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Whitney M. Young, Jr. Job Corps Center

8460 Shelbyville Rd
Simpsonville, KY 40067
(502) 722-8862
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The person not having a good experience is a shame. Like the other positive people, if you set your mind to accomplish, you will. If you decide to hate, to argue, to complain ab...


Please dont send your kids or adults here a lot of kids get picked on go ahead look it up u see how many fights this place has. Its not a bad place its the Center Director he need...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/28/2012

I am currently attending Whitney M Young and I believe this place has set me on a path to greatness. Im going to advance training in october for LPN. Before coming here I was up to no good, didnt care about life, and just a disappointment to myself. Once I was enrolled in here my attitude has changed, my walk and talk has changed. Im starting to care more about my life and the lifes of others. Even though I dont get along wilth all the staff I have to thank Mr. Houston the old CD. Mrs. Barber, Ms. Marshall the counselor, Ms. Givens Grad 90, Mrs. Masden my trade instructor, Ms. B. the RA, and last but not least Ms. Cottrell. Without these people in my life I would still be doing nothing. Everyone should go to a job corps center if not this one if you dont know where you stand in life. Trust me they will help you, so THANK YOU WHITNEY M. YOUNG you made me a better human. more

my tru experience 8/10/2011

well, i went to whitney m young job corps in 2006. i went to get my ged and a trade. i accomplished getting my ged in jus 6 weeks. My trade changed and so did my attitude. i went to be a cosmetologist but i wanted to persue a career in the nursing field. now im a mother and a thriving rn. going back to colllege to get my bachelors in criminal justice. i loved the fact that you could order from different restaurants. i had my ups n downs but i made the best out of it. TRY IT..... more

A place for education and training 1/17/2011

The person not having a good experience is a shame. Like the other positive people, if you set your mind to accomplish, you will. If you decide to hate, to argue, to complain about everyday life issues and not learn how to deal with them, then you're going to go online and whine like a little baby girl. Wah.\r This job corps, like I'm sure all other job corps, is a great place for young people to complete an education and get serious technical training. I did. I'm doing fine and without Whitney Young I would be sticking up people, in jail, doing drugs or dead.\r Thanks for helping me turn my life around and making me a productive member of society, with a nice home, family and I pay my taxes so this program can continue! more

graduated in 1989 1/9/2011

Whitney Young was a different place when i attended, i was an 18 year old know it all. I went to get a trade, i had my HSD, I enjoy my stay at Whitney Young met alot of people made some good friends. \r When i attended Whitney we had a basketball team, softball teams and we went to a lot of other Job \r Corps, is that still the same? I would like to say that it was a life changingg experience and i am glad that i went there. I am 41 years old and I am making 80,000.00 a year from a trade that I received from Whitney. more

Whitney M Young 12/22/2010

I just recently left Whitney M young job corps center this past november.....and it's sad to say it was horrible i never experienced bed bugs lack of professionalism and organization my entire life. The center director is horrible the wellness nurses have no idea what they are doing and some of the staff are rude as hell. It's like they try and belittle you as a person failing to realize that everyone that comes to job corps is not a delinquent or a pot head or came there because they didn't have anywhere else to go. Before i left the center was in debt and a new management company was coming in called Odele management (OMG for short) hopefully the center will do better. It was times the dorms ran out of toilet paper for weeks at a time.. lack of trips to walmart for personal items. the bed bugs there were horrible one of my roommates had got bitten on several different occasions it got so bad to the point they had to send all the girls home in Robinson dormitory home for 2 weeks to fix it...but when we returned the bed bugs were still there....the ac never worked the heater never work. then to put the icing on the cake a student there got raped by another student on campus. there was a steady flow of narcotics on campus and liquor. overall i wouldn't recommend whitney m young to anyone more

whitney is a great place 2/5/2010

hi my name is kenneth driggers i went to old whitney m young job corp i graduated in oct 27 2005 i was there a year and it changed my way of looking at life 360 degrees i be seeing some of this negtive on this page about job corp but the real deal is they was not ready to change and they didnt and know they doing watever thay are doing but anyway i toook culinary arts and and graduated wit easy ness look people the staff is there to help the students and there have to be rules are the program would not make it anyway just showing there are good things that happen there it depends on u and nobody else any parents need any info on whitney call me are text me and i will tell u the truth 731 499 3817 well i miss u whitney m young that you were one of my greatist memories and i was the president od nortan dorm come on people Pros: it everything a person want to do something wit there lives Cons: none more

Whiney M Young Great Opportunity 11/12/2009

i went to whitney m young in 2001 and part of 2002. of course, the center had its problems but i went to get my ged and a trade. as long has i stayed focused on my goals, the trip away from home was well wearth it. i got my ged and a cna tade in about six months. i went home and have been slowly working on a nursing degree. without whitney m young i belive it would have been much harder to achieve my goals. stay focused and the expreince will all pay off. Pros: learning enviornment and good trades Cons: teachers not organized and lacked needed materials more

