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World Yacht Dinner Cruises - 37 Reviews - W 41st St, New York, NY - Romantic Dining Reviews - Phone (212) 630-8100

World Yacht Dinner Cruises

W 41st St (at 12th Avenue)
New York, NY 10036
(212) 630-8100
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World Yacht Dinner Cruises - New York, NY
World Yacht Dinner Cruises - New York, NY
World Yacht Dinner Cruises - New York, NY


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My niece booked us for a Sunday Brunch on the World Yacht Cruise as a gift to my Mother. I traveled in from out of state and I was not disappointed. The service was on point and ...


My g/f treated me here for my b-day on a (very) stormy night (+/-). The hosts were all semi- couteous (they didn't look like they wanted to be there); the food was ehh (certainly ...

Great venue to make great memories 5/8/2012

My niece booked us for a Sunday Brunch on the World Yacht Cruise as a gift to my Mother. I traveled in from out of state and I was not disappointed. The service was on point and I have to say that Joel, our server was extremely attentive, courteous and extremely helpful! Brunch was great and the food just kept coming allowing you to eat as much as you wanted over the time we were cruising around the city. The views were incredible, the piano player was great and I can't wait to do it all again. I was most impressed with an engagement celebration that was being held during the brunch and how well thought out everything was. I would definitely go back for an intimate event and/or schedule a group event because either way, I know it would be great! more

Great experience.....would definitely do again 8/19/2011

Based on some of the not so good reviews of world yacht I was a little skeptical about it, but don't believe everything you hear. I went with my fiancee for his birthday and it was a night to remember. So wonderful. Food was on point ( just wish the portion size was a little bigger ), staff were very friendly and attentive, the ambiance is lovely, and the music wasn't half bad. Overall it really awesome. I highly recommend. more

Extremely disappointing! 1/9/2011

On their website, World Yacht clearly states under ""The Entertainment"": ""The city's your dancing partner. World Yacht offers an evening as magical as the movies. An eclectic mix of DJs and live musicians invites guests to dance the night away with friends, or cheek to cheek with that special someone"". The husband of my girlfriend decided to give her a birthday party on World Yacht because we are a group of ballroom dance students, and what better way to celebrate than to have a dinner-dance cruise? He even paid for the dance instructors to come and dance with us, and rented a bus for the trip. Well, it turns out that there was no DJ, and there were no live musicians. We were quite perplexed because we had been on a World Yacht cruise before and the music starts almost immediately as soon as the ship leaves port. Upon inquiring, we were told that the DJ had an accident and could not make it (it also explains why the ship sailed late, past 7 pm). What made it even worse was that World Yacht did not have a Plan B. Apparently, they only had one CD on board - an old one of Gloria Estefan. Nothing personal against Gloria, who has some really nice dance tunes, but listening to Conga several times on an expensive dinner-dance cruise was not exactly what we expected. Several of us spoke to the manager, Yolanda, who said she was trying to do something about it, but she never succeeded. She even asked us to help her out with radio stations to play. So all night we were alternating between Gloria Estefan's old CD, and staticky radio stations with all their commercials. How can a business that boasts of dinner and dancing not have an alternate plan if a DJ does not show up? Would it have been too much to expect the boat to have a set of CDs or an iPod just in case the DJ could not make it? How difficult would that be? In addition, had we been informed before the ship sailed that we were not going to get what we had expected, we could probably have asked the guests to get their CDs in their cars and make the best of the trip!! Or we could have been given the option to sail on another date!! But no - we were out in the water with no other option by the time we found out that we would not be able to dance as expected. I felt really sorry for my girlfriend, who was so apologetic and said that we could have just gone to a regular restaurant, instead of going through all this trouble and expense. The dinner was not bad, but we feel that our friends should get at least a 50% refund for this disappointing birthday party, because the entertainment was not delivered as advertised. more

