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William T Buckley - 12 Reviews - 3 Centerpointe Dr Ste 250, Lake Oswego, OR - Engineering Services Reviews - Phone (503) 620-8900
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William T Buckley

3 Centerpointe Dr Ste 250
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
(503) 620-8900
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Due to past experiences, I feel anxious whenever I go to the dentist. Dr. Williamson changed this fear completely, and he has made me feel at ease. He expresses genuine care for ...


I had a horrible experience with Dr. Jeffrey Williamson DDS (Centerpointe Dental) a couple weeks ago. I came in for cleaning, check up, and repair of my two crowns that had fallen...

Amazing Experience at Centerpointe Dental 8/23/2010

Due to past experiences, I feel anxious whenever I go to the dentist. Dr. Williamson changed this fear completely, and he has made me feel at ease. He expresses genuine care for you and your teeth. I do not live in Oregon year round, but I make it a point every year to see him when I am here. I highly recommend Dr. Williamson to anyone looking for a mercury free & holistic dental experience.? more

Best Dentist Ever 8/23/2010

Ive been a patient for over 20 yrs. and I have never had a bad experience. I appreciate the exceptional service of the staff and dentist. He is concerned about you overall health and wellness- not just your teeth. He even left his christmas eve dinner to see me when I broke a tooth. I highly recommend him if your looking for the best dentist around. more

Caring, Calm and Compassionate Dentist 6/17/2010

I've been seeing Dr. Williamson for over a year, and he always impresses me with his caring and thorough manner. I'm the kind of person that likes to know exactly what's being done for my care, and Dr. Williamson always takes the time to explain his procedures in terms I can understand. I'm also impressed by his commitment to the environment and to being mercury-free. When I had to have an old silver-mercury filling removed, not only did he use the standard dental dam, but he and his assistant both wore respirators. He gave me oxygen to breathe so I wouldn't risk inhaling any mercury vapors from the drilling, and he used a special air filter to suction and capture any airborne mercury. He is very serious about avoiding any possible mercury contamination. I would highly recommend Dr. Williamson to anyone who cares about their health and the environment. Plus he's conveniently located just off the intersection of I-5 and Highway 217. Pros: Mercury-free, holistic Cons: None more

Caring, quality person...and a great dentist! 3/29/2010

During some casual surfing on City Search I came across my dentist’s page. Though I am not one who is compelled to blog or write my opinion for unknown others to read I was surprised at some of the reviews written for Dr. Williamson and felt a need to have my say. I am in my fifties and have been a client of Dr. Williamson for over 14 years. My dental issues have ranged from ordinary to sever requiring reconstruction of many of my teeth. Throughout my many years of life I have lived in different communities and had many dentists, I have never had a dentist as kind, present, sensitive to my needs and technically skilled as Dr. Williamson. I have never left his office feeling anything other than blessed to have him as one of my health care providers and have shared this opinion with many others who have become more of his loyal patrons. If you need a skilled dentist and prefer working with quality, caring professionals then see Dr. Williamson, you will be very happy you did. Pros: many Cons: none more

Fabulous Dentist 2/12/2010

I have been going to Dr. Williamson for the past 6 years. He has always been very professional. His staff are extremely nice and the offices are beautiful. I was referred to him by a friend after having a bad experience with another dentist. I am terrified of dental work but there has never been a problem with Dr. Williamson. He put a crown in and it was pain free. He always checked and made sure I was comfortable with any dental work. He also saved me a lot of money by letting me know years ago that the expensive procedure recommended by the other dentist was not necessary (he was right!). I would highly recommend his services (and have). Pros: Professional, Gentle and Informative Cons: No Cons more

Excellent Dentist, Quality Care 1/30/2010

I have been a patient of Dr. Williamson's for about 2 years. I was referred to him by another very satisfied patient. The women who work there are so sweet and they always make me feel welcome and well cared for. Dr Williamson is always cheerful and he always makes me feel very comfortable. I have never had an issue with my insurance not covering the services. I am very pleased with this Dentist. :) more

Truly a gentle professional 1/28/2010

I was referred to Jeffrey Williamson as a second opinion for a recommendation made by another dentist. The first dentist told me one of my front teeth was dying, and I needed a full root canal and crown. Jeffrey performed a simple test and determined the tooth was live, and xrays showed it was fully healthy. He saved me thousands of dollars and tons of unecessary pain. His HONESTY was refreshing in these times where everyone seems to be trying to make a buck on someone else. His staff and the atmosphere is very relaxing for someone like me who doesn't like going to the dentist any more now that I did when I was a kid...(which is about once every never)...Jeffrey's presence is calming and he really takes the time to listen to his patient's concerns. I would recommend him to anyone and would take my own children to him. Pros: Calm, gentle demeanour and atmosphere, great staff Cons: I live too far away now! more

Great Dentist 1/24/2010

Jeffrey offers a great location with a friendly staff. He uses the latest equipment and is constantly improving his techniques with the latest equipment and training. I highly recommend his practice! I have been going there for over 10 years. Pros: State of the art equipment for mercury free fillings Cons: Who likes having their teeth cleaned? more

