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Women Partners in Health

1305 W 34th St (at Shoal Creek Boulevard)
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 459-8082
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I've never been pregnant, so I cannot speak to their abilities in that area. I have been very pleased with them taking care of my annual check ups. The office is very well organiz...


I was new to Austin a couple years ago and went to WPIH for my Ob/Gyn care. I never had to wait very long to see my doctor, which was nice, but then the doctor seemed rushed when...

Dr. Weihs nurse is very insensitive 1/2/2012

I had a very bad exprience with Dr. weihs, nurse. I was highly recommended by one of my close friend. I was pregnant going on 7 weeks and have already made my 1st appointment on Dec. 10th 2011. Three days before I was to go to my appointment I was experiencing ligt pink charge when I urinate. I've called Dr. Weihs and her nurse advise my if I started to bleed to go to ER. Late that day sure enough I started bleed. Heartbroken I went to ER had serious of test and urltrasound and doctor saw blood clots around corner of sac. Doctor told me if I bleeding doesn't stop I will have a miscarriage. Sure enough 4am that morning I believe I did had a miscarriage. This being my second child, I didn't know and never had a miscarriage before. Next morning I called and spoke to nurse she told me to call and get all the blood work and test results from St. Davis and have them fax her. I did what she told me but operator told me it will be between 24 to 48 hours to get my result and my appointment with them was the next day on 10th of Dec. Needless to say, I called back to nurse and told her I will go back to my old provider at ARC since she told me she doesn't have quick access with St. Davis, have I not gone to Seton she would have access to it. So, she doesn't know how to classified my appointment because she didn't know I was still pregnant or not?! I'm already freaking out and felt like they don't want to service me. I felt so completely lost and she made me feel so awful! I was having this personal issue and experience and she made me feel worst. All I wanted to do was to be taken care of and see Dr. Weihs and go from there! She told me if I was still pregnant to got back with them. Hell NO! I've tried seeing my old doctor but she was on vacation and couldn't see me. But, I still saw someone else who was able to take care of me. I was able to take another ultrasound and they saw no baby. At least, I was able to feel like someone care and are willing to ease my disappointment. Instead of making me feel like I an appointment! It's been a month now and I still feel very hurt about my experiences. If I still have a baby or not I could have still see Dr. Weihs and kept my appointment! But instead I was force to choose and do my own clinical calls! more

Not a positive experience 9/25/2010

I was new to Austin a couple years ago and went to WPIH for my Ob/Gyn care. I never had to wait very long to see my doctor, which was nice, but then the doctor seemed rushed when I saw her. I never had a great feeling about WPIH because it was so impersonal. I wish I would've listened to my gut and researched other Ob/Gyn practices in Austin and changed to one that spent more time with its patients, because I did not have a good experience delivering my first baby with WPIH at Seton. You're not guaranteed that your doctor will deliver you. I pushed for about 1.5 hours with no doctor around. I had to ask the nurse to get a doctor that I didn't even know in the room. Certain doctors at WPIH (perhaps not all because I only interacted with a couple) are quick to induce or enhance with pitocin, not necessarily around in the delivery room if they have appointments that day or the nurse hasn't told them to get over, and very brief with patients during appointments. This model just isn't sensitive to the patient. If your goal is just to get the baby out, then this practice will work for you. If you want to actually be a part of that process and develop a relationship with your care provider, then this is not the place for you. Also, I must say the nurses in the labor/delivery at Seton are really hit or miss. You can have someone with a lot of experience and then their shift changes, and someone with little to no experience takes over. I'd say overall I just felt like WPIH provided very little support during my delivery. I have since switched Ob/Gyn practices and hoping for a better experience next time. more

Great Office 11/9/2009

I've never been pregnant, so I cannot speak to their abilities in that area. I have been very pleased with them taking care of my annual check ups. The office is very well organized; all of the staff I have seen have been very nice. Dr. Oliver really seems to listen to all of my concerns. The only time I've had to wait for very long was when Dr. Oliver was delivering a baby and they had a nurse practitioner that was willing to see me if I wasn't willing to wait. more

