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Windermere Dental Group - 12 Reviews - 6996 Piazza Grande Ave 209, Orlando, FL - Cosmetic Dentists Reviews - Phone (407) 294-1132

Windermere Dental Group

6996 Piazza Grande Ave 209
Orlando, FL 32835
(407) 294-1132
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Windermere Dental Group - Orlando, FL
Windermere Dental Group - Orlando, FL
Windermere Dental Group - Orlando, FL
Windermere Dental Group - Orlando, FL
Windermere Dental Group - Orlando, FL
Windermere Dental Group - Orlando, FL
Windermere Dental Group - Orlando, FL
Windermere Dental Group - Orlando, FL
Windermere Dental Group - Orlando, FL
Windermere Dental Group - Orlando, FL
Windermere Dental Group - Orlando, FL
Windermere Dental Group - Orlando, FL
Windermere Dental Group - Orlando, FL


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I bought the Living Social deal and I have a great experience. The Staff was very friendly and helpful, The Doctor made sure that I understood every single detail of my dental hea...


Don't waste your time at this office. In the short time I was a patient there the staff constantly changed and office manager was never ""available"". Also, my cap had to be fixe...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/5/2013

Windermere Dental Group should be shut down. I received a coupon for a discounted initial visit plus whitening, so I jumped on it. I should have read reviews of the place first. I could've saved myself a lot of hassle. The office is very nice and clean, and the staff was friendly enough, but when I went in on my second visit to have a couple of cavities filled, it was done incorrectly. I couldn't even bite down on anything because of the way the filling protruded from my tooth. I went in to have it corrected, and they actually charged me for it! It was their mistake!! On the phone, they told me there would be no additional charge, but a few weeks later, i got a bill in the mail for it. when I called to contest the bill, they threatened me with being sent to a collections agency. To avoid any further hassle, I paid the copay on it. After they ""fixed"" that mistake with the filling, my tooth was in horrible pain, and I couldn't get floss between the tooth that had the filling and the tooth right next to it. There was filling in between the two, connecting them together. It fell out after about a couple of months. I've had severe sensitivity in that tooth ever since. Fast forward to nearly two years later. I found a new dentist and they needed my X-rays from this awful place released to them. I called several times, leaving messages for my X-ray release, and none of my calls were ever returned. So my new dentist called them personally, and only then did they bother to call me. They told me it would be a $10 charge to release my info to my new office. I have never been charged to have files released between offices, and these crooks won't get one more cent from me. Luckily, my new dentist found a way around getting those records, so I'm thankful for that. My new dentist said he's never heard of someone charging to release records. I've never written a bad review in my life, but people need to be warned to stay away from this place. Awful. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/24/2013

Horrible experience having a tooth pulled. It has been several weeks and I am still dealing with the pain and infection. I will never go to Windermere Dental Group again and would never, ever recommend them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/23/2013

The best Dentist and the best experience!\r I have always been very afraid about going to the dentist and as a result my mouth was in a very bad shape. But when I went to Windermere Dental and met Dr Moncada I felt very comfortable . She took her time to explained to me the procedures needed to restore my dental health and answer all my questions. \r When she numbed me I did not feel anything ,and my treatment was smooth and painless. My teeth feel so much better now and the best part is that I can smile with confidence again. \r The staff is great and very helpful, they are constantly making sure that you feel comfortable and now I am not afraid of going to the dentist anymore. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/19/2013

Great Experience!!!\r My son, 11 years old was the first to try Dr. Moncada Dental Office. I was very surprised after his first visit, He was VERY HAPPY :), Comfortable with Dr. Moncada and her staff. You know kids are more sensitive about Dentist Offices. He told me ""Mom: Dr. Moncada is really nice person, she is very friendly... I didn't feel scared about the dentist...\r Wow!! She has to be nice... I thought!!\r After that, I had a bad tooth pain, I ran to Dr.Moncada Office, I had a Root canal :( I was afraid... Evebody says that's painful... Dr. Moncada was very professional and careful with me because I have very very very sensitive teeth. She was a really angel, I never felt pain or uncomfortable while she was working on me for long time. She was confident about what she was doing and I felt in calm.\r Everything was perfect and I felt good and very satisfied with my treatment, it's really great to have a Dentist like Dr. Moncada!!\r My son was right they are Great!!!\r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/19/2013