Whitney Young was a great learning experience 5/29/2009

I went to Whitney Young in 1997, I had just turned 17. I didnt go for the right reason so i got kicked out. I did recieve my Ged, I am currently enrolled in college in M.S. without my ged that would of never happened. I am 29 and on the roed to success. If i would of applied myself twelve years ago, I would of had my degree a long time ago. So young adults, if you decide to go to Whitney Young, go for a skill and your Ged, not to join a click or party. I don't know if any of these people are still there but i'd like to say hello, to Mrs. Patterson, Mr. Robarts. Mr. Sievert my painting instructor Mrs. Davis and countless others. Pros: some caring staff Cons: some not so caring staff more

I Loved It Here 5/5/2009

The Ra's Were Great... I Just Graduated From Whitney M Young In December Of 2008.\r \r And Now Am Going Into The Marines... But I Loved The Center\r \r For If I Were To Find A Job Now, I Know What To Do\r \r Mind You I Joined When i Was 16, So I Was Pretty Clueless... But Now I Have A LiL Experience And The Couselors Are Still Calling Me Up And Checking On Me.\r \r Pros: You Will Succeed If You Actually Try... Cons: Easy To Get Sidetracked more

It is what you make of it. 2/25/2009

Hello all. I went to Whitney M Young Job Corps Center a number of years ago. I saw some arial snap shots of the campus and it looks great. I got my GED in 1989 from there and I then went into the Air Force- Where I have been for the past 17 years. I thank this place because I had to learn to know the basic rights and wrongs in life. To the person that said that they don't give enough chances- I say are you crazy??!! That is the one main problem that I remember. They were always giving second, third, forth, fifth and on and on and on chances. If they would just kick them out if they break the rules it would be even better for the others there that want to actually do something with their life. I have two daughters and I would not hesitate to send them there. I have been stationed all over the world and the students at this job corps just don't know how good they got it. Nowhere else in the world do they have a setup like this. If they would just start showing tough love and publicize it, the others would learn that what not to do. more

Overpriced Baby Clothes 12/17/2008

Please dont send your kids or adults here a lot of kids get picked on go ahead look it up u see how many fights this place has. Its not a bad place its the Center Director he needs to be removed and i have plenty of people with the same opion Pros: No way man find a better place where your treated like an human Cons: People who cares more

An experience for you to make the best of it and an oopurtunity to better yourself! 10/30/2008

I was reading some postings on here from students and I wanted to add my honest opinion. I am a staff person who cares very much about my job and the students. Everything has it's pros and cons and nothing in life is perfect. However, It is upto to everyone to strive for perfection. Coming to Job Corps is an oppurtunity to better yourself. And just like everywhere you go in life there are rules. Without rules in place it is complete chaos and how productive can one actually be in a place of complete chaos. It's near impossible. Whitney M. Young Job Corps is a wonderful program. But your success is determined by you. If you come with a negative attitude and get caught up in negative behaviors you will have consequences however if you come to job corp with a positive attitude and stay focused your success is undefinable. You will not only be able to obtain a good job but you will gain a sense of pride that you may not have ever experienced before. And just like the students Staff makes mistakes to. But in all actuallity all of us care and want to help you to succeed. So, I recommend Job Corps to young adults who want to better themselves in life and need to get an education. Keep your head up and remember ""The only limitations in life are the ones you place upon yourself!"" Pros: Full of oppurtunities to grow and learn Cons: Students giving up before they give it a cance more

wHere they Do thAt @??? whitney!! 6/1/2008

i am a student @ Whitney M. Young and i would recomend it to people who are ready to change if ur not ready you'll just end up getting terminated! It didnt change my life but i have grown up alot here and changed as a person. i am complete and im going to college in the fall, before i was working at McDonalds so i mean Job corps is what u make it. But watch out!!! no one is a friend it took me about 5 mths to find that out &,just remember u came by yourself and you'll leave by yourself!!! Pros: You can change you course in life Cons: you can get caught up and lose out on the change u came here to get more

Best Place To Get an Education and Skill to Start a Career 4/24/2008

I know so many people who have gone to Whitney Young Job Corps and finished their high school education and get a trade and ended up with a fantastic job, making so much more than fast food or unskilled wages. These kids come out of there highly trained and ready to work. Is the place perfect - no. But it's only the kids that go there without being serious about themselves that make it so. Send your kids there, if you're 16-24 and not making enough money, don't sell yourself short - go with the right attitude and take that step to success. Whitney, you rock! Pros: Where else can you get yourself back on track and ready to start a career? Cons: The people who bash Job Corps - give me a break!!!! more

this is funny. 1/6/2008

Whitney M. \r Young is okay i like the fact that it helps people out. Thats a plus but i don't like the fact that they really don't do anything for the residents. Students will steal belongings of the other students and they wont do a damn thing. This is very wrong. I believe! and they don't give enough chances to alot of the students. There are so many restrictions up there, there are grown people up there and there treated like they are five years old. Its a horrible place everyone gets picked on and fights all the time DON'T SEND YOUR KIDS HERE!!!!!\r Pros: helps kids who dont know what there going to do in life. Cons: the students up there. more
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