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Wildhorse Saloon

120 Second Ave N
Nashville, TN 37201
(615) 256-9453
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Wildhorse Saloon - Nashville, TN


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Victoria and Nira are the best servers there!


A group of friends wanted to go to this very popular club. While it was fun to watch and even participate in the line dancing, and to hear the band, don't entertain the thought t...

Great Food, Fun Atmosphere, nice service! 1/29/2011

We went in around 9ish on a Saturday night for our anniversary. The band really was not anything remarkable, but the variety of the music they played was very good!! We did not eat much, but did get the appetizer sampler which was great!! Our server, Stella, was attentive, nice, and brought everything rather quickly considering the place was packed!! The drinks were a bit costly, did not look like the cool pictures, but were tasty! more

For all people 8/15/2010

I was a nice place. It had friendly people and ok food. I prefer something with a little more edge to it. Family friendly place. more

Best Servers!!! 8/12/2010

Victoria and Nira are the best servers there! more

Warning about making reservations at the Wildhorse 7/18/2010

We were planning a family reunion in Nashville and had one night to visit downtown. After reading good reviews about the Wildhorse Saloon, I called three or four weeks in advance to make a reservation for 11 people on Friday night, July 16th, at 5:45 pm. The woman on the phone at the Wildhorse told me reservations would not be needed at 5:45 pm on a Friday night because they had lots of tables. But I told her I'd prefer to make a reservation if possible since there were eleven of us coming. So the said okay and took my name down. Well... she told me she took my name down. On Friday afternoon around 3 o'clock in the afternoon I called the Wildhorse, spoke with Madeline, and asked that our evening reservation be changed from 11 people to 12 people. Madeline told me that was fine and she would change it. Imagine my surprise when we arrived at the Wildhorse a few hours later to be told that they had no record of our reservation and that several large groups had booked the Wildhorse, leaving only 20 tables for the general public. We were told our group would have to wait an hour and a half for one of the twenty available tables they had left for the evening that were not booked by the large groups. I asked to speak with the manager, and Eddie came out to speak with us. Eddie asked me if we could come back another no.. we were from out of town and could not do that... I asked him why Madeline had not told me a few hours earlier when I called that she did not see my name on the reservation list... but he did not have an answer for that. I finally told him that I would be mentioning this story on the Internet, and then suddenly he said he'd check to see if perhaps he could find a table in a corner somewhere to seat us. He came back a short time later, apologized, and said he had no tables available. So I suggest that if you make a reservation here, check it twice, and then check it again. And then hope for the best. Pros: Hmm... Cons: They don't honor reservations more

Don't go there if you are on a timed schedule 4/29/2010

A group of my friends and I go to restaurants to eat lunch every Friday together. Since we all work downtown, we generally tend to eat somewhere in that area that way we can all eat, catch up with each other and be back to work within our lunch hour. Today, we all decided Wildhorse would be the restaurant of choice. We all got there, sat down and were greated by our waitress who promptly got our drinks and took our food orders. My friend Ashley and I decided to order fried pickles as an appetizer since we both have an affinity for unhealthy snacks. Thirty minutes later our drinks are empty and our food (including our appetizer) has not arrived and our waitress has seemingly disappeared. Bearing in mind that I used to be a server, I try to keep my cool and be understanding even though the growling in my stomach is driving me crazy. Forty minutes later, our waitress emerges from whatever dark abyss she has been hiding out from to give us refills. We still have yet to receive our appetizer, much less our food. At this point, I am started to get annoyed. Not only do I have to go back to work in twenty minutes, I will be doing that on an empty stomach apparently. Even if by some freak accident (a stove not working in the kitchen, etc.,) the food happens to take forty minutes to cook, surely the fried pickles would not take that long. We asked to see a manager and explained to him that we only get an hour to eat and get back to work, he said he would go check on our food and come back. He never came back. Instead our server comes back to our table and says (direct quote I might add), "That's my bad, yo. It's gonna be a few more minutes." At this point we had already been there fifty minutes and the only thing we had gotten that we had ordered was sweet tea, and even at that we had to wait a good forty minutes before we got a refill. After informing the waitress that we all only had an hour to eat and get back to work, she said, "Well ya'll are free to do what you want. Again, it was my bad". Needless to say, I left and grabbed some Sbarros on my way back to work. Her saying "my bad" wasn't going to give me food and put me back at work within the time alloted for me for lunch. I would have talked to the manager again, but he was nowhere to be found, but I imagine he was trying to fix someone else's bad. I understand when it gets warmer out there are more tourists and kids are out of school, but why on earth would you subject your local customers to such awful service and not even offer them some sort of compensation? I wasn't looking for a gift certificate or anything like that, something as little as a sincere apology from the manager would have been a heck of a lot better than a "my bad" and would have been enough to make me want to come back to eat there. Pros: Good Music Sometimes Cons: Awful service more

