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Wu, Wen-Lung Houston Acupuncture & Herb - 29 Reviews - 2405 S Shepherd Dr (at <p>location1:   2405 S Shepherd Dr Houston, TX 77019</p> <p>Location2:   2431 W Holcombe Houston, Texas 77030</p>), Houston, TX - Doctors & Other Healthcare Professionals Reviews - Phone (713) 529-8332

Wu, Wen-Lung Houston Acupuncture & Herb

2405 S Shepherd Dr (at

location1:   2405 S Shepherd Dr Houston, TX 77019

Location2:   2431 W Holcombe Houston, Texas 77030

Houston, TX 77019
(713) 529-8332
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Wu, Wen-Lung Houston Acupuncture & Herb - Houston, TX
Wu, Wen-Lung Houston Acupuncture & Herb - Houston, TX
Wu, Wen-Lung Houston Acupuncture & Herb - Houston, TX
Wu, Wen-Lung Houston Acupuncture & Herb - Houston, TX
Wu, Wen-Lung Houston Acupuncture & Herb - Houston, TX
Wu, Wen-Lung Houston Acupuncture & Herb - Houston, TX
Wu, Wen-Lung Houston Acupuncture & Herb - Houston, TX
Wu, Wen-Lung Houston Acupuncture & Herb - Houston, TX
Wu, Wen-Lung Houston Acupuncture & Herb - Houston, TX
Wu, Wen-Lung Houston Acupuncture & Herb - Houston, TX


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Jannie is a lovely practitioner. I always feel so well taken care of by her hand. I am in a totally different (positive) state of health since finding her. I recommend her and thi...


I am not an acupuncturist, but I know acupuncturist usually makes a diagnosis by taking the patient's pulse to feeling for the blood flow, and examining the tongue, which provide...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/26/2013

I'm a traditional medicine doctor myself. I have a little of Chinese ancestry but second generation in the Americas. I don't speak Chinese neither has been exposed to their culture. My mother is half Chinese and she had good experience with acupuncture when traditional occidental treatment has failed: both for a knee pain and post anesthesia Ileus after her hysterectomy. So when my boyfriend was diagnosed with diverticulitis after acute abdominal pain and I found him clinging from cabinets to bear the pain I decided to look for the best in town and I found it. I was impress with the personal and tender approach of the medical exam, nothing like the traditional deep palpation that disregard the patients comfort, since we believe that causing pain will somehow help us find the origin of the damage. While he set a hand on the patient shoulder was attentively listening to an overwhelmed patient that wasn't making much sense to me ( as an occidental physician, we want a calendar of events). All this while he was rubbing superficially the abdomen in an standing position because the patient could not bare any other position. Dr Wu pinpoint the pain before being told where it was.\r And yes he walked out pain free. Dr Wu was able to identify two different pains, the gut one and the muscular from a back strain he had suffered before. Treated both and all was resolved in 6 weeks. The previous review about tongue etc, shows someone that was not open mind enough to understand the different of the approach of probably have been to impostors only before. more

Love Jannie! 9/19/2013

Jannie is a lovely practitioner. I always feel so well taken care of by her hand. I am in a totally different (positive) state of health since finding her. I recommend her and this clinic to anyone wishing to enhance the state of their health. more

He is the best Chinese acupuncturist 11/25/2011

I am one of doctor Wu's patient, I strongly disagree the person wrote about the pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis. He is totally misunderstanding the Chinese medicine. If Dr. Wu already knew the conditions you have as you have told to him. He definitely knows how to treat you in his mind. This just like you go to see your family doctor or your specialists, as long as you tell them what happen to you, most of the time, your doctors will be able give you a proper treatments. I do not understand why you are stick on the pulse diagnosis or tongue diagnosis, and question a Chinese doctor is traditional or non-traditional. Clue or not clue is not important. Importance, help me get better and better, please. For blood flow, if you have no blood flow, you are dead. In addition, can pulse or tongue tell a person have infertility problem without asking the patient's medical conditions. Most important more

What A Disappointment!!!!! 10/15/2011

I am not an acupuncturist, but I know acupuncturist usually makes a diagnosis by taking the patient's pulse to feeling for the blood flow, and examining the tongue, which provides many clues to one's underlying health. That's the basic procedure I expect from acupuncturists. He, however, did not do any the above on my first visit. No need to say more...... more

