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Wild Waves Theme Park - 15 Reviews - 36201 Enchanted Pkwy S, Federal Way, WA - Aquariums, Zoos & Botanical Gardens Reviews - Phone (253) 925-8000

Wild Waves Theme Park

36201 Enchanted Pkwy S (at Milton Road S)
Federal Way, WA 98003
(253) 925-8000
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Wild Waves Theme Park - Federal Way, WA


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Wild Waves is EXTREMELY fun and a must see atraction!!! Anyone who says otherwise, must have been shoved in a locker and locked up. The rides are very fun and some are even scary!...


I was a lifeguard there for two summers. Granted i don't like hearing we don't care especially when our lifeguard team just finished 3rd in the northwest regional competition. You...

GREAT! 8/10/2009

We got tickets on sale on their website so we saved about $10 each ticket. But parking does cost $ there goes that. The locker rental line was long, and we decided not to get a locker after seeing they cost $14!!!! Instead we put all things inside a waterbottle..which came down the rides with us and kept things dry!!! GREAT IDEA!! We did the theme park rides first..big mistake because when we were done the water ride lines were huge. Tube rentals are expensive..but I'd rather rent one than stand in line for extensive hours. The rides are great! And although the food is expensive it's pretty tasty! (bottle of water= $3.25 + tax. Pizza = $7.00 +tax for pepperoni. Soda is expensive..and snacks are as well). Next time I will bring a feast and leave it in the ice chest in my car..since there is re-entry!! And absolutely bring my own water. I love this park and am going back before summers over. Theme parks cost a lot of money..but if you get a cheap ticket online, bring food and water and don't rent a locker you will save about $50! Hope this helped. PS. No maps of the park were handed would have been nice to have one. AND if you rent a locker or tube you better get inside at opening because lines start forming very quickly and take too much time later on. Pros: Rides are great. Good Food! Can get cheap tickets online! Cons: Locker Rentals expensive, Tube rentals expensive, Long lines more

wild waves 7/18/2009

my favorite ride at wild waves is the timber hawk but i have found that the food quality and prices are bad. I had to pay $25 for a slice of pizza and some coke !!! Pros: great roller coasters Cons: price and qualty of food more

Green water slides 6/17/2009

The green water slides are as old as the park, 1985 I think. I don't know about water slides and what they do to maintain them however on my last visit and visits before that I would get stuck on one of the slides. I was a season pass holder for a few years and noticed it then. I don't remember if it was the Rampage or Bonsai. When that happens I need to sit up push myself along until I get going again. I think that the green slides should be fixed or replaced. Pros: Hydro Slides, Lazy River, Zooma Falls Cons: Taste of food. more

Fun if you're smart 10/6/2008

I was a lifeguard there for two summers. Granted i don't like hearing we don't care especially when our lifeguard team just finished 3rd in the northwest regional competition. You just get desensitized after a while when nitwit after nitwit asks where tubs and entrances are when there are signs foe everything!!! most annoying thing in the world. We have one of the most qualified lifeguard squads in the area and also have one of the hardest jobs out there considering how little we're paid. Ok but hears how to have a good time from someone who knows the ins and outs of this place. - Get there early. Like 15 minutes before the parks opens especially on those scorchers. We have 10,000 or so people on those days. - In my opinion don't come on the scorchers...just a bad situation. Come on the overcast and rainy days! you're gonna get wet anyways and you easily get your money's worth. - Ride the water rides in the morning! Save the wave pool for last, there's no line for that. Go zooma falls first, then kong slides and then speed slides. You'll get more riding time that way. - Wear aqua socks, the ground hurts your feet and there is often unclean areas. - Don't buy a locker! they're are plenty of spots to put your stuff...its just a trust thing, but rarely do people ever steal there actually. - Don't pay for parking. Just park at one of the local stores and walk, its not a big deal. Despite all these things, the price for entrance doesn't match at what it delivers. You may get a total of 10 rides in. So about $3.50 a piece...not worth it in my eyes. Pros: The rides once you actually get on them Cons: Price, Lines, Guests Overall Intelligence more

something to think about 8/20/2008

I just wanted to say that my family attended a theme park in Fresno, California where it is park setting and we were able to bring in as much food in a cooler as we like. There was no parking fees, and no one checks your bag pack as you enter. The fee is the same as Wild Wave in Federal Way. As a matter of fact it is called Wild waters. It was very nice, it was set like a picnic setting. Lots of areas for big kids to play, and for little ones as well, and rides. The park have grill for you to BBQ your food if you choose to. So I have to say maybe Wild Wave can set something similar to it. But, by complaining and then spending all kinds of money to enter is not going to do anything about the problem that exist. more

