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Ye Olde Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe - 13 Reviews - 2017 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ - Tobacco Products Reviews - Phone (602) 955-7740

Ye Olde Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe

2017 E Camelback Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85016
(602) 955-7740
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Ye Olde Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe - Phoenix, AZ


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The staff. They are real people who know cigars. And when asked will tell you whats hot and a good smoke for your palate. I've read the reviews here and nothing could be further f...


Nice shop. Good staff. The problem with this place is the extremely unlikeable owner and his socially retarded son. If they weren't there all the time, I would rate this shop m...

zgood selection 6/5/2011

Ye Olde has a rally good selection but as some people said in previous posts, some of the staff aren't really up on new stuff. I consider myself a casual cigar smoker that reads some blogs and grabs a Cigar Aficionado once in a while. After readings some reviews I will go try to pick up some of the sticks I read about. Some of these aren't all that rare and some of the staff have no idea what I'm talking about. Not really sure about all the political commentary that people are putting on their. I guess it's the in thing to do so I'll continue. All you idiots sound like you're the people who vote Arpaio back in. more

The idiots are running the asylum. 1/5/2011

I've never been in a cigar store where they new so little about cigars. The bozo who ""assisted"" me was recommending stuff I already knew was crap. I was in the cigar business for many years - had a shop and not a competitor to this place. It was in another state. Anyway, I know my cigars and this twit knew nothing or was just trying to push crap they couldn't sell. Nobody likes their intelligence insulted. Most cigar smokers know what they like and don't need or want some d**che bag pushing junk they don't want on them. more

I'll not be back 11/8/2010

Libertynjeopardy? ?Leftists?. Wow! You just made the point for those other guys who wrote negative stuff about this place. So, everyone who doesn?t like this place is a commie, ?Leftist? (love those made-up words) and a tobacco hater? What a moron! Let me tell you something, I am a life-long Republican ? the real deal, not some Tea Party-lifestyle-dictating numb nuts like ?libertynjeopardy?. It so happens I will never set foot in Ye Olde again, not because of d**che bags like you, and not because of the abrasive nature of the owner. Hell, I used to just go in, buy cigars and leave. What stops me from coming back is that the last time I was in there, I heard the 50 year old owner refer to his 30 year old identical twin/son as ?Snookums?. ?Snookums?! I will not set foot in a place were there is some weird, incestuous, homo-erotic crap like that going on. So typical of you ?Teabaggers?. You give true conservatives like me a bad rap by association ? people think all Republicans are like you. You are an embarrassment and you and all your kind can have Ye Olde all to your pathetic selves. You just verified what all these other guys have said here ? Not everyone is welcome. OK by me ? there are lots of nicer places to buy cigars and at better prices where I don?t have to be around the likes of you. more


The staff. They are real people who know cigars. And when asked will tell you whats hot and a good smoke for your palate. I've read the reviews here and nothing could be further from the truth about the customers. They come from all walks and income backgrounds and of course there are going to be rich guys sitting in leather chairs all day that's why their rich! Cause they can sit while you leftist putzes are out of a job due to the vote you made for Odumba. Rick Hopkins is one of the kindest business owners in the valley, sure he pushes product he's in business to make money. You worthless democrats don't understand that concept so you demean him and his son who is also a good guy. If you think its such a crappy place don't go there mackolicious you commie. Move to Cuba and live the life you've imagined. Pros: BEST TOBACCO SHOP IN AZ Cons: IT SHOULD BE OPEN TILL MIDNIGHT more

bad place 6/16/2009

I too am not liking this place. It is bad because there is being some very unpleasant peoples there. Pros: clean Cons: very not nice place more

One of the ""pinheads"" 6/16/2009

Sorry, bub, but stuffhangin and those other guys are right. So when my friend told me to check this out, I wrote this right away. I've been there and seen for myself that everyone is not welcome and there are a butt-load of ""tool boxes"" who sit around on their ample keasters all day and spew their hate toward anybody who thinks any different from them. What's on tv and the viewpoints of the customers DOES reflect the store and staff because the store and staff allow it. I've been there, I've seen it and that's why I don't go in there anymore. Pros: 0 Cons: numbnuts like upinsmoke777 more