Terrible Experience 2/26/2010

I am 25 and the very rude bouncer inspected and questioned my ID for 5 minutes. I could not get a waiter or bartenders attention for over 30 minutes. The food and drinks are way overpriced and nothing special. They dont act like they want your business so dont give it to them! Other than some big country stars coming to this venue it has literally nothing to offer. Pros: I cant think of any Cons: Rude staff. Way Over Priced. Terrible Food more

Big place, bad service 11/8/2009

Went for the 100 Monkeys concert Nov 8. There was a long line outside and if I didn't have a VIP ticket I would have been pissed to stand in that long line. Waited 10 minutes and no waitress. Saw her and couldn't wave her down. Resorted to Whistling Loudly to get her attention. Saw her one more time that night. Needed to see her way more than that. Concert was awesome! Sounded great! So, entertainment wonderful, but the service was BAD Pros: Great Stage and Sound Cons: Service more

Food is ok, music is great, but don't try to talk 10/15/2009

A group of friends wanted to go to this very popular club. While it was fun to watch and even participate in the line dancing, and to hear the band, don't entertain the thought that you will be able to eat and talk with other guests around you...the place is so loud, that you will hardly hear yourself shouting to the person across the table from you. The staff seem to be as attentive as they can be with such a huge crowd. I had the monte cristo and a couple drinks. Overall, an expensive evening for food that really doesn't cut it and service that does its best but ultimately fails due to the large number of clients. A fine place to visit, but I wouldn't want to return. Pros: Good country music, line dancing, popular venue Cons: crowded, loud, long line to get in, mediocre food more

Great venue, good beer, bad Mylie Cyrus fans, lol 12/27/2008

My wife and I went to the Wildhorse for a Billy Ray Cyrus concert last night. Being from out of town and first time folks, we didn't know what to expect. We had "VIP" seating which means a reserved seat at a table on the main floor. We were one row back from the stage as well. The whole first floor is "VIP" so don't let that fool you. The second and third floors are standing room only and hence not "VIP". It was a good show with a couple decent opening acts that sounded good. Food was a bit pricey and with the doors opening at 6pm and the show not starting until several hours later they are sure to get you to buy something (Cheeseburger w/ fries = $12). The beer is resonably priced though at 4.50 for a pint of local draft. As it was Billy Ray Cyrus "with special guest", rumors were swirling that Mylie would be there so there were almost as many of her fans (and their parents) there as his. Sure enough just before he came on, the whole Cyrus family came out from back stage and sat at the table next to us. Even with 2 uniformed police officers and 3 Wildhorse security guys they were a bit overwhlemed. I helped out by sitting in one of the aisles to their table and blocking it (for which the security guys rewarded me with a couple beers - thanks!) The family and the security guys handled it like pros other than being a bit undermanned. Too many rude folks wanted to walk up to the table and get in their face to take pictures, etc. and a bunch of kids kept trying to get people to pass them notes, etc. Eventually Mylie went on stage to perform with her dad which calmed it down a lot but then security was having to pull people off of the stage. It was kind of funny even it is was kind of a pain. The concert was great. I went up stairs at one point and the view/seats there weren't bad either. I'd go back again but I'd eat before I went. I might avoid a Mylie Cyrus concert there though. Billy rocked and I loved that he had her and his son come do songs with him. Pros: affordable local beer, decent seats, good sized venue, Cons: food a bit high more

