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Wolfgang's Steak House - Park Avenue - 76 Reviews - 4 Park Ave, New York, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 889-3369

Wolfgang's Steak House - Park Avenue

4 Park Ave (at at 33rd St.)
New York, NY 10016
(212) 889-3369
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Wolfgang's Steak House - Park Avenue - New York, NY
Wolfgang's Steak House - Park Avenue - New York, NY
Wolfgang's Steak House - Park Avenue - New York, NY
Wolfgang's Steak House - Park Avenue - New York, NY
Wolfgang's Steak House - Park Avenue - New York, NY
Wolfgang's Steak House - Park Avenue - New York, NY
Wolfgang's Steak House - Park Avenue - New York, NY


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This place has the best steak in the city! I don't know what the others are complaining about below. The service is friendly and attentive. Porterhouse is the only way to go. ...


I had reservations and had to wait 20 minutes. The bar was very crowded and they stuck us by the front door with 2 children. It was very uncomfortable and quite upsetting. \r Onc...

This place has the best steak in the 6/12/2012

This place has the best steak in the city! I don't know what the others are complaining about below. The service is friendly and attentive. Porterhouse is the only way to go. Sides are also good, but a little small. more

Great Steaks 6/27/2011

I was a big Luger's fan and still am, however after going here the last few times for steaks I no longer want to take the trip into Brooklyn. To be honest this place is just better then Lugers, food wise, service wise etc..... more

Walked Out - Shameful Treatment and Disgusting Food 2/3/2011

Horribly snobby and rude service. The food was disgusting. My Wolfgang salad was room temperature, nothing was crisp and fresh like a salad is supposed to be. The waiter does not know what a caipirinhia cocktail is. My husband likes his lamb chops well done, and they came out completely red on the inside, blood was still oozing out! When he sent it back to cook further (which should not even have to happen to begin with – Del Frisco’s, Prime Rib etc, they all know very well, what well done means when they serve us our food), the dish came out with the chops completely burnt and charred on the outside, and still red on the inside. They just popped it under the broiler. They serve you by plopping your chop on your plate, they spilled grease all over our table when serving both times! There is nothing high quality about wolfgangs besides their prices and their arrogance. We called the manager and he just tried to prove us wrong, while staring at the red chop. He was raising his voice at us, outrageous!! I asked him if the plate looks like it is worthy to charge 36 dollars for, he was speechless, could not even say yes. The food looked like trash, tasted like trash, and the service was absolutely disgusting. Mistakes happen everywhere, so we could look beyond that. It is the attitude of the staff and manager that sealed the deal for us in deciding to never set foot in this place again. Never going back, and letting my circles know. Bunch of amateurs. People are far better of at the Mac Donalds a few blocks down, where you still get service with a smile. more

I love it! 12/19/2010

I've never had a better steak in my life! After my first visit there I compare all steaks i eat with the one I had at Wolfgagng's. Nothing came close so far. more

Cold hearted 12/2/2010

Never seen anything like it. We had 7:00 pm reservations. One person in our group is elderly and currently undergoing cancer treatment. At 7:45, we were still waiting for our table, standing in the lobby. I spoke to the hostess twice, trying to find out when our table would be ready, and pinted out that one of our guest was very ill and couldn't stand for long periods of time, she never gave us an answe. After waiting for an hour , we decided to leave, at which point the manager looked at me and said, ""you cant wait for two minutes?"". I said no and he rolled his eyes at me. Won't be going back anytime soon. more

love this steakhouse 9/18/2010

really great steakhouse Pros: food, service Cons: noisy more

Poor service, rock concert noise 6/1/2010

although the food was good, the service and athmosphere was anything but. We were a party of 5 and could not hear each other without screaming. The tables were so close together that I continued to be jostled by partons and wait staff as well, even after asking the wait staff to not bump me as they made their way through through the crowded restaurant. Our order was wrong, we had to ask to see the desert menu and had to ask for more coffee. there are many great restaurants in NYC, I'd find one where you can actually enjoy the experience. Pros: good food Cons: noise, service more

Better than lugers for a fact 4/12/2010

I used to be a regular at peter lugers steak house not any more 4 park avenue a popular resturant in nyc , me my self a european food critic i was a critic for spicy foods and restaurants now i am a steak eater freak i had peter lugars for quit a while in my stay at new york but a friend of mine at lugers told me to try wolfgangs "" i went over to park avenue location it was amzaing i only oreded a lake filled martini and a steak for two i was utterly exposed to the taste , queit substantially equievlant but some how wolf gangs was a bit more lean and jucier maybe there grill or sauce i dont know but was phenominal ! BTW dont hesitate to try the delicious german patato with blue cheese god bless the taste Pros: Run, don't walk! Cons: the wait more


