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Wolfff Christopher Vitality Chiropractic

5211 20th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 297-2792
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When I started seeing Dr. Wolfe in 2005, my back pain and stiffness was so severe that I couldn't tie my shoes some mornings. I literally always hurt. I was skeptical but nothin...


The biggest crime they made here was that they told me my insurance would cover all my charges. Then they told me a whole load of bs about their techniques which sounded great un...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/5/2012

As far as health is concerned, they know what they're talking about. Vitality fixed my overall health in a way that no other therapy was able to. Problems that I didn't even know were related to my neck alignment went away. It has changed my life.. more

Total rip-off scam operation 1/21/2012

The biggest crime they made here was that they told me my insurance would cover all my charges. Then they told me a whole load of bs about their techniques which sounded great until I found out that the entirety of their ""technique"" is cracking your neck on some elaborate loud chair. I'm not going to waste too many words on these people. They got me for a few hundred bucks! be ware this is some snake oil sh!!!! more

Beware the heavy sales pitch! 11/4/2010

First off I called to see if they were providers in my insurance plan. They said they took my insurance - I assumed that was a yes, (stupid me!), but it turns out it was a no. I did not find this out until I had a first appointment with them. They billed my insurance, but since they were not members of my plan, my insurance paid only a small amount of the bill. Second, my first appointment had a heavy sales pitch tone to it. The doctor I met with reminded me of someone who is a part of The Forum. There was a lot of pressure to buy into a 'program'. I was firm that I did not want this, and the doctor relented. He did an evaluation of my situation and told me to come back the next day to go over the results, (my second red flag - I have been to chiropractors many times and all others have been able to diagnose me during a first appointment.). He explained to me that we would first go over the results, then talk about a treatment plan and then we would go over the money part. It felt so much like I was signing up for a health club or some other program, as opposed to getting medical treatment. To me, it is offices like this that give chiropractors a bad reputation. more

I go with what works. 10/27/2009

When I started seeing Dr. Wolfe in 2005, my back pain and stiffness was so severe that I couldn't tie my shoes some mornings. I literally always hurt. I was skeptical but nothing else had worked.\r \r Dr. Wolfe proposed a specific treatment. He made sure I was committed to my own health. He then addressed my subluxation while I exercised, began moving with awareness, hydrated, got supportive massages, and just tried to be a responsible patient.\r \r It took almost 9 months of weekly then bi-weekly visits, but I have been pain free now for years, thanks to Dr. Wolfe and the staff at Vitality. I can sleep, I can sit at a desk, I can rock climb, and I can run.\r \r I do have to add- I am perplexed by some of these reviews.... are they talking about the same place!? The same Dr. Wolfe!? I don't get it... I've been going for years and my experience at Vitality has been nothing but positive. Pros: I get to move and be pain-free Cons: There is no pill that makes you healthy. more

Miraculous 9/25/2009

I'd always looked upon chiropractic work as a sort of quackery. Then I started having headaches. I had various tests through the doctor's office, but apart from some physical therapy that helped my neck stiffness: no relief. I even went to another chiropractor, willing to try anything, but he cracked my neck and told me to come back if I wanted. Huh? I stumbled upon Vitality Chiropractic. From the start I was impressed with the amount of information they gave me, and their well thought-out plan for treatment. Sure, I was going to more sessions at first than I'd planned, but after a few weeks they tapered off...and I'd have gone to twice as many sessions if they'd cure my headaches. They are all about doing as little as you need to feel better, but that's going to vary from person to person. I'm not the professional, so how can I say whether they are correct or not? Except that my results speak for themselves. No ""neck cracking"" but gentle re-alignment. Sweet relief! I've referred both family and friends. I wouldn't let a couple of naysayers keep me away from their fantastic methodology (Blair-Palmer method I believe?) and treatment. Sure, different strokes for different folks, but you get the help you need here. Pros: Gentle, professional care Cons: I have to transfer buses more

This has been a great experience for me 9/24/2009

I had never had treatment before seeing Dr.Wolfe. I was in pain and was recommended by 2 different friends. I went because nothing else worked. Dr.Wolfe wasn't worried about payment as much as helping me. I have found him to be charming and knowledeable. He has helped me unmeasurably. I do not work for Dr.Wolfe or his clinic. My experience has been such I recommend others, my family included. He expects clients to be committed to change, if you want 1 treatment and than walk away he would not be the doc for you. Pros: better health Cons: must be commited more

Finally a good diagnosis and treatment 8/12/2009

I am grateful to Vitality Chiropractic, and Dr. Zapata specifically, for a quick and accurate diagnosis and effective treatment program for a structural spine problem that I have had since a car accident in 2003 involving my neck. \r \r I first visited Vitality Chiropractic in Ballard at the end of July, and after my first adjustment, I am finally getting treated for the problem instead of the symptoms, after all these years.\r \r Communication is a two-way street, and I am a real patient. I agree that financial issues do have to be managed each visit, to make sure the patient and the doctor's office are on the same page. Commit to what you can afford, and find out from your employer or health plan for what benefits that may cover out-of-network costs. If you need to wait, then budget treatment starting next year, if necessary. Flex-Plan is a good alternative if if is still around after the health care reform currently under government review.\r \r That is a small price to pay for regaining my health. Thank you Vitality Chiropractic! Pros: Best diagnosis after car accident for upper cervical Cons: Manage your account each visit before the costs accrue more