The most entertaining dinner in town 10/17/2008

We ate dinner at the Wildhorse recently and had a blast! It's not just a restaurant. They offer free line dance lessons throughout the night on the biggest dance floor I have ever seen. It was great fun. The live music was awesome too. They even had free pool tables on the third floor. Dinner was awesome too. You have to get the Fried Pickles. Yumbo! The ribs are fantastic and the key lime pie is to die for. It's just plain fun! Pros: Offers more than just dinner - includes entertainment - dancing, billards, live music Cons: sometimes closed for special concerts - check online calendar before you go more

bad service, bland food 6/2/2008

ok i know we all go here to see the show that was good. but the food and service was awful. If you have a show going on and pretty much sold out you should bring in more waiters, not have one guy run for 80 people at once! The food was over priced and didnt taste good at all to salty, two hours later was in bathroom with bad stomach pains. Pros: Really good music, Spacious Cons: bad service, and bad food, over priced drinks more

Line Dancing 6/2/2008

I absolutely love line dancing and find Wildhorse a perfect place to go on a Saturday night to have fun. Personally, I love how they teach a new line dance every hour. The only frustrating thing is that sometimes they have concerts or parties and block off the dance floor. So make sure that if you go, you check that they aren't having such an event. I haven't actually eaten here, but if you just want to have fun for free, going for the dancing is worth it. I go to Vandy and a lot of my friends like to go when we need something exciting to do. Usually, there are a couple really good line dancers on the floor that can teach you a couple of tricks too! It's awesome. They have sorta random hours so I'd check on a website like Sneaky Sunday if you are planning on going. They can let you know when they are open. (Believe me, you don't want to get stuck looking for a parking space downtown and then realize that the place is closed!) :) more

Terrible Service 3/13/2008

I just finished lunch at Wildhorse, while the food was good, the service was awful. After being seated, we waited for about 10 minutes before our server came to the table. Our drink and food order was taken at that time. Server brought back one incorrect drink and didn't bring the coffee ordered. When the correct drink was brought back (still no coffee), the food arrived 5 minutes afterwards. Food was really good. The server finally brought the coffee after our meals came and we never saw her again. Finished lunch and waited 10-15 minutes before we found someone to ask to find her and bring our checks. She never apologized, said thank you or anything! The people next to us got their drink orders when their food came out. Terrible service and will never go back. I work downtown and will be sure to spread the word! more

Not a place to dance 3/11/2008

This is James Westborn. I am going to be hitting every country, dance or entertainment club in the Nashville area thru 2008. I will be writing reviews on all of them. The Wildhorse was my first stop: I arrived at 8:30 and the older guy at the door was great. he tried hard to find us a discount, like having your Krogger card. I think we paid $5.00 each/my wife and I. After in, if you want to sit anywhere on the floor tables, you will have to order food. That means, if not eating you will be sitting at the bar, which there are several. The place looks wonderful and the stage is premier. The band plays for 40 minutes and then they spin songs for fill. No one really knows how to dance there. The band played a simple two-step and not one couple got up to do it. Same for a Waltz, Cha-Cha, etc. They just start line dancing, whatever the first person does. The DJ does not call out the songs (Disappointing) so you have no clue what is next. The reason calling out dances is a plus is, then you know, I can go get such and such to dance on the next song or hey, I know that line dance...etc. The sound system is awesome and that is something see/hear. Location is great/downtown/and we had fun. We did get up and do the Cha-Cha and that turned every head near the floor. So, if you want a place to stick out.......thats a possibility for you. There are probably 50% tourists in there at one time, so they don't care too much about the politics of dancing, yet the club could easily double there income and have cameos by Celebs if they played the dancing game more than the food game. Country folk like to dance and a club that caters to dancers will be far above the rest. So, that's James Westborn's review...who's next? Silverado's Dance Hall prior to Easter 08. As far as my credentials: I was a regular dancer on American Bandstand until it went off the air. I am also a country artist, living just North of Nashville, relocated from Ca. Making me un-biased Pros: Door man Cons: No one knows what dances to do more

