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Womens Specialty Care

653 N Town Center Dr Ste 602
Las Vegas, NV 89144
(702) 255-3547
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I had a really good experience here at this facility. The Dr took great care of me during my very complicated pregnancy. The front end staff was very compassionate and took the ...


I have attempted for 3 consecutive years to use this office but they repeatedly prove to be less than client friendly. The first year, right after my mother died of ovarian cance...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/20/2013

by Mel H. on Nov 20th, 2013 \r \r I have seen Dr. Sanatinia twice in hopes of getting educated ""pre-menapausal"" care. It supposed to a ""Women's Center"" right? I've left each visit feeling like the only thing they seem to be in the business of doing is delivering babies? In fact I took my pap test results from Dr. Sanatinia (that she said were normal) to my primary physician and he saw a much different picture. Also during my last visit Dr. Sanatinia, she ordered (after asking me what ""I"" thought we should do?) a CT Scan for the left side of my body. I called Steinberg diagnoistics w/the paper work only to be told it wasn't filled out by the Women's Center. Steinberg diagnostics called the Women's Center, verified that the test was with contrast and told me to pick up Barium that I would need to drink. The day of my appt for the CT, I arrived with a belly full of Barium only to be told that the Women's Center had also not listed what part of the body was to be scanned and had not submitted the claim for prior auth from my insurance. No one could be reached on the phone at the Women's Center and so here I sit back at home. (my stomach hurts and I'm mad) The staff and the doctor I have seen at this place are the worst. \r \r more

Repeated Bad Experiences 4/19/2012

I have attempted for 3 consecutive years to use this office but they repeatedly prove to be less than client friendly. The first year, right after my mother died of ovarian cancer, they pretty much dismissed my concerns of needing to be checked thoroughly for this aggressive cancer. Last year, I sat in the waiting room for almost two hours waiting to be called - yes, I checked with the front desk after an hour and was told I would be called - only to discover that they did not check me in and the girl ran to the back to make sure the doctor did not leave yet...just in the nick of time, caught the dr and I had my appointment just prior to their locking the office. This year, I tried to make an appointment only to be told to first make sure they were set up as my primary OB/GYN provider -- I told them twice that I did confirm this and wanted to make an appointment, only to be told to call my insurance company. I immediately made an appointment with someone else who was glad to have me come in and they treated me very well...DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE...THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS! One of my friends went there last year and said they wrote her information on a paper towel! WHO DOES THAT?!?!? more

Horrible Office 2/6/2012

I have had a horrible experience with Women's Specialty Care. There is no way to get a hold of your office without going through a call center. The call center states they will send over messages with result in no one calling you back. I have been waiting for ultrasound results for over a week. I finally obtained them myself and the office still states they are unavailable. I have something wrong with my ovaries and I am unable to move onto the next step because no one can call me back. The call center refuses to give out the extension number to the satellite offices. I have never dealt with such doctors that do not care about their patients. I would never recommend them to anyone! more

Terrible! 6/9/2011

Unprofessional, uncaring, inept cannot even begin to convey my opinion of Women's Specialty Care. They write prescriptions to run out a month before your next yearly appt. and then donot respond when asked to OK refills. My pharmacy faxed them on Thursday and they had not received an OK by Monday. I called and complained. Finally Wednesday they were filled - but with the wrong strength of medication!!! So, I am out of medication and they still have not responded to my call this morning to take care of this. I will never use this facility again and will recommend all others avoid them at all costs. more

It's a shame others have had such bad experiences... 5/9/2011

... because I love Women's Specialty Care & especially Dr. Keith Brill and his staff. \r \r I've never dealt with anyone there that was unprofessional or rude. I do them a favor and greet them with a smile and get the same in return the entire visit. Of course the waits can be long- it's an OB/GYN office! If the doctor you see is on call or has to run over to the hospital for a delivery or emergency, you get pushed back. I've never seen an OB where this isn't the case and there isn't some sort of wait. Dr Brill has had 3 nurses in the time I've been seeing him and they've all been excellent- very talkative, friendly, and gentle. Any time I had a question for the doctor, I could leave a message for the nurse, she'd talk with the doctor & I had an answer by the end of the day. \r \r I've never had a problem rescheduling appointments-- a few months ago I was scheduled for a routine PAP, got my period & called in to change my appointment, ended up having to reschudle that one due to conflict, and then had to switch it to a missed period visit when I found out I was pregnant again. No issues with any of the calls or ladies I talked to. \r \r Dr. Brill is kind, and is the whole reason that I didn't have to have my son by emergency c-section. He was not on call and had just left the office when I was ready to push, the hospital called him as he was in line at a store and he still chose to come over to the hospital to deliver me, even though he really didn't have to. Good thing, too, as my son decided to come face first (very dangerous for the baby as he can suffocate, choke, or break his neck). They had the OR prepped and ready to move me when Dr. Brill decided to try one more time to tilt his chin, was able to do so, and I was able to have my son vaginally. He's very supportive of non-medicated births, and does not like doing c-sections or episiotomies unless necessary. He was also very supportive of my reproductive issues leading up to that pregnancy. A wonderful doctor, and a great facility, especially since they've moved to bigger nicer facilities at the Spring Valley & Summerlin locations (that I know of & visit). more

