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15 SW Second Ave
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 790-9090
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XV - Portland, OR


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Marcell makes thee best cocktail I have ever had! And he knows every drink under the sun. See him up for happy hour!! And good dj on weds nights


Then where are the ladies? Without them, there is no singles scene. Each time I have been back, it seems to be more of a sausage fest then the last time. And the ones that actuall...

The Entire "Security" Team Needs to be FIRED 4/3/2010

I once loved going to bar xv. That has changed, however, as I have had two horrendous experiences occur at this venue, courtesy of the bouncers. A little about myself...I am a 5'4", 110 pound, 22 year old female, who likes to (and knows how to) have a good time. The first of these awful experiences resulted in my being dragged through the club and thrown - literally - out the front door. I still have the scars on my knees from this encounter and I had bruises on my arms from the bouncers' manhandling me. What did I do to deserve such treatment? Well, one of the bouncers hated everything about me...he didn't like the way that I was dressed, the way that I was dancing, and the way that I was interacting with other people. I was wearing a lacy top with a tight black bra on underneath. Every single time that my top shifted and exposed a piece of bra, the bouncer came over to harass me. Keep in mind that my top was my bra was already pretty exposed. Thus, it was unnecessary for the bouncer to get so worked up about it. After the bouncer came up to "warn" me several times, I got tired of his attitude, and went up to him to tell him that he needed to stop bothering me. Instead of being professional and talking to me in a levelheaded manner, he flipped out. He called one of his buddies over and they picked me up and threw me to the ground outside. It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life...and was especially sad because I once loved this bar. The second experience was a few weeks later. I had come to the bar a few times after the first incident, and the bouncers hadn't assaulted me again, so I assumed that they were behaving now. I was wrong. I was celebrating my 22nd birthday with a group of friends. We were all having a good time and weren't bothering anybody. A busboy approached my friend (I was dancing with her) and told her that she/we needed to tone it down. A busboy?! Seriously? We ignored him because we didn't see anything wrong with our behavior. I don't think any of the patrons thought that we were doing anything that was out of line. We weren't naked, making out with each other, etc. A few minutes later, the busboy returns with some bouncers, grabs my arm, tells me that he's tired of my sh*t and that I need to leave. I was flabbergasted and asked him what the problem was. He told me that my friend was stealing wallets. I told him that he was wrong, and that my friend had taken no wallets. His accusation was completely fabricated and had no merit. He had nothing to say when I asked him for proof...apparently, he just accuses people of absurd things as a way to justify kicking them out. As I was being escorted to the door, I asked the two bozos for their names (so that I could talk to the owner of the establishment about them) and they refused to answer. They told me that my friend and I were NEVER welcome back. So...I'm never spending my money at this establishment again. I'm really pissed off about that, because the male bartender makes the best whiskey sours and the tattooed female bartender makes an amazing drink called a 'Baby Lola'. It's her concoction, so I can't get it anywhere else. I am considering contacting the owner and/or manager to tell them about my experiences. The bouncers that they hire don't seem to know how to use their brains. They're completely illogical and can't even answer a question. I wonder how these men sleep at night. Does it make them feel good to assault young women? Does it make them feel important? Pros: The bar staff, the drinks, the music, the atmosphere Cons: The bouncers and their horrific attitudes more

Always a great time! 10/17/2008

We have been going to XV for years and Love it! Always great music, Dirinks and Friendly Staff. We have never had a problem! Great thing is you don't have to pay an outrages cover to enjoy a good night out like other clubs in Portland. Pros: Great DJ's and Drinks and cheap Cons: Food is so so more

Ran my card 4 times for one tab. 7/14/2008

I went to XV and had a pretty good time, until the next day I looked at my credit card statement and they ran my card 4 times. Once was a duplicate and the other two who knows where they came up with the numbers. Without thinking I didn't ask why I hadn't gotten a receipt from the bartender. I'm about to go down and request to see my signature on the receipts. We shall see if they resolve the problem. I hate when bars mess up tabs like this, its just irresponsible. Pros: Lots of women Cons: Lots of DBs more

Awful Bartenders, and a bouncer who I have witnessed commit assault on two occasions 4/2/2008

I have never posted a review on Citysearch before, but my experiences at bar XV have been so terrible that I had to warn others. The bouncer here belongs in jail or in a martial arts studio, because he can't hold back the anger, which anyone can see oozing out of his pores. He has a look of disgust and rage as you enter, and is waiting for a small incident so he can snap and beat somebody up. Roughly a year ago my girlfriend was asked to leave for no reason other than it was 2 AM. A simple request but a very rude one as the clock struck two. My girlfriend confronted the rude bartender and in no time bouncer had his arms around her from the back and ripped her drink out of her hand. He then pushed her violently out the door. Ok, so fast forward to a year later, two weeks ago. I said I would never come back to Bar XV because of this incident but it was a friends birthday and a year later. What do you know? Same bouncer, same bartenders. Bartenders even ruder than before. A few minutes after I get there a man is asked to leave for "groping the waitstaff" . I was standing near him at that bar for the past fifteen minutes. No such event had occurred. The man was intoxicated and taking up prime real estate at the bar, and hence the bouncer is called over. He begins provoking the man and leading him towards the door. The bouncer is in his face practically asking for a fight. Eventually the man slaps said bouncer in the face. Now this I agree is way out of line. But a bouncer is supposed to deal with this in a lawful and professional manner. He is not a police officer. Instead the bouncer immediately deals a precison strike to the mans face as he is trying to run away, then pushes him through the door. Then bouncer is nowhere to be seen for the rest of the evening. Long story short, this place doesn't respect it's customers. They are treated like they are worthless and not needed. So take your business elsewhere. Especially if you dont want a beating. Pros: Good music, decent food. Cons: Everything else is awful. more



