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Wisteria Gardens Of Memorial - 6 Reviews - 611 N Dairy Ashford St, Houston, TX - Rental & Roommate Agencies Reviews - Phone (281) 497-7263

Wisteria Gardens Of Memorial

611 N Dairy Ashford St
Houston, TX 77079
(281) 497-7263
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Wisteria Gardens is a great place to live I have been here 4 years and about to make it 5, there are a lot of changes going on here, a few months ago there was a fire and it destr...


Where to start first. With in the first to months I have been here someone about three apartments down was shot at about 9:15pm that should say everything about that. Two weeks ...

Its a slum 10/9/2010

Where to start first. With in the first to months I have been here someone about three apartments down was shot at about 9:15pm that should say everything about that. Two weeks after that a women was wavy a firearm about at someone she got into it with. The 24 hour maintenance number is just someone to take calls. So its in one ear out the other. They have a security guard or should i say flash light cop. He is not filed with TDPS so the fact that they say they have a security guard is a lie and is a 10,000 dollar fine if TDPS come to check on security.\r They took a dumpster away and now there is not enough space for everyone to throw their trash. It can't be healthly at all. When it rains hard and fast the 1st floor apartments floods. They don't come out till its three days later when the water is already drying. \r There have been brake ins and the management did not inform anyone. My car was broken into because they left the gates open and never fixing them till someones apartment was brooken into while the family was asleep. I do not feel safe at all or trust anything about this complex. more

Don't believe ANY good reviews 10/22/2009

I have lived in Wisteria Gardens for 4 years. THAT was 5 years too long. When I first moved in, there were maintenance issues. They promised to fix immediately. It too 3 months and several requests to get the maintenance done. I couldn't believe what they called completed work. \r \r (1) Refrigerator leaked and caused ice to form on food. 4 years later, it still leaks. I keep a bowl in my fridge to catch the water and i dump the ice block once a week.\r \r (2) mold growing in bathroom walls and ceiling behind sheetrock. All they did was paint over it.\r \r (3) A/C unit freezes up and water drips out of the pan in the bathroom. Drips is a nice word. I end up soaking 3 or 4 towels to keep the water up. They have put freon in the A/C unit 3 times this year alone. A/C units should not require any unless they are leaking. Then they should be fixed. Obviously this isn't done.\r \r (4) sewage leaking. Not as bad now but for the first 3 years, it was a constant issue.\r \r (5) Regarding the burnt down apartment. It took them 8 months to tear down the burnt down apartment building. To this day (10/22/09) there is only mud and weeds in the area where a nice playground was promised.\r \r (6) Leaks around windows and patio doors...still haven't been fixed after 4 years.\r \r (7) When the fire occurred the fire department hosed down my building. Breaking the cheap glass in the upstairs apartment with the water pressure. Water poured down thru the walls into my apartment. I still have water stains, they won't replace that sheetrock and the light above my sink still won't work due to water in the wiring.\r \r (8) On the outside of my apartment, there is an exposed wall where the siding has been removed. for 6 months the pipes were open to the elements. Now it's covered with tar paper. but still no siding. This has been in this condition for a total of 9 months.\r \r (9) My mailbox is constantly being broken in to. I didn't receive my monthly bills for 2 months due to them being scattered all over the place or stolen.\r \r \r (10) There are drug users smoking pot on premises.\r \r (11) Security gates are always broken. I woke up one morning to find a homeless person sleeping on my patio!!!!!!\r \r Final straw.......\r \r New management. I turned in my 60 day notice...yes, I said 60 day because they don't take 30 day notices which is all the law requires. Turned it in Sept. 25th. Yesterday, Oct. 21st, they tell me they haven't seen any written notice and that I would be responsible for 2 months of rent from the date they receive my notice.\r \r I'm going to sue this place to get them shut down. It is unsafe to live in, it is unsafe for children and management only cares about money. Keeping it.\r \r I will do everything in my power to get this place shut down. Pros: large apartments Cons: DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!! more