Interesting Dinner Experience, very average customer service 11/8/2010

I learned about World Yacht Dinner Cruises through NY tours, and booked my reservation through them. Unfortunately, the tour company gave me wrong information. I was told that seating would be on a first come - first serve basis on the day of the cruise, that no window seating could not be reserved. The day of the cruise, we learned that window seating COULD be reserved. Negative first impression upon arriving. I suggest World Yacht ensure that tour companies give accurate information, as doing the opposite reflects negatively on World Yacht.\r We enjoyed the sights and the live music. Having a dance floor was also a plus. The food was good, but our main waitress was TERRIBLE! As soon as we sat, we felt rushed! My husband ordered the salad (the menu never mentioned beets), he then asked the waitress for the same salad without beets; she brings a different salad which had portions of dry lettuce; when I pointed out to her that it wasn't the salad we ordered, visibly annoyed, she took the salad plate and threw over it the small bread plate. What is so hard to understand about nicely ordering ""the same salad, but without beets""? No need for that attitude. The cocktail waitress was attentive. Our main waitress never checked on us for refill of water or whatever soft drink we were having. Also, the cruise rules clearly state, no jeans and a jacket required for men. This dress code was definitely not enforced. I really don't care about the jacket, if men are dressed appropriately; but some men and women were wearing jeans, and dressed VERY casual. The people wearing jeans did not even have a nice dress shirt on...... that was dissapointing. \r I liked the photographer on the cruise; the pictures turned out nicely, impossible not to buy them. The company needs to leverage the experience of a dinner cruise by working on improving the service quality once on the cruise. more

World Yacht Delivers Great Views, Decent Food 9/3/2010

World Yacht Cruise is a fun experience. It is so nice to find something to do in NYC that is slightly different from the usual restaurant or bar. The views are breathtaking, and the service is so impeccable. Everyone smiles, so you will be smiling too. The food is pretty good. There a slight generic tone to the dinner entrees, with similar side dishes for most choices. But, the appetizers are good, and the cheese plate and bread are quite exquisite. I would save room for dessert, because the cake really takes it on this boat! more

Great Time Even in the Rain! 8/13/2010

Even though it was raining last night me and my friend still had a great view of my favorite NYC skyline! I was so impressed with the service and the food options you can choose from. Our server Vonnie was really helpful and was there whenever we needed her. I was happy to see that there was a younger crowd on board. After dinner the dance floor was packed with everyone having a really great time.\r \r I would highly recommed this for everyone to try! We are thinking about making plans for NYE!\r \r more

Amazing Views and a Great Time! 1/4/2010

My husband and I decided to celebrate our anniversary on World Yacht which turned out to be a great success. I'm not sure if I went to the same place as the 2 previous reviewers, I thought that the service and the food was excellent. My husband is a picky eater and there was no problem ordering the dishes without certain items (which sometimes is a problem for us) The view was amazing and we really had a great time. The drawback was the music which was really cheesy and skipped back and forth between different styles. Aside from that I would highly recommend World Yacht to couples, groups of friends for a good time and to tourists for a unique New York experience. Pros: Great View, Good Food, A lot of Fun Cons: The Music more

Not worth it 11/22/2009

Had a horrible experience here and would not recommend it to anyone. Food was disappointing, drinks were rediculously over priced and the service left somethign to be desire. Again dont wait your money. Especially if your from new york Pros: Your on the water Cons: food/ service/ customer service more

Not worth the $$ 8/30/2008

Let World Yacht sail without you, save your money and head to a nice romantic restaurant. The cost is not anywhere near the service/food provided. The web site clearly shows an upper class type of outting and for the cost ($110pp U.S .friday night) that's what one would expect, but the food was bland at best ,my wife had the filet cooked to order but it had no flavor, I had salmon which was a bit dry and simply not worth the cost. Service was slow but acceptable. All beverages are additional $$--thats fine, but they charge 18% gratuity on all drinks---I tip based on service not because I am forced to, I find that unacceptable. The music was a D.J., it felt like a bad wedding reception. Jackets are required for men, but for whatever reason not everyone was wearing one, this cheapened the experince. Overall, below average and with so many wonderful restaurants for the cost I recommend set sail for somewhere else. Pros: great views Cons: cost,food more

