I go, I get something new, something I've never tried before. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't, but the experiences are all good. Don't hate, but APPRECIATE . . . SFR, II Pros: Everything Cons: Sometimes a little too cold, but I understand more

It's a grocery store, why do you need customer service? 9/18/2009

Maybe these nit-pickers that are writing bad reviews are used to feeling important at their local Kroger or by the KFC manager. You buy groceries. If something has gone bad, don't buy it. If you don't like the smell, don't buy it. I love this place. You just have to know how to do it right. The only thing I don't buy is cheese, but the smell on everything else isn't too bad, I've actually grown to crave it. They save money by not hiring cart boys and having a typical customer service. Do you need someone to hold your hand? I'm sorry, but I'm glad they don't waste their time on petty complaints. It's kind of like the Vortex, they produce good food and don't give a damn if you never come back. I know I appreciate the great quality and prices. I'm glad I'm not paying more because someone gives a damn your graham crackers smell like the market you are shopping in. Spare me. Pros: Buffet, Croissants, Buffalo, Cheapest Organic produce Cons: Dumb people that are out of place more

Food tastes like the Dekalb Farmer's Market 9/12/2009

DeKalb Farmers Market = Customer NO (0) Service. No one will talk to anyone who wishes to complain, ask questions about products, need info. Unable to reach management. Market must be run by the cashiers and floor staff. Buford Highway Farmer'...s Market (cheaper) , H Mart, etc. much better and they actually have active customer service personnel who try to help. Buford Highway FM has a person stationed in product dept to answer questions and provide customer service. My main complaint is that the packaged food, deli food, refrigerated etc. starting to take on ""extra taste/flavor"" of entire Market - just like when it was at its old location on Medlock. Bought some graham crackers - had to throw away due to nasty Market taste. Perhaps a thorough cleaning and sterilizing of the store would help. Tried several times to talk to someone, left comment cards. No one ever responds and I mean ever! This has gone on for about 1-1/2 years. So time to move on. I work at a high end gourmet cookware store and have heard this same scenario from many customers and co-workers. I recommend Buford Highway FM and H Mart, regular grocery stores, Whole Foods and Fresh Market, but NOT DeKalb FM. Time to shop elsewhere like the Buford Highway Farmer's Market. They are cheaper and are always willing to listen and improve. Former loyal customer of over 25 years. I know they will say too bad so sad, because they do not care. Cons: No customer service. more

Great prices!!! 7/15/2009

Putting aside customer service, the selection & prices were amazing. For $83 I got enought food for three weeks. I will go there as long as I live in Atlanta. more

Horrible Customer Service 5/29/2009

Something has clearly changed at the DFM. I have never been treated so disrespectfully by a store manager in my lfe. Mike manager who will not give his last name needs to be fired. He also needs to get a life. Pros: good variety Cons: rude management rude employees more
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Immensely popular Decatur market mixes fresh produce, international foods and an extremely positive vibe.


  • The Scene
    A popular destination for serious home cooks from all over the metro area, this friendly farmers' market/gourmet grocery store combines dumbfounding variety, high quality and...

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