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Yael Productions, Inc.

3009 N Frazier St
Conroe, TX 77303
(936) 441-1190
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Well i was just browsing the internet and came across this city search for the company i work for. I am amazed at some of the stuff people say. I have been working at Yael for 7 m...


These people lied to me....I looked in the paper hoping that i would be able to find something so i could work and get my son things but that didnt happen...In training they said ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/17/2014

The other night, I was at home with my kids and someone rang the doorbell. It was a rep from Kirby. They asked me if I had ever heard of it, and I said yes because my father used to have one. I was a little surprised because it was unexpected, but the girl assured me that I didn't have to buy one. I let her come in to show me. I knew if I got one while my husband was at work, he would probably kill me, but I was curious if it was like my dad's old clunker. Anyway, she brought her stuff in and her manager introduced himself, saying he wanted to make sure I knew what to expect from the demo. He excused himself and the girl got started. She knew a lot about the machine. She explained that she was fairly new and asked if she could use her notes. I think she was a little nervous, but I understood. She showed me a lot of neat stuff, but I knew, again, that my husband would think I was crazy. She was so nice about it, though when I told her that I couldn't make a decision without him. Lucky for her I guess, he came home right when she started vacuuming the carpet. He walked in and saw the dirt it picked up and he was blown away like I was. I vacuum twice a week and the samples she showed me were 1/2 inch thick coming out of my carpet! I pushed it and could not believe how easy it is now. My dad's was so heavy. When she showed us that the dirt was there because our dyson only had a small hole on the side, that was the clincher!!! My husband and I agreed that it was a no brainer. After we did the paperwork, she took just a few more minutes to make sure I was comfortable with the machine. I'm not gonna lie. It looked way harder than it was to operate. She let me fumble with it a few times, always staying patient. That is what made me feel good about it. I got a great cleaner and I helped her win her trip. When she was ready to go, her manager came back to introduce himself to my husband and thank us for helping her. I have had lots of people come to my door and try to sell me things, but this was different. They made sure to make me feel special. I hope to have my Kirby as long as my dad had his. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/7/2013

Shady things: I am a middle age respectful Christian family man. I actually own a Kirby, bought it in 2005. For a vacuum it works well but there are numerous down-sides. Its heavy as an elephant, the ""extra"" things it does are not practical nor easy as they make it appear in the demonstration. I am a very successful mechanical engineer and crane operator and I don't understand the dang thing. On another note, the ""fortune 500"" company that sells these is no different than Avon or Mary Kay and how many people really have luck with either of them? Also, they advertise as hiring ""home maintenance"" but in actuality it is a job selling bazaar, heavy, and hard to use vacuums. I found that out after taking a relative of mine to the job interview. They won't advertise Kirby on the building nor will they talk about it in the lobby and there are no signs or pictures of what they do. If they are SO good then why hide like that? I cannot and will not speak on the reputation of anyone who works there but I will say that if its a shady place then there will be shady people there and most likely you will get a shady paycheck. Use caution if you choose to proceed, its not my cup of tea. more

Kirby 4/24/2012

I wish I wouldn't have even wasted my time calling them for a job. I feel fortunate that I caught on in time to avoid wasting even more time going in for an interview. It is the same ad they put in ever paper and now on every job site. They changed the name of their company from Rainbow or whatever they used to be and in the ad it always says they are expanding. When I talked to the interview appointment setter/receptionist or whatever, yeah she was friendly and it would have been great if it was legitimate, because I enjoy working with good people but it is one of those too good to be true scenarios. The fact that they are always expanding and that they say they're selling small appliances instead of vaccums is just sneaky. They're always hiring because they can't keep employees. They should just be upfront and quit wasting people's time. I guess someone's mama forgot to teach them that honest is the best policy. Wish I could give negative stars :P more

Lied 2/17/2012

These people lied to me....I looked in the paper hoping that i would be able to find something so i could work and get my son things but that didnt happen...In training they said that i would be salary and comission and that didnt even happen i never got paid and as to come to find out this job is only based on commission not salary and commission...They should have told us this from the beggining that it was only going to be based on commission....Cause I needed that money for my son.....They lied to my face If they would have kept their word I would still be working there....But also to they had us going into stranger houses that we didnt even know put us in a position where something could happen while we are there alone....Then we had the people who said no we arent interested and the Dealer had to say well i get paid just to show you the Kirby pfft whatever you dont get paid for anything its just one big waste of time....I put all my effort into this and still nothing happened for me because again they said it was salary and commission not just commission. more