Dr. Oliver is amazing! 9/25/2009

I went to Dr. Oliver for the first time about 3 years ago for a yearly. The next year, I went to her for pregnancy care. She took the best care of me when we did get pregnant, and was amazing during delivery. She really cares about patients, and so do the others. I have seen a couple different doctors here. They are all very nice.\r \r The wait time is sometimes long, but it doesn't bother me. It is an OB/GYN office, they deliver babies. I wanted my doctor for my delivery, so I understand and can wait a little longer. Both of my sisters also went to WPIH for OB care. Would recommend them to anyone! Pros: Great attitude, really cares, more

Dr Swenson & Mary Brown are WONDERFUL 8/27/2009

I always believed if you treat people nicely, most of the time they will treat you back nicely. May be this is why some other patients have had problems and I have not. But, this is my story: I have many health issues and another doctor of mine recommended that I see Dr Swenson. I had not been check for almost 3 years, because I have had many bad experiences before and did not want to go to Ob/Gyn. But Dr. Swenson office took me in within 2 weeks. All the ladies at the front desk were sweet and made me feel relaxed. Dr. Swenson was GREAT. She was on time, she did a thorough check-up, talked a good while with me about my medical history, my questions and concerns, and scheduled a follow up biopsy visit for some issues she had discovered. After the biopsy, I kept having pain, I called but her schedule was full, but the nurse herself talked to Dr. Swenson and Dr Swenson told me to come in next morning at 8am. I did not have to wait one second when I walked in and they took me back right-a-way. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the care I am getting. Also, I have been seeing Mary Brown (the Nurse Practitioner) for Pelvic Floor Therapy. Mary has been WONDERFUL. She is always on time, never fusses if I am late (which I feel guilty, cuz she is so nice), she is knowledgable, asks about stresses in my life that affects my health and kindly gives advice that is not condescending. I never feel like a number or ""just a patient"". I feel like these guys are my kind sisters and I am in very good hands. I actually look forward to go to this doctors office!!!! Kudos to everyone there! Pros: Friendly, Courteous, Knowledgable Cons: NONE. more

If you want scary, this is the place for you 4/11/2009

i went here when i was pregnant w/ my first baby, & was primarily cared for by one of the nurses, who only called me back to answer questions during her lunch break (i could hear her eating every time--gross!). after rude sighs every time i had a q, i decided to call around and go somewhere else. when i asked for my records to be transferred to the birthing center, the nurse wrote across them, ""wants more natural approach."" no, just want to be treated like a human. furthermore, one of my best friends went there in hopes of having a vbac, and was told to visit a website that showed images of bloody, ruptured uteri. they are very concerned about the whole cya thing, which means they should be in a different profession. Pros: dr. wiehs is really nice Cons: mean nurse, scare tactics more

Best OB in Austin 1/20/2009

I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Reich and everyone in this practice. I saw 2 of the other doctors in the practice during my pregnancy and was personally called by them about questionable lab results. Dr. Reich delivered my baby, always took the time to answer our question and never made us feel rushed. They never made me feel crazy when I felt like something was not right and called the office. She explained everything very well and put our best interests first. All procedures were very comfortable and we felt comfortable talking with her. I am in the health care profession and feel like she is one of the best OB's I have come across. I recommend her to all my female friends and will continue to use her services. more

Dr. Nash is an outstanding doctor 1/18/2009

Dr. Nash has been my OB for the last three years, and has provided outstanding care throughout that entire time. She is attentive, concerned about her patients' needs and concerns, and extremely knowledgeable. She helped me through a very difficult pregnancy and was sincerely concerned about me, my family, and our overall wellbeing the entire pregnancy (and beyond.) Her nurse can be a bit abrasive, but is knowledgeable. I usually just waited to discuss my specific concerns with Dr. Nash, which worked fine.\r During my labor, Dr. Nash checked on me frequently, and spent quite a bit of time with us at each visit. She also stayed with us for an hour after our daughter was born to ensure that we did not have additional complications.\r When faced with complex situations , Dr. Nash is willing to research alternatives, best practices, and discuss situations with her partners in order to provide the best patient care possible. She has outstanding bedside manner, and I often left her office thinking what a great friend she must be. I highly recommend her.\r Pros: Excellent doctor, Uses a great hospital, All women Cons: Nurse can be a bit abbrasive more

