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Wild Orchid Gentlemen's Club - 17 Reviews - 515 S Virginia St, Reno, NV - Other Reviews - Phone (775) 324-1010

Wild Orchid Gentlemen's Club

515 S Virginia St
Reno, NV 89501
(775) 324-1010
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While not as authentic as "Mi Mercadito" the food served by this wonderful family is far better than any of other "Mexican style" restaurants in H'Berg. If you prefer your fare p...


went with a couple of friends...after paying 25 buck cover, we were escorted to the seat....shortly after, a few girls came over. one sat on my friends lap, and he casually put hi...

if you like partying with the gestapo 3/31/2011

went with a couple of friends...after paying 25 buck cover, we were escorted to the seat....shortly after, a few girls came over. one sat on my friends lap, and he casually put his arm around her. the bouncer came and removed his arm. What? when i was at the bar, a girl came up and talke to me. another bouncer came up and told me i would have to buy her a drink or leave the bar. crazy! felt like a prison camp. wont be back. more

Scarlett was the best, club not up front re: room $$ 3/29/2011

Scarlett was this mans dream cum true! Small waist, petite, very nice breasts, really cute butt, and nasty as hell! I paid $200 for a private room for 30 minutes and she was unbelievable! The sweetest tasting 20 year old I could ever imagine! OMG!! You're supposed to arrange a price with the dancer, but they fail to make it clear that the room is an additional $200!! I don't care; no regrets. Scarlett was absolutely worth every cent! Scarlett rates 10 STARS, the club only 1. more

Much better food and service than the competition in town! 9/28/2009

While not as authentic as "Mi Mercadito" the food served by this wonderful family is far better than any of other "Mexican style" restaurants in H'Berg. If you prefer your fare prepared more authentically, you merely have to ask. Expect service that ensures your satisfaction and portions that will send you home well fed. more

Never use your credit card here! 3/26/2009

I've always had fun at the Wild Orchid, but I am writing this in hopes that someone learns from my mistake. I handed over a credit card and driver's license for a $100 bar tab and got $2100 charged to my card. I got the receipts from my credit card company, and they have someone else's signature on them, but because the Orchid photocopied my driver's license for the bar tab, I'm stuck with the bill. Six months later, I am still fighting for my money. I've had to get police and courts involved. You can read my whole story at ripoff report or complaints . com. If you go here, bring a lot of cash, and spare yourself this nightmare. Pros: Fun place to cut loose and party Cons: Charged me for $2100 I didn't spend! more

Great for couples 2/21/2009

Went on a Saturday during a weekend trip with some friends. Really started to get busy around 11. Great place for couples and there were lots there. The girls my husband and I got dances from were absolutely fantastic. No complaints here. No pressure environment and your feet don't stick to the floor. GREAT atmosphere. Drinks are a little pricy at $10 a shot but there was no minimum. Only $25 to get in and due to the current economic situation paying the cover at the Wild Orchid get you into their other two clubs for free on the same night. All in all we were there 6 hours and spent around $200 and have lots of great memories. (had great s_x that night too) Pretty cheap entertainment if you ask me. Pros: Atmosphere, expedient drink service Cons: not too many curvy dancers more

Dishonest dancer 1/22/2009

What a ripoff. This girl Britney tells me there's cameras out in the main area but for $275 she would "love" to let me do more in the back room. This is after I've already overpaid for a drink and $100 for the lap dance. In the back room it's nothing different. Same standard boring lap dance and then she makes me feel like I'm some kind of pervert when I touch a little bit. When I asked her why she said it would be more in the back and it wasn't, she said she never told me that. Bold face lie. Of course no refund. Stay away, unless you like $275 topless dances and tease girls who act like it's way more than it is. Pros: wasn't crowded Cons: dishonest girls and way overpriced more

momma goes wild at the orchid 1/6/2009

we visit the orchid 4 b-days about 4 times every year. great place to go if you want to have great s__ back at your room! the girls are very friendly & always make lap dances something to remember. we will be visiting this weekend for yet another b-day and expect to have an awesome time! the best girl there is Ryan. Pros: girls that know how to please Cons: n/a more

Stripper does not equal pros. and if you think it does you may be dissatisfied. 11/10/2008

