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Yorkie & Friends Pet Shop - 15 Reviews - 1992 Highway 54 W Ste A, Fayetteville, GA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (770) 631-4555

Yorkie & Friends Pet Shop

1992 Highway 54 W Ste A
Fayetteville, GA 30214
(770) 631-4555
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I have worked with animals in Rescue and the pet store business for 18 years and I have to say that Linda and Laura did a remarkable job keeping that store afloat as long as they ...


I think that these puppies come from puppy mills. I have seen many of these puppies that have one eye that is bigger than the other, the jelly- like stuff coming down from the eye...

Misunderstanding. 5/26/2010

“Reputable Breeders do not sell through Pet Stores.” Since when was that a law or regulation? These yorkie breeders bred their own puppies. There is nowhere on the Pet Shop’s website that states “home bred” puppies. I am very familiar with the rescue field. I am former licensed breeder. I know all the codes and conditions to running a proper facility. I do agree that Puppy mills come in all shapes and sizes. I also know what puppy mills look like. I have seen the facility it is no way, shape or form of a puppy mill. These breeders are licensed. They can only be licensed by one department, Department of Agriculture. This means they get inspections. It’s a requirement. Any present or former breeder knows that CKC recognizes “Designer breeds”. It’s contradictive to call anyone in general a breeder and not know all the circumstances to every recognized registration club. “Mutts” are mixed with threes and fours of different breeds. A true Designer dog or as some call it Designer Hybrid is the product of careful and thought out breeding of two high quality breeds. It is most definitely NOT an accident. You could always “(Google it)”. Thankfully, this is definitely NOT a case of a “Puppy mill. Unfortunately, It’s misunderstood. It is clearly Assumptions of a pet store. It is simply a label. I mentioned before that I went and asked about the facility out of my own curiosity and they had no problem showing me the facility. It’s nowhere near a puppy mill, well managed. Also if you think that their facility is a “Puppy mill” then you obviously haven’t seen one. You should “(Google it)” also. more

Steer Clear 4/22/2010

Reputable Breeders do not sell through Pet Stores, period. I have been a breeder and I have worked in breed rescue. Puppy Mills come in all shapes and sizes, but they are still puppy mills. \r \r A puppy mill owner breeds for the money, not for conformity or continuity of a breed. The web site for this pet store says they are ""home bred"", but offers no confirmation of that. That does not mean it is not a puppy mill. And the sheer volume of animals and diversity of breeds reeks ""puppy mill"". Plus, reputable breeders do not breed mutts and call them ""designer dogs"". \r \r Before you purchase a pup from this store, ask to visit the location where the pup was bred and born. Then actually go visit. If they are above board, they won't have a problem providing the information. They started a ""song and dance"" when I asked.\r \r I've read the health guarantee and buyers agreements for animals from this shop. Trust me, it is not anything like an agreement from a reputable breeder. The agreement does not protect the buyer, it only covers the seller. Proof they are only out to make a dollar is evident in the agreement and the outrageous sum they charge for mix breed puppies. I chose not to purchase from them.\r \r Check out the information on the website for the Humane Society of the US (Google it) for the definition of a puppy mill. \r \r If you want a dog, save a life at the animal shelter or contact a breed rescue. If you have trouble finding a reputable breeder or breed rescue, contact the American Kennel Club for recommendations. \r \r The only way we can put puppy mills out of business is to stop buying puppies from pet stores. Unfortunately, it looks like this is simply another case of a business closing at one location only to surface elsewhere under a different name. Cons: Reputable Breeders do not sell through Pet Stores more

PARVO OUTBREAK!!!!!!!! 10/14/2008

I was sold a dog with PARVO, He barley made it after $1200 worth of vet bills. I was told by the owner that it was my problem. Before then I was told I would be refunded and never received a dime. Pros: Nothing!!!! Cons: MY DOG ALMOST DIED OF PARVO!!!!!! more

EWWW.HAYNES 8/25/2008

Hanyes Pet Centre,Got Shut Down,Or They Quit Or Whatever.\r But It Smells Better In The Place.\r Whatever,Im Out!Peace.\r PS.i miss my puppy they tortured. Pros: idc Cons: idc more