I AM trully amazed after waitng for 2 hours for a table dam right worth the money and wait ! the sizzling buttery steak and not to mention for the amount of people that eat here maxed out and packed the service is outstanding yea sure the hostes forgot to check out on me and my wife after teh fact that there was a line of peopel wating for tables not to blame thougth the food was all well worth the wait and i ordered steak for me and 16 ounce filet mignon for my wife we didnt even finsih half way through at the left overs at home tatse even better god i wish i can have wolfgangs next door to me its would be great i live in PA :( and shooter is just one of those jelous poeple and wishes he had about 350 peoepl a night at a restaraunt :) like this Pros: food, service Cons: no t.v at bar more

Historical Steakhouse 1/28/2010

This Steakhouse reminds me of Peter Lugers but good thing is it is not in Brooklyn! They serve steak the same way and it tastes very similar too. The portion here is huge so we just ordered Steak for 3 although we have 5 people. Their creamy spinach and their shrimp salad are both very yummy. The steak is cooked just right. It was sizzling while it came to our table. They do not have Peter Luger's steak sauce, which I think is definitely outstanding. This will be my alternative for Peter Lugers when I don't feel like traveling to Brooklyn! Pros: Scrumptious Steak more

Horrible Service: Enough to detract from the food 11/9/2009

I had a reservation for 8:30 on a saturday. Everyone in our party arrived at 8:40. We weren't seated until after 9:30. The hostess and the manager barely even aknowledged our wait. While the food was good, I wouldn't come back here because of the service. more

not as good as lugers, but convenient for a steak fix 9/30/2009

i used to be a regular at lugers (went at least once a month). wolfgang's is basically an exact knockoff, though not quite as good. that means you get the brusque service, which is a lugers' hallmark. that being said, we always get great service at wolfgang's b/c we know the system ... order the bacon and tomato and onion for appetizers, steak for 2, medium rare (no matter how many people you have), cottage fries, creamed spinach, and then the hot fudge sundae w/extra schlag. i love that they are in my neighborhood and accept credit cards ... we waited about 20 min past our reservation last nite, which wasn't too bad (btw, you usually have to wait at lugers, too, unless you're a regular). of course, it helps to order a couple bottles of expensive wine, too. Pros: very good steaks and sides (esp the bacon) Cons: the wait, even with a reservation more

Steak for 2 3 and 4 9/16/2009

It's not the first time we dine here. We've been coming to wolfgangs for a little bit over a year now and can't get enough of it!!!. We were there last night. The place was jamming there was no sign of a recession here. We waited a couple of minutes since the Host seated us promptly. And the the party started. This is a great place to feel a real NY steakhouse experience.The waiters passing by with the amazing smell of sizzling steak.... UHMM couldn't we let our waiter order the usual for us:seafood,bacon and tomato and onions with roquefort cheese on the side. let me say that this combination is out of this world! We finished all in no time. All of a sudden our waiters cleaned up our table mess and set us up for the good stuff.Steak for the table all of us ordered medrare except for my 2 secretaries they wanted well done. It all came out was perfectly cooked, all sizzling and buttery as always(even the well done steak) They always take care of us.The sides were the perfect match. They brought us the german potatoes,creamed spinach and onion rings(really crispy). We then had the dessert""Fantasy"" wich is a selection of the desserts along with fresh fuit and the wonderful SCHLAG. Wow It was an amazing time and hope to be back tomorrow with a party of 12 people. They may be booked but they'll acomodate us for sure,they always do. Thanks guys for making this business deal dinner a total pleasure as always!!!!!!!!!!\r You'll be seeing us more often now with the holiday season aproaching. Pros: Super sizes Cons: little wait but completely worth it more

Best place for Real Steak 9/16/2009

After a wonderful dinner at wolfgang's I thougt about my doctor and then i thought it was really worth the wait!! took a double dose of lipitor just in case. Of course there was a small wait of 30 mins but c'mon this is a hot spot.The bacon was delicious and the tomato and onion as well. We left some space for the steak.Since we ordered Steak for 2 we asked the waiter to take the bread away and so he arrived with the best steak in town. PERFECT MEDIUM RARE nicely charred and super juicy, creamed spinach out of this world and the crunchy and yummy german potatoes(i love the crispy part).The plate was so hot it still sizzled for a few minutes. We then had the cheesecake with the homemade schlag and then it was time to go( we had yankee game tickets) Absolutely amazing and we'll be back formore.Thanks Wolfgang. Pros: Excellent Steak and Service more