Good Views, Fair Service, Disapointing Food 4/16/2007

After giving it twice as a gift we finally tried this ourselves. Not a bad night; but I expected a lot more for the $$. Was an experience closer to a bland wedding reception than fine dining.\r Bring lots of extra $$. We spent $20 for water and ice-tea, $30 for parking, $35 on tip. ($250+ total for the night with no liquor). \r Food was by far the biggest disappointment. ?Seared Filet Mignon? was cooked accurately to medium rare but wasn?t really seared- it was bland and flavorless and tasted like it had been sitting around a little too long. Better steak at Outback (let alone a real steakhouse). Lobster Ravioli tasted a bit better, but there were only five of them in a small bowl. My wife left hungry. Salad was nice. Good ingredients and pear slices still attached to the stem were a neat touch. Potatoes tasted like they came from a box. Desserts were small- looked, tasted like them came from a frozen pack at BJs.\r Service staff was well trained but not experienced. (We saw one waitress counting her tip money out loud after the guests at the table next to us got up). \r Views will be the highlight of the trip for tourists, but familiar if you?ve been on Circle-Line. The design of the boat limits enjoyment of the view? from our table inside the lower deck it was mostly down and out at the water (not up at the skyline).\r DJ started out well but ended up with typical wedding reception music (Electric Slide, Macarena, Cha-Cha Slide; plus five patriotic songs in a row for the Statue of Liberty). Dance floor is too small and got very crowded. Classier live piano was on the middle deck.\r Still, hard to beat the combo of dinner, dancing, and view of the New York skyline. Great for tourists not used to fine dining. I don?t feel embarrassed that we gave this as a gift?heck, if someone else was paying I?d go again. \r HINTS: Go when it?s warm and enjoy the open upper deck with better views. Arrive early to get a better table (but you?ll eat most of your dinner still at the dock). Pros: Nice combo of skyline views, dinner, and dancing. Cons: Disapointing food, so-so service, very touristy. more

Ahoy, Me Mateys! Native New Yorkers Steer Clear! 8/26/2006

I am told that dinner for two on the World Yacht cruise ship Duchess was American Express Platinum Club's idea of a great birthday gift. I was expecting something akin to the Forbes yacht (which I had been lucky enough to dine on in years past) but what I got was the Staten Island Ferry (except the bathrooms weren't as nice...can you imagine?) I had to exchange my first uncomfortable chair due to an obvious piece of chewing gum on the seat, only to get one where the seat was damp and unhinged, which is how I left this dinner cruise. The shrimp cocktail appetizer was translucent and warm, which should have been scary enough, yet my brave dining partner went ahead and ordered the lobster, which he chose to discreetly deposit into his napkin at first bite. The filet mignon was a decent cut but once again, served lukewarm. The mashed potatoes were delicious compared to the other chopped-up vegetables on my plate that I couldn't identify by taste or sight. The service while initially pleasant, dwindled to nearly non-existent halfway through the evening, as the captain executed some questionable nautical maneuvers which had the ship lurching dramatically side-to-side on an otherwise relatively calm sea. Was he trying to create excitement or in just as much of a hurry to get back to land as I was? We had to make several inquiries for coffee and liberate our own desserts from an unattended dessert cart. The entertainment, a cheesy DJ emanating from below deck that would have given Bill Murray's Saturday Night Live impersonation of a lounge singer a run for his money, gratefully exhausted his supply of New York-themed songs by the time we arrived back at the dock. Never once was I tempted to balance myself at the bow and spread my arms wide screaming, ""I'm King of the World""! This may have been a great way for tourists and out-of-towners to wile away three hours, but World Yacht's got a long way to go before it impresses this native New Yorker. Pros: Service was initially pleasant and attentive. Cons: Ship was not well-appointed, bathrooms inadequate, chairs uncomfortable more

A Three Hour Tour... A Three Hour Tour 4/29/2005

Yes, the weather was slightly rough, but the ship was never tossed! ;-) The food was AMAZING. Their new chef should get a medal. My girlfriend and I have never eaten so well. The only fault would be that we spent more time admiring/eating the food then admiring/taking pictures of the Statue of Liberty and the Skyline. The servers were polite and oh so efficient. While we never made any odd requests, I feel they would have bent over backwards to accomadate most anything. Pros: Food, Service, Smooth Boat Ride Cons: Absolutely None more

