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Wilkins Jr, Stanley A, MD Capitol Ear Nose & Throat - 14 Reviews - 4600 Lake Boone Trl, Raleigh, NC - Health Care Information & Services Reviews - Phone (919) 787-1374

Wilkins Jr, Stanley A, MD Capitol Ear Nose & Throat

4600 Lake Boone Trl (at Blue Ridge Rd)
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 787-1374
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Wilkins Jr, Stanley A, MD Capitol Ear Nose & Throat - Raleigh, NC
Wilkins Jr, Stanley A, MD Capitol Ear Nose & Throat - Raleigh, NC
Wilkins Jr, Stanley A, MD Capitol Ear Nose & Throat - Raleigh, NC
Wilkins Jr, Stanley A, MD Capitol Ear Nose & Throat - Raleigh, NC


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I Have been seen by Dr. Price recently at Capitol ENT and I LOVE his kind and caring personality. I wish more Doctors demonstrated the care he does for his patients and will recom...


The garner office staff, physician (Dr. Price) and even the office manager has terrible customer service. I was referred back to them by my PCP for chronic sinus infections. When ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/11/2013

Very professional front staff. It is reassuring to come into a new office and see the smiles and confidence of the staff. It helps put the new client/patient at ease. I have been twice and there was barely any waiting time. I was back at work quickly. I would highly recommend this group to other people. All of the doctors and their assistants were thorough and took time to answer my questions. \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/7/2013

Garner office and Dr Price were horrible. I got there on time and was promptly ignored for the first 5 minutes I was there. When I finally got called back the nurse I saw was nice enough, but then Dr Price came in. He acted like he was in a hurry and didn't believe me when I said I had a chronic problem with my sinus area hurting and having a smell to it. It's been on and off for over 10 years and worse with allergy season despite allergy meds. I explained my brother and son have the same problem so it must me something we are genetically predisposed too. He acted like I couldn't be right.\r \r When I had originally made the appointment I didn't have a cold, but realized I was full blown sick less than 24 hours before my appointment so instead of canceling and being charged for not seeing a doctor to at least discuss family history and what it might possibly be. I suspected at this point I had a sinus infection from the cold because I've had enough to know what it feels like. Dr Price said as much. Then he got the nose probe out.\r \r Now if I'd known it was going to cost so much to have that done and that not all insurance covers it then I wouldn't have said to to the nose probe till the sinus infection was gone. It became apparent that at least the woman in the office knew that it wasn't covered. As soon as he was done probing my nose and wasn't able to see past my current infection, like he said, I was written a prescription for antibiotics. Upon going to check out I find that I'm being charged $150 for this probing or I can try to run it through insurance. That's after the $40 office visit fee. So I chose to run it through insurance assuming if it comes back as a bill it will be that $150 she stated. \r \r You can imagine my surprise at the $228 bill I received. Sure it applied to the deductible, but I was told $150. So now I'm told there are signs all over the office stating that certain procedures might not be covered. I'm sorry I had my two kids with me, was sick, and annoyed at being ignored when I first got there. And the Doctor should have mentioned it might not be covered. Which I was later told should be done. I think the Dr was in such a hurry though he must have forgot? He couldn't get out of the room fast enough. \r \r I've also been told that the bill would have been $228 either way and I guess that I was supposed to assume it was more because the person in the office didn't say it was more? I paid my bill rather than fight, but I let the person I talked to know that this unexpected bill was the reason I cancelled my next appointment that would have required a nothing probing. I also informed her that being told I owed $150, then later $228 without an explanation at the time they originally tried to collect means a bad review. You can quote your customers 2 different amounts after screwing up and not informing them that a procedure may not be covered. You can't blame the patient for not walking around and reading every sign on your wall their first visit to your office. This was my first ENT experience. I'd hoped to finally fix an ongoing problem. Now I just feel used for my cash and distrustful. I don't feel like I was cared about as a patient at all, but used for my money. I'm just happy I actually had the money to pay such an unexpectedly high bill. more

Dr. Price 3/26/2012

I Have been seen by Dr. Price recently at Capitol ENT and I LOVE his kind and caring personality. I wish more Doctors demonstrated the care he does for his patients and will recommend him to everyone I know. more

I love Capitol ENT! 3/23/2012

My children have been going to Capitol ENT for 5-6 years for ear problems. I have always had great service (I have never waited for more than 5 minutes!!). We see Dr. Price who my son adores as do I! He has done several surgeries on my son's ears and is getting ready to do another one. I trust him completely and he ALWAYS takes time to talk to my son during his visits (and my son has a lot to say!) Dr. Mark Brown did my daughter's tubes about 5 years ago and he was great as well! As for the lady who said that the office didn't call her for two weeks to schedule her child's's an idea-call them! more

