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Whittier, Faith, Md - Faith Whittier Pa

1200 Binz St
Houston, TX 77004
(713) 655-1007
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I started seeing Dr. Whittier 7 years ago after she was recommended by the former head of a hospital OB-GYN dept. This gentleman knows my husband and knew I was looking for an OB...


I have known of Dr. Whittier for a long time. I was having chronic pelvic pain and went to her because i felt like she would be helpful. In the begining it was okay. the more and ...


I started seeing Dr. Whittier 7 years ago after she was recommended by the former head of a hospital OB-GYN dept. This gentleman knows my husband and knew I was looking for an OB for my pregnancy because I was not happy w/my first OB-GYN. THUS SHE CAME HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND SHE HAS NEVER DISAPPOINTED ME!!!\r What I am most thankful about is that my pregnancy developed into a high risk pregnancy and thus really required a doctor that was knowledgeable and on the ball I COULD NOT HAVE HAD ANOTHER DOCTOR THAT WAS MORE PATIENT, PROFESSIONAL. THOROUGH, KIND AND ATTENTIVE THAN DR. WHITTIER!!!! \r \r EVEN MY HUSBAND LIKES HER AND HE HATES MOST HEALTH PROFESSIONALS!!! \r \r IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN OB-GYN THAT YOU CAN HAVE OVER THE YEARS, DR. WHITTIER IS THE ONE.!!! Pros: Patient, Professional, Thorough, kind and attentive Cons: Nothing different than any other health professional more

Unsure Now *Shrugs* 2/4/2009

I've been a patient of Dr. Whittier for two years now, granted I only go into her office once a year, I've only actually spoke with her on two occassions. The office staff have always made me feel uncomfortable because they are young women who always seem to have an attitude. Besides that, the first time I'd visited Dr. Whittier she was very quick, untalkative, and seemed uninvolved. Nonetheless, I decided, instead of trying to search for another doctor and transfer health records, etc., that I'd give Dr. Whittier another chance. Afterall, my husband and I will be starting a family soon, and I'd like to have known my doctor for a while in advance. I'm half happy that I gave Dr. Whittier another go because her attitude seemed completely different. She was friendly, talkative, answered any questions I had, and was helpful. Seemed like a totally different person. After reading bad reviews, and seeing both sides of her, now I have mixed feelings of whether or not I should allow her to deliver my future child. I encourage everyone to continue posting reviews, good or bad, because it'd be very helpful for myself and other women like myself and it's all greatly appreciated!\r \r Cons: Do doctor appointments ever start when they are scheduled?!?!!\r \r more

DR. FAITH WHITTIER........THE BEST!! 5/15/2008

From the moment I entered Dr. Whittier's office, I was warmly welcomed by an efficient staff. The routine required information was obtained from me by a competent staff. \r Dr. Whittier graciously introduced herself, and I felt an immediate positive patient / doctor relationship at the conclusion of my consultation and examination with Dr. Faith. \r I have found that whatever my needs are, with each appointment ,Dr. Whittier is always motivated, as the consummate professional that she is, to make sure I am feeling satisfied with the outcome of the visit and that I fully undersand the information with which she has provided me.\r I have moved to Kingwood, some distance from Dr. Whittier's office.....however, I WOULDN;T THINK OF CHANGING DOCTORS......\r \r LOOKING FOR A GREAT....CARING.... DOCTOR MY CHOICE IS DR. FAITH WHITTIER!......713 655 1007 Pros: quintessential OB/GYN, CARING, RESPONSIVE, UNMATCHED SERVICE Cons: NOT ANY FROM MY EXPERIENCE more

Dr. Whittier is awesome!! 5/14/2008

This is my first pregnancy. I'm excited on the one hand and terrified on the other. Dr. Whittier answers all my questions no matter how many I ask, and she always has a smile to greet me. She's helped me understand what I'm to expect as far as my body, and my emotions, and she also showed me where to go online to get even more information. I'm still 5 months away...\r \r BTW, the address on here is wrong. Her office is at 1200 Binz next to the children's museum. The tel. number is right though.\r \r OK, I'll be back after my baby's born!!! Bye... more

She answers her cell phone for personal calls during an exam 4/28/2008

I have known of Dr. Whittier for a long time. I was having chronic pelvic pain and went to her because i felt like she would be helpful. In the begining it was okay. the more and more , the more it pushed me away of not coming back. I feel like a doctor shouldnt be making personal calls while with a patient. During the examination Dr. Whittier would stop and answer her cell phone and it didnt happen only one time it happened almost every time i was there and sometimes more then once during again. I WILL NEVER GO BACK ! I WANT A DOCTOR WHO DOESNT MAKE PERSONAL PHONE CALLS WHILE DOING AN EXAM! Pros: none Cons: makes and answers alot of personal calls on her cell phone during an exam more