Great results! 5/11/2011

I had my first acupuncture experience on Monday and I'm very pleased with the outcome. I had a knot in my shoulder for several years that was the cause of a lot of my headaches/ migranes. My shoulder popped every time I lifted my right arm or worked out at the gym. The chiropractor helped a little this past year, but wasn't enough to take care of the tight muscles in my neck- neither was massage. I had electro-acupuncture done and it truly relaxed my shoulder muscles. I did yoga today and for the first time, my shoulder didn't lock up on me! The treatment really helped! I will definitely go back when I get a headache. Medicine never takes care of the pain since it is the state my muscles are in. I highly recommend Dr. Wu's practice! more

the place to go for my health problems when i want a cure... 5/5/2011

I started to go to Dr.Wu several years ago just by accident...he was on the way..\r \r I had read about acupuncture and wanted to see what it had to offer for me...I had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and the options given to me by conventional medicine where as bad as the problem, I new my body had the power to heal, just had to help it find the perfect balance again... had acupuncture, took chinese herbs, did yoga, ate symptoms went away, inspite of my continuing horrible test results at the doctors office i felt great, then after a few years... my "" numbers"" at the doctors office are normal...\r \r I never contaminated my body with those medications ( that had potential for terrible side effects), still have my thyroid intact (removal was indicated as solution) i do not take any medications (if i had listened i would be totally dependent on artificial synthroid for ever...)\r \r I feel that Dr.Wu with his acupuncture and herbs helped me to turn around towards health again...\r \r Have not needed to see Dr.Wu for a long time, (few years) I feel great and have great health (58 yrs, full of stamina, super busy life) so when i knew i had UTI i went back to see him....he remembered me, had the same big smile and friendly welcoming approach and helped my body find that balance again...\r \r more

Dr. Wu is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! 3/30/2011

I have been going to Dr. Wu for about 6 months now- off and on. I was having a lot of stomach problems and a lot of pain in the gallbladder area. I had been to four different doctors (internist & 3 gastroenterologists). I had had multiple tests, including a endoscopy, cat scan, hida scan (for gallbladder function), and 2 ultrasounds- which all showed nothing.\r \r So I had minimal improvements while going to Dr. Wu in the beginning. I continued to go because every time I left I felt very relaxed, as if I had the best massage ever. \r \r So, after going to him for a while I told him about the pain being localized in my gallbladder area and he treated this two times with acupuncture and his herbs. Well, after the second treatment I passed a ton of gallstones that evening!!!!! All my tests had come back negative, saying that my gallbladder function was ok (the last test I had done did show sludge, but no stones). Well I did have stones that the tests couldn't see! Dr. Wu cured me of them! I am still in disbelief that this happened!! And feel so so so grateful to Dr. Wu! No other doctor could give me any answers. They just kept trying to medicate problems I knew I didn’t have (Prescribed me Nexium, etc).\r \r I will say this- for me acupuncture was not a quick fix. I was persistent and kept going back. For some people (as seen in the reviews, it is an instantaneous solution, but for me this was not the case. STICK WITH IT! \r \r Thank you Dr. Wu!\r more

It's a Miracle!!! Cured My Sinuses! 3/1/2011

Houston Acupuncture & Herb Clinic, PLLC, Dr. Wu, is amazing. I've suffered from severe sinus problems for past 10 years, and in one visit their fanstastic staff fixed my sinuses the way no pills or medication ever has. It is a miracle. I will recommend Dr. Wu, Houston Acupuncture & Herb Clinic, PLLC to anyone/everyone who needs help with sinus or allergy problems. They are the best! more

Helped My Menstrual Migraines 2/15/2011

Dr. Wu, really helped my migraines go away this month. I usually have a leat 19 straight days of migraines, but with my first appointment my migraine went away. The migraine would try to appear, but after 5 minutes the migraine would disappear. I would advised anyone who is suffering with migraine headaches to come see Dr. Wu!!!! more

money is worth comin!! 2/10/2011

The first time that i came here i thought this was not good, then i started observating how the doctor is, how he works and that the acupuncture does work, i was really surprised because some people dont beleive it but the doctor always has a positive atitude and is always nice, he know how to treat his patients, and is really worth coming in and trying because your money is really worth it. It after the treatment, he think he can't help you, he will tell you inmediatly, he will tell you if you need to go to a family doctor, but he cant guarantee it will help.( as all doctors).\r He checks you first and see what is your problem, it is diffrent to each patient, we are not all the same, and he also has some natural chinese herbs that give a really good result. his procedures are always good and also most important he is always has a clean environtment and all is acupuncture needles are new they never reuse absolutely nothing. more

Don't Waste Your Money 1/14/2011

At the first visit he assured me he could help me---took very little history, charged a lot of money. On the second visit--oh I cannot help you........go. more

Dr. Wu is a life saver 11/7/2007

What I appreciate most about Dr. Wu is his attention to detail. He takes time with you to examine what the root causes of your problems are and works from there. I did not come i with a physical ailment, I arrived needing help with my A.D.D. Dr. Wu ran all kinds of tests and asked many questions. This helped him come to the best conclusion for me. \r \r I was concerned I would have to take Western medication for my condition, which I was NOT interested in taking. Dr. Wu worked a combination of herbs and acupuncture to help me achive inner soundness of mind and helped me understand what my options are. It is true, not everyone with A.D.D or A.D.H.D can only take herbs and receive acupunture. However, for me, with a great diet, 30-45 minutes of excercise per day and plenty of rest, I have been more than successful.\r \r I read a review of Dr. Wu that was more than defammatory. This person is at the very least, ignorant of the truth. Everyone is entitled to their opinion's but sometimes some of our opinions should be kept silent. Dr. Wu is simply fantastic and has centries of research and proven fact behind his training. He wishes to treat and influence positively. He's a wonderful man and Dr.\r \r Sincerely,\r Kim C. Pros: Great attitude, helpful Cons: Sometimes his cart is too loud! And he should play the Chinese music he used to play...LOL! more

very knowledgeable and truly cares..Imagine that?!! 11/3/2007

Dr. Wu has been treating me for many years. I have many positive results or I would not return.\r He is not only conveniently located, but he takes a personal interest in his patients. He attempts to be available even at short notice..during working hrs. only, of course..\r It sounds as though this person that gave a poor review, unfortunately did not understand her husband's situation . I am glad to see Dr. Wu's explanation because I am ignorant to his method of operation..There is more than meets the eye. We take a lot for granted. I feel lucky to have him in my area. Pros: location more

