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Won Jo - 29 Reviews - 23 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001, New York, NY - Korean & Vietnamese Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 695-5815

Won Jo

23 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001 (at nr. Fifth Ave.)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 695-5815
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Won Jo - New York, NY
Won Jo - New York, NY
Won Jo - New York, NY
Won Jo - New York, NY
Won Jo - New York, NY
Won Jo - New York, NY


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Wonjo is one of my best lunch depot because they have the least amount of MSG in their food. I have MSG allergy so this is very critical. And still the their dishes taste great....


Besides their unique wood grilled kalbi or bulgoki (bbq) I'm not too fond of their traditional Korean dishes. I've made some attempts during lunch for their prix fixe. Hwe do bo...


THIS RESTAURANT IS HORRIBLE! DONT EVER GO. THEY USE ROTTEN INGREDIENTS!\r \r NYC was really cold and we were tired of walking. We were looking for something warm to eat and saw their sign for ""SAHM GEH TAHNG"" \r Right when we went in a waitress asked if we were eating bbq. We said no we wanted something with hot soup. They led us to the 2nd floor and sat us at the horrible place possible. (there was a door next to us where they were using to cool hot metal plate for bbq and wind was coming through the opened door) We asked why we can't sit other places where its warm and they said that was for bbq eaters. \r Later we saw that non-bbq eaters were sitting except they were whites. \r I wish that was the only bad thing about this restaurant. IT GETS WORSE.\r \r Korean ginseng in ""Sam Geh Tahng"" has lost its form and it was all mushy. Garlic slices were so black. chestnut was all mushy too and tasted like soft wood. Dates were in a jelly form that were all ripped apart. \r This piece of rotten food was $18.99. \r First they didn't know the exact price of the dish. \r Then they said it's between $16 to $18.\r \r If they are only going to sell bbq, why did they put up the sign saying ""Sahm Geh Tahng""?! \r \r Horrible service and Horrible food. \r DO NOT WASTE YOUR ENERGY AND MONEY HERE! \r THEY ARE THE WORST RESTAURANT EVER. \r Pros: NOTHING! Cons: ROTTEN FOOD, WORST SERVICE, ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!! more

One of my favorite 9/11/2009

Wonjo is one of my best lunch depot because they have the least amount of MSG in their food. I have MSG allergy so this is very critical. And still the their dishes taste great. \r \r I especially LOVE their home hand made mandoo. And I swear they have the best kimchi jigae! My wallet especially adores the their current lunch deals during the weekdays. Moo gook does wonders for me if I had a drink or two the night before. \r \r Kalbi BBQ is another story. Two weeks ago, several of us took a colleague out for her b-day. While we've had lunch at Wonjo before, it was her first experience with Korean BBQ. Two weeks later, she is still talking about the BBQ and how she can't stop thinking about it! Kalbi was a bit expensive compared to lunch. But since I've had Kalbi at other Korean restaurants before, I knew what to expect. Pros: Lowest MSG content, best mandoo, kimchi jigae, and galbi more

Definitely not a good spot 7/31/2009

30 minutes for side dishes to come. Another 30 minutes for main dishes and BBQ even though the restaurant was not even 25% full. Food was served in small portions with hefty prices. For example they charged way too much for a dumpling soup that has six pieces of dumpling with a few thin slices of seaweed swimming pathetically. The bbq beef and chicken were very stiff. Soon doo bu soup was too salty. The Waitreses were rude and the food was very slow to arrive. The sliced radish serving with sashimi were not fresh. Overall experience was very disappointing. Not recommended unless you want a long hungry chat. \r Pros: decent food Cons: expensive and bad service more

Good bbq 3/24/2009

Good Korean bbq near my work. Quick service, like that they use charcoal still as it gives the food a great taste, nice to try new food out Pros: good food, good location Cons: smokey more

My favorite Korean restaurant on 32nd St 1/25/2009

I have eaten in every 24 hour restaurant on 32nd St between BW and 5th Ave, Manhattan's K-Town. Wonjo is all around my favorite. The staff is great. After 4 AM, which is when I go to Wonjo, it is not crowded and my party has never been rushed. With a minimum order of 2 BBQ dishes they always have BBQ at the table available. They use real charcoal which makes higher heat and therefore makes browned, better tasting meat than the gas which most places now use. There is a full bar available. The kimchi and other small dishes are good. There are interesting Korean objects on the wall as decoration, and the interior is in a comfortable wood design with warm colors.\r My favorite dishes are the Bulgogi and Kalbi, both BBQ beef. Food cost is $20-$25 per BBQ dish with small dishes, rice and tea included. more