the previous review (Aug, 2008) is totally bogus 2/26/2009

Not only is the review from August 2008, completely bogus. But it is an example of how the management operates. There is no doubt in my mind that the review was written up by management. If you want to see for yourself- come on out to 611 Dairy Ashford and have a look for yourself. This place is a dump. \r \r The burned down building remained for several months before it was taken down. Today is 2/26/09. The building has been down for a couple months or so. There is no park. No playground. Not even the first sign that any playground or park will be built. There is a dirt field. Thats it. \r \r Honestly, you do not want to move in here. Notice in the contract that it states that the management is not responsible for personal property that may be damaged due to flooding or leaking roofs. This is to cover their own butts. Because this place is nearing 40 years old. The ceilings leak. When the plumbing gets backed up, sewage flows into the apartment. And both of those have happened to me personally on multiple occasions. \r \r My review is simply to give you my account of Wisteria Gardens as I see it. I will be moving out asap. \r \r Know that when you are searching for an apartment, all managers and representatives will be as sweet as pie. But soon after you move in here. If you complain about flooding or leaks, the pie turns sour real fast. \r \r When I moved in to this apartment. Truth be told- the place was dirty. They didnt even have the apartment cleaned since the previous tenant moved out. That is just plain rediculous, if you ask me. My friend use to work at an apartment complex several years ago. When they seen the condition of my apartment when I moved in, they were shocked. \r \r I could continue, but Im just gonna wrap it up now. You get my point. more

Memorial Hood 2/9/2009

The only positive thing about these apartments is the size. The office staff changes every 4 months, except the Manager, who they should have gotten rid of by now. They will 1/2 behind do repairs if at all. We had a fire and it took them over a year to tear down the asbestos contaminated building. YES I said asbestos!. Did they notify us that there was asbestos?s in that building or that we should have a children walk else where to school. NO\r The management said they were going to building a play ground once the building was down. What they did was fill the empty lot with clay dirt and now if the cats aren?t using it as a litter box, the unsupervised 6, 7, and 8 year-olds are screaming and using profanity at all hours of the night as they play football by our windows. \r \r The pool has been a lovely green since before summer. The water gets cut off NO LIE at the very least Twice a month for ?repairs? with No notice. We?ve had to go 8 days with the water being turned off everyday. the washing facilities are a joke. And this lie they have about washer/dryer connection is every unit is a lie. They started construction to add the connections and got shut down for Bootleg construction ( working without a permit) and have yet to start back up. \r \r A friend of mine lived her over 10 years couldn?t take the manager?s Condescending attitude anymore and moved. You would think Management would treat loyal tenants with more respect then these Meth heads they have roaming around here now.\r \r I could go on. But you should have the point by now Pros: floor plans Cons: everything else more

Home is where the Heart is 8/11/2008

Wisteria Gardens is a great place to live I have been here 4 years and about to make it 5, there are a lot of changes going on here, a few months ago there was a fire and it destroyed the center area of the complex, management was quick to tare down the building, it is a great thing to see some positive come from such a tragic thing, they are replacing the area with a new park for the residents and there children, I am looking forward to the finished project. Wisteria Gardens keeps me informed about what going on or what will be going on by having community meetings and sending out flyer's.The Management here are very pleasant and the maintenance quickly respond to the issues I have, My son and I love living here, my neighbors are very nice, the area is great, there are great schools,the grocery stores are across the street as well as Walgreen's, there are great restaurant's in the area and we are just a few blocks from a great exercise trail. I have lived all over Houston and I must say this is the best place I have lived so far,\r There has been negative things said about the complex concerning the fire , to set the record straight the fire was not the fault of the maintenance but of a resident plugging to many things into one socket.\r My over all opinion of Wisteria Gardens is home is where the heart is and my heart is at Wisteria Gardens\r Butterfly Pros: Large Apartments, great recreational area, walking distance to a lot of stores, great management,great schools more

instantly approved 12/9/2007

I stay i in these apts. we just had i fire a week ago cus they didnt fix the units/heaters, a lady turned it on and boom, fire cam and burned more than 5 units. They are so filthy,yes the management will fool you when you call, so nice they will sound then get you in here and switch up on you. I been here for over 5 months they havent fixed nuthn, i had to pay for sum1 to fix it, maintenance is lazy as hell, but they love to try to evict you and but they still havent fixed your apt. The propety owner is called Micob i think management, i been calln snce i stayed here, they never return phone calls, its all just a scam, no assigned parking, gates remain open, so your car can get stolen without hesitation, you gota get a freakn good alarm on your car. they have pest and rodents are so bad, i have water leakn in my 1 of my restroom,so i cant use it, 2 bed 2bath..but more like 2bed 1 bath. They are a big no no. Pros: alot of space Cons: maintenance, staff, property, timesless repair, rip offs, parking, building falling apart more
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