False advertisement, ruined the bachelorette party! 7/7/2007

Sure, it claims to be a no smoking bar, but it's not. Don't be fooled. We called them a week before to make sure that they were a no-smoking bar because we wanted to have a friend's bachelorette party there and we have pregnant friends who can't be around smoke. They told us that they were a non-smoking bar, so we reserved a booth for 15 of us. When we got there, the whole place reeked of smoke! Then, I saw someone smoking and mentioned it to the waitress. She said, "yeah, sometimes we let people smoke here." Right, sometimes, and there are ashtrays on every single table!!! It completely ruined the bachelorette party and our pregnant friends had to leave! I will never go there again, they royally upset me. Pros: None Cons: Smoking bar that advertises non-smoking, false advertisement more

Gave Away my Credit Card 12/25/2006

I went there last week with a group of people, bought one drink and left my tab open. Got a disturbing phone call, family emergency, had to leave right away - in my upset and hurry, I left my tab open and my card at the bar. No prob, I thought, it'll be there tomorrow, I can go retrieve it, right? WRONG - the bartender actually took my card over to the group of people I was with and GAVE IT TO THEM, after only asking if they knew my first and last name. Well DUH, of course they did. So, two days later, I get my card back - thank God these were nice considerate people, if they hadn't been they could have run up $1,000's of charges that I would have had to dispute, cancel the card, and go through all that hassle of waiting 1-2 weeks for a new one. At the very LEAST. At worst I could have been a victim of identity theft and fraud. But did the bartender think about this? NO. I have worked in the nightclub and bar industry in Portland for 2 years, and EVERYWHERE I have worked has this policy: open cards left at the end of the night get charged an automatic 18% gratuity and put in a file in the office. In other words, they are HELD ON TO, not passed out to random patrons like candy. Not so at XV. If they have a house policy of doing this, all I can say is, they are going to be sued sooner or later, but I have a feeling it was just the bartender's BONEHEAD move. Not good, XV. I like your atmosphere and the fact that hardly anyone goes there anymore, but you need to FIRE the bartender who is passing out credit cards. Thanks to him, I had to drive 2 hours in Beaverton traffic to retrieve my card - and I count myself lucky that that is ALL I had to do. If you must go here, do not trust any bartender or staff with ANY of your personal ID. NOT GOOD XV! Hire smarter people! Pros: Private environment, secluded, mostly empty Cons: Bonehead waitstaff that GIVES AWAY CREDIT CARDS?!? more

Best cocktails 10/23/2006

Marcell makes thee best cocktail I have ever had! And he knows every drink under the sun. See him up for happy hour!! And good dj on weds nights more

Noisy and poor service. 9/29/2006

I hate this bar. It's such a "scene-y" place, with all the dudes constantly looking like they want to hook up with every girl who walks by. We waited at the bar for an hour to get a drink. I don't understand why people do this at these crappy trendy bars. Why go to a place this loud and unpleasant to wait an hour for a drink when you could go to a neighborhood bar and get friendly service right away? It's really weird. Pros: in the middle of the downtown bar zone Cons: poor service, gawky guys more

Thanks for a good time 12/17/2003

I wanted to thank the server working that night because he was the only server, but managed to be prompt and quick considering a full bar. I rewarded him with a $5 tip at the end of the night and thanked him for the good service. I liked his recommended Amster Light and would definitely go back for the good service and drinks! There are also some pretty interesting spaces to hang out with friends. Pros: Good service, Decent prices, Good drinks more

One suggestion... 11/5/2003

XV should become a cigar bar. Seriously, there really isn't one in Portland right now, and it is a very popular format in most cities. The ambiance and the set-up would make it a perfect fit. The Brazen Bean and Kell's and really the only competition in this arena, and both are way too constrictive on their guests to succeed. Just a thought... Pros: Good place, nice people Cons: can get too crowded more