Best Pregnancy Doctor Ever 10/11/2007

my first experience was 3-2003 she was very nice and pleasant and was very on hand with my delivery, and was very understanding and granted my wishes for my son. since my experience I referred my daughter and explained to her that she do have other patients and she will not let her just slip through the cracks with her pregnancy, she delivered at Park Plaza 10/10/07 and as she was going through the laboring process, Mrs. Whittier was notified in 10 min. Mrs. Whittier made her entrance, to my suprise she remember me from 11-03 and spoke and ask how I was doing and family and went on to her business at hand in 40 min. she was done and congratulate my daughter and me and went back to her office. that is truly an amazing lady and she is definitely a proffessional at what she does. Pros: the wait is worth it, and she was courteous, respectful and mannerable and apologetic . Cons: when she have to go do a delivery you may have to wait almost an hour, or see her partner. more

worst doctor ive had 6/28/2007

I would never recommend this doctor to anyone or go back if she was the last doctor on experience with Dr whittier was horrible.i got the vibe that she really didnt truly care about my pregnancy. she wasnt very talkative didnt seem interested at all about what i was talking about. in all she wasnt a very nice doctor. on one visit Me and a few other patients had already been called back and were waiting for a romm and we waited for a long time. For about 15 minuets I was watching dr whittier on the phone making personal phone. calling the ymca about her kids. it made me so mad. i asked for a referral to another doctor.On my last appointment I had with her i went to her office anf it was completely empty. no lights no name on the door or anything.i went downstairs to ask the security guard what happened and he told me that she moved out a week ago. She didnt even have the cosideration to call and tell her patients that she was leaving but i think that was best because i found my current doctor now who is wonderful. Dr Chandra Higginbotham she is so great. and she is in the same building.So I would not recomend whittier to my worst enemy. Pros: None at all Cons: She was not interested in my pregnancy and she left her office without notifying her patients more

Great doctor horrible hospital (Saint Josephs on crawford st.) 3/3/2007

I had doctor whittier when I was pregnant with my son. I highly recomend her because she was the best doctor I could have asked for yes she goes through things really fast but is very accurate and considerate. The only thing i didnt like was in the beginning of my pregnancy she didnt seem to stay that long in the room for questions. But i worked my way around that by asking her the questions when she first walked in the room. But toward the end of my pregnancy she would spend more time with me and make sure I was comfortable with everything she could. I had some problems with who was going to help me with the baby when we first got home from the hospital because my family lived really far away from me and my fiance was stuck working. He was able to get Vacation time for only a week and the only time open was about a week and a half before my babies due date. I asked her If she could induce me because I wouldnt have anyone to help me and she told me yes but she wouldnt do it before 38 weeks. Which was great for me and my baby because he was already getting too big. She was great and was able to be there for the delivery of my baby and i will definetly go back to her again. The only thing I absolutely hated was Saint Josephs hospital but now from what i heard she stopped delivering there and is now delivering at memorial Herman downtown. Too bad for me wish she would've moved a month ago then i wouldnt of had to deal with that horrible Hospital Pros: Very Accurate and very considerate doctor with lots of experience Cons: Horrible hospital (Saint Josephs Hospital) They wont tie your tubes nor do circumcision and wayyyy to Religious more

very nice medical assts 2/26/2007

i used dr whitier for my pregancy i have no complaints about the staff all i can say is that dr whitier hardly saw me when she wasnt busy she would just fly in and out of the room she never gave me results for my tests and never did she really communicate with me i know she is a good dr but i really think she should pay more attention to her patients the place is clean and the rr are very clean it smells good but if i ever decide to have another child i would not go back to her Pros: staff very clean Cons: parking location more

good doc, crummy office staff 10/5/2006

Dr whittier is a good doctor, always takes enough time with me, and communicates well. HOWEVER, over the past few months, my dealings with her office staff have driven me away. \r 1) My annual exam was coded incorrectly and my insurance is refusing to pay the bill, despite 100% coverage. It's been 5 months, and I can't get anyone at the office to help or respond. THis morning, during normal business hours, they won't answer at all, and I have yet to speak to the woman who does billing. \r 2) 2 weeks ago, I had an appointment, arrived, and found the doctor was out sick, but they had left a message at my home, not work. I rescheduled for last week. \r 3) When I arrived for my appointment last week, on time for my appointment, the waiting room was PACKED and I was informed that there were 6 people ahead of me. \r I like Dr. Whittier, but I won't be going back. Pros: good doc Cons: terrible office staff (they're friendly, but unresponsive to simple patient needs) more

Dr. Whittier 9/13/2006

My cousin used this doctor and so did a friend. The staff is very nice and the office is clean. The only complaint I have heard is that she likes to induce labor. more
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