Negative reviews from the pinheads 4/5/2009

Ye Olde is a fun place to hang with an entertaining and informative staff. Great selection and fair prices. Everyone is welcome regardless your political views or your ethnic, educational or economic backgrounds. What's on tv or the viewpoints of the customers isn't reflective of the store and staff - it's a safe place where one can express themselves without being belittled! Pros: Relaxed, comfortable and entertaining Cons: Too many pinheads more

strange 1/27/2009

When I first went into this store, I was greeted by a very nice guy who proceeded to guide me through the humidor. He made recommendations to me based on what I told him I like in a cigar. His recommendations where spot on ? I loved the cigars. I returned again and was helped by the same guy who once again greeted me very personably and made some new recommendations that I liked. When I returned a third time, the same guy took me into the humidor but this time there was another guy there. He turned out to be the owner. When the first guy began helping me as usual, the owner butted in and very rudely dismissed his employee and just sort of took over. I didn?t like that very much but there I was so I let him make some recommendations. I feel like I was taken advantage of because the cigars the owner recommended where a little more costly than what I?d been buying and I didn?t like them. This owner clearly just wanted to sell me what he wanted to get rid of or what he had the biggest profit margin on. I returned a fourth time, hoping to have the original guy help me but he was not there that day. The pushy owner was, however and he proceeded to shadow me into the humidor where he began his rather abrasive sales pitch. When this other guy came in and told him he had a phone call, the owner abruptly told the guy to show me some cigars and left without a word to me. Now it gets stranger. This new guy looked like the owner, spoke like the owner, made me really uncomfortable like the owner ? more so actually because this guy had no concept of personal space. Some people might have thought he was coming on but I think he was just totally clueless. I think they were related because it was just too coincidental. If they are not related, it?s just downright creepy. That did it for me ? I won?t return to Ye Olde Pipe. more

neo-con central 1/16/2009

Man, this is a scary place. Oh, it looks nice when you walk in but just sit in the lounge and listen to the morons who dwell there - same uninformed idiots occupying the same chairs day and night. These fools must live there! They're all big-shot captains of industry or finance - to hear them tell it anyway. The pomposity is so thick its palpable. And if you happen to stop by on the rare occasion when this place is devoid of these two-legged gas-bags, you'll be driven to insanity by the constant drone of FOX News, which is apparently the only channel that the lounge's TV receives. But what lures this herd of Limbaugh, Hannity and O'Riely worshipers to this neo-con watering hole? Rick Hopkins, the owner. He not only tolerates the bigotry and closed-mindedness, he encourages and perpetuates it. And he has taught his son, Rick junior, to parrot this ignorant ideology openly in his place of business. It is truly amazing that this place can actually stay in business but what's even more amazing is that there are enough bozos running around out here who thrive on that kind of atmosphere. So, if you are a reasonable, intelligent person - stay away. You will not be welcome here. Cons: Too many to list more

place for pretentious raciests 1/3/2009

I dont know what is worse about this shop the pretentious @$$ hole customers or the raciest homophobic owner and his son! the lack of knowledge and professionalism is only second to the lack of brain cells. Mr. hopkins needs a lesson in manors as well as his son. as for the the wanna be millionaires who pretend to be somebody on their cushy red leather chairs they need a humbling reminder that they are no better than anybody else I would travel thirty miles out of my way to avoid ye olde pipe and tobacco! Pros: horrible owner Cons: the son of the owners voice is enough to make ears ooze more

Unlikeable owner. 11/23/2008

Nice shop. Good staff. The problem with this place is the extremely unlikeable owner and his socially retarded son. If they weren't there all the time, I would rate this shop much higher. more

Best Cigar Shop 6/6/2008

They are at a new location but phone is the same. Humidor is now twice as large. Staff is awesome. Every cigar recommended was awesome. Highly recommended. Pros: Awesome staff and selection of cigars and accessories Cons: Far from my home more

Fantastic customer service & large pipe selection for the pipe enthusiast! 2/2/2007

Excellent shop for the pipe smoker. In a day where it is often difficult to find a large selection of tobacco pipes and products, they have it all. Nice setting, big screen tv and couch for ""testing"" your pipe or cigar, and very friendly staff. Highly recommended! Pros: Good selection. Friendly staff. more
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