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Wild West Club - 24 Reviews - 6101 Richmand Ave., Houston, TX - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (713) 266-3455

Wild West Club

6101 Richmand Ave.
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 266-3455
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Wild West Club - Houston, TX
Wild West Club - Houston, TX
Wild West Club - Houston, TX


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Place is great, drinks are cheap, women are beautiful, and the pool is free on Thursdays. If you want to find out what a real bartender looks like, check out Jessie. The woman ca...


As soon as they moved this place from Longpoint, it went down hill. I agree that was not the best part of town but you didn't get all those kids and bar hoppers there. It's still ...

Great smoke free friendly place 5/16/2011

I hated to see several bad reviews. I'd think bad too if I parked my car in Wild West parking lot and walked next door or walked in WW then walked into the next club then came out to see my car towed right past the sign that said parking for WW only. No one likes to admit they are wrong and complain when they get hurt. I also don't know where the bad vibe from the manager comes from. I/our group go 3 times a week for the past 3 months and I never even came across the need to meet her. Where is she anyway? Who cares. My only 2 complaints is at least 2 of the servers are complete azzholes. Just rude. And another stupid rule is no one person can buy more then one drink at the bar. Or get 2 glasses of water. So if you are buying for your date you have to buy 1, bring it to her then go back for yours. What the hell is that? Well parking is a problem. Not before 10 but after 10 you are going to be parking up the road some place and walking in but I don't know where those people park. I do see them walking down Richmond to WW though. Security is very good in the parking lot. Other then that the crowd here is much friendlier then it's nearest competitor Big Texas. It's also cleaner being non smoking. The Sunday buffet is awesome. The choice of music is fine though I strongly feel there is too much swing for a C&W place. They only do 3 waltzes each night, should be more since everyone loves it. Only 3 line dances per night too, should be at least 5 to cover the popular ones in south Texas. And judging by the overloaded line dance crowd, I have a good point. As I said, I/our group is there 3 nights a week and we have never witnessed one single incident. The unfriendly waitresses should be weeded out. How hard is that? Everyone knows who they are. Snobby b1tches. Sure it gets crowded after 10:30. What club don't on a weekend night? The good dancers leave and the younger crowd kinda takes over by 11. Few if any know how to dance but to stand in place swaying side to side hoping to cop a feel from a female while the real dancers try to move in the normal counter clockwise direction. I only see this on weekends. Go week nights and have all the room you need to show your creativity on the great floor. more

Review For Dancers and Social Patrons 3/18/2011

Point of View: This review is for people that WANT TO DANCE. If your just looking for a place to "hook up" with someone your nights are probably late Wed, late Fridays, and Saturdays. Dancers see paragraph below. It can get very crowded and getting your drink may be an issue. Haven't been towed yet so I can't speak to this. Music: Fair to poor. The current DJs neither have a good selection of CW or contemporary music at hand. If you go often you'll know the playlist and it sounds dated. Not old enough to be classic and not new enough to be "Hip". The rhythms and mix are only fair. Polkas too slow for true dancers and Waltz too fast. Night club songs (the dance) are weak. Makes me miss the good old days at Tumbleweeds about 3 years ago when the DJ was outstanding because he was a radio DJ and dancer and the mix was old and new and excellent dance music. 2 steps gets lumped in with Polkas into "tweener" sounding rhythms and the songs themselves are not that interesting. Some contemporary fills the air from time to time (rare) but can be Lady Gaga ish. The Floor: One of the largest and easiest floors left in Houston. Square box with dancing in the center that can differ from the outside (ie People doing polka outside and Cha in the middle). Only dancers care about this sort of thing...but the floor is big and comfortable. Dancers: The place is now closed on Tuesdays (a "dancer practice night"). Dancers tend to go Friday nights from 7-10pm and Sunday night from 630 to midnight. Thins out around 830pm. If you've never gone before and are curious about dance you might check these nights and times. Most regulars know each other and are religious don't be put off if they don't ask you to dance. They tend to stick close to the front door part of the floor. Drinks: Mixed and Bottled water are okay. Waitress staff is friendly. Some excellent. Some slow. Parking: Slow nights easy. Busy nights difficult. They do tow if you park there and go next door or across the street. As for towing legit patrons...don't know about that. Cost: One of the most inexpensive places in town. Overall: This club was better "back in the day". Currently I can give it just passing marks. If you're from out of town and want a CW experience it's okay. As stated above, if you want a packed night choose Friday or Saturday late. Dancers either know when to go or if your new to town read above. WIth many new options in town lately (Whiskey River, Red River, Midnight Rodeo, West Wind) There might be better options on some nights. I hear that Tuesdays dancers go to West Wind and on Thursdays Whiskey River). Good luck and enjoy. Good Luck. Enjoy. more

