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Yale Animal Clinic - 20 Reviews - 1610 Yale St, Houston, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (713) 861-6700

Yale Animal Clinic

1610 Yale St
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 861-6700
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Dr Gassaway is the ultimate vet - makes you wish he were your own personal physician. He takes time to listen you -- even went outside to see my dog walk down the sidewalk. Plus...


I have bad experience after bad experience with this place and have attempted to rationalize and give them another chance. No longer! I boarded my dog here and asked if the wo...

Good Experience with this Vet 4/14/2011

I took my dog for an emergency and I thought everyone was very nice, friendly and laid back. The Vet came in and spent a very long time with us. My dog has congenital hip dysplasia and we talked about all kinds of options, he was very conservative about meds that are harmful long term, was very knowledgeable about the inherent problems with a dog with this type of problem.\r \r I agree with the other reviews that he wasn't the cheapest and the place was a bit shabby and dirty but I didn't need fancy or care about cleanliness. I wanted someone who knew a lot about my dog's problem and had a good sense of what to do. And the best part is that his advice is working and my dog is feeling better! I will definitely go back. more

Good experience 1/8/2011

I just took my dog there for an emergency and found them to be quite pleasant and knowledgeable. Prompt attention, I'll go back more

Shabby overpriced bad care. Don't go here. 8/12/2010

I have bad experience after bad experience with this place and have attempted to rationalize and give them another chance. No longer! I boarded my dog here and asked if the woman would also trim my dogs nails. When i got back from vacation my she had not trimmed my dogs nails. My dog was absolutely exhausted and came home and slept the whole night without getting up ( 9 pm to 8 am). when i tried to pet her the next morning she shied away. Her back was covered in fleas and she had a heat rash all over her back. I will never send my dog here to be boarded overnight. The facilities are old and disgusting. I was really hoping that these people would pull through for me but no they didn't. more

My feelings are so, so, but I keep going.... 2/24/2010

Likes: The vets willingness to discuss alternative meds so that I can save money. Recommends to specialists when needed. Visits are quick. Very friendly with my pets and know them by name. Prices are decent, but nothing to brag about. If you don't use up all of a med they will take it back and credit you the price for future use. They are open on Saturday's.\r \r Dislikes: They open at 7am, but don't show up at 7am if you expect to see the vet he arrives around 8am. The place is small, so hardly any parking and easy to miss. The place is also rather old and could use a good cleaning. They seem to have sporatic lunch hours and/or take longer than an hour for lunch, even though their voice mail says their official lunch hour. They do not always have heartworm meds in stock, but you can order online if you are willing to pay shipping. Pros: Open Saturday's, quick visits Cons: Parking, cleanliness, times of opperation more

The ABSOLUTE BEST 2/24/2010

You'll not find better pet Dr's and vet teck's in Houston for service and really reasonable fee's Pros: Wonderful and Eager to please Cons: none!!! more

The latest reviews seem true. 9/21/2009

Called today 9/21/09 to ask about new puppie, and older dogs. Was chewed out for not receiving their reminder notice. Neutering is $300.00. The women was treating me like a criminal because I've found my meds cheaper. The sad part is I have taken animals there for myself or my family since the early 90s. Today that ends. Goodbye. Pros: very few Cons: Limited meds, rude staff, no x-ray, and codescending attitud more

Rude & Mean too!! 2/5/2009

I agree! I have taken all my animals there since the early 90's. The same staff used to be friendly, understanding & helpful. Over the years, they have gotten rude & uncaring. I was even lectured by one of the front desk workers!!!! I was deeply offended since I have spent so much money at this clinic over the years.\r I refuse to ever go there again, and if anyone ever asks me, i will tell the truth about the mean, rude women that work there. BLAH!!! YUK!! Never, ever go there - for any reason!!! more

Limited Medicines, Unprofessional Behavior, Surprisingly Overpriced? 11/19/2008

I went to this clinic based on all the positive, glowing reviews on this site. I absolutely do not care about the shabby-looking location, as I have gone to nicer places and been treated pretty badly. I was more concerned with getting a knowledgeable, caring veterinarian to look at my newly adopted dog.\r \r The staff was polite, but unprofessional. They did not make eye contact with me and they kept forgetting my dog's weight. They could not control the dog when it was time to take her temperature. Another client was in the next room, and they kept talking badly about him in front of me. It made me wonder what they said about me while I wasn't looking. \r \r I have no idea if Dr. Gassaway treated my dog, as the vet did not introduce himself to me at all. He came in, greeted the dog (and treated her warmly, as expected), asked me all the routine questions, and walked out. When he came back in, he came in with a prescription and a shaky diagnosis, as he was not too sure what was causing her stomach problems.\r \r To their credit, the examination was very fast (I was in and out within 20 minutes), and there can be multiple causes for stomach problems in puppies. But in terms of the heartworm and flea preventative, they only carried Comfortis and Frontline. (My rescue agency recommended Sentinel, Advantage and Revolution.) I should have asked for prescriptions so that I could order the medicines I preferred online, but that option was never made available to me, as they were more interested in the sale. They also tried to push me into get a lyme disease vaccine, which I declined twice. Thankfully, their pet meds were not at all expensive, but the exams were.\r \r Heartworm exams are normally $15-$30. Yale charged me $43.50.\r Fecal exams are normally $7-$15. Yale charged me $24.\r General check-ups are usually between $25-$40. Yale charged me $48.\r \r Do your research. You may find a more reasonable vet with a wider array of medicines for your pet elsewhere. Cons: Unprofessional staff, Lack of choice in medicine, Anti-social vet, Vet unsure of diagnosis more