Do Bother, Dr. Wu, saved my husbands life. 11/2/2007

This man has a bad attitude. I have been going to Dr. Wu for approximately 8-10 yrs. He has taken care of many problems that I have had, including being understanding when I was really down and out.\r \r The most important thing about Dr. Wu is that one day I took my husband to see him thinking he was having problems with acid reflux. My husband had been in the room for approximately 5 minutes when Dr. Wu came out and told me to take my husband to emergency room. Though Dr. Wu relieved his pain, I did as he said. The hospital told me that if Dr. Wu had not sent us there my husband would have died. He had a severe heart attach. My husband had one artery 99% blocked and one 90% blocked. \r \r Dr. Wu, is great at so many things but there are still some problems that western medicine is needed and Dr. Wu is the first to tell you this. The money is not what he looks at, he truly cares about his patients and is honest about what he can and can not do. If he can help, he will. If he can not he will tell you. This to me is a great Dr. Thank You Dr. Wu. My advice to all is if medicine does not help your pain and if you want to get rid of it call Dr. Wu. He has helped me and my husband. Pros: I have not had pain in 8yrs. I watched Drs over medicate my Mother, If you can do it natural, (DO IT) more

A responsible attitute from a licensed acupuncturist Wen-Lung Wu 10/31/2007

I am proud of the job I do and not only am I proud of my job and the happiness of my clients, but I am serious about how to help my patients. I am focused and take specific concern as to their welfare and what is best for their physical, emotional and even mental health. Nearly 3 decades of helping patients get their health back in a harmonious way, I routinely remind myself that I must tell the patients the truth and give the most accurate recommendations as early as possible. Sometimes my suggestions might not be what the patients wanted to hear, but it is my duty to give the best advice. Recently, I noticed a patient?s wife wrote a disparaging review of my services on this site. Her husband had a serious hypertension that concerned me. Rather than treating him and taking his money, I recommended that he visit his regular physician first, so that he would be aware of his condition before I gave my treatment. When a hypertension patient visits my office on the initial consultation, I immediately determine whether or not the pressure is beyond the possibility to control or the condition is very likely to cause stroke or other life threatening situations. If I find that this is the case, I suggest for them to seek emergency help by either going to hospital or back to their physicians to reduce the pressure right away without any delay. A referral of further check-ups from one physician to another does NOT suggest ineptitude; it suggests thoroughness, concern and Hippocratic responsibility. I integrate Eastern medicine as well as respect Western medicine treatments and it?s effectiveness in some cases where Eastern medicine may not be as effective. As a medical practitioner I possess an open mind to accept the best possible help for my patients. A thorough and correct diagnosis is what I give along with proper treatment or best recommendation for the patient?s well-being is the cornerstone of my personal beliefs and personal practices.\r \r more

Don't bother! 8/20/2007

Do not bother going to see Dr Wu as he cannot treat for high b.pressure despite advertizing a such! Told my husband today to go back to his medical DR and when his BP is reduced then come back to see DR Wu!! more

Migraine relief 4/5/2007

Dr Wu has made a huge difference in my life. I have suffered from migraines for 12 years. My nuerologists have not been able to prevent me from having up to 10 per month. Dr. Wu has done just that. He put me on herbs, and I went 3 months without a migraine. I'm so thankful that my friend took me to him. I suggest that if you have migraines, you should go see him. Thank you Dr. Wu! more

10 4/4/2007

Great place - he really knows his stuff! I would recommend his service to anyone! Whether you need pain relief, weight loss or whatever, he can assess you and help you! I am afraid of needles - but they don't hurt! more

Best Acupunture Doctor In Houston 11/5/2006

Dr. Wu has been working on my wife and I for several years. He has a great understanding of the human body and applies that knowledge to his practice. He has administered acupuncture and herbs to both of us with great results. We are extremely fortunate to have been treated by Dr. Wu, and recommend his services to all friends and family members. Pros: Very knowledgeable more

Best Acupuncture Doctor in Houston, Texas 11/3/2006

Acupuncture was referred to me by a family member. Doctor Wu has been helping her with her problems. I was diagnosed with Fibrmyalgia. I was in bed hurting so much and went to many health doctors. I did not receive any help. I came here and he cured me with one needle. I have been able to work again and help my family in the daily life. I highly recommend this as a treatment. The Herbs that he gives also help. If he can help me, he can all. Try it you will like it.\r \r more
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