Everything About this Place is Horrible!!! 2/5/2011

The girl at the door was rude, not friendly at all. That could explain the emptyness of the place on Sat night before 11:00pm. When a crowed did show up Wild West didn't have the staff to serve them. My husband went to the bar to order a round of drinks for our crew (there were NO waitresses on the floor) and he was told he could only order two drinks at a time... Really??!! We have to keep getting in line to buy a round?!? That dog won't hunt! The the bartenders were rude, and not enough of them. No security on the dance floor... kids were out there drinking, spilling and breaking bottles on the floor. Don't waste your time at this dump!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Wild West didn't deserve one star, but this site made me give one. more

Wild West fun 1/6/2011

Place is great, drinks are cheap, women are beautiful, and the pool is free on Thursdays. If you want to find out what a real bartender looks like, check out Jessie. The woman can literally keep 50-60 drinkers contented by herself. I wouldn't really advise trying to use their parking lot if you're going next door like some of the reviewers did. They pay for their lot and expect the other clubs nearby (e.g. Dave and Busters) to do the same, sorry. more


The staff is very RUDE! They make a carbon copy of all credit cards and refuse to give you your copy upon cashing out. I checked my account the next morning and tehy had over charged me. I called and talked to management and they refused to reimburse me even when I showed them a copy of my reciept. DO NOT waste your time here!!! more


GO TO THIS place at your own Risk. They will claim you went to the neighboring club, even though you were inside wild west. It is unbelievable that these people get away with this ROBBERY. DO NOT PARK at their lot either. No Parking signs do not exist in most of their lot, and that is a TRAP. You get towed without warning and you have to cough up $200 plus the frustration of it all. more


This club operates an illegal towing operation and the dumb-ass cops are in on it to. I parked my car in the parking lot and me and my friends walked directly into the wild west club, come out about an hour later and my car had been towed away, talked to the manager(cunt) and she said that the tow truck operator seen us cross the street and go somewhere else ( liar), the cops said there was nothing they could do even though i had my receipt for the door charge showing the time i came into the door. The manager acted like she was going to tell the wrecker to bring my car back but then she said there was nothing she could do cause my car was already at the storage lot. I had to pay $188 dollars to get my car back, its pretty much your word vs theirs and with all the pussy cops there its a losing battle. I hope this place burns to ground. Pros: none Cons: towing scam, asshole hpd officiers, cunt for a manager, more

Satureday is dead, and manager's attitude is sucks 2/13/2010

What used to be a packed place on weekend, now it is not a place that you want to be on Saturday, as it is empty and boring. Other places have security people as part of the staff, this place has Police HPD who are very aggressive and not customer friendly by any mean Other places have customer friendly staff, this place has a manager who is repulsive to say the least, lack professionalism when dealing with customers and treats them like they are disposable. although that place is not far from downtown trendy places yet they are very far in their attitude and atmosphere , you get a feeling you are in hole more