Horrible Patient/ Customer Service 3/15/2012

The garner office staff, physician (Dr. Price) and even the office manager has terrible customer service. I was referred back to them by my PCP for chronic sinus infections. When I made the appt I informed the staff that I had been seen in the office in the past but it had been several years. She assured me that she would combine my charts and change my name. When I got to the appt the front desk staff (who was very nice) said ""oh, you are a new patient?"" I again explained that I had married since the last time I was seen in the office. She said that she update that for me. After I waited well over 20 minutes past my appt time the nurse called me back and said ""so this is your first time coming here?"" So for the third time I told them that no I was not technically a new patient and that my name had changed. She updated my info in the electronic chart and said Dr. Price would be in soon. Dr. Price came in very quickly after the nurse left but was very vague in his questioning. He asked if I had a history of sinus problems!! Yes... your office did my sinus surgery a few years ago. Do you have any allergy problems? Yes... Once again your office did allergy testing and tried the shots but referred me out because I had a reaction to them. Dr. Price then said to me ""I'm sorry, I didnt read your chart"" After he looked at my sinuses from the scope he told that several thing were inflamed and blocking my air passage on the right side. I was thinking great... maybe I can get something that is going to provide some relief. He then placed his hand on my arm and said ""you are having daily migraines and need to see the Neurologist!!!!! WHAT!!!! I was astounded. He said dont feel bad I sent four people to the Neurologist last week that thought they were having sinus problems! I paid $60 to see this specialist just to be told after a 10 minute visit that I needed to see another specialist. Ridiculous! I went with my gut feeling (since I know the difference in a migraine and a sinus infection) and went to another ENT who proceeded to tell me that my sinus cavaties are full of polyps and that my turbinates were swollen! HMMMM... I dont think those just grew overnight! Horrible service and no respect from the office manager when I called to explain the situation. I was told that we are imperfect but we wish you the best in your treatment! I will never be seen or recommend this office to anyone. I wouldn't even give this office one star but i had to!! more

Dr Brown I like, his staff not so much 2/20/2012

Dr Brown handled an unusual case regarding my child, he was thorough, thoughtful, and did not ""rush"" to judgement. I would recommend this doctor highly, he actually had ""a great bedside manner"" which is quite unusual these days. The staff were rather brusque, no warm fuzzies there. I will use this practice again. more

Reassurance from Capitol Ear, Nose and Throat 10/21/2011

I appologize for writing this resonse to the previous post as a separate ""review"", but it is a shortcoming of this site that there is no other way to provide the following comment: I am a physician in this practice, but I did not participate in the care of your son. From what you describe it sounds like your son received excellent care and our staff went to great effort to accommodate your request to have another surgeon do the surgery sooner than was medially necessary. I want to reassure you that there is no charge for examining the other ear with the microscope. I also want to reassure you that there is usually no rush to remove a foreign body from the ear canal. It is not unusual for us to discover and remove a foreign body that has been in the ear canal for weeks or months without causing any problems. In addition, I want to reassure you that even though you may have seen a charge for the procedure, after the charges are run through your insurance company and we deduct the significant negotiated insurance discount, the actual amount paid for the surgeon will likely be a fraction of that. Nevertheless, we are sorry that your son had a condition that necessitated general anesthesia. Safety is our highest priority, and it is for this reason it is important for him to be examined by the surgeon who will actually be doing the procedure before undergoing a procedure under general anesthesia. We are glad that your son did well with the treatment and had no harm from the incident. My partners and I wish you and your family the very best. Mark Brown, MD, Capitol Ear, Nose and Throat more

Patient Care- not so good! 10/18/2011

I didn't want to give this business a one star but I had to click the one star to write a review. My son had to have a object removed from his ear. The Dr. could not get it out in the office. I was told he would have to go under to get it out. This was fine, I wanted it out ASAP. I was a little disappointed it could not be done that day, they told me I would get a call about a date. When I got the call it was TWO weeks out! This was not acceptable to me and I was not going to let my son go two weeks with this object in his ear, so it could get infected and more swollen and damage his eardrum. I told them I would go somewhere else. I then got a call a couple hours later saying another Dr. in the Practice could do it that same week. This was good. Long story short I had to go see this new dr. in the same practice the next day after I was just there -pay two specialty office copays, and then pay the ""office"" surgery fee ( this fee was only for their office and not going toward the surgery fees from the surgery center). During the surgery after removing the object the Dr. ""looked with his scope"" in the opposite ear to make sure it was clear. While I appriciated this, the ""look"" costs 500.00 + the anesthesia fee + the dr. fee ""again"" + the actual removal fee. This to me is not good customer care. This practice is all about the money and it was clear they were not concerned about anything but asking for my money. more