Awesome Sights! 9/24/2003

The dinner cruise was one of the very best ways to see the sights of Manhattan at night, including the Statue of Liberty all lit up. We sailed on The Princess, and the ship was nice all things considered, but the dance floor was a bit too small for the number of passengers. The food was good but nothing to write home about - the rack of lamb was a bit too fatty. We opted for the Ambassador service upgrade which included the caviar and champagne and upgraded seating - for an additional $35 a person on a special night it's worth it. All-in-all we spent just over $300 for the two of us, but it was WELL worth it for the memories (and the photo ops). Pros: Awesome views, Romantic Cons: Mediocre Food more

Felt like a floating wedding reception 8/27/2003

Food is very mediocre, prepared en masse and delivered the same way, insuring that our crab cakes and filet mignon came out at room temperature. For filet, it was surprisingly flavorless. Wine list is generic, with the most expensive bottle of Margaux coming in at $69. No vintage years on the menu, you'll have to ask. Server was very pleasant but obviously overworked, so we waited for wine, waited for bread, waited for dessert... DJ played ""Sailing"" when we departed, which was nice n' tacky. Music was mostly unobtrusive though. Ultimately, you take this cruise for the cruise itself. Go in with that mindset and you won't be disappointed. Pros: Views of NYC Cons: Mediocre Food, Overworked Servers more

food and music mediocre 6/23/2003

Despite the ""chef-designed"" menu, the food is pretty average. The music is not live, and consists of teeny-bopper selections. Don't sit in the lower deck by the dance floor if you want a peaceful and romantic atmosphere. The views of downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty are wonderful, though--go at night! Pros: beautiful views Cons: mediocre food, mediocre music more

could have been better 6/9/2003

the web site touts world class chef's but they must have had the night of on our trip. Food was very disappointing and service not much better. Ship had seen better days, a 70s decor that may be back in style in 10 years or so... chairs are one step up from plastic patio furniture. only thing that saves this trip is New York city itself and the views. If you are a tourist then its worth it for the cheesy music and see it for what it is. If you are a NY'er looking to impress a date... look elsewhere. Pros: view Cons: food, crowded, decor more

Microwave Gourmet Meals 4/2/2003

The menu looks great, apparently conceived by some the city's better chefs. Unfortunately, it quite obvious that this food is not prepared on board. The meat entrees, we had the veal and filet mignon, seemed to be drained of all flavor and doused with salty-sweet ""mushroom sauce"". Kinda like airplane food. Yes, the views are very nice. The DJ started with elevator musak and moved into some nice jazz then deteiorated into prom music. Disappointing. Pros: Nice Views Cons: Bad Food, Bad DJ more

I love my family, but... 11/15/2002

I went on the World Yacht cruise with my mom and sister. We had an elegant evening with just the girls, but how I wished I could have been there with my sweetie! The skyline was absolutely amazing from the top floor of the yacht, and the service was incredible. They went so far as to give us a free dessert (probably out of pity because we were three women in the midst of so many couples)! Guys - I also witnessed a proposal - hint, hint. NO TENNIES. Formal dress. Pros: beautiful dining area, very polite service, delicious food Cons: 3 hrs passed so fast! more

Capt., will this boat make it? 11/14/2002

My g/f treated me here for my b-day on a (very) stormy night (+/-). The hosts were all semi- couteous (they didn't look like they wanted to be there); the food was ehh (certainly not worth the price); and the boat, well outside it looked like poo, but inside was a suprise considering the exterior. Overall, the cruise was ok. The only thing that made the night special was seeing the lighting strike approx than 50ft away from the boat every few minutes, and most especially my date. (PS: Be prepared to pay an additional $20 for pic, $30 for drinks, and $1 for tip). Pros: Stormy Night, Outside Deck, Parking Cons: Service, Price, Shaddy Looking Boat more

Great Scenary 11/2/2002

My husband and I went on this during our visit to New York. It was a great way to see the skyline at night and it was a fun ride. The food was o.k. I think the atmosphere is what makes this worth while. It made an enjoyable evening. more
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  • For both the savvy New Yorker and the enterprising visitor, a World Yacht dinner cruise is like accepting a VIP invite from the City.
    From Manhattan's landmark cinematic skyline to the sumptuously created cuisine to the music along the river, every moment is infused with urban vibrancy.


  • Planning a special date? Looking to inject a little bit of romance into a relationship? One could do far worse than this three-hour jaunt out on the Hudson. The menu lists a self-consciously luxe...

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