Best DJ, best music, best dancers, worst manager !!! 10/5/2009

best country songs in Houston, talented dancers, good looking women, but the manager who used to be a bartender, in my opinion she should stay there as a bartender not as a manger. This job should not be inherited, a person should be qualified for it from both sides, inside operations (club operations) as well as outside operations (customer relation and PR), I don’t know her skills in the inside operations, but sure I know her skill in the outside operations, miserable ! more

I kinda agree about the new manager’s lousy job 9/12/2009

First: she is not approaching customers and regulars, shaking hands, welcoming, like ET was, she is totally out of touch with customers except few Second: yes she has an attitude, that is shocking, sadly though it comes across very naturally. During a down fall in economy like last 2 years, this is when customer service and customer loyalty would pay off, but the result was that the owners of Wild West closed off similar clubs recently from this slow down in economy and business. No wonder! On a funny note: the new manager is so happy with her new title that she dresses up with a new lousy dress (probably from a garage sale) every week; apparently she thinks she is a CEO of a Wall Street firm! I wish she would spend a bid more time on being customer friendly than the time she spends on dressing herself, which is worthless without a smiling and friendly face more

The new manager is horrible 9/12/2009

God bless ET's soul. the new manager is horrible. the rudest I have ever seen. more

The new Manager as of June 2009 is a low class trash 8/29/2009

that place has become the worst managed place I ever come across in Houston. I used to be a regular there for 2 years till unfortunately the previous manager passed away, so they promoted the assistant manger to a manager and man, day and night difference: from a professional courteous and customer friendly manager to totally unprofessional trashy low class extremely rude manager. there are a whole lot of places in Houston with better attitude and customer service than this hole.. Cons: Manager can only manage the parking lot outside more

worst place in houston unles u wanna go to jail for false ar 7/1/2009

well the story is i was there 3 min and was in handcuffs. arrested for assult and pi when i didnt even have a drink there. story is i walked in paid the door fee found my fiance and put my hand on her arm and they arrested me for family assult dom violence.. my fiance told them she was tipsy and dizzy due to drinking and pain meds and they proceeded to arrest me. place is no good and wouldnt go back if my life depended on it. also lawyers are looking into suit for the false arrestment and staff that said i assulted my fiance Pros: cheap Cons: hpd over powers more

If you want your rights abused by HPD...this is the place to be. 2/10/2009

Atmosphere was fun and drink prices very reasonable. However, customer service was shockingly bad and an infringement of civil rights. Pros: Good prices, good patrons Cons: Bad service, watch out for HPD. more

Worst Place in Houston!! 9/10/2008

If you own a pair of acid washed starched wranglers, and a brush popper from 1978 and missing half your teeth you will have no problem getting in this dump. However if you are well dressed and are one with the current fasion trends, your getting turned away at the door. You should be able to get in this terrible A S S bar with shorts and flips, to have a strict dress code at a bar located where you are is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of! I will never go back..EVER! Pros: Not a One! Cons: Way to Many! more

Best Place Ever 5/5/2008

I've been going to Wild West since it was on Long Point. This is a great place to go - good music, lots of room on the dance floor and the people-watching is the best!! One of the best things about it is, as a female, you can go there by yourself and not worry about getting harassed. Part of the reason for this is the guys at the door. They are all nice, but there is one who has been there since they were on Long Point - I think his name is Tom - he is great! He knows everybody, always has a snappy comeback and doesn't put up with any s***!! When you get a chance, stop by, enjoy the music, get a cold longneck, and say Hi to Tom! You'll be glad you did!! Pros: Good drink specials Cons: the under 21 crowd more