I really don't understand some of these reviews,I am actually surprised that someone could had a bad opinion about this place and Dr Moncada. \r \r I got a wonderful experience here at this place, I always get my cleaning and whenever I need something done Dr. Moncada always is there and is nice to me and my wife we are really comfortable on her hands and their team. I have never had any problems with them and I am sure we will keep using them for a long time. \r \r I see a lot of people had problems with those groupon coupons I don't trust Groupon and I will never use them. there are a lot of interesting articles about their business practices. ( I tried to post here but it would not let me)\r \r It is really hard for me to believe that they would tray to scam people with these coupons, I am pretty sure groupon is the one to blame here more than WDG but they are the ones who really suffer from bad reviews. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/19/2013

My wife loves her new veneers! the color and shape are what she wanted, the Dr and her team are great. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/23/2012

ATTN: Nick C: I was curious to see if I can get the information for the lawyer that you used. Was just at their office for the first time yesterday, and looks like we will be getting into the same kind of situation... Please help! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/22/2012

I'm so GLAD I've read these reviews before buying a coupon!! They are selling their coupons on the Groupon website now! I hope they get shut down!!!! We have so many scammers like this in Florida!!! I've been taken one too many times now and unfortunately, have to do thorough research before purchasing anything!! Let's keep each other informed, these people don't deserve to get away with such practices!!! I was able to completely identify with many of the reviews I gets me sooo mad!!! I hope I'm not present when one of these abuses are taking place, I will join in to defend the customer!!!! They are supposed to be providing service, not stealing people's money and time and making their blood pressure go up!!!!!! Don't let these scammers run you over!!! more

Never had a problem 4/7/2012

I have been bringing my two children to Windemere dental for a couple of years and we think they do a wonderful job. Never ran into any problems. more

Do Not Use This Dentist!!!!!! 12/14/2011

Dr Susan Mocada does not deserve any stars! She is by far the worst health care provider my family has ever been to. She was unethical and uncaring. My husband saw Dr. Moncada last month where she treated him with a root canal that I believe she should have sent him to an endontist for. The procedure was not done properly and nerves were left from his tooth. He ended up getting an infection because he was not prescribed antibiotics to prevent it, which I have come to find out is the normal procedure. She violated his patient rights by not providing him with the information he needed to make an informed consent to the root canal. Along with many more violations. After all this Did not make any effort to make her mistakes right. She also would not release his records and films so he could take them elsewhere until we got an attorney involved. And then sent him a letter saying she would no longer be available for his dental treatment. If you are in need of a dentist please find anyone else! We have filled a complaint with the health department and now have an attorney and are going to move forward with legal actions. IF you feel that you could also use a attorney please feel free to contact me I can give you my attorneys name a information. It is not right or fair for a health care professional to treat her patients in such a manner! more

waste of time 9/15/2011

Don't waste your time at this office. In the short time I was a patient there the staff constantly changed and office manager was never ""available"". Also, my cap had to be fixed 3 times in less than a year. Needless to say I have returned to my old dentist. more

Great Experience 8/31/2011

I bought the Living Social deal and I have a great experience. The Staff was very friendly and helpful, The Doctor made sure that I understood every single detail of my dental health,they even took pictures inside of my mouth so I could understand what they were explaining to me. The dental cleaning was very thorough and the whitening was awesome! My teeth are superwhite and I am super happy. more


I never before felt compelled to write a negative review about any business in the past. But regarding Windermere Dental Group, I just had to make the effort to save other folks from having my experience. Please read this review before going to the office. I disagree with napa23's last review (the only positive one). The other reviews have too much in common with my experience for this to be a coincidence. more

Worst Dentist Office Ever - NEVER GO! 8/25/2011

I wish I woud have read these comments before I went. more

Buyer Beware 8/14/2011

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. This dental group makes that saying resonate as gospel truth. They are great at manipulating people and wasting their time. Let's start with the offer they made through Living Social (with which I have no quarrel and have obtained great deals in the past): 1- Offer: Tooth cleaning, full dental X-rays and a 1 hour whitening session. What they actually deliver is a far different story when it comes to service. First, they separate the services into three different office visits. Since I purchased two packages, one for my wife and one for may self, this meant making six different trips. Oh, did I forget to mention that they were so booked up that they could not see both of us on the same day. Guess what else, the appointments were scheduled 90 days into the future, and then confirmed two days prior and cancelled one day before they were to take place. Let's not sell them short on imagination, they managed to do this for both of us on separate dates. By the way the new appointments offered were 45 days into the future, and guess what, all six dates had to be rescheduled. Their logic was bullet proof, the Dr. can't see the X-rays and the technician perform the tooth cleaning on the same day because they are too overbooked due to the wonderful response to their special offer. Needless to say, my wife and I were not going to take up the risky tooth whitening part of the deal due to our concerns with experience level of the dental staff. As far as we could find, the dentists are a husband and wife team that performs what appears to be every specialty practiced by dentists. In our experience with reputable and conscientious dentists, they refer patients needing specialty services to other professionals dealing exclusively with those procedures. Just take a look at their website for an understanding of what I am referring to. Last, but not least, the total lack any semblance of professionalism in their customer service area is the crowning jewel of this office. When you call in and get an answering machine that says ""leave a message"" it states that call was received outside of working hours, but it never states what those working hours are. I have called numerous times and received this message between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm during weekdays. When you do reach someone the only thing they seem to be able to due is to reschedule your appointment. Anyone who has read this far, I am sure, does not need any more warning. If it is too good to be true, then it probably is. The Windemere Dental Group sure does live up to this saying with flying colors. more