Great customer service and precious pets!!! 8/4/2008

I have worked with animals in Rescue and the pet store business for 18 years and I have to say that Linda and Laura did a remarkable job keeping that store afloat as long as they could. The economy is ridiculous right now and I know for a fact they went without paychecks numerous times. I have rarely seen two people who care more about animals and their welfare. Yes, true there was a strain of parvo brought into the store, God only knows how, but the quarantine and conditions set by the department of agriculture and animal control were followed to the letter of the law. This is the only reason they could reopen because the store was parvo free. I know these particular cases spoken of were secluded cases and it absolutely broke their hearts. They store was run professionally and the customer service was wonderful. They are very knowledgable, especially with the puppies. I also know for a fact, because I have seen the books, that the puppies they took in were NOT from puppy mills, but hand selected from local breeders that only breed one litter per year. They were healthy and precious. Linda and Laura did do a number of rescues as well, always making sure the pups were healthy and went to wonderful homes. They were always up front about the rescues and where they came from. These pups were sold at very discounted prices. Unfortunately the store has closed it's doors due to the increase in rent and decline in economy. I spoke with them this week and they are still available to help anyone find a puppy and have some now available. The phone number is the same. As for the negative review below....that review was rude and unfounded. It was ill-written and a disgrace to the English language. Please find something better to do with your time, like actually helping animals and not tearing other people down. Pros: Will take the time to help you find the perfect pet for your family. Cons: I can't find any. more

struggling family business 7/16/2008

I am sorry to see such a wonderful example of a family business struggling to survive in todays economy. Linda and Laura are working very hard to run a good clean honest business and the recent postings are written by uneducated illiterate idiots. They list no personal experience in buying or selling through the business. Just personal attacks on people. In postings you should list details of a transaction gone wrong and include the other party's attempt at resolution of the problem. My pups were sold through them on consignment and I resent the puppy mill accusations. My pups were born in the house and were raised in the family. My breeding pair live and sleep with my family and are considered members of the family. The non-show quality of the litter are sold as pets with limited registration. I have been warned by my vet that Parvo is rampant this year and last year due to some ignorant people not vaccinating their dogs. The virus is easily spread and it takes a lot of care not to allow people to bring it with them into the pet store. I hope they will continue to be vigilant and have people wash their hands before handling the pups. It is hard to deal with the uneducated people who would be better served by learning rather than blaming the world for their results of their life. Pros: small family business, personal treatment, family atmosphere Cons: current limited selection due to economic hardship more

Laura And Linda Animal Murrders 7/14/2008

Well Haynes Pet Centre.Hmm Well,They Brutily Murred My Puppy.She Suffered!They Put Up A Front As If There Nice People Running A Pet Centre.NOOOOOO!They Are Nasty,Parvo Diseased,Puppy Killing,Thinking There Sneaky[when really they are bad at it],Murrderds. Innocent Dogs In The Back With Parvo,Leaving Them To Die,In The Back Room That Is.That's Animal Abuse.& The Smell Is Like Dead Rats,With Wet Parvo Sh*tBakeing In The Sun.All The Time,Well Latley About 2 or 3 weeks.It Has Smelted Like Bleach.Thank The Merceful Jesus,Much Better,Than Bakeing Sh*tWhoever Is Keeping It Clean Has Been Sent From Hevan.I Deffinitly Dont Reccomed Them.Basicly If You Walk In There,You Touch Things,You Bring Your Dog In There Your Gonna Die.There Gross,Rude,Unconcitere Murrders.No Wonder Why There So Dead All The Time.Nobody Comes In.Hmmm Im Wonder Why.It's A Sign For Death.I Belive That All There Animals Have Parvo Or Some Kind Of Sickening Disease.Oh And Those Kids In There.I Feel For Them,Whoever There Parent Is Should Have Taught Them Better.They Yell At Each Other All The Time,Calling Each Other Butthole's And Screaming When I Come In,And Running Around All The Time.And Leaving There Sh*t For Some Other Person To Pick Up.Well I Know It's Not There Parents,That's Cleaing Up There mess.It's Animal Abuse&I Bet They Wrote All There Good Reviews.It's Disusging.I Dont Like Them Even Near Me.Laura And LindA[Keys Names]Are Diseased.\r \r Warning:If You Go Into Haynes Killing Pet Centre,You Will Catch A Disease&Your Kids,Your Animals.I Will Not Ever Step Foot In That Parking Lot,Well Acually Thats A Lie.Im Gonna Protest.\r \r Love Always A Hater Of Haynes Pet Death Centre.Dont Mess With Me. Pros: There Is None Cons: Read My Review. more


haynes in fayetteville has been shut down for parvo and allowed to reopen and sell ! they sell puppies that dont show up with parvo right away sometimes !! they keep parvo puppies at the store then take them to the vet to die ! please dont buy from them . ask the owner about there parvo cases!! it is so sad! i think they buy from puppy mills and are just out to make a dollar !!!! be ware buy with caution ! you would do better adopting from a shelter! Pros: sell sick puppies- no pros Cons: -they let you think you are getting a healthy pet more