Great place for some country dancing! 1/1/2008

I recently started to come here often and i love it! i seem to find myself here on Wed nights cause its less crowded and i like the music better. Fridays nights seem to a bit more vareity of rock and rap. The DJ plays a GREAT selection of country music and the people at the door make you feel welcomed. They always have drink specials and the bartenders have awesome personalities! The parking lot gets packed around 9:30 but you only find a line after about 10:30 on fridays. The crowd is a mix of ages which i prefer cause i dont want to feel like im in a tiny bopper dance club. You will see people in business suits coming from work or see someone fully decked out in western gear! I love the no smoking law but they have designated a nice area outside to smoke. Expect to hear alot of country since it is a country western club. There are a few rap songs played but if you came for the rap your obviously in the wrong place. They also sell tacos outside for the after club munchies. And i really appreciate how there isn't someone in the bathroom making you feel bad for not paying everytime you wash your hands! Also, they offer free dance lessons on sundays for those two-step challenged! Pros: Drink specials, No bathroom attendant, Great DJ, Great Bartenders Cons: No security in the parking lot more

omg worst New Years Party EVER 1/1/2008

This club use to be so frgn good! Wth happened?! Terrible management and like the title says: I would have had more fun at the corner store buying gas than the party Wild West attempted to have for New Year's Eve. No champagne toast, no crowd and a rude manager. Dude was half cocked, rude and seemed to care less about anyone or anything else besides himself. Same old door guy though, he's pretty nice but even that considered, but even he wasnt enough to make it a worthwhile trip lol. Best steer clear of this one. Heck, the homeless shelter probably had a better party. Pros: nice old door guy Cons: over priced, no crowd, rude management more

Going Down Hill Fast, Better Places to spend your time and money 12/31/2007

I've been a loyal patron of Wild West for over 8 years. In that time I've seen the club go from a GREAT night out to the worst choice for a night out on the town. Rodeo, Thanksgiving Eve, New Year's Eve, Wednesday and Friday nights were once the sole market of Wild West but no more. The new management is just aweful to say the very least. How Mark and Wayne would keep "ET" around is beyond reason. The atmosphere went from a once enjoyable and light hearted country scene to one where the employees are even uncomfortable let alone the patrons. Every club has a "changing of the guard" with management and even the crowd. However even long time customers (longer than even me) have stopped going because of the shrewd attitude of the managment and the employees who seem to be looking over their shoulders instead of just doing the job at hand. Best to go anywhere else. This club which was once a staple of the Richmond Strip is dying a slow and horrible death at the hands of the incompitent management and those that continue to let them miss-handle and publicly degrade employees while directly contradicting themselves all the while making the customers feel uneasy and anxious to leave. If you have a problem with your car being "accidently" toed, the wrong drink, a problem with another customer or God forbid one of the management staff; expect no apologies and no help. It seems to be the new Standard Operating Procedure for Wild West. I've watched all these examples for the last time. Seeing one of my favorite bartenders (Tracy) miss-handled and humilated in public by these calus cads was my last draw. I bid you farewell Wild West. You were once the best but sadly you are now no more than a joke of a club. To Mark, Wayne and all the rest of the owners; It is my sincere hope that you remedy this as soon as possible. Maybe...just maybe Wild West could once again be the King of the Richomond Strip. Sincerely, eCyndee Pros: none Cons: just about everything more

not too bad 10/6/2007

i ended up here after finding out that midnight rodeo closed down. it's definitely not as fun as MR, but there's not a whole lot of choice for an 18+ country bar. maybe 10 minutes of rap music for every hour of country, which isnt too bad, but for those who dont really know how to two-step, you're stuck waiting a long time to get on the dancefloor. kind of an older crowd here too. a lot of the patrons looked to be at least in their 30s. Pros: good country music variety, atmosphere Cons: tiny drinks, not a lot else played besides country. more
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  • Throw on your cowboy hat, pull on those boots, and tighten the bolo tie for this swinging Texan-owned and -operated 18-and-up country dance club that occupies a cheeky faux-barn on the Richmond strip. Western revelers young and old alike guzzle longnecks then two-step and line dance under mirrored saddles in lieu of disco balls on a sizable solid oak dance floor that’s flanked by multiple bars. On weekends beauties in Texas flag bikinis and chaps dispense cheap beer while the DJ tosses a little pop and hip hop into the mix. Some of the best drink specials in town make up for the cover charge.

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