The ONLY veterinarian you will ever use!!!! 10/10/2008

Dr Gassaway is the ultimate vet - makes you wish he were your own personal physician. He takes time to listen you -- even went outside to see my dog walk down the sidewalk. Plus, he will discuss alternative medications and is willing to write a prescription so I can save money and order from my internet provider. When my dog had emergency surgery, I was allowed to stay with her until she woke up from the anesthesia because she has anxiety problems (and so do I). \r \r The office staff is very knowledgable and helpful, too. If your pet needs a specialist, Dr. G will not hesitate to let you know that a referral is necessary. Try Yale Animal Clinic on Yale Street in The Heights. You will never go to another veteranarian. more

Great Vet!!!! 3/6/2008

Dr. Gasaway and his staff are great! Yes, the parking is bad and the interior could use some touch ups, but the service is good, the Dr. is very knowledgeable (and clearly loves animals) and they are not expensive. Pros: Knowledgeable/Personable Vet; NOT expensive Cons: bad parking, a bit rundown interior more

Very friendly staff, lots of care and love for your animals, not your wallets. 3/5/2008

This clinic might not be the best looking clinic in town, but i can tell you the staff and doctors are wonderful. They will help you anyway they can. They are there for the animals, to do everything possible for them. The are very inexpensive. Yes, the parking lot is small, but you can park around the corner with no problem. \r They are very down to earth people, you don't feel like you are getting pressured into doing things that are unneccessary for your pet(s). Their prices have gone up some, but with the cost of everything going up, we are bound to pay more for services then we used to. I think the cost is worth it to go somewhere that you will be treated with kindness, and see lots of love for your pet(s). I highly recommed this clinic to anyone. As far as the review that said that the doctor is retired, that is very untrue. Dr. Gasaway has been practicing for over 25 years in the same location. The staff is wonderful. Pros: care for your pets, reasonable prices Cons: parking more

worst clinic I've ever been to 2/29/2008

Have been there twice because it is very close to where I live. But I am so disappointed with my experience with them. It is a small place, I missed it every time I drive there, parking lot is very small and the clinic is not as clean and nice as the one I had in Beechnut. And their price is expensive too. My dog had ear checkup late last year and it costed me $32, while I had been charged 25 in other clinic (a bit far from where I live). And I called them today for the price of heartworm test and I was told $28 before I go and after test was done, it turned out to be $36!!!! (Beechcrest only charge $28 and much nicer and cleaner compare to this clinic. Unfortunately it's too far away since I moved. I guess I need to find another better clinic close by then) I asked the guy why the price changed in 10 minutes and he simply said he guess he did not give the exact price. Give me a break!!! I will never go there again, even it is only 1 minutes drive from where I live. Pros: no Cons: lots more

Are they licensed? 2/15/2008

I found a kitten in my back yard and took it Yale Animal Clinic. The kitten had fleas, worms and was very malnourished. The ""vet"" at Yale Animal Clinic informed me I had a female kitten approximately 6 weeks old. I nursed the little one to good health and took her in for a spay surgery a few months later. \r \r After I picked up my little girl, they informed me they were unable to find her ovaries after cutting her up. Later they discovered, the littel girl was actually a boy cat. They shrugged it off as a simple mistake. To top it off, they stuck my kitten in someone else's very used and filthy pet carrier.\r \r Somehow they gave my new carrier to another customer by mistake. I found out the ""Doctor"" is actually the retired vet's son and all of the spay/neuter surgeries are performed by the front desk clerk.\r \r These people are extremely unprofessional and rude. I should have known by the stench in the place that they were shady. Cons: Unlicensed desk clerks performing surgery, dirty facilities, rude staff, no parking more

Best Customer Service and Care for Animals 6/1/2007

As a new client to Yale Animal Clinic - - I find the clinic a ""no frills"" but ""ALL ABOUT YOUR PET"" kinda place. They care about your pet and YOU as well. I have been experiencing a new problem with my 11 year old lab, and Dr. ""G"" spent a good deal of time talking with me about it and explaining every option, including ""let's start with this"" and then check back....\r \r The office staff are FANTASTIC and prices are extremely REASONABLE. If you are looking for a new place to take your dog or cat - - give them a try. Pros: Pets and their owners are #1 - - across the board. They give you estimates and are very reasonable Cons: Not a ""Con"" more