Cut cost and avoid the stress of over spending ( my tips for fun on a budget) 7/25/2008

I have been to Wild Waves about six times since I moved here 8 years ago and I enjoy it every time. But it can be pretty spendy for families and groups. Here are my tips for fun on a budget. *Two weeks in advance look online for tickets 34.99 at the gate 29.99 at their site but you can find deals for 20 at seattle parks and rec. Last year I got tickets for 12 on e-bay. Do your research and the savings really start to add up!(Beware of coupons: great for week days but not a decent discount for week ends.) max savings for family of four 60$ * Parking may seem a bit steep at 12 dollars but it is worth it to park in their parking lot when you see 3 dollar 16oz bottles of soda. Pack a cooler of goodies pop juice and what ever else tickles your fancy. Get a hand stamp at the gate and eat at you car. Not only will it be probably far healthier then what the park has to offer, but it far cheaper as well! max savings for family of four 50$ I hope I helped enjoy your saving and your time :D Pros: great time, fun rides Cons: bad food, long lines more

By following some tips, we had a great time! 7/12/2008

After reading all these recent negative reviews here, we were hesitant to go but fortunately, by following some helpful tips, we had a great time: *Buy your general admission tickets at your local community center for $20 each at *Try to go on a weekday (we went on Friday) & it's very important to arrive at least 15 minutes before they open (we got there at 9:45 am). You'll be able to get a good parking spot, avoid lines for the popular rides, etc. *Bring towels, appropriate swim wear, aquasocks/flip flops, plastic bag for wet clothes, sunblock, & cash for parking, lockers & food stands. *Since no outside food/beverages are permitted, bring a refillable water bottle & fill them up at the fountains in the park. Pack food in a cooler & return to your car for a lunch break. *If you eat food at the park, it's going to be overpriced, greasy standard fair food but what can you expect. There's a Subway? stand for those avoiding deep fried foods. Eat earlier than everyone else to avoid the long lines. We ate at 11:30am & we had absolutely no wait time. Plus, condiments were freshly stocked & staff were still pleasant, etc. *When you get there, go straight to locker rental because a line builds fast. If you really need to, you can avoid lockers if you parked nearby or if you avoid bringing in valuable items. *Reserve your beach chairs by the wave pool (just lay your towels or other non-valuable items on them). *Go on the ride attractions first since it's cooler in the morning. Eat lunch/rest & then go on the more popular water attractions which require inner tubes. *Avoid expensive inner tube rental by using the free tubes provided for each ride (before the wait time gets too long). *Avoid the bathrooms right near the entrance/exit of the park since they are the busiest & thus the dirtiest. ***Most of all, have a positive attitude & enjoy being with your family & friends! Pros: Fun rides, great lifeguard staff Cons: All the little kids in the wave pool made me wary of the possible presense of urine. Eee! more

Same ol song and Dance 6/29/2008

The sad thing about this Park is that it's just continuously gotten worse. Recently they made the children that work there PAY for water,on a rare hot day. The staff that does the most important work,the Ride Mechanics and Water Pro's,havent recieved ANY pay increases in 3 years. The Kids that run the rides,and the "Life-Guards" dont care, and thats been a running theme for several yrs. The Parking lot is INDEED owned by the park,to correct a mistake previously posted here.Wild Waves makes so much revenue off the lot that new,HUGE rides will never replace it. Federal Way, in yet another Beaurocratic Nightmare, sucked 6-Flags dry with unfair and mean-spirited demands,gouging this BILLION dollar empire right out of the State with ridiculous demands like What plants they can use,and where they will go..We actually had to measure out and plant 12,000 City Specific shrubs,all at 6Flags cost. Now that the parks back in smaller hands,I had hoped the city would lightin up. But Managements insistance on under paying employees,and refusal to address the ENTIRE Food courts,will probly not be fixed until they realise that the Money makeing Parents of yesterday cannot now afford to make the drive Necassary to pay for this parks continued ineptness.. Pros: Still some smaller kids fun to be had Cons: Waters never heated,Parking,food is AWFUL,2 drinking fountains in whole site.. more