#10 best singles scene in the nation?? 8/7/2003

Then where are the ladies? Without them, there is no singles scene. Each time I have been back, it seems to be more of a sausage fest then the last time. And the ones that actually do make it here have been exceptionally lame. Like most new PDX places, they either become too trendy or die trying. This place was great when it opened a couple years ago. Decor cool, atmosphere excellent, then through no fault of XV's the hoards of idiots started showing up. There are a few pluses though. It has one of the better jukeboxes in Portland (not to be rivalled by the now defunct Players Club). Bartenders and service has always been top notch. Plus they know how to mix a mean drink. Keep it up guys! You are the only reason I come back to this place. Pros: jukebox, service, drinks Cons: clientele more

great tunes, brews, & even movies 5/11/2003

Grabbed a brew or two there after work and I was shocked to see that they had a projection screen in the back room where they were showing recent DVD rentals. This was great. I Got to watch a movie while I snacked on a lamb kebob, and threw back a few Chimays. A perfect night indeed. I didn't have to leave my seat to get another beverage because they kept a close eye on the level of my drinks. The staff was fun and not pretentous, and they did their jobs well. The other side of the bar had some great techno/electronic dance music playing. I came back the next night with a friend and he loved it too. The jukebox has a varied and enjoyable selection of music. It just needs a dance floor and a DJ!!! Pros: Great music, Movies, comfortable seating more

Drink Delay 3/17/2003

Right after work on a weekday should be a wonderful time to visit XV--and yet the time and effort required to obtain a beverage to take the edge off the day might just prevent me from trying it again. After waiting in two lines (ignored at the bar) and changing tables to try (in vain) to get server attention, we finally wrangled a round of drinks. It took 45 minutes (!), and made me shudder to think how inefficient it would be like later, when the real crowd arrived. On a more satisfying note, the drinks are well-thought-out (and powerful) and the appetizers unique and share-able (avoid the bland and doughy samosas and go for the yam fries). Pros: creative drinks, lovely appetizers, lush ambience Cons: service more

Fifteen Reasons I miss XV 1/29/2003

So I just moved away from Portland to the depths of Spokane, Washington - and I have to say that of all of the places in Portland that I miss, I miss XV the most...why? I'll tell you... 1. The decor 2. The drinks - I'd give anything for a "Kentucky Kooler" or a "Naughty Girl Lemonade" right now. 3. The staff 4. The crowd . 5. The music - 6. The sofa 7. The chair. 8. The matchbooks 9. The food 10. YAM FRIES 11. Location 12. Location 13. Location 14. The Price 15. THE TOP REASON I MISS XV - There isn't anyplace like it Pros: Inexpensive, Excellent crowd, Great music Cons: N/A, N/A, N/A more

Irish muppets 12/21/2002

XV is a cool bar but right now you have all these irish guys in town. And they are all hanging out at XV. They hug the bar like randy bulls just waiting for a babe to say somthing and they are all over her.Girls if you want Irish bulls, then XV is the place to be. O and watch out for the one they call they call the kerryman i heard hes a riot when he is twisited. Pros: Irish meat, horny irish guys Cons: needs more barmen more

Dark and trendy 11/10/2002

Although it took forever for the server to take our order, it didn't really matter as our group had plenty to look at. The restaurant is dark and trendy. The low lighting makes everyone look good and I can see how this place could be a great pick-up place. The frou-frou drinks were a bit pricey, but unique. The food was ordinary and reasonably priced. I'll be back. Pros: Sexy lighting, Cute patrons Cons: Expensive drinks, Slow service, Non-memorable food more

Ahi Tuna Salad to DIE for! 8/21/2002

I've been to XV several times. As a seasoned "East sider", I rarely find myself driving to the West just to eat or have drinks after work. However, on many occasions I have taken out of town guests here. Happy Hour is great with $1 off everything. The menu is quite appealing (i miss the goat cheeze pizza though), and as said before, the Ahi tuna salad is so good it made me moan. It's located in the heart of the "Barmuda Triangle" which makes it convenient to switch venues for a change of scenery. The waitstaff is what you make it, as with any bar in Portland. Nice to them, nice to you. Very dimly lit, but if you're having a bad hair day or need to drench your hangover with a bloody mary it's perfect! Pros: Couches!, Free Juke, outside tables Cons: Fruity Cocktails, slow when busy more

if you haven't will 7/19/2002

the first time i went to xv was when my friend rented the place out for a party, i was imediately taken by the multi-level layout. for the space it has to work with, it feels very big. great lighting. pretty decent music, and the bartenders are fun to chat up. I would dub this a conversational bar except on sat. when it can feel pretty much like a club. during the week, great place for a first date. Pros: great lighting, intimate vibe, stiff drinks Cons: over crowded on sat., difficult to park, expensive drinks more

great atmosphere 5/31/2002

Stopped in after some FUGO at Shanghai Tunnel nest door. We were pleasantly greeted by a quick witted door person. They like to pitch the sh*#, but he seemed just as happy to have some good hearted sh*# pitched right back at him. Great bar!! Average price for a shot of great tequilla at an upscale bar. Great jukebox. Don't expect any dancing though. The patrons looked at me as if I were from another planet when I started getting in the groove. All together a great place to converse and drink. more
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  • In Short
    Lively groups of well-dressed bar hoppers mingle in this large bar featuring exposed brick and low lighting. Seating is plentiful, but wise visitors arrive early to grab cozy couches and take control of the jukebox's playlist, which includes music ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to the Velvet Underground. Specialty drinks like the Naughty Girl Lemonade and the Green Envy are tasty and pack a punch, but the handful of beer and wine selections are cheaper.

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