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World of Coke

Atlanta, GA 30317
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The World of Coke is a very interesting museum. It has many unique pieces of coke memorabilia, as well as Coke items from around the world. They price for admission is fairly hi...



Not very much recommended. You pay around $10 per person and what you’re paying for is an advertisement. One great, big, Coke ad. You see coke commercials and coke billboards and ...

Kids love END result 9/21/2006

It is a great field trip to go on with children because at the END they can drink all the coke products they want. All the "stuff" as my students call it is great and interesting for adults and children over the age of 8-10. Love the history and of course sitting in the theatre hearing the "Coke" song and all the addults singing along. Can't wait till they move to the new location. more

Coke is a Genius 3/19/2006

masterminds. they actually get you to PAY to spend time in their advertisement.... and you'll take pictures there, and post them in your own photo albums.... you've actually paid to export their advertising. its amazing. GENIUS!!! now, everyone will tell you, oh its soooo worth it, theres free coke at the end. its not free coke. you paid 12$ to get in! its a 12$ coke tasting. and, theres no real US coke. its all nasty foreign apple coke, and tea flavored, etc. instead, spend only 6$, buy a diet coke from their machine outside, and save 2 hours of your life. but really... lets face it. if you're a tourist in downtown Atlanta, you're not looking to save hours of your life, you're looking to spend them. as there is nothing to do. in which case, its not a horrible diversion, just know what you're getting into. the coca cola world of marketing. more

boo 12/17/2005

Not very much recommended. You pay around $10 per person and what you’re paying for is an advertisement. One great, big, Coke ad. You see coke commercials and coke billboards and different representation of Coke throughout the years. The best part (besides the part where it ends) is the room that has all different soda flavours from around the world and you can drink all you want. There are some very good, and some very bad drinks out there and just goes to show there’s no accounting for taste. As always, the tour ends in the gift-shop where you can participate in the consumerization of the World by paying Coke more money by being a walking advertisement for their company. Definitely go here only if someone else is paying your way. Seriously. Very sad I wasted my money to see a commercial. more

not a good tour 10/17/2005

Even with an entry price of only $3 at the time, I still felt ripped off. While you would expect that this place would be nothing but a shrine to Coca cola, you would hope that they would try to at least make it fun. No luck. If you must visit, save your appetite for the buffet of various coca cola concoctions served around the world. All you can drink for free. more

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have a coke and a smile 10/17/2005

Located in Underground Atlanta, The World of Coca-Cola is the end-all-be-all of beverage advertising. First off a little history on Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola was first invented by a pharmacist named Dr. John Pemberton in 1886. He was trying to make a non-alcoholic cure for headaches and hangovers. Mixing together coca leaves, african kola nuts (hence coca-kola), and other ingredients into a syrup, he formed a thick elixir. He would then dilute the syrup with tap water. Well, one day soda water was substituted for the tap water, and voila!, the popular Coca-Cola was born. The three story museum of Coke and Coke related products at the World of Coca-cola houses videos, and 100's of exhibits. There are souvenirs and free samples of Coke and other soft drinks the CocaCola Bottling Plant makes for other countries around the world. (Some of these rather "interesting" concoctions aren't pleasant) Its one of the very few places where people are paying money to be bombarded with advertisements. The Coca-Cola World Headquarters are still in Atlanta, where it all began. Pros: history, great souvenirs, fun Cons: niche market may not be loved by all more

Confused over my reccomendation 10/8/2005

I don't know whether to reccomend this location or not. Wish I could give half-stars in instances like this. I think the World of Coke would be an absolute place of wonder for anyone who is a fan of Coke, or a collector of Coke merchandise. I am not a Coke collector, and I suppose I'm a fan just because I prefer the taste of Coke over that of Pepsi. I found this "World of Coke" to be more of a very long-winded (and admission-priced) marketing tool than an actual museum of sorts. On second thought, I cannot reccomend this. To me, it was like spending an hour watching non-stop Coke commercials. It was novel at first, but tiring for the rest of the way. more

Interesting history, kind of boring 10/7/2005

Being from the South, it has to be said that I prefer Coke over Pepsi, and I was recently in Atlanta visiting relatives when it was suggested that we take a run down to World of Coke and take a tour. Well, you had to pay to get in which kind of cheesed me off because it's not like they're strapped for cash or anything. Then you get in and see a whole bunch of old tin signs and stuff like that, and then that's it. You exit through the gift shop (of course) and that's that. The only cool thing about it is that there's an area where you can sample coke products from around the world. There's some place in South America that has a pineapple coke or something. I don't know. I was so bored that by the time I got to the free drink (in dixie cup) part, I was delirous more

Interesting Museum 8/21/2005

The World of Coke is a very interesting museum. It has many unique pieces of coke memorabilia, as well as Coke items from around the world. They price for admission is fairly high, so it is the kind of place you want to go to only once or twice in a lifetime. In the top level there are samples of various coke products, and a whole room full of fountains dispensing coke products from different countries. It is quite a challenge to try them all! more

Free Coke products!!! 8/20/2005

I don't know if Pepsi has a tour facility but this one really puts Atlanta on the map like other attractions. The last time I visited this site, it was a great experience from a movies to watching the bottling process to testing. Visit the three story Coca-Cola museum to see where it all began. The tour is self guided. They'll show how Coke is bottled and distributed, vintage Coke commercials, the history of the advertising and even an old soda fountain. You will start out in a room where they have American beverages from a shooting fountain way. Then you can go into the international room where you sample all the products Coca-Cola owns all over the world! more

Commercial in Action 8/18/2005

While World of Coke bills itself as an attraction, it is mainly one big walk-in commercial. Some of the exhibits are interesting, but for the most part it feels like you're being beat over the head with Coke marketing. It can also be very crowded. The highlight in my opinion is the Club Coke where you can taste the different formulas of soda from around the world. more
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