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Our TV broke on Tuesday night. We took it to Westronix on Thursday morning & picked it up the same day. It was fixed! Same day service; clean shop; polite & helpful staff!\r T...


Like several others here that wrote a review about Westronix, I got cheated too by Ron. \r \r I took my VCR/CD player to Ron for repair. I learned my lesson. I paid up front whe...

Bad service and I got cheated 11/30/2011

Like several others here that wrote a review about Westronix, I got cheated too by Ron. \r \r I took my VCR/CD player to Ron for repair. I learned my lesson. I paid up front when Ron told me he had to order a part. After several months of waiting for my VCR/DVD player to be repaired, I finally got my VCR/DVD player fixed, or at least I thought it was fixed. After I took the VCR/DVD player home, the device was still not working correctly. I took it back to Ron and he said he called the company that made the part and he said they told him that there was a manufacturing defect in the part. Well, long story short, the VCR/DVD player never got fixed, and Ron kept my money. I was so angry I took Ron/Westronix to small claims court and of course he didn't show up to court to defend himself. The ruling by the judge was in my favor and he had to pay me the cost of the repair plus court fees. The problem with the small claims court is that even though Ron has a court judgement against him and he owes me money, there's no teeth in the system to make him pay what is owed to me.\r \r My recommendation to anyone thinking of taking a electronic device to Westronix for repair -- DON'T. Ron is a lier and a cheat. He should not be in business. more

Why oh why?? 2/19/2011

Why oh why do I never perform a review search BEFORE I use a service center or quasi-business? Oh I know, because I purchased an APEX big screen tv from Walmart and this guy was the ONLY authorized service center in the area. APEX said I had to take our tv there for repair............UGH!!! \r \r I have all of you beat on just how long I have dealt with this guy though. It's been going on since December of 2004!!!! I won't bore you with details, you've heard them all. I have heard EVERY excuse under the sun. Needless to say, he still has our money and our tv; we have long since bought a new one, he is very, or at least used to be, congenial on the telephone and during the thousand (maybe that's a little bit of an exageration (sp?)), visits my husband has made to his business. He has long since quit answering the phone and hasn't returned any calls in almost two years. \r \r By anyone's standards, we have been patient. You just get busy with other things, etc....I am now ready to move to another level. Just debating between filing with the court or something???? At any rate, DO NOT take anything to this guy and NEVER give him any money. You will be saying good-bye to both. more

STAY AWAY 2/4/2011

I made the mistake in trusting RON, i brought in 2amps for repair. Of course I got the normal I need to order parts, they sent the parts to the wrong place ,,,etc. The last time I went there, it seems he has benn soing the same thing to his landlord....As of Jan 2011 he is behind 3 months-about 1800 on his rent..Let us HOPE his landlord throws him out. I am going to try to speak to him to get that to happen IF I don't get my items back by tommorrow. Pray for me... more

WORST SERVICE I HAVE SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9/7/2010

I was told by Yamaha electronics to take my surround sound receiver here (this is their authorized service center!) During my conversation with Yamaha I was told that my part cost approximately ten dollars and some change and then they gave me the part number. I spoke with Ron (the owner) at Westronix and told him what was wrong (I even gave him the part number from Yamaha Parts.) Ron told me that he did not have that specific part number but he had enough spare parts lying around to fix my receiver. He went on to tell me that it was a common problem. On June 19.2010, I dropped off my receiver for repair. The next week he stated that he received the part and was on the telephone with Alan at Yamaha seeking instruction for installing the part????? Why would an authorized service center need instruction? The next day he told me that he needed to order a new board to correct my problem. I already had the part number from Yamaha from my previous conversations with them. At this time I told Ron the part number. He told me that it was not correct and that my part number was not for the U.S. version (I recorded the part number he gave me!) Ron went on to say that the correct part number was on back order for three weeks (mind you that this was approximately July 2, 2010) TWO WEEKS HAD ALREADY PASSED! On approximately July 6, 2010, I called Yamaha parts and gave them the part number Ron gave me and asked for availability. They stated that the part was available! Approximately July 7, 2010, I called Ron and informed him of what I knew about the part availability. Ron stated that he would check on this? Ron never bothered to call me (An authorized service center????) I called Ron to inquire about my repair on approximately July 12, 2010. When I spoke with him he stated “I am sorry about the delay but I had a death in the family, I am on the phone with Alan at Yamaha discussing installation of your part?” I finally got tired of Ron’s B.S... I called him everyday and left messages! He never answered the phone. In utter discuss I called Yamaha. They claimed to try to contact “THEIR AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER, RON.” Yamaha eventually blew me off and stated that my problem was between myself and the repair facility (imagine that, they told me to take my repair there, to their service center and now they are washing their hands???) I continue to leave Ron messages everyday. He returned one call. When I spoke to him, he claimed again, “there was a death in the family.” He then went on to discuss that he did not have the parts that he claimed to be asking Yamaha service instructions to install in previous conversations. STAY AWAY FROM THIS FACILITY AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!! My last message I left on his answering machine was that I needed a return a status call by the end of the day or I would be filing papers in court the next day. Imagine this there was not a return phone call. STAY AWAY FROM THIS FACILITY!!!!!!!\r \r more