Garner's best Doctor's office 6/1/2011

A few months back I was having some problems with my throat. I was referred by my Primary care Physician to Capital ENT and Dr. Brown. From the first visit I was treated like family. From the Front Desk Staff all the way to Dr. Brown was an exceptional experience. The wait time in the lobby was short, and the facility was very well kept. It was very obvious that the Staff that works there cares, and takes pride in their workplace. Everyone there was smiling, and went out of their way to make sure your visit was a pleasant one. I want to say THANK YOU!!! I can't say as much nice about the Raleigh location. They could take some lessons from the Garner office on kindness, and professionalism. The Garner Office though is exceptional all the way. Keep up the Great job ladies. Kindness and good service goes a long way. more

wonderful 5/10/2011

i just want to say that Capital ENT was the best experience going to a doctor that i ever had in my life. my appt. was at 3 oclock on 5/10/2011 and i was out of there before that time. and Dr. Price, he made me feel like he was kin to me and i felt so at ease. he is without a doubt a peoples doctor. the staff was just as friendly to. if you have a problem in this area, go see these folks. you will not be disappointed. i can't say enough about Dr. Price, he is the man. thank you staff and Dr. Price. PS.i may just get hurt again so i can come back, just kidding. more

Wonderful Compassionate Doctor! 5/1/2011

I have been a patient with Capitol ENT for almost 20 years and have seen multiple doctors with this practice. They have all been wonderful and I have recommended Capitol to several friends. Recently I underwent a procedure under the care of Dr. Mark Brown. He explained exactly what to expect. He was so kind and took the time to explain what I needed, I told him I was very hesitant because of fear. I am so glad I was under his care. I could not have asked for a better doctor, andI am completely satisfied with the result. Thank you Dr. Brown and Capitol ENT! more

Great for kids and parents! 2/18/2011

Dr. Mark Brown at Capitol Ear Nose and Throat put tubes into my youngest son's ears. Recently, he removed the same child's tonsils and adnoids. He is professional, compassionate and everything went smoothly throughout the procedures and the healing process. He responds to questions, shows concern and provides wonderful follow-up to make sure the children (and their parents) are doing well. Absolutely recommend Dr. Brown and his caring staff! more

Fantastic results! 12/28/2010

After suffering from acute sinusitis for over two months, Dr. Brown performed surgery correcting blockages of all sinuses in the affected side of my face. He also corrected a deviated septum during the procedure. \r \r The procedure was flawless. The recovery went well. I suffered from the expected sypmtoms as healing began but was contacted by Capitol ENT to check on my progress. The staff at Capitol ENT provided me w/ on-call nursing as I recovered and followed up w/ in- office visits to assess my progress over the next several weeks.\r \r In-office visits (Garner location) went smoothly. I spent little time in the waiting room and was often taken back early when possible. The staff there is friendly and helpful. \r \r My recovery is now complete and I can breath easier now...literally!\r \r I will certainly recommend Capitol ENT and Dr. Brown to my friends and relatives. more

Wonderful Experience 12/1/2010

I went to Capitol ENT for a tonsillectomy. Dr. Price was a wonderful physician and all the nurses were equally pleasant. \r \r During my recovery time, I received multiple ""check-in"" calls from their office. I truly felt like Capitol ENT cared about my well-being, happiness, and comfort. more

Wait time unacceptable 8/30/2010

I arrived at 2:00 P.M. for a 2:20 P.M. appointment. I filled out the requisite forms and sat down to wait at 2:15 P.M. Thirty minutes after the appointed time, a nurse takes me back to the examination room; another 30 minutes passes and STILL NO DOCTOR, NO NURSE, NO COMMUNICATION. Waiting an hour past the appointed time is not acceptable! I needed to get back to the office - wasted 80 minutes in wait time, 40 minutes of driving to and from.\r \r Doctors' time is NOT more valuable than patients' time. more

Great ENT practice 5/3/2010

I have been going to Capitol ENT for years for allergy injection therapy. Dr. Brown is kind and thorough. The allergy nurses are great at explaining when my allergies are at their worst and why. It has been like a miracle cure for me - seriously. I used to get sick every year with sinus infections and even bronchitis. Since starting injection therapy here, I have not bee that sick for years! Pros: Friendly staff and efficient service more
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Ear, nose and throat specialists provide medical attention to children and adults in the Raleigh area.

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  • The physicians of Capitol Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) have been providing medical care in Raleigh since 1983. With three offices located in Raleigh, Garner and Wake Forest, our medical specialist can help treat ear,nose, throat, neck and head injuries for children and adults. We specialize in treating all ear, nose and throat-related diseases.

    The range of services we offer is quite varied. We provide pedriatric ear, nose and throat specialist, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, audiology services, hearing aids, speech services and allergy testing and treatment. Please check our web site for details and important patient forms.

    At Capitol Ear, Nose and Throat we try very hard to provide a comfortable, family-like atmosphere in our office and try our best to stay on schedule and to minimize waiting. We look forward to helping you.


  • Ear, nose and throat specialists provide medical attention to children and adults in the Raleigh area.

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