Awful, Non-thorough Care 12/21/2010

I could really go to town with this place but agree with the other low reviewees on all aspects of unprofessionalism, being treated/herded like cattle, rushing you/evading your questions, etc.\r All I have to add, as I was thoroughly baffled, is that this office/Dr., despite I provided them with physical hard copies that I personally handed the Dr. (and attempted to talk about them), did not even look at my past medical history which was quinessential to the appt. more

My Experience 10/26/2010

I had a really good experience here at this facility. The Dr took great care of me during my very complicated pregnancy. The front end staff was very compassionate and took the time to make me feel comfortable. The Dr answered all my questions and even helped me prepare for all the possibilities. After 20 weeks on bed rest, holding my new born son I know that without the care of the Dr. I wouldn't have had such a great outcome. I recommend him to everyone I come across. more

unprofessional 12/11/2009

This is the first time I write something like this. I am a sedation dentist(dental anesthesiologist), who works with nitrous all the time. I found out that I was pregnant and I made an appointment via email. I requested on Thursday but they could not find any spot on that day. A day later they sent me another email to confirm Friday appt without my consent. Unfortunately, I planned to have a seminar on that day. So I rescheduled for 1:50pm. Then they started to call me more than 5 times to confirm appt for sometimes 2pm and sometimes 1:30pm. I called back to ask if any earlier appt available, I would take it since there was possibility of complication. They said No. I decided to wait. Then an hour before appt, they called me for further info. I gave it to Chris. She never asked me why I wanted to make an appoint for. I assumed that they had all my information. Then, It turned out that they had no clue of anything. (From my insurance info to even the complication of pregnancy.) They are unprofessional and ignorant! When I pointed out that Chris was unprofessional, she started to speak out louder. ""If you are really ---anesthesiologist, you should hear me out. You rescheduled twice. You should be professional."" Nothing really made a sense to me and I was not comfortable even to go. I asked her to transfer to supervisor or someone. She put me on hold for five min and I decided that she was not even worth of complaining about. I have been in health care environment for fairly long time, yet I never met someone like Chris in my life. That is the reason why I am writing this, veyr first time. Cons: unprofessional and ignorant more

Incompetent Practice 7/14/2009

I could write a detailed, lengthy story on my experience with Women's Specialty Care and why they are incompetent, but I figure I will keep this short and not so sweet. \r \r Expect longs waits in the crowded waiting room. There have been more than several occasions where I have waited over an hour to see the doctor. A few of those occasions I waited an hour and a half. When I was signing-in one time, I saw the person who signed-in before me had the same doctor and same appointment time as me, so I know they double (or triple, quadruple, who knows) book their appointments.\r \r The care received is subpar, especially for pregnant women. It may be that they are overwhelmed, but it's unfortunate to say that even the doctors at Women's Specialty Care are incompetent. I would strongly suggest finding another clinic for OB/GYN care. \r \r The only good thing I can say about Women's Specialty Care is that the staff is always friendly. But this isn't worth the price to pay for poor care.\r \r Women's Specialty Care is a corporation, and the doctors and staff are employees of this corporation and unfortunately it is very obvious in the way this clinic is conducted. Quantity over quality is the objective here. \r \r Go somewhere else!!\r \r Pros: Friendly Staff Cons: Incompetence; overbooked appointments more

