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Whole Foods Market

1026 Ne 64th St
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 985-1500
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Whole Foods Market - Seattle, WA


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I like the rating system, it makes it easy to choose good quality meats from farms where the animals were treated with respect.


Whole Foods does not carry as many organic products - much of their produce is conventional. I only go to Whole Foods if I cannot find something at PCC. Of course, I do love the...

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Whole Foods on Roosevelt has Great Cakes! 3/8/2007

If you're willing to splurge, and want a REALLY good cake, I highly suggest Whole Foods' bakery on Roosevelt. They've done a great job for me on custom cakes before. They're esp. good if you love high quality chocolate cakes or cakes for those with special dietary needs. The staff are always helpful, and if you give them a few days or a week's notice, they're able to whip up something extraordinary. Hope this helps! more

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Prefer PCC 7/31/2006

Whole Foods does not carry as many organic products - much of their produce is conventional. I only go to Whole Foods if I cannot find something at PCC. Of course, I do love the pizza at Whole Foods, especially the spinach with pine nuts! more

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Come worship at the Food Temple! 5/17/2006

This isn't food for the purpose of nourishment, it's food for the purpose of bathing in affluence, food to reinforce your sense that you deserve only the very finest that the planet has to offer. The pyramids of exquisite organic fruits look like paintings, flanked by mounds of glistening lilies and erotic spreads of $7 a pound berries... I venture in there from time to time, and I always end up wanting to start a revolution by the time I make it back out the door. At most times of day, the aisles are crammed with people dressed in green cotton and hemp clothing, pushing carts inhabited by babies in $75 Petit Bateau overalls. There's a general atmosphere of "if you're worried about the cost, you don't belong here." This isn't a store, it's a cultural phenomenon. And not necessarily a good one. more

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Yah, too crowded 5/10/2006

Love the food, love the selection, especially for kids foods. BUT the people who shop here drive me NUTS! I agree with the other poster who made the comment about "cart jockeys" with road rage here....I only go here during the quieter hours of the daytime (if at all - I'm increasingly turned off by Whole Foods and prefer PCC), when my kids are mellowed and fed and there aren't too many people here. It's hard to enjoy such a good store and be able to shop with all the angry, harried, over-privileged, "A listers" here sometimes. I prefer Metro Market and PCC way more than this place for a normal and organic shopping experience. And lower prices too. Just can't beat the PCC laidback and easy shopping experience. more

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Yummy Tirumisu --- Whole food market 4/10/2006

I love the Tirumisu in Whole food market at 64th St. & Roosevelt Way. It is now the only place where I go and buy my Tirumisu. They've got different sized Tirumisu with them and they are fresh. The Tirumisu there are totally different from those that are fridged or frozen as could be found in Costco. Well, the price is also higher, about $25 for the biggest sized ones which is about double the price of that sold in Costco. But, in my opinion, it worth the price. more

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Whole Foods for dessert 4/4/2006

I love the desserts at whole foods. Their bakery is full of high quality, but not healthy options. Their cupcakes are waaaay better than Royale and I like their petit fours better than Essential. The things that are chocolate are reallly chocolate and the things that are fruity are really fruity. I like the plain brownie almost the best of all. more

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Whole Foods for lunch... don't believe the hype 3/29/2006

I went to Whole Foods for lunch today, thinking I would induct myself into the cool kids' club of delicious, healthy, and earth-friendly lunchtime options, but I left feeling pretty ehhhh about the whole place. First of all, I selected a smallish tub of soup and shared a bit of pasta and a roll with a friend, and somehow still ended up spending $7 just on myself. Then, expecting great things from both the pasta and the soup, I soon realized that neither were as tasty as I'd expected. Perhaps I chose the store's only gross soup and pasta options, but I wish I'd skipped Whole Food's cream of asparagus and just gone to Nana's instead. more

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Whole Paycheck it is! But it's worth it! 3/25/2006