In w/ Normal Teeth out w/ a BUCK TOOTH!!!! 9/9/2009

I had a horrible experience with Dr. Jeffrey Williamson DDS (Centerpointe Dental) a couple weeks ago. I came in for cleaning, check up, and repair of my two crowns that had fallen out. He gave me a long lecture about having to floss deep inside my mouth (I do), but ended up not even giving me the cleaning I was scheduled for. Did he just try to make me feel guilty, and feel that I needed to see him more often, when in fact there was nothing there to clean? The crown that he fixed ended up sticking out like I had a buck tooth, and felt very strange in my mouth. I could feel it even under the anesthesia's effect. But when I pointed it out to him, he went all confrontational and blamed it first on my lower tooth, and next on my previous dentist. All I know is that I did not have a buck tooth when I came in his office. Now I have one, since he refused to fix his shoddy work. I also had a cavity on the side of the tooth next to that crown that was only visible when the crown was removed. He didn't discover that. I did, when looking in the mirror he handed me. And when I asked him to stop putting the crown back on and to fix that cavity first, he was like "oh yeah, I forgot," then proceeded to drill that tooth without giving me any anesthesia first. Only after I jumped and screamed that it hurt did he give me one, saying "I didn't think it would hurt." Hello? The filling he put on that cavity was of a color couple shades darker than my tooth. And he didn't polish it at all so that now it looks like I have a yellowish corn stuck between my front teeth. When I pointed it out to him after he said "done!"--he was like "oh, that’s the whitest color I've got right now; I need to order the #1 (whatever that is). Come back next time, I'll change it." "what about the filling not being smooth and flush with the surface of the tooth?" he answered: "oh, I forgot to polish it before I put the crown back-hehe-don't worry, it's not permanent. I'll fix it next time” Hello? If that was your plan, why didn't you inform me before I pointed it out to you? Why you dismissed me, acting like everything was fixed and good? And why wait till next time to remove this ugly "corn" on my FRONT teeth? The purpose of going to the dentist is to have a better, brighter smile. But thanks to you, now I dare not smile at all. Thanks, Dr. Jeffrey Williamson. Now if I need to scare anyone away, all I have to do is show them my buck tooth and the yellowish corn next to it. Pros: NONE Cons: EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM more

Tooth Died after seeing Dr. Williamson 2/10/2009

Let me first say that Dr. Jeffrey Williamson, DDS and his entire staff is extremely rude. I had major tooth pain and made the mistake of going to his office. I told the dentist where the pain was. He looked at the x-rays and said I had a cavity. He drilled and put a filling in. Well it turns out he drilled to deep and ended up killing my tooth AND my nerve. I had to get this tooth extracted by an oral surgeon two weeks later. This cost me over $3,000.00. All this was because of Dr. Jeffrey Williamson; DDS was rushed and did not follow proper procedure during the drilling process. Personally I think he should loose his license for good. My attorney will be reporting to the state of Oregon to take further action against Dr. Jeffrey Williamson, DDS. more

Horrible Dentist - Dr. Jeffrey Williamson 2/8/2009

I had been going to my normal dentist for five years before I tried Dr. Jeffrey Williamson, DDS in the Portland area. His office was closer to my new home so I tried to switch. At my previous dentist they always gave me a cleaning and billed my insurance. It was 100% covered and they never tried to "up sell" me. At Dr. Williamson's office they told me I needed a special $500 deep cleaning and my insurance wouldn't cover it all. I said no thanks, just a normal cleaning that's covered 100%. Then, before I knew it he was injecting me with Novocain! I didn't know it was a needle in my mouth until I felt the shot! I said what are you doing!? He said I needed to be numb for the "deep cleaning." I told him again I only wanted a normal cleaning. They said it was not medically ethical to only give me a normal cleaning. They made me sign a doc saying I was refusing medical treatment. How come my other dentist of five years never said I needed this extra special cleaning that costs more? Since then I have done further research on Dr. Jeffrey Williamson, DDS of Centerpointe Dental. I have found over a dozen complaints on him and that?s just in the last twelve months alone. more

Avoid Like the Plague!!! 1/16/2009

I take writing a review seriously and want to warn any potential client of this dentist to find another dental health care professional to do any required procedure. Dr. Jeffrey Williamson is unprofessional and his business practices have serious ethical concern. His care is rushed, scattered, and as another patient I know described him, "It felt like he was working on a car, not a human or in someone's he was changing a spark plug". This is an accurate statement. His rough and shoddy style reminded me of a mechanic attempting to get a hubcap off a tire in haste, not a dental professional implementing a crown. If you are pain sensitive, I would also suggest finding another dentist. He was more concerned about making his 12 o'clock lunch plans than checking to see if the numbing agent was in force. When I verbally informed him that I could feel everything and it hurt, again, his attention was to look at the clock to see the time and then hastily re-administer the agent as he sighed and quickly attempted to continue his work without asking me if I was completely numb. In his haste, as he disengaged the dental probe, it ripped my lip open to where I was bleeding. Buyer beware. You also need to be fully warned about his billing and post crown exams. I would suggest getting everything in writing. Everything. And if the good dentist and staff will not do this in like the wind. I have another tooth that will require a crown and I would gladly pay double Dr. Williamson?s cost for my next addition with another dentist. Oh, and the one star is there just because I have to enter something in the field to post this. Pros: None more
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