Perfect As Always 8/20/2009

For the past year I have met 2 friends once every month for a ritual luncheon @ Wolfgangs. We expect a perfect meal and that's what we get. The service is always friendly and professional. The steaks are prepared exactly as ordered and are among the best in the City. I would continue with the accolades but I'm on my way to Wolfgangs for lunch. Pros: Steak, Steak and Steak. Did I mention steak? more

Dinner w/ JMP 4/20/2009

good spot for work dinner steaks this is a test etc kjlkjkjkljlkjkljlkjjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkkjkjlklkjlkjljlkjlkjlkjlkj more

Embarrasing 4/14/2009

I had reservations and had to wait 20 minutes. The bar was very crowded and they stuck us by the front door with 2 children. It was very uncomfortable and quite upsetting. \r Once finally seated, we placed our order. The service was good, but very unfriendly.\r We ordered the rib eye, porterhouse for 2 and the tuna.\r Both rib eye and porterhoise was good, nothing special. I've had bigger and better rib eye. The tuna was bland and boring, no sauces with it, just a hunk of blah looking tuna on a wife hardly touched it. Mozzarella and tomato- mozz. was good, tomatoes were hard and tasteless, obviously not ripe. Creamed spinach was bland and the german potatoes were burnt.\r Overall- the food was not very enjoyable, the servicers need a lesson in being friendly.\r Don't bother to make a reservation because they will make you wait anyway.\r Pros: nothing Cons: don't honor your reservation more

Head to other location in Tribecca 3/27/2009

Hard to believe the difference between this location and downtown.\r \r If you want a great experience do not bother going here - head downtown.\r \r Not only is the food prep better you get service with a smile Cons: service and attitude more

Worse service, combined with bad food 3/11/2009

I have never seen such a downright rude waiter in this city. Not at a nice steakhouse like Wolfgang's where you would expect to have a more attentive and professional service, when you see the Internet-side. \r \r He rushed us, took our plates away when we weren't finished, and was practically throwing things around. No basic manners at all. \r \r Our steaks were like coal. I ordered it medium and asked for it not to be blackened on the outside. The steak came rare, but blackened enough to have a charred taste. The steak itself isn't as flavourful and tenderly as I've had it at other steakhouses. \r \r Conclusion:\r \r If you are in New York City and you are looking for bad to worse service, combined with bad food, than you have to go to Wolfgang?s Steakhouse.\r more

Terrible Service, overpriced and rude... 3/1/2009

What an aweful experience. We booked a table for 4 for Thursday night dinner. Since we knew it would be busy we confirmed the reservation the day before. My parents were coming into town and we wanted to treat them to a special night out - what a mistake to pick Wolfgangs...We arrived at 7:30pm, right on time for our reservation, the hostess frantically searched the computer system for our reservation. The restaurant was very, very busy. Lots of business folks relaxing after a stressful day, the bar was hardly approachable because of the amount of people packed around it. The hostess could not find our reservation and summoned the matredee about a solution, he was arrogant and didn't want to be bothered, he was too busy smooching up to his business clients. I asked him what was going to happen? He asked the hostess why we were here (clearly unaware of the situation) and was told again they could not find the reservation. He told the hostess to put us on the waiting list - my jaw dropped...I asked what had happened to our reservation - she quickly snapped back and stated that ""someone"" had made a mistake. No apologies, no regrets, nothing. We were just left standing there, I went back and asked how long it would take for a table and again she snapped back and said that it could take 30mins up to an hour, she pointed us to the packed bar and ordered us to get drinks and wait. This was unexceptable behaviour and I started to get annoyed. I asked her again why they lost our reservation and explained that my parents were visiting and wanted to enjoy a good steak in New York, she rolled her eyes and blurted out again that ""someone"" had made an error and that we were going to have to wait our turn. I turned around and walked out the door. Never again will I visit this establishment, or recommend it to anyone... Pros: nothing Cons: Service, service, service more
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    It's owned by long-time Peter Luger head waiter Wolfgang Zwiener and it shows, in everything but the elaborate Guastavino-tiled ceilings and white linens. There's a profusion of...

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