I love shopping at Whole Foods. Sure, it's spendy, but that only means you don't buy everything there. Whole Foods is where you want to get your produce, meat, and wine. They have an excellent selection of all of the above, and though you won't get bargain basement prices, you'll get EXCELLENT quality. I also love going to Whole Foods for lunch. They have a huge variety of hot and cold items and the ingredients are wholesome and yummy. more

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Whole Foods or Whole Paycheck 3/8/2006

My best friend calls this grocery store "Whole Paycheck". This store is amazing and has the best fruit during the summer. The only problem is that everything is extraordinarily expensive. I know, I know its because everything is organic including the food that is premade. It is extremely hard for me to shop here because I want to buy everything! Its a great place to go for those nights when you don't feel like cooking, are not in the mood for greasy items, and want to be a little healthy. I love their salads and the bakery is not too bad. If you are a vegan there some great choices. The only other complain that I have for Whole Foods is the staff. Most of the time you will run into someone who doesn't have the time nor care to deal with you. I don't really blame them at times because that place can get CROWDED!!! I suggest going around 9:00pm. It seems to quiet down by then. more

Large selection of organic and natural foods, as well as conventional and everyday products 3/5/2006

I usually go to Whole Foods for the deli items, unusual cheeses, and the wonderfully large bulk foods section. A lot of the foods they sell prepackaged, you can get much cheaper by getting a bag of it in bulk (for instance, vegetarian chili mix, falafel mix, or granola). The cheese department is awesome because you can ask for samples. The bakery department is oh so tempting, but a bit too pricey, generally, for my wallet. There's something of everything, pretty much, in this store. I still recommend PCC just because it's a cooperative, but Whole Foods will definitely do in a pinch. more

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Food Porn 12/21/2005

I'm not going to sit here and say my friend, David, coined the term "Food Porn" for Whole Foods, but this is essentially what shopping here is like; it's like porn for food, the most ridiculous grocery store any shopper can experience. If you don't believe me, walk in there and take a bite of a Fuji. If you're actually looking here to find out what Whole Foods is all about, you probably a) live in a closet, b) live in a rural town in Western Montana or c) were just born. In the case of "c" congratulations. We look forward to your stay here. The Whole Foods experience cannot be written, it cannot be spoken, only experienced. Of course, there is always another side to the story. Whole Foods is not just food porn, but it's kind of like Ivy League food porn. I'm talking about high class here. It's not like you just walk in and start waving $20 bills at the herbs (although you're guaranteed to spend no less while you're there). Oh no, this place will educate you. The reason, you ask? It's all about branding. You don't walk down the condiment aisle looking for the Kraft mayo. No way, there's Whole Foods mayo. You'll find yourself asking, "Well, does this taste like regular mayo?", "What is mayonnaise?", "Is it usually made with canola oil?", "Is $2.79 too much for a jar of mayo?", "Should I get the squeeze bottle?". Ultimately, you'll end up buying it, taking it home, opening it only to find that it tastes more like Miracle Whip. Back to Safeway... more

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Not for x-mas trees 11/29/2005

This is a no-brainer, but just in case someone turned their's off: Do not buy a mini-tree at Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods, and they do have the best grocery store selection of Belgian beers in town, but I saw some mini-trees outside for, like 35 bucks. That is a bad deal. I do think that going out to a u-cut-it place is a great opportunity for a family to enjoy using sharp saws together. more

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Not Just Another Whole Foods Review 11/22/2005

I know what you're thinking. What could he possibly have to say of interest about Whole Foods? Read on... My wife and I went there the weekend before last to pickup catering dishes we had pre-ordered for a baby shower we were hosting that evening. We didn't order from Whole Foods by accident but rather because we generally like the quality of the food and the variety of selection. Upon arriving at this location to pickup our order, I quickly realized this Whole Foods was figuratively and literally thousands of miles away from the Whole Foods I've shopped at in San Francisco and Chicago. In short, it was a freakin' mad house with aggressive cart drivers jockying for position down the aisles, long lines everywhere we looked, etc. While the quality of the food remained high and the selection increasingly vast, the experience was subpar. With Larry's, Metropolitan Market, and the PCC all within a reasonable distance from our house, we've got other alternatives at which we'll do our shopping going forward. more