Unprofessional, rude and an overall bad experience! 4/13/2009

My whole experience was a bad one with this clinic. I went to the Spring Valley location. I made an appt as soon as I found out I was pregnant, and they didn't want to see me until I was supposedly 8 weeks along which was fine except I had a concern which was legit and they just brushed it off and told me not to worry about it.. With this being my first pregnancy I didn't know what to expect. Well when I finally had my first appointment, it was for the ultrasound and the ultrasound tech was extremely cold and unwelcoming. She was rude and didn't explain any of the answers to the questions I had and left me wondering. She spent a total of 7 minutes at the most in the room with me. She wanted me to do some labs but didn't explain why and their laboratory nurses were so rude. I went down to the lab and the girl looked at me and asked why I was there. I told her that my doctor ordered some labwork. She then proceeded to ask me: Do you need lab work? I just thought to myself: ""Yes you idiot. I just told you I needed a lab and why do you think I am down here?' Even though I thought that, I was extremely polite and told her: 'Yes, I need lab work'. She just gave me this attitude and I had to wait for an hour before they called me back to do the lab. I then had to wait another month before I had my first doctor's appointment. While waiting, I called the office to see what the lab results were. They made me leave a message and told me that a nurse would call back. After the first day, I never got a call back and so I called them back and the lady I talked to said to just wait till a nurse called back. 5 days later, a nurse finally called back and I was at work and all I got was a I didn't even get a chance to hear what the results were. I didn't even bother calling back to play phone tag again. By this time I was so frustrated. Finally my first real doc appointment rolls around and when the nurse was taking my bl**d pressure, she left to go help another patient and the strap from the bl**d pressure device totally came off of me because it had too much air in it. I asked another nurse to help me (she was just BSing with another nurse) and she literally looked at me, rolled her eyes with a huge sigh and then walked away. The nurse pulled me into the back room and asked: ""Why are you here? Are you pregnant?"" I was really confused as to why they didn't know at this point the reason why I was there. I had already had an ultrasound and lab work and everything. Then when the doc came in and sat there to talk to me, she gave me some bad news and then proceeded to tell me about having a D&C or taking a pill for a miscarriage. I was in shock from the initial news and because nobody said anything or even mentioned miscarriage to begin with to me. I was in tears and I told her no, I waint to wait for it to happen naturally. She rushed me out of the room not even asking if I had any questions so I could go pay for the visit. She spent a total of 1 Cons: Doctors, med assistants and nurses extremely rude and unprof more

Caring Doctors 10/22/2008

The doctors at Women's Specialty Care are all very caring a compassionate. I have only been to the Summerlin location, but it is by far the best OB GYN office I have ever encountered. The check-in is swift, the wait time is average, but once you are in the exam room, the doctors make the whole trip worthwhile. All the doctors and nurses I have seen during my visits are friendly and empathetic to your needs. Highly recommended! Pros: On-line scheduling makes appointments so easy! Cons: There is always a wait, but it is worth it. Bring a book! more

Worst OBGYN I've experienced in 11 years! 8/26/2008

I would not recommend Women's specialty care to anyone who takes their health seriously. Triage nurse does not return phone calls, referrs you to the emergency room and then you are told at the ER that they can't believe your doctor wouldn't see you! Dr. can't find fetal heartbeat, and does nothing to reassure you that everything is ok. (after two miscarriages) When requesting my patient files to go to another doctor, I am given the run around and told by the front desk that if I can't remember who I spoke with regarding my file, she can't help me. \r \r If you want to be treated with respect and common decency, look for another doctor elsewhere! Cons: Horrible patient care more

Worst Experience EVER! 8/1/2008

I went to the S. Eastern location. These were the most inappropriate and disrespectful people I have ever met. With the exception of the US tech, everyone else was rude, had no idea what was going on (they blamed the computers EVERY time) and did not show any compassion at all to anyone. The girls up front refused to pull your file, but instead thought that you should know what you were there for and what tests needed to be done. They would yell out private information into the waiting room instead of calling you over (same thing at the checkout counter). Everyone in the waiting room knew my medical condition before my own husband did (I guess that's what he gets for going to the bathroom). The Dr. Kimberly Farmer never once even broke a smile. She was straight faced, showed no emotion or sympathy for what you were going through, acted like she hated everyone (I never saw her smile at ANYONE). Futhermore, with so many Dr.'s, when the US tech realized that there was a problem with my baby's growth, they could not get me in to see a Dr for over a week, so i basically knew that there was something wrong, but they were too ""busy"" to take care of it. And please do not get me started on the lab tech, who could not figure out why I did not know what lab work I needed, yelled my condition out to the waiting room and all the nurses trying to find out what Kimberly Farmer wanted, since she apparently never wrote a note in my file and was not available to ask. When she finally decided what to do, she grabbed my arm without speaking to me, bruising my wrist, and ended up bruising my arm where she put the needle in(I have never bruised from a draw, but I do faint, and after telling her that, she did not make any changes...usually they have you put your feet up, she just ignored me). Do not go here if you want to be treated well by staff who cares, these do NOT. Too bad the Rainbow office was great, because I will never go to any the supports Dr. Farmer. Pros: Locations Cons: Staff and Dr. Farmer more


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