Haynes Pet Centre 6/12/2008

I think that these puppies come from puppy mills. I have seen many of these puppies that have one eye that is bigger than the other, the jelly- like stuff coming down from the eyes, and many more unhealthy looking dogs at Haynes. One of the workers told me that a puppy had come a very long way to get here. They seem fairly clean. Also, they are very expensive here. Pros: They do seem to care about the puppies. Cons: They don't sell senior dogs. more

Best place for small animals, I'm sure! 7/20/2007

I'm not so sure about dogs, cats, and fish, etc., but thier hamsters, gerbils, and other small animals are always healthy and usually very friendly. When I went in to get my first hamster, they said I should get a teddy bear hamster, so I did. My whole family loved him and he was healthy for the whole 3 years of his life (which is very old for a hamster!) They are much better than stores like Petco and PetsMart because animals seem to be in worse condition at these larger stores (dwarf hamsters seem to have diabetes a lot). Pros: Care for animals, quality of animals Cons: I can't think of any, honestly! more

BEST store for Personal service and knowledge of pets... 2/19/2007

My personal experience with Haynes and it's staff and owner has always been fantastic! The store is always clean, well kept, and organized. If you have any questions about anything pet-related, they will know the answer. The puppies they have are adorable! and always clean and well cared for. There is not another store in the south metro area that has the quality of puppies Haynes has. They don't deal in quantity, but in quality. Since they opened their doors in Braelinn Village on Crosstown, and more recently on Hwy 54 just outside Peachtree City, they have been an honest and dependable pet store. I would never hesitate to purchase anything from the store, because they will always stand behind their products and animals! Keep up the good work! Pros: Best quality and selection of puppies in the south metro area Cons: Smaller store, but they can order anything you need more

Absolutely wonderful! 2/18/2007

I love Haynes Pet Centre it is one of the best pet stores I have ever been in. The animals always seem to be healthy and well taken care of (also very cute!). I recently purchased a Bichon Frise from here and I am completely smitten with the little ball of fur. I would definitely recommend making all of your animal related purchases here. The customer serivce is great I can always count on someone in there to help me find anything i need or to answer any questions i may have. \r \r These people really seem to care about their animals they dont keep them on grates like i have seen elsewhere. The play pins they put them in really seem to do the trick because every puppy in the store seems happy. \r \r And of course the best part of all is the store is very, very clean there isn't that ""pet store"" smell you often find. \r \r Hope this was helpful! Thanks Haynes Pet Centre! more

These people really love their animals! 2/16/2007

I love shopping at Haynes Pet Centre! The staff is always very friendly to me, and I can tell by their actions that they really love their animals. They also help me find everything I need! I think the way they have their puppies in playpens is absolutely wonderful, because they are so much happier! I bought my dog at Haynes and she is the most wonderful companion a person could hope for! I have her papers, she has always been in perfect health, and they let me bring her in to say hi anytime I want! I definitely suggest anyone buy their dogs at Haynes! I have never seen a cleaner pet store in my life! more

Great Puppies! Family Owned and Run!! 2/15/2007

Haynes is a great store if you are looking for a puppy. They are very clean, and the puppies are in playpens with their siblings.. They have a great selection of puppies, and we have just purchased our second shihtzu puppy in 3 years from them, and they are two happy, healthy little boys!! Oh yes, we named the new puppy Wags becasue he never stops wagging his tail!! Gizmo and Wags say ""thanks Haynes Pet Centre""! more

Be careful here 9/18/2006

Priced high, sell puppies with problems such as mange and demodex that appear after the warranty. Have pups checked thouroughly. Pros: They do have very hygenic practices in the store. Cons: The breeders that they get the puppies from are questionable. more
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