Whole Paycheck 8/20/2005

Sure, you can drop a bundle here, they have everything from duck confit to caviar to out of season cherries. But you can also get everything in one place, and get some decent deals on "365 brand" items and "whole kids" foods. The meat department aims to please, they will cut up and skin a chicken, make ribs into rib-lets, butterfly a porkchop, cut wings into drumettes, whatever cutting you want done so that you barely have to touch the meat when you get home, and at no extra charge. There is a wide selection, much more complete than your average natural grocery. You don't get the "buy local" feel-good factor like you would at one co-op groceries, but you also don't have to be frustrated because they probably do have the organic European butter you are looking for. more

Whole Foods (Mac-n-Cheese) 8/17/2005

I actually really love the pre-pack macaroni and cheese sold in the meals-to-go section over by the deli. Mmmm! I also love Icon, but I've never tried their mac and cheese. I'll have to order it next time I'm there! (I wrote the above in response to a question someone asked about where to get good macaroni & cheese, but I wanted to add a bit about Whole Foods, too, since the mac-and-cheese review seems to have connected to the general reviews.) In general, I really love Whole Foods. I agree with everything that the other reviewers have said about the high quality and the high prices. There are some items I've become addicted to that I can only get at Whole Foods, including their fantastic cheeseburgers and the o-bento meals (in the freezer section). I usually go to Whole Foods with a friend once a month or so, and we make a trip of it. Whole Foods is a destination! more

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Whole Foods Market 8/16/2005

Whole Foods Market is gorgeous and has great food. Prepared foods are very nice (except the roast chickens, steer clear of those), as are the baked goods (so good!). Produce is gorgeous, meat is very nice (and with prices to match). Try the pre-marinated meats - great grill time savers. They also have a nice wine, beer and cider selection. The cheese selection is extensive and the people who work the cheese counter are knowledgeable and helpful. more

healthy food 8/11/2005

The Whole Foods Market sells only the best and freshest organic foods. The prices are a bit spendy, but it's well worth it in my opinion, for fresh, unaltered foods. Great variety and selection. Very clean and organized - prompt customer service. The store is always clean and the service always perfect. It's sometimes hard to find parking though, very busy street. more

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Whole Foods Salad Bar 7/18/2005

Summer is here and if you are looking for a great healthy option that can be taken home or on the road then Whole Foods is it. Not only do they offer high end grocery products, but they also have a terrific salad bar. Each day the numerous options rotate to give a fresh choice of traditional salad goods and also hot bar options. I would highly recommend the spinach, red pepper, and smoked mozzarella pasta salad. The cost is a little high at $6.99/lb, but if you can afford it, then I would give it a try. more

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Yes, it is your whole paycheck but it is whole lot of peace of mind 9/29/2004

I'll admit it. I LOVE WHOLE FOODS. I know it is pricey, I know that some ingredients are better purchased at Trader Joe's (which I do) and QFC (I go there too), but for many,many reasons the Whole Foods experience is just soooo good. I love food. People who shop at Whole Foods do too and the likelihood of gasping aloud at a delightful taste or a gorgeous piece of fruit and getting a response from an enthused shopper is high. The fruits, the veggies, the grass fed meats and fresh fishes, the yogurt selection and bulk granolas and cheeses and olives and beer assortment that challenges Bottleworks... And the sandwich bar- last night I brought a honey crisp apple to the counter and created my own brie/carmelized onion/honey mustard with sliced apples on a baguette hot sandwich- it was to die for. more
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