Most unprofessional dentist I have ever experienced. 8/9/2011

This office must be one of the most unprofessional, uncaring dental offices in existence. I am continually appalled by the lack of concern or care from this office. In my experience, I have had my appointment cancelled on three occasions with a days noticed. I have prepaid for teeth whitening and since they already have the money, they continually refuse to give me the service that I have paid for. The office staff is uncaring and unwilling to see through a patients eyes and don't even try to help. Having taken multiple days off to have this service completed, they still have no caring toward giving me an appointment that I can rely on. Each new appointment is at least 3 to 4 weeks in the future, only to be cancelled the day before. I plan to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and suggest with anyone reading this review that you not allow this office to serve your dental needs. I am not alone in this experience and you will be subject to the same treatment. more

bad experience... strange place 8/4/2011

I purchased a LivingSocial deal for x-rays, cleaning and 1 hour laser whitening in April. I went in to redeem my deal in June. I was seen at 11 AM for my consultation and X-rays that were scheduled for 10 AM. They were an hour late and did not seem to care. When the technician was actually taking x-rays it didn't seem like he had any idea as to what he was doing-the machine bounced around and for sure was not still enough to take an accurate x-ray. He said it was his first day. The ""Dr."" came in and said everything looked great in reference to my x-rays. He poked around at my teeth and made me bleed everywhere. Then he told me I was good to go for my next appointment (cleaning and whitening). I asked to see my x-rays and they wouldn't show them to me. I asked for a copy of them and they said it would cost me $100. Wasn't that supposed to be part of the deal? So I scheduled my next appointment. I would be seen almost a month later for my cleaning followed by my whitening.. one appointment after the other. I got a confirmation phone call on Monday and then I called to confirm again on Tuesday- just to double check the time. The day before my appointment I was told that things had been moved around and they couldn't see me for the whitening because they had other patients to see. I was confused I had scheduled this appointment a month earlier and confirmed this appointment twice. The girl on the phone (Cory, who was very nice and I felt really bad that she has to work for these people) had to make excuses as to why they couldn't see me and then after back and forth phone calls they confirmed an appointment for me next Monday or Tuesday- said they were wide open both days. Again, cleaning followed by whitening I selected Tuesday. Then today another phone call in regards to my Tuesday appointments. The Doctor is saying now that they are not taking anyone for a cleaning followed by whitening. I would have to come in for separate appointments. So I suggested I come in Monday for the cleaning and Tuesday for the whitening. Well- all of a sudden they were booked all day Monday. Oddly enough- there are no Whitening appointments available for months. I have had it. I called living social and told them of my strange experience and they told me that this Windemere dental group livingsocial deal was already under investigation because they have had tons of reports of this being a scam. They refunded me and even gave me a credit which I thought was very nice of them. more

Worst Office EVER!!! 8/1/2011

WORST DENTIST AND OFFICE EVER!! This is the most money hungry dental office in all of Orlando. Please don't get stuck the way I have. I have to hire a lawyer and try to get the money for what my new dentist is going to have to fix. Dr. Susana Moncada and her husband Alex are not honest. They are extremely unprofessional and the worst in dental office I have ever in my life been to. PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor and go to anyone except Dr. Susana Moncada. more

False advertisement, Rip Off!!! 6/27/2011

I purchased 2 Living social vouchers for exam, x-rays,cleaning & laser whitening for $75 each. My husband went today 6/27/11 to redeem his. they gave him an exam & x-rays, then told him he had to have $7,578 worth of dental work done before they could clean his teeth or give him the whitening. He has a dentist in Winter Park & gets regular check-ups and passes them with flying colors. He takes very good care of his teeth, flosses more than twice a day. What a RIP OFF, I was wondering how they were doing this for $75. he is taking the x-rays to his own dentist today & hopefully he will know what we can do to expose these con artists so other people won't get taken by them!!! Please beware of this rip off scam!!! M. Otto, Orlando, Fl more
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