Well i was just browsing the internet and came across this city search for the company i work for. I am amazed at some of the stuff people say. I have been working at Yael for 7 months now and have not one complaint. I work every day and am very commited to the company. I have made more money working for Yael in 7 months than i made in a whole year at my last job. I have won 2 free vacations, one to Disney World and one to Lake Texoma. I am now in managment and on a plan to promote even higher. Call it a scam if you want to but i get paid every week and have developed skills i would have never learned if I had not been working here. Laurie the owner is one of the most giving and understanding bosses i have ever had. She bought me a brand new suit from mens wearhouse for my first trip i won. Kevin was my trainer and to this day he still helps me and teaches me new things and really cares about his people. So before yall start slandering good peoples name out there you might want to give a good opportunity a chance. Thats why yall have had 10 different min. wage jobs a year. more

Love my KIRBY :-p 3/12/2011

I had to take a minute to write a review about my incredible experience with this company. My husband and I were home last Wednesday night when we heard a knock at the door. I opened the door to an excited young lady who said she was offering a free gift to the home owner's in the area for taking at look at the Kirby presentation, she said it would take out the stains we had on our brand new carpet. We decided to take her up on it. We waited a couple of minutes and they came back to the door and the young lady explained that they work as a team, she is the appt setter and that the other young gentleman was the demonstration guy and the other young man was her on site manager. I must say they are were very attractive, well dressed and very professional. I had no idea that Kirby still went door to door. I must say the presentation was so incredible that the 2 hours it took, to show everything and remove ALL of my stains, flew by. My husband and I were amazed at how well the Kirby performed and pulled out a ton of dirt, grime and grit from our hard wood floors, upholestry and carpets. Needless to say, we made a decision to purchase this awesome machine. I was pleasantly surprised at how this company presented itself and the Kirby product. I am a attorney in the Greater Houston area, and must say that their customer service and follow through is amazng. A few days after i purchased the Kirby i received a ""thank you"" letter in the mail for the purchase with a hand written note from my salesperson, a perfect ""extra"" touch. I would recommend this product and this company to anyone i know and say that the workers they have are very well trained and represent the company well. It is nice to know that Yael Productions gives door to door a GREAT name. more

Satisfied Custmer 3/3/2011

Wow what a team of professionals. My husband and I revieced a demonstration from the wonderful people at Yael Productions Inc, the other night in the comfort of our home. Though some may feel the door to door approach is out dated and a bit forward; I feel that these are intelligent individuals who are very knowledgeable and passionate about a great product. While the Kirby Sentria is a wonderful product, it played a close 2nd to the professionalism and honesty, and integrity of this company. I have recommended Yael Productions to several of my friends for thier home maintenance system needs. more

fake 3/2/2011

they are liars and the guy that trains you is a nasty guy that talks dirty to the girls and hits on them then they try to get u to work there and dont get paid right they need to close that company or fiar that guy that trains you he just not right to be working there and hittin on girls i quit before i got into it i cant belive they call that a job liars more

Yael Sucks! 10/11/2010

This is a horrible company. They promise you one job then at the end of training everyone becomes salesman. They pack 30 people into vans and send you to unsuspecting customer houses to sell their overpriced vacuums. Although they promised checks of $500+ a week, they eventually tell you, you will get a check at the end of the month based on commision from selling these vacuums. Laurie Woods and her staff are liars. Most people quit before the end of training. Do not accept a job with these people more

SCAM! 10/11/2010

This company is an absolute scam, do not accept a job from them. I only took this job because they guaranteed I would not be a salesman and my salary would not be based on commission. They made all kinds of promises such as trips, cash incentives, and $2200 a month. Lori and her team of liars showed us copies of paychecks to prove that people get large checks. After the few days of training, which we were not paid for, they broke the news that we would be loaded into vans and taken to demonstrate the products. Theses people were offered a ""free rug cleaning"" and did not know we were really trying to sell them vacuums. Then they told us we would not be getting weekly paychecks, but rather a check at the end of the month based on the number of sales. I quit that day. Lori and all of her crew are scam artists. more