Bring your own food, or wait for an hour to buy overpriced food. 6/4/2008

The rides, slides, and lines for the rides were fine. The biggest downside to the park is the food service. They have a no outside food policy, which would be fine, if they had the ability to actually serve people food. Definitely bring your own food, leave it in a cooler in the car, and have a picnic in the car. We didn't think to do that, and when it came time for lunch, we got in line behind 20 other people and started waiting. We waited in line for an hour and a half before we finally got to make our orders. When we did, we saw why it was taking so long to get any food. They would take one person's order, walk to the back where they make the food, tell them what the order was, and then sit and wait. They wouldn't take anyone else's order, and try to make more than one order at a time. They would just sit and wait until that one person's order was ready, and then they would bring it out. Then the people in the back would sit around again. Then they would take the next person's order. We asked to speak to the manager, and they brought us their supervisor, Devin Daves. He said there was nothing they could do to make up for the hour and a half that it took to serve us. Also, when I ordered the Chicken Caesar salad, Devin started trying to talk to me from the back, and with the ambient noise, I could not hear him. So I told him, "I can't hear you" several times, until he walked to the ordering window to ask if shredded lettuce would be OK instead of normal lettuce. I told him to just make it however they make it and get it out to me because I was starving, and sick of waiting. He walked to the back and started talking to me again, and again, I couldn't hear him. So again, I had to tell him, "I can't hear you". He walked back to the window and yelled at me not to talk to him like a child. Then (this is the best part), he asked if I wanted Chicken on my Chicken Caesar Salad. In summation, bring your own food, or suffer incompetent food service. Cons: Food Service more

New ownership running park better! 5/4/2008

Ok, I have NEVER been to a Theme Park where it was ok to bring in your own food, why is everybody crying about that? Bring your own food and picnic in your car. (speaking of your car, the parking is owned by someone else, so complaing about parking will get you nowhere) The reviews from 2 years ago were true, the park was dirty, and ran to the ground! I think Six Flags was milking every last penny out of that place before they sold it. The new company is running it much better! I was there today, and the staff was Nice, the park was very clean, and they have added a couple of fun rides (not big ones, but better then the cheezy ride/kiddy pool they replaced) After going to the theme park Meccas of Orlando and Southern California in the last couple of years, Its nice to go into a park and your child can walk up to it and ride it. Yes the rides are small and cheezy, but your 6 year old can ride the Bi-planes 10 times to one time to riding Dumbo. My Big complaint - Season Ticket prices $74, Go look at the other parks owned by the same company and they are under $50. Seattle is so cut off from the rest of the country I guess they think it's ok to over charge us Pros: Cleaner, nicer workers, new rides, Dry rides not crowded Cons: Wet rides crowded, Value of season pass more

Decent, but can improve. 3/30/2008

Wild Waves Theme Park. It's a decent park with some good things, and some bad things about it. What I like is that it is great for the family, everyone can enjoy every ride. Some things aren't that great though, or could need some improvement. There is like very little scenery in the park, just basic grass, sidewalk, and fence. Also the prices for everything is rediculous. The food stalls are the major price consumers. But you can fix that for your own benefit with this tip: ? Bring a cooler with food and drinks. Don't bring it in the park, but keep it in your car. So when your hungry, just get a hand stamp, and grab a bite from your car. Solves your food problems. :P The rides there are indeed fun for the most part. Wild Thing, although cheesy, but you get to ride it twice. That feature doesn't happen in any other park in the U.S for a roller coaster with at least 3 inversions. Also, TimberHawk, very smooth ride. The lines for the ride usually aren't long at all, maybe a 5 minute wait at most. Other rides like Timber Axe, Klondike Gold Rusher, Octopus, are great additions to the park for your enjoyment. The people,in my opinion seem to not really care about others. I haven't really talked to many people there, since they are either 'busy' or I'm having fun on some rides. When you are in a line for a ride, take a chance to look at their faces. You can see that most of them just seem to be bored out of their minds. It may be because they must yell out the rules and policy for every ride. I rated Wild Waves a 3 for the main idea that this is a decent park. I can see a great future in busness for them if they can render some more benefits of the customers, so they can come back, instead of only once a year. --PurpleDuck-- Pros: Rides, Policys, Service. Cons: Prices, Scenery, Staff emotions. more