Waitress Chased Us Into the Street and Demanded Bigger Tip 12/28/2008

We've gone to Won Jo several times and each time had a horrible experience with the service. \r \r For example, on our last trip there we made a reservation, arrived early and still had to wait 40 minutes for a table. Then we were seated, and the service was extremely slow. It took a long time to get our menus, the barbecue we ordered, etc. Then when we finally got our food and were eating, they came to our table and said, ""Please leave; people are waiting for your table""!! This, even though it was their fault we'd been there so long!\r \r We gave it one more chance last night, but after this latest experience, we will never go back. We went and ate, and then after we left and were out the door, the waitress ran up to us yelling, ""You didn't leave enough tip!"" We were already out in the street, but she followed us and just kept shouting, ""Minimum 20%! Minimum 20%!"" We were so taken aback and embarrassed that we handed her an additional couple of dollars (this is on top of the already generous tip we'd left at the table, but which she apparently didn't consider adequate). That seemed to satisfy her and she went back inside. \r \r But I've never experienced anything like this. I will NEVER return to this place. There are other restaurants in the area that have comparable food, where our business is appreciated. Please, if you have any faith in capitalism or the free market DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS RESTAURANT. The owners should not be rewarded for encouraging/allowing their waitstaff to engage in this kind of coercive behavior. more

Avoid Won-Jo aka Won-NO 8/10/2008

Terrible service for the restaurant and if there's an option, I'd have given this a 0 star rating. Food is overpriced and portions are small for the price; we've asked for a BBQ table and sure that we were given one but the restaurant wouldn't open the BBQ grill on the table for us which pretty much defeats the whole purpose of a BBQ dinner. They prepared their ""BBQ"" dish that we ordered in their kitchen. \r \r Customer service is shoddy. Waitress didn't come over to refill our water. Just avoid this restaurant at all costs. Pros: nothing Cons: bad service, overpriced food for small poritions more

BBQ is good.....service can be poor 7/29/2008

I never expereience the place like the people below, but when I visited the food was good, the BBQ was very nice. I have been roughly 3-4 times and each time I had the same good food. Teh sushi could be better and the service can be very pushy and quite ignorant at times but other than that very good. more

Yucky, in more ways than one! 4/17/2008

My husband and I were there on the same night and got severely ill! By that I mean I was alternating between fever and chills, and experiencing extreme fatigue and achiness- all the while having the other yucky symptoms of food pois--, a word which surprisingly is banned on this site! \r \r We contacted the Health Dept., and have been in touch with officials who are trying to pinpoint the source of the illness. For anyone else who got sick: I suggest calling 311 and filing a complaint with the health dept. The 311 representative will take down your info and an official will call you back (for us it was within an hour). They have followed up with several calls over the span of a week.\r \r That single event is enough to keep us away from WonJo for a long time, if not forever. There is no shortage of good Korean BBQ joints in New York City. more

WON NO!~ 4/16/2008

YOU WILL WISH YOU DIDN'T EAT HERE...I have literally never been sicker in my life. A party of eleven of us ate here on April 4, 2008 and at least three of us at the table were severely poisoned. We literally were up all night heaving and squirting (CITY SEARCH will not let me write the correct words for what we experienced) and couldn't get rid of whatever it was for days. I'm not kidding or exaggerating in the least. We had to call the NYC dept. of health b/c we were afraid that we had contracted some sort of awful disease. Here is a note I received from the NYC dept. of health about the results of the testing done on the stool samples we submitted:\r \r -----Original Message-----\r From: *****Gross <*>\r To: *************@***\r Sent: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 7:08 am\r Subject: RE: quick question about Friday, April 4\r \r Hi *****,\r \r \r \r Sorry for not getting back to you sooner ? I am only here Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and Thursdays, so I just saw your email this morning.\r \r \r \r I just spoke with the lab. They did not find anything in your stool. They tested you for ..., ..., (CITY SEARCH WON'T LET ME LIST ALL THE THINGS TESTED HERE) and Vibrio.\r \r \r \r I hope you?re feeling better this week.\r \r Best,\r \r ********\r \r \r The dept of health also told us that many other people who ate at the restaurant that night got severely sick. We've now nicknamed this place ""WON-NO!"" Pros: you lose weight from being poisoned Cons: if you are already skinny this is not a benefit more

Eat Here At Your Own Risk 4/7/2008

My wife and I have been eating at Wonjo 4-6 times a year for the past 5-6 years. We love the flavor that the live-coals bring to the food, but unfortunately our last trip was this past Wednesday. The next day we both became incredibly sick. We had to take of work Friday and the weekend was lost. \r \r Our symptoms match that of consuming bad Mussels ? which we were given as an appetizer. It?s Monday 4/7/08 and we both still don?t feel well.\r \r Considering how sick we got from 5 Mussels each, I shudder to think what would have happened if we had consumed a full order.\r \r Eat here at your own risk. more