This is a scam! 5/25/2010

No I did not work for a long time becuse I was born with common sense.Went to training hoping that this would help feed my family. I was not a college kid, just a mom and wife trying to make a living. I was told I could move up make money, blah , blah , blah. I was also told that we had appt setters and we would not be doing door to door! Liers! First night off training I was put by myself and left for 2 hrs on the side of the street in Houston because the manger was closing a deal. I could not get someone to let me in with a free box of soap! The next day I go in to quit and the asked me not and said that that would not happen again. WE load in the van and in Kingwood they told me to knock on doors. I refused. I was not going to go by myself. Then the manager said I could not work. he then dropped me off at a gas station at my request in Kingwood because he said I could not stay in the van if I was not going to do as he said. ( He as in Pat) My days in traing I did sell 2 of the kirbys and my check was less than 500. Pros: Are there any? Cons: Not what they promise and self centered liers more


If this place is a SCAM as one states, It's a 96 year old one owned by a Fortune 500 company and they've just never been caught I suppose. MAN THOSE GUYS ARE AWESOMELY DECEIVING! Or is it just the case that this individual trained for 2 DAYS ONLY, didn't completely understand all of the instructions and decided to take it out on a review? It's ok if someone doesn't like the opportunity, it is not for everyone that's for sure, but it is always rewarding for folks that give it a chance. Pros: Character Building and Life Changing.... Cons: The Challenge of dealing with Negative Individuals Daily... more

It's a SCAM!!!!! 3/17/2010

It's all a lie, they talk slick and then f****you. Don't get involved people!! Pros: Not a damn thing! Cons: EVERYTHING & EVERYONE!! more

Best oppurtunity in america today 3/3/2010

I have been working at yael productions for two years now and i just dont understand all the negativity on here. I mean obviously you guys that are writng these reviews were not employed with us for very long. Do you think we would still be in business if we didnt pay our employees?? how can we stay in business with no employees?? Put two and two together. I have been on several paid company trips. I get several bonuses monthly and i have never made less than 3000 a month. you people who are saying these things are bitter and obviously unemployed still, because you have a bad attitude!!!! Pros: lots of money and incentives Cons: none more

stupid pieces of shitbag liers! 1/5/2010

these motherf****** sure had me god dam fooled they are some money hungry stupid f**** i literally wasted my one week of my life working for these imbicils at the training that stupidass criple guy kevin lies his heartout sayin u get payed good....and wat did i f***** make??? 65$!!! FOR ONE WEEK!!! are u shiting me?? people please dont believe these scamming spics! i really hope these idiots get caught for f**** lien to innocent people they deserve to burn in hell. their bullshit lies about how they wer once like us struggling to get a job n shit what the fuckever ya bitches they have litteraly lied and cheated their way to ""success"" in a way im happy i had this f***** up experience now i know about these mother***** and to not let any of my family and friends EVER buy their or let them in ur house or f***** work for them im gona keep investigating a way to know more about this i feel like i worked for free which is considered SLAVERY and report it to the workforce! these lien ass peopple will somehow someway get shut down. and that multi millionare (supposely) laurie hahahaha omg she sat her obese ass down and told me to my f***** face i get payd just for setting appointments from4pm-1Am sometimes even f***** 2AM!!! those are the hours i wasted working for these sick f*****!!! Pros: moneyhungrey scammers! Cons: .. more

yael productions is a bullshit corporation 12/5/2009

they get u reeled in with a promise of success wich is a compleate lie... then when u decline the job this guy john hangs up in your face because u dont want to peddle vacs or siverware.....bullshit! more

What a joke 11/30/2009

My daughter went to this company for a job. It did not take her long to realize that they were just recruiting ppl to get more contacts through their family members to buy their product...Thank God my daughter was more intelligent then to believe their story..PPL please let your family know how this company works and discourage your children and loved ones from falling prey to their tactics.... Cons: everything more

stupid company 4/22/2009

man it was a whole ripp off that job sucked there was one dude that got on my nerves like hell i jus wanted to knock him out hint dude wit glasses Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: What are the drawbacks? more


I applied and was hired to demonstrate and sell Kirby's for Lori Brochette and her team. I was assured I would recieve 60+ appointments per week and my job was to advertise and demonstrate, not sell. My salary would be paid monthly when I completed my demonstrations. Any sales would be on commission, and if my commissions didn't meet $2,200 they would supplement to meet that number. Cons: THEY ARE ALL CONS WORKING THERE!!! THEY LIE FROM DAY ONE!!! more

Buyer Beware! 2/22/2009

Fast Talk, Fast Sell. Not worth the money! more
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