Very knowledgeable vet and open to questions 5/21/2007

I had a american eskimo dog that my vet on huffmiester thought had skin allergies,he kept giving her antibiotics and creams and she wasn't getting any better. she had breathing problems one night so we took her to an emergency vet and $500 and several test later thay couldn't figure out her problem,so back to my regular vet and after more tests I suggested that I wanted to try some tea tree oil I had read about,well he started to yell at me! ""If you are going to try hocus pocus stuff don't bring her here again""I realize he was probably taking it out on me he didn't know what was wrong and my dog was getting worse she had lost 10 pounds and would'nt eat.A friend suggested Yale Clinic and the vet looked over her records xrays and said he wanted to try a test,I thought Oh great more money on same tests. The next evening he called with the news that his fears were correct ,our Nikita had leukemia and that she was in pain and we should think of putting her to sleep(she took that choice away from us and passed away the next evening)One visit and the vet figured out what was wrong with our dog all those other expensive morons-nothing!I live all the way in Cypress and when my pets need flea stuff I'm lazy and take them to a nearby vet,but when they are sick -I TAKE THEM TO THE YALE CLINIC and the WONDERFUL VET THERE. Pros: SErvice is great and knowledgeable saves money on unnecessary tests more

Great, Loving Care And They Know Your Pet By Name 3/27/2007

I first encountered Yale Animal Clinic when my partner and his chow mix moved in with me. I was amazed to see that they knew the dog by name--even though my partner and the dog had moved away for over a year. Dr. Gasaway obviously loves animals and spends time just petting and giving them love.\r \r When I decided to adopt a lab mix puppy, I chose to treat her at Yale Animal Clinic. Dr. Gasaway was instantly taken with my puppy's sweet disposition and showed her affection until she was comfortable with him. As a result, my puppy doesn't demonstrate any anxiety when we visit the clinic--which hasn't been my experience with other veterinary clinics with previous animals. Pros: They know their pets by name, are loving, and are competent. Cons: Small parking lot. more

Caring, personal, patient, and funny! 12/3/2006

I own a pet-sitting business, have four dogs and have been to numerous vets. I was referred to Yale by SNAP when I found a mange stray puppy in 5th ward. It was a hot day, and I was working and had no where to place her until 5pm. Yale welcomed me, took Maggie in (mange and all), were friendly and funny, had no qualms holding her for three days (even though they didn't know me), didn't demand tests/shots, etc. I decided to have all her shots and tests done with them (I usually support SNAP) since they had gone out of their way for me. They let me check on her and gave me updates. When I picked her up, they gave me a discount since she was a stray. Needless to say, we kept Maggie, and I go to Yale Animal Clinic for all our canine needs. Another plus is that I don't have to make an appointment when the girls need a check-up. I dropped them off in the morning and pick them up after work. The doctor is very animal friendly and has taken in unwanted animals himself which shows me his passion for his work and our furry friends. The techs have a great sense of humor and know me and my pups. I can't say enough about the staff and vet at Yale! Pros: Passion, caring, humor, customer-service oriented, knowledge Cons: no appointments, walk-ins only more

Personal attention you won't get at other vets 5/9/2006

I went to several vets before settling on Yale Animal Clinic and the difference is amazing. Everytime I go into to Yale they know my name and my dog's name. They remember his history and care if he's not feeling well. I had a really bad experience with a neutering at another vet and took my guy to them and they were able to settle me down and restitch him just like new. Don't be put off by the older building. I have been to the perfect white doctor's office vets and all I got was a bigger bill with less peace of mind. Pros: The Staff, Price!!!!, Know your pet's name more

Terry 5/8/2006

After adopting my dog from the SPCA, the SPCA referred me to Yale Animal Clinic. When my dog was bit by a brown recluse spider on New Year's Eve. We went to an emergency clinic, and paid 500.00 for non-conclusive tests. After the holiday we arrived at Yale Animal Clinic in the early morning. The Dog was near death. Dr. Gassaway was up front, and told us, ""the dog may live, or he may die. I am going to do my best."" A week later our dog came home with us, the entire bill was less than the 500.00 emergency clinic's bill. All of the staff at Yale Animal Clinic are very loving, and kind. It amazes me that in 14 years of visits, everyone who walks through their door, they greet by the pets by name and the pet owners. This is the way it should be. Pros: Inexpensive, Not crowded , Very loving Cons: low parking , doesn't see ferrets more

your furbaby will get the care it deserves! 12/2/2005

Before I even brought my pets in to this clinic I had a wonderful encounter with these people! I found a lost dog that had a rabies tag from this clinic. When I called they were so helpful and knew who I was talking about right away! Unfortunately the family didnt want the dog, but I was happy to give this sweet baby a home! Later when we got a new kitten and she had a cough they were the first people I though of. The staff is very friendly and will answer all you questions. The price is very affordable! I believe the prices promote people taking care of their animals that may not have been able to afford it otherwise. I wish more veterinarians were like this. I have vowed not to go anywhere else. You can rest assured that your furbaby will get the care it deserves! Cons: Hard to find more
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