Don't go to their concerts 9/29/2007

My husband and I bought tickets to see Credence Clearwater Revival. First of all, no where in the concert ad did it show that John Fogarty was no longer with the band. I guess if I had kept up with information on the band over the years I would know that but unfortunately I didn't (which is why I bought VIP tickets). The tickets said the show started at 7:00. We got there around 6:40. The music didn't start until 7:30 and unfortunately, it wasn't Credence. Once again, no where did it state there was a warm up band. To top it all off, it was a country band and we are not country music fans. We had to sit and listen to country music for two hours. The waiters and waitresses were obviously having a hard time getting food to people because we were constantly being asked if an order was ours. By the time Credence came on stage at 9:30 or so, we were hurting all over from sitting in those hard chairs and really didn't care what Credence sounded like. We just wanted out of there. We'll never go to another show there again. Like one reviewer said, if you like country you'll probably love it but never again for us. If you do go to a show, do your research on the bands. more

OK for line dancers, but not for us real Country Western Dancers! 3/21/2007

I guess I'm spoiled because where I learned to dance, which was Houston Texas, people know how to dance 2-Step, Triple Step, Waltz, Swing, Cotton Eyed Joe, Schottische, etc. I live near Indy now and there are great places to couples dance there too, such as Mike's Music & Dance Barn and 8 Seconds Saloon. But, Wildhorse Saloon is not a couples dance place! If you like line dancing, which is for people who don't know how to dance, then it will be great for you. It's amazing to me that in the Country Music Capital there is no good real County Western Dancing! I like the place otherwise, smoking is reduced to only at the bars and kids are allowed in, so that works good for my wife and I and our 10 year old twins. The food and service is great and the atmosphere is great with all the horse statues. But, we went to go dancing and were the only ones there that knew how to dance, so we felt out of place while everyone else was line dancing. They teach line dancing, but don't teach and dance etiquette, such as leaving room around the outside for us 2-Steppers. Pros: Atmosphere Cons: Not a good place for couples Country Western Dancing more

official hangout of Predzone,com 12/30/2006

Wildhorse offers discounts to Nashville Predators fans on some game nights. it is the official hang out of the fans on www.predzone,com more

Country music place 11/3/2006

You probably have to be really into country music here to enjoy yourself. I'm not so the experience isn't on the top of my list nor is the food. But its a nice clean building and isn't kitschy. Nicely sized for concerts but too big to feel cozy if you are just hanging out. I've been here for events and the food is very average. Pros: Live music event Cons: Drink prices more

Poor Dance Club (to me) 10/15/2006

I used to dance at the Wildhorse back when they had the TV tapings and there actually was a LOT of country-western dancing going on there. Now days, the Wildhorse caters more to the tourists. I got tired of going and having the DJ's spend 30-40 minutes 'entertaining' the crowd before teach the lesson. I would go to the Wildhorse wanting to dance, and found myself sitting more than dancing throughout the evening. And, they allow TOO MANY kids to run around the floor while people are trying to dance. I'm rating it a '4' only because the food is good. I MISS THE OLD WILDHORSE DAYS! Also, I wish they would have their concerts begin at 9:00 llike in the past, instead of at 10:00. Pros: Ambience; food Cons: Poor Dance Floor more

Good line dance lessons, big place 9/17/2006

The Wild Horse Saloon is a place that is a must to visit anytime that you are visiting Nashville. I remember as a child that I would watch their specials they had on TNN with the line dancing and I always wanted to go there. I finally got to go and I really enjoy being there. The majority of the staff is great although I did have one bad waitress. The good part about this bar is that if you are under 21 you can get in with your parent(s). I would highly recommend this place to anyone. They also have great food and music. Pros: Great atmosphere, great music, and dancing Cons: Not enough parking in Nashville on the weekends more
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    This multi-story downtown hot spot features live country music, Southern cuisine and line dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Many top acts perform here, as the stage and lighting systems are top-notch. The large, shiny main floor can hold a multitude of diners, dancers or concert attendees. Additional seating is available on the second and third levels. CMT (Country Music Television) tapes its popular "Most Wanted Live" program here.

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