We just returned from a three day weekend in Reno. The Wild Orchid helped us celebrate my husbands 43rd birthday and 20 years of marriage. A stripper is defined as a person or thing that strips, a woman who does a striptease. A striptease is defined as a performance, as in burlesque shows, in which a woman takes off her clothes slowly, usually to the accompaniment of music. This was done and it was done to great music, by beautiful and fit woman. Egypt is the most talented pole dancer I have ever seen. She seemed to be part, cat, harem girl, athlete, acrobat, and gymnast. Ryland was just voted best stripper in Reno and I can see why. She made all the ladies in our group feel right at home and relaxed, she has the most beautiful natural breasts and is over 6 feet tall. Emma was sweet, attentive, and shy which is just what my husband was looking for. The staff was professional (even if a little over protective) the club was clean, the chairs comfortable. The lap dances are only 20 dollars and worth every penny. We had the time of our lives!! Pros. is defined as someone who sells the services of oneself for the purposes of sexual intercourse, a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse for pay, harlot, debased and corrupt. You can find them at any Reno brothel, but I saw no harlots here only stripper and talented ones at that. Try to remember this is a job and if you do not care for someone ask for assistance getting the lady you do care for. I recommend Egypt. It is O.K. to say no thank you and remember to negotiate for what you are looking for. Watch for a while and find what you want, because life is what you make of it. The drinks are high so come with your buzz on and strap in for a wild ride. Thank you ladies for the memories we will be back. Angie and the boys. Pros: Some of the best dancers around. Egypt Cons: Woman should get in free and the ladies bathroom needs a upgrade. V.I.P. was over rated and should be avoided $25 door perfect. Pros: Egypt, Ryland, Emma, and Cashmere Cons: V.I.P., Drinks, and cover charge for woman. more

Pricy yes, but aren't they always? 9/5/2008

I had a fabulous time. I read the other reviews and those guys had an experience equal to their attitude. I made the girls work for their money. I let them sit in my lap for a few song. We'll call it fore play. If they were friendly, talkative and flirtatious I got the twenty dollar "teaser" as another reviewer called it. When I found the girl I really liked I took her in back and for the 30min, $275, full on, had to change my shorts, full treatment. She was amazing. My buddy took a turn and was amazed. Yes, I spent money and expected too. You do have to be smart and make them give you what you want for the lowest price, just as the will try to get a premium for their service. Don't you want the most you can get from your job? I also got what I paid for. Hot girls, a grind, and titillation. more

don't bother overpriced and unethical business 9/1/2008

$25 for a cover? Get real. The drink prices are out of the world. $9 a beer and $5 for water. Seriously? The worst thing is they take your credit card from you and debit your account for $500 then do not credit your account for 5 days. Nobody mentions this to you upon arrival of course. The girl Donna in the accounting dept has got to be the most unprofessional person I have ever dealt with. The strippers arent worth it nor is the atmosphere.. dont bother save your money. more

This place is a bronzed piece of dog doo. 8/13/2008

Well I have been to the Wild Orchid several times and it is definately going down hill. I went there in July with some buddies. Drinks are so over priced and watered down it would be impossible to ever get a buzz. The cover was completely overpriced for the talent they had working. The staff are the normal piles of sh*t you'd find at any low class strip joint you go to but this last time I went one of the guys working there thought I was someone else I guess and grabbed me for no reason and tried to start pulling me towards the door. I got a little western with the guy and jerked my arm out of his hands and squared up to the guy at which point he stated "I don't want to fight". Typical wannabe tough guy. Then another guy came up next to him and he got tough again at which point they figured out that I wasn't who they were looking for and half assed apologized. (I am not some punk gangbanger, I was wearing a suit.) I was totally disgusted at that point so I gathered up the 8 guys I was with and we left there and went back to the Silver Legacy never to return to such a complete sh*thole. The following night we went to the Gentleman's Club and had a good night in the VIP room. I have been to strip clubs all over and the Wild Orchid is not in the top 100. Pros: Outside of the building looks nice. Cons: Inside the building is filled with losers and wannabe tough guys....and thats just the staff. more

Great Fun, Hot Girls 5/16/2008

I went to the club with my locksmith buddies the night before the trade show we were in town for. The cover charge was a little high as well as the drink prices. But by the time we left it was worth it. I had several lap dances from the different women that were there. But the best one of the whole night was Zada. The place was clean and the staff very respectful. I will go back again, as well as my buddies. And as the saying goes "what happens in Reno stays in Reno". Pros: clean and jumpin Cons: seats and tables to close together more

I Must Look Stupid Or Something.... 2/10/2008

Was in Reno one night and did not want to sit in the hotel all night so I thought I would check out a gentlemens club. Asked the cab driver where to go and he suggested this place. It was a Tuesday night so I thought it would be slow but this place was dead. There were people only at one table and nobody dancing on stage. Once I got a table they started dancing on stage. In just a few seconds I had two girls arrive at my table at the same time. I thought there was going to be a fight. I just wanted to sit down and have a few beers and relax but the girl just started right away with trying to hustle me and insisted that we " Get this evening started " . Within a period of fifteen minutes I was down over two hundred dollars and had only a couple of beers and had two "tease" dances . I was being told that for $265.00 I could go to their private room and MAYBE the dances might get better. The lady kept pushing me to go the ATM and pull out all kinds of money so we could have a "good evening". I finished my beer and got out of there as quick as I could. This place treats you like you are an idiot and makes it clear that they are only going to break your bank account and then kick you out in the street. Worst gentlemens club I have ever been to. The owner of this club owns several more in town and I'm sure they are all like this one. Save your money and surf the web in your room - trust me it is better then going here. Pros: Girls are Pretty Cons: They want you to spend your life savings and give you nothing for it. I mean nothing. more