Not enough compassion for infertility 12/22/2008

If you have irregular periods this is not the place for you. WPIH takes a really regular approach to this issue. I was insulted by the nurse who suggested I might have an eating disorder and met with resistance with every phone call and concern. I love nurses, my mother is a nurse and worked as a nurse advocate for years. So, I am typically not a nurse basher, but Dr. Nash's nurse is just awful. She is mean and insensitive. I switched doctors and am so much happier now. They've taken every concern seriously. Even when I required an endometrial biopsy and screamed at the top of my lungs, every person in Dr. Akin's office treated me with the utmost care and concern for my emotional as well as physical well being. I am young, and I realize being young comes along with certain bias at the OBGYN. The assumption is because you are young and thin, therefore you are healthy. This is not always the case. Given my particular situation, I require extra attention. This attention was not ever available at Women Partners in Health. If you have regular periods, then you will probably like Women Partners just fine. But, it was not the place for me. Pros: good for regular ovulators Cons: long waiting time, mean nurse. more

Dr. Swenson is awesome! 8/13/2008

I see Dr. Swenson at this practice and she has been nothing but kind, concerned, prompt, and she listens to me. When I wanted natural remedies, she recommended them. She saw me for my annual this year even though I was 20 minutes late and she was out the door to a meeting. She always asks how everything is and offers good solutions for even minor issues. I will definitely use herin the future if I decide to have a child without a single worry. Compared to other nightmarish experiences with other ob/gyns it is such a relief to know that I have found a doctor I can rely on and trust. more

It's a Business, don't expect compassion 7/13/2008

Did not feel cared for at all. I made special provisions to find a female GYN and one in-network. I waited a long time for my appointment. And by waiting I mean as I was undressed in the exam room, waiting for at least 45 minutes. The exam was brief, which is good. And then it was off with the doctor and I was told that the nurse would schedule me for an injection. The nurse was not present during the exam, something they are supposed to be present for. I paid my co pay and then left. THe nurse never scheduled the appointment which I found out when I called to confirm. I thought it odd but I thought that they would in the end take care of me.But when my insurance found a loop hole and refused payment for the simple annual, I was told that there wasn't anything they could do. I have worked in doctor's offices and all they would have had to do was to re-code the insurance filing or at least make an effort to. I had lost my job recently after that incident and they gave me like 10.00 off the annual which costs 250.00 I pleaded with them to at least try. They refused and instead wrote me a letter telling me I signed an agreement and ""they expect to be paid"". Of Course I know they expect to be paid! ALl I wanted was to be treated with a little compassion and as if I were more than just another cash cow that walks into their door. I wish I had never gone to this business. Pros: good ambience Cons: very busy more

not worth it 6/12/2008

I have been a patient to this parctice since 1998. I am afraid of change but after what I have been through in the last two months I am more than ready for a change. I had a miscarriage during spring break and not my first, it's my fourth. most physically , mentally and emotionally painful one ever... It has taken a huge toll on me as well as my marriage. My husband had to sit in the car with our two girls as I was told by my doctor that yet again I had miscarried after several rounds of bloodwork and ultrasounds. It is what they call a missed miscarriage and what that means is that the embyo does mot make it but the sac continues to grow. This is my second of this type of miscarriage. So as she tells me this I completely lose it and she tells me I can stey in the room until I am ready to come out. Not even a moment later the RN knocks on the door and tells me she needed to schedule my next appt. So I am standing in the hallway trying not to lose it as she is scheduling my appt, then I had to walk out to the waiting area to check out. People were starring at me and they probably knew because I was sobbing and had tears running down my face. Finally I was getting out of there and I am walking to our car and I just completely lost it as soon as I saw my husband. He had no idea and he was pretty stunned thinking why did this happen AGAIN...\r After years of going to this practice I am finally realizing that I am just a number and not a person. You wait an hour in the waiting room, finally get called back wait at least 20 minutes more in the examination room, you see the doctor for about 5 minutes then off you go. I could go into detail of what I have been through in the ten years of going to this practice but then I would just need to publish a book. With my experiences I recommend you go elsewhere if you want to be treated like a person and not a number. Pros: close to the hospital Cons: patient care, counseling more