Poor Chiropractic Care in Ballard 7/24/2009

I was a patient at Dr. Wolff's office for quite some time but have just had enough of his antics. His people skills are poor, he pushes patients through his office visits without really taking care and consideration for their progross. All he cares about is making the most money off each patient as possible and manipulating people into ""care programs"" that aren't necessary. The office lacks proper signage and the bathrooms are filthy. \r \r I'd recommend going to Divine Spine up the street. I've felt comfortable with the Doctors as well as their plans to care for my health. Pros: Friendly Staff Cons: Terrible Management more

Works for me 5/16/2009

I've been a pt of Dr. Wolff's practically since he started, in 1999. I found these reviews when I was looking for a website listing their hours, and ... man, what an eye opener! I imagine his aggressive recruiting tactics weren't all in place when I started, and I've basically ignored them. There was a brief pt education session, and I don't remember it being too over-the-top. Perhaps that's changed. Some of his information and jargon seems almost cult-like in tone, but then I also feel that way about Trader Joe's. I just get my treatment and leave — and hold on to my own beliefs. His adjustments help my migraines. Personally, I don't believe they do much more than that (though he'd beg to differ). There were lots of visits/adjustments in the beginning, and I was in worse pain for a while, but just like he said, it went away. Now I check in now and then, or when I've been having migraines. He adjusts me, and I'm better. About the Chiropractic Assn charges: He's certainly a schmoozer, but no more than that in my experience. I don't find it offensive. The billing irregularities I leave to my insurance company. A few times things have come back as ""already billed,"" but I assumed it was oversight, not wrongdoing. I will look at his practice with different eyes after reading these reviews, but my treatment at Vitality has been nothing but decent, appropriate, and effective. Don't believe the hype, and you'll be fine. Pros: Cured my migraines Cons: Cult-like jargon more

Vitality Chiropractic 10/22/2008

I have been a patient at Vitality Chiropratic for about two months. Prior to coming into Dr. Wolff's office I hadn't received any chiropratic care or education on the upper cervical. Since becoming a patient, I have noticed and incredible difference in my health. The headhaches I used to get on a daily basis are gone. My general energy level has increased making me more productive at work, and in general, I feel much healthier. I have always been treated with kindness and concern at Vitality, and the doctors have been more than willing to address all of my questions and concerns. For these reasons, I highly recommend Doctor Wolff's chiropractic care. more

Dr Wolff review 10/22/2008

I had a appointment with dr wolff this morning. My first visit which I cancelled because of these reviews. When I called to cancel I was asked why. I indicated the reviews here. Sure thing 20 min later the last post came in. THis is obviously from his receptionist or someone in his office. I don't know Mr Wolff or his practice so don't cancel or choose not to go on my review. Just know when the best review so far came in and the circumstances . \r \r Pros: N/A Cons: N/A more

Highly professional and beneficial chiropractic services 10/22/2008

I just read the previous review of Vitality Chiropractic and Dr. Wolff and was astounded at the feedback. I had a completely different experience, and all of the patients I interact with while at the office seem to agree with me. When I started care my visits were more frequent, (2-3 times per week) but as my body started correcting itself, my plan of care steadily decreased. \r Since I can remember I have had horribly incapacitating headaches and self medicated with popping ibuprofen and an occasional massage. When I started care with Dr. Wolff I hadn't even considered the possibility of my headaches going away, I just figured it was my lot in life to be in pain. After about two weeks of care I started noticing I wasn't in constant pain, and by about three weeks into my program my headaches had gone from constant to once every few weeks. I hardly ever am in pain and can't imagine how different my life would be if I had not found Vitality Chiropractic. more

Worst chiropractic experience ever 7/22/2008

I feel the same thing as the other reviewer. I felt like I was being harassed, scammed, and getting really bizarre treatment. Total brainwash experience. more

Worst experience ever! 1/11/2008

Dr. Wolff, the chiropractor at the Vitality Chiropractor, is the most unprofessional doctor I have ever encountered in my life. He was pushy, wanted me to sign up for every day appointments for the next 2 weeks. Did not want to take no for an answer. There was something strange about his behavior and professional conduct. \r \r \r I googled his name to see if anyone reviewed his practice. I was not surprised when I found out that he was charged with unprofessional conduct by the Chiropractic Association last year for sexually harassing his patients and for charging more than offered for services provided. I had a gut filling about this. And, I was right. \r \r Here is an excerpt ""In July 2006 the Chiropractic Commission charged chiropractor Christopher C. Wolff (CH00003562) with unprofessional conduct. Allegations against him include billing for services not provided and/or failing to document services provided to several patients and having a dating or sexual relationship with a patient."" from the Washington State Department's of Health website \r \r \r I will never go to him again and told all my friends not to ever consider his services. more
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