Wild Waves doesn't value customers or honor their deals 6/16/2007

Parking was arbitrarily doubled a couple years ago up to $12.There is a huge list of rides that are closed at any given time.Your bags are checked for food and drinks at the gate, to force you to buy greasy low quality food for outrageous prices.Beverage vending machines items are $3-more than twice what it is everywhere else. he bathrooms can be smelled from outside.My children?s school was offered a group discount.There was admission tickets,and an option of admission with lunch. I bought 3 with lunch options. There was no mention of whether the tickets themselves were good for the lunches or if separate coupons were necessary. Never having bought such a package before, I figured my tickets were lunch-inclusive, possibly by the design on the ticket or the color code.Only about half of the rides were open.At lunch time, I attempted to get lunch for my daughters and myself and were refused. So I went to Customer Relations to see what could be done about it.The manager was angry and confrontational.She told me that I should drive to my children?s school and clear it up.Ridiculous suggestion, since school is closed for the summer.She implied that I was lying to try to get a free lunch.She said, ?If I gave coupons to every person who came in here with a sob story like you, we?d give free lunches to everyone.?To which I answered, ?As long as we?re extrapolating, if Wild Waves offers deals to everyone and takes their money but doesn?t give them what they?ve paid for, they would be criminally charged for fraud.?We left Wild Waves.The refusal to work out the problem, their price-gouging from inflated parking fees,closing huge lists of rides, inspections that are stricter than border crossings to keep edible food out of the park soto force buying their over-priced junk food...Wild Waves is highway robbery. It is a rip-off establishment that doesn?t value their customers and doesn?t honor their deals. Pros: fun slides and wave pool Cons: overpriced, rude staff, many rides closed, horrible food, disgusting bathrooms, many rides need maintenance more

waste of money 8/22/2005

This place is sad. It wouldn't be horrible, except the price you pay to get in, verses the attractions they have, coupled with the number of people there make it a positively horrible experience. The lines are super-long, and they don't even have to be. When I was there they have half of the waterslides down for no apparent reason and the ones that were operating were running very inefficiently. They just don't seem to care. They also charge you for everything they can. In addition to the ridiculous $33 admission they charge $8 for parking and $5 to rent a locker. I think the park could be a lot better with a bit better maintenance/management. Right now its not worth it. Pros: Some fun rides, Wooded atmosphere, Corner on the market Cons: Expensive, Crowded, Mismanaged more

Kahagap 7/13/2002

Wild Waves is EXTREMELY fun and a must see atraction!!! Anyone who says otherwise, must have been shoved in a locker and locked up. The rides are very fun and some are even scary! Wild Waves has also added 30 new rides this year!! I cant wait to go! It is an awesome experience and I go every year! Prices are modest, specially when you look at what you have inside the park! more

no bang for your buck. 7/8/2002

This is one bad tourist attraction to come to in Washington! let me start with some pricing: parking 5.00, admission 27.00, lockers 11.00, bathrooms disgusting, burger 4.50, pop 3.00, pizza 3.50,cotton candy 3.5, I5 dive 30.00. If you think that's rediculous you should see how badly maintained this place is. Yeah sure they put in a few new rides but they never clean the park up! They won't even let you bring any food or drink in so they can screw you over on their wacko pricing. If you don't want a locker, Look out! You will most likely get your stuff stolen if you don't hide it. I learned that the hard way. I think you'll prefer the bowling alley over this. There's not as much trash in swimsuits. Pros: fun slides Cons: crowded, long lines, way overpriced, dirty more
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    Chances are, you've never met a kid who wouldn't go crazy for water slides. Wild Waves has amusement park attractions such as a giant swinging pirate ship and a roller coaster--but the real draw is the wide selection of water-themed thrill rides. Multiple slides, a wave pool, inner tube river ride and small pool for kids help the entire family have fun. An arcade section with old-fashioned games like ring toss and balloon darts round out the park.

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