Love Dr. Yium and staff 4/23/2008

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Dr. Yium is. No matter how busy she is, she takes interest in everything you have to say and answeres questions and concerns thoroughly. I've never had difficulty getting an appointment and never had the wait time a couple of other reviews have mentioned. They took excellent care of me throughout the pregnancy. She is sweet, smart, and caring. Pros: Wonderful care, convenient facility more

the best it can be 4/15/2008

I didn't even REALIZE how crummy my past gynos were until I went here.\r \r I was a new patient here so this was my first visit. By the way if you are a new patient, I highly recommend downloading the new patient forms from the website and filling them out before you get there. Saved a lot of time.\r \r My appointment was with Dr. Nash and she (and her nursing assistant that did the pressure and such) where both fantastic. \r \r Normally, it's so uncomfortable so I just get in put on that piece of C***paper gown, stare at the crappy fluorescent lights and whatever eating disorder poster they happen to have on the wall with an occasional nod or noncommittal grunt when they ask questions.\r \r But first of all the gown is cloth, which don't get me wrong it still is horrible, but somehow it at least felt better. And Dr. Nash came in smiling and normal chit chat, where you from etc. It's somewhat unexplainable but there was just something about her personality that was so easy going. \r \r It wasn't even awkward talking to her as she was prodding around. It was over and done so quick I asked her in shock, can I get dressed now and she was like yeah of course all done :D :D \r \r We talked about any concerns I had and birth control options. She was really upfront about it when I asked about the prevalence of side effects and such. I really appreciated being able to talk candidly about anything that occurred to me. It's so rare to feel at ease in that type of situation. \r \r So yeah five stars. For what you have to go through in this situation, it doesn't get any better. Pros: the staff is awesome. Cons: none! more

Dr. Nash wonderful, Practice Great 2/12/2008

I can't be more complimentary about the quality of care, attention to detail, and interpersonal skills at Women Partners in Health. Specifically, I have had excellent care from Dr. Felicia Nash both for routine annual gynecological care and for obstetrical care. \r \r The review about having a long wait is the product of what I would deem an atypical visit. Perhaps there was an emergency during that person's visit resulting in the delay and the apparent distraction of Dr. Nash, but this is definitely not my experience. At least 95% of the time I would say I have been called back at least a few minutes BEFORE my appointment time. I have also always found Dr. Nash willing to take the time and effort to discuss all aspects of my medical treatment with me and consult with other doctors and records as necessary. Specifically during her care during my pregnancy, I could not have been happier with her willingness to listen to me, explain things to me, and treat me as an individual. \r \r An area that I am particularly satisfied with the practice is regarding their friendliness. At least a half-dozen individuals know me well enough on sight to remember that my child is male along with some other details about him. This may seem silly, but it sure makes appointments seem like more fun!\r \r I have and would recommend the practice, particularly for pregnancy care and gynecological care for teenagers (they seem to really have mastered this subtle art). \r \r If you do go to them for obstetrical care, don't skip Meet the Partners Night which I think would be more aptly named as ""Open Mic Night with your Obstetricians."" Not only are they informative and leave you feeling more comfortable with all the doctors of the practice, but they are flat out funny. Standup with an obstetrical edge is something that should not be missed. \r \r Kudos to the whole practice. Pros: Attention to detail, personal service, friendly staff Cons: getting the phone answered to schedule an appointment can take FOREVER (try 8:30 am) (I haven't seen this problem wtih non-scheduling calls) more

Love Dr. Nash and WPIH 1/7/2008

I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Nash. I have seen really bad dr.'s in the past that made me not ever want to go the the gyno again. After an initial consultation with Dr. Nash and I expressed my fears, she put me at ease and has been very nurturing during my first pregnancy. She has not pushed any procedures and has explained everything that she is doing during an exam etc. I have had to wait for her a few times, but I figure if it was me that was taking up her time (like if I was in labor) then I would want her to not be rushed. Over all she has changed my feelings about going to the gyno, I have referred 4 or 5 women to her and will continue to. She is young and positive and I feel those are important to me... she doesn't seem to be high strung at all and will be a calming presence when I go into labor. Also, I am planning a natural birth and she is completely on board with me. Pros: Extremely nurturing, would be great for first - timers Cons: Might have to wait more