worst club experience ever 12/10/2007

door guy did not say anything to me as I walked past him (figured it was because I look 30). I was suddenly accused of trying to comp on someone's tab (funny because I had $40 in my hand ready to pay the non-existent cashier) and was told by the door guy that the club was closed. As I was walking out I was followed by several dudes(part of the group who had some sort of tab?)who were ready to brawl. I was outnumbered and the door guy was not about to help. He was actually a part of the group. I am a non-confrontational person and am in disbelief how I almost got put in the hospital because of an amateur staff. Avoid this place unless you want to pay outrageous prices for a one star strip club. I frequent high end clubs all the time and unless they get it together and start treating people with respect I would avoid this place at all cost. This would NOT happen at the gentlemens club down the street. When high prices are paid a certain degree of respect is expected. I was put in a bad situation and had a bad night because the door guy was not doing his job. Anyway, no big loss. The gentlemens club destroys this place, as does Fantasy girls! Pros: looks classy from the outside Cons: is run by thugs more

Great Place, Great People 9/16/2007

I was in town on a Thursday and Friday and my first time! The staff was very professional and helpful. My server, Rebecca was awesome!. She was very nice and fun to talk to. And very professional, as it was busy. All the girls were very nice, friendly and professional. Obviously, some more than others. I connected with Summer on Friday night! She was amazing! I was tired but she kept me ALERT! What a nice, intelligent, very beautiful, and very professional lady. We had a lot of fun talking and her dances were, well, like an "Endless Summer" Surfs Up! (just a little inside lingo here!) M.. Architect! - The highrise project continues to go up on schedule. I really like your DESIGN! You have done a great job enhancing the constructibility through your value-added engineering. And ALL your dimensions were "field verified" and found to be perfect! It is a pleasure to work with such a professional. Also, thanks for a quick turnaround on my shop drawings and submittals! It is key to keeping the project going up on schedule. I do have one RFI, but maybe we can get it answered at the next project meeting. Awsome place and Awesome people! Check it out! Be nice to the girls and they will be nice to you. And they prefer cash, so don't complain when the price goes up when using a credit card as so does their risk of payment hassles. more

It's decent, not spectacular. 1/18/2007

It's okay, but I didn't really have a great time there. I went on a Sunday night with two friends. The cover was fifteen dollars, but one of my buddies negotiated it down to ten-a-piece. The first thing that happened was a dancer took me to the bar to buy her a drink. A shot of whiskey costs nine dollars. I bought one for her and one for myself, so that was eighteen right off the bat. Lap dances were $20, which seemed reasonable. The atmosphere was comfortable and clean. The music was great (White/Rob Zombie, Pantera, etc.). The dancing on stage was pretty good. The lap dances looked like they were decent. (I didn't partake.) Most of the dancers were a real pain in the a$$... kind of bitchy and always on your case to spend money. They seemed to like to grab people's asses a lot... customers', waitresses', each other's, etc.... which I didn't care for. The waitresses, in my opinion, were way hotter than the dancers, and they were checking me out. They were a lot nicer, too. The clients seemed pretty low-key and down-to-earth. It's wasn't a rowdy place, although I've seen like twenty police cars there before. Maybe that day it was a department function. I have also been to the "Men's Club of Reno" on Lake Street, which I liked better. The atmosphere was a bit more relaxed, and chicks weren't down your throat all the time for business. The dancers were considerably better-looking there, too. At the Orchid, the clientele was made up largely of r3dnecks and fat people, but at the one on Lake Street, there were some really, really nice looking chicks in the audience, or whatever you want to call it. Security was a lot more strict at "Men's Club of Reno," so be on your best behavior. Pros: Big name, hot & friendly waitresses, great music and dancing Cons: Dancers are bitchy and greedy, drinks are stratospherically priced more

You're better off buying a magazine 11/12/2006

Drinks are $15. Not enough girls. Not enough seating, even when they are not busy. Cover is $25. The girls spend the entire evening trying to hustle you to spend $275 for a private 1/2 "session." It's not private, they don't even dance for you (just sit on your lap and smoke cigarettes) and a bouncer keeps warning you not to touch them even when you aren't trying to. They charge you an extra $70 for using a credit card. And when I got my credit card statement I found they charged me an extra $200! These people are theives and con artists. And I am a fool because I know better and I still fell for the con. It's amazing someone hasn't found a way to shut them down. Pros: it's clean Cons: all you are to them is a credit card with legs more
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