I never gave any review on this site but this time I strongly feel that I need to say something about this place. 6 of us went there the past Sunday and 4 got FOOD POISONED!!! Me and my friends were so sick that we had to take days off work and rest at home. If you care about your health, do NOT go to this place. period! Oh btw, their service sux too. more

WON-NOOOOOOO!! 12/24/2007

Possibly some of the most rude staff I have ever encountered. Rushing you out and being very condescending not to mention generally poor service. While we were still eating they were clumsily clearing the table as well as noisely dropping the serving tongs on the appetizers. Also we had to ask for tea 3 times and the food was marginal at best.For the same price go across the street. BTW the Wonjo special BBQ made me ill,it was not even marinated. Maybe they should rename it WON-NO! or WON-DONT. Sub-par food for the price, horrible service. Cons: everything bad food bad service bad staff more

bad customer service, keep asking for extra tips, beef broth noodle soup without beef 12/18/2007

this restaurant is basically rush you to eat even they do not have any customer waiting for tables. my order is a beef noodle, and end up i can only find 2 guppy size of meat. keep bugging us for tips all the way from our table to the front door. would not recommend my friends to try. more

terrible service and greedy employee 12/18/2007

The service is terrible. They always rush people out; while you're still eating, they keep collecting the plates and even giving you check. \r One time I went with 2 other friends, we tipped 2 dollars each person. (it's about 15-20% for each order). But the greedy waitress was saying that wasn't enough and started yelling at us. And my friend almost got into fight with these lady.\r In the end, we compromised, which we shouldn't. The waitress are asking for 2 dollars more, so we did. Yes, just for 2 dollars more tips, she gave us all these attitudes and unpleasant dining experience. \r \r WONJO, you might wanna consider before you go! They're extremely rude and greedy with their customers. more

Great Food - WORST Service 10/31/2007

I come here to eat several times a year. Each time the food is great and EACH time the SERVICE is the WORST. I went with 4 of my girlfriends for my 40th birthday because we really wanted to pig out and we had just slowed down from ordering $180 worth of food, I went down to use the restroom & wash my hands so that I could read my card and open my present. I came back up and the wait staff had already given them the check and had literally asked them to leave!!! My friends had tried expaining that I still had to open my present. They said ""Go open Downstairs!"" and kicked us out!!!!! If you want GOOD FOOD but REALLY BAD SERVICE - This is the PLACE TO BE!!! Pros: GREAT FOOD, GREAT FOOD, GREAT FOOD Cons: Hard to find Parking, Service STINKS, No Ambience, Not a Cheap Eats Place more

I know this restaurant was rated one of the dirtiest in n... 8/7/2007

ms Provided by Partner
I know this restaurant was rated one of the dirtiest in new york city a few years ago, but you and I both know that the dirtiest restaurants make t... more


Not sure why anyone would leave a bad review for this place. I have eaten here for years both the service and food is excellent. It's Korean BBQ so you have to understand you cook yourself after the food comes and the servers are very prompt in bringing out all the delicious food. The previous reviewer must have been a bad customer because it's not always the rest fault. Just because the waitress might not speak the best english doesn't mean they are being rude!\r \r Anyhow, go there hungry because the food is great and it's one of the only Korean BBQs left that use real coals instead of gas. Pros: Real coals not gas Cons: Always has a crowd meaning it's good! more

The worst service 4/9/2007

This restaurant is not worth going to. Since their food is not bad, I went there for a few times to see if the first time experience was just an unlucky experience. But it rurned out that their services are the worst I have ever experienced. There are so many negative things I can write, but I want to tell everybody one thing. They took a glass out of my husband's hand WHEN HE WAS DRINKING. We were in shock for a while and left without leaving any tip. Then they demanded that we leave some $ for tip...... more

Terrific authentic Korean food 1/8/2007

If you are looking for authentic Korean food at a great price you've found the right choice. Especiallly good are the BBQ short ribs (grilled on charcoal). They serve the BBQ ribs LA style with steamed rice noodles in addition to the red leaf lettuce. The stone bowl bi bim bop is terrific as well, especially with the rice getting extremely crispy in the hot stone bowl. Not the biggest fan of the chap-chae, but that's a dish best eaten at home, not at a restaurant. The banchan is very good as well. Service may be a bit rushed, but I never felt it was rude. It is one of my top places to go to in Koreatown (and I'm Korean). Pros: Authentic food at a great price Cons: Rushed service more
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