Avoid this Doctor at all costs!!! 10/26/2007

I had an appointment October 24, 2007 with Dr. Felicia Nash M.D. I got there according to the time and waited 30 minutes in the lounge. Once called back the Doctors Nurse did the weight, and asked for a urinalysis and some medical history. Then I waited in the Doctor's office for another 20 minutes for a consultation. Finally!!!, The Doctor arrives! Upon first initial meeting she appeared very pleasant. Then once we got into the nitty gritty of things I was given an attitude. This Dr. Nash was so rude, inconsiderate and did not have a care in the world for my time or needs. She asked about my medical history, if we were going to have children and medications. The medications I am (which being pregnant can be taken) on have been prescribed for the last ten years and this beast wants to alter them because there is not enough data out there on this particular med. Excuse me!! There is a ton! Do your homework!! Secondly, if you are going into an office for an examine you would think there would be a breast check. Nope!! I asked for a mammogram to which she did agree, but once in the examine room( which I waited another 15 minutes for her to arrive) she did not do a check herself. She spent 10 minutes in the examine room and that was it. She wanted out of there. Absoultely no manners or courtesy behavior, She gave you a feeling that you were doing her a favor by being there. Upon checking out I requested records of that visit and I was told it would be $15.00 a PAGE!!!! Go at your own risk. But I would rather not have any medical care then go back to this office again. Women Partners you should be ashamed of yourselves! more

Excellent ob-gyn 3/24/2007

I have had a consistently excellent experience with Dr Reich as she saw me through some very difficult pregnancies (I have 3 kids) and a terrible experience with an IUD that perforated my uterus (and required surgery). She's consistently gone out of her way to make sure I'm doing okay. When I had abnormal test results come back, she called me personally to relay the news. During my surgery for the IUD extraction, she fixed my other surgical scars and removed some scar tissue. One of the funniest things I found was that she was miffed by a previous c-section scar and said she just had to fix it for cosmetic reasons - even though it was well inside my bikini line. I trust her and think she does an excellent job. I have - and do - recommend her to others. \r \r That said, I've seen the office staff undergo a radical transformation. Where they were slightly indifferent to downright bored to tears to help you, the new staff (circa 2007) is very friendly and super helpful. Yes, sometimes there is a wait but that is the price you pay for seeing an OB-gyn (stress on the obstetrics - it's a never dull, never sit still kinda business). \r \r Dr Reich's nurse and assistant nurse - Maria and Anjoli - are awesome, too. I have interacted with the other doctors in WPIH and they are consistently caring and knowledgeable. \r \r I found Dr Reich by calling Seton's LDR and asking for recommendations. She was at the top of their list! Pros: Consistency, Demonstrated Knowledge, Bedside manner & rapport, Nursing staff, on site technology Cons: Parking, Check in process, Appointment Scheduling more

Really nice, all women 3/14/2007

Only women work there (as far as I can tell) which is really nice, especially for girls/women going to the GYN for the first time. They helped me feel a lot more comfortable and I feel that I can really trust my doctor there. Pros: trustworthy, put me a ease more

Inconsiderate of Patients 2/22/2007

I have no doubt that the doctors practicing at this establishment are well-educated and up to date with the latest in women's health care; however, I have never had such an incovenient and frustrating first and second experience at a doctor's office. \r \r The first appointment began with an hour long wait in the waiting room past my scheduled appointment time. Upon returning for a follow-up visit, a nurse informed me that my doctor had an emergency and needed to leave, would probably return in about a week, and that I would have to reschedule. \r \r I was able to contact the doctor's nurse to obtain test results, and she set me up with an appointment a month out to see a different doctor. To my amazement, I was called and told the appointment I had set up was not available. I would have to reschedule AGAIN!\r \r I understand occasional scheduling conflicts, especially with doctors who practice obstetrics, but after an hour long wait and two times of being rescheduled, I will definitely not return to this establishment. There are plenty of clinics who are up to date on the latest issues with women. Pros: Reputation for being up to date on women's issues Cons: Long wait time and patient rescheduling more
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