Frustating service 8/9/2010

Sure wish I had read the reviews before taking a piece of equipment to Westronix. He has had it for over 2 months. Numerous calls and trips to his shop has not helped a bit. Always promises to have it fixed soon!! Of course I paid in advance because he had to order a part. Surely is frustrating. more

Cheat and a fraud. 5/22/2010

I took my JVC video camera to Westronix, regrettably without checking any reviews. I took the camera in, around March 23rd. 1. Ron charged me for what it was GOING to cost. My mistake. Never pay first. 2. It took a month for him to send out for the ""part"" and get it ""fixed."" 3. He claimed there was an error message, and ""Sent"" it to JVC to be fixed. 4. It took another month to get it back. 5. He claimed there was another error message. Now, here's where it gets really dirty. 6. I called JVC, myself, and they had no record of dealing with Westronix since 2006. 7. I decided to take my camera back, anyway, brought it home, and looked up the information he gave me, and... get this... the place he claimed to have sent it to doesn't even exist. It used to, but all the info is old, and JVC doesn't recognize them as a service center. 8. My camera doesn't have any new error message. It still has the same problem I brought it in for, two months ago. DON'T go to Westronix. You're supporting bad business, if you do. Pros: None. Cons: Everything. more

Don't Go Here 5/6/2010

He took my TV and my Money15 months ago and hasn't been able to fix it. I call him every week. He can never remember who I am. It's always a different excuse or Lie. One week he'll say ""I just got the board back"", then the next week it'll be ""I haven't got the board back yet"". Small Claims court is in our future. Never have I run into anyone who runs a business like this. DON'T GIVE HIM MONEY OR YOUR STUFF - YOU'LL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN. Pros: He's a Professional Con Artist Cons: He'll take your money and you'll never see your stuff again. more

STAY AWAY from Westronix!! 4/13/2010

Please do not take your electronic items to Westronix to be fixed. My Big screen TV has been there for 14 months. Every time I call there is another excuse..""oh, I just spoke with the parts department and they are sending that right out"". Seriously, it is getting comical the amount of excuses this guy can come up with. Not only that, but everytime I talk to him something else is wrong with the TV. It's like he forgets what he told me was wrong in our last conversation and now he has to come up with something else. Of course I had to pay him by credit card for the part before he could order it - this guy is some piece of work. Pros: Not one pro Cons: I think the owner is a con-artist more


Our TV broke on Tuesday night. We took it to Westronix on Thursday morning & picked it up the same day. It was fixed! Same day service; clean shop; polite & helpful staff!\r THANK YOU! Pros: Same day service! more

found them to be really really slow 2/20/2010

I'v used this guy before on small electronics and had good luck. but the last two idems I took to him ( in may of 2009) are still there.... he said one of them was done but can't seem to fix the second. i'v asked for him to call me back and he won't. he's told me many of times it will be done on saturday. i will not be using him any more... i only hope i can get my stuff back and that it works. Pros: at this point none Cons: can't seem to get anything finished. more

Take your business ANY PLACE but here!!! 10/5/2009

Ron Devol (in my opinion) runs a deceptive business. After having my daughter's big screen TV from June 17th to Sept 2nd, the TV came back having the same problem. He said he was sending a part to a third party to have it refurbished because it would be cheaper than buying a new part. ($800. vs $475.) We agreed to that. After several weeks we called him periodically to see when we might get the TV back in working order. He kept putting us off, saying the part hadn't come back yet, then later saying he was testing it... blah, blah, blah... As I stated above, when my daughter FINALLY got the TV, IT WAS STILL HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM! She ended up calling another tech to look at the TV, and he said there was so much dust in the back of the set that it looked like no one had ever touched it, let alone taken a part out of it! He even said there was dust in the screw heads where Ron would have had to take the part out! I put the repair on my credit card, and was able to successfully dispute the charge. So although I DID get my money returned, I still want to tell everyone about my experience with this business. In my opinion, Ron Devol is a low-life scam artist. Remember the name, Westronix, and do business with them at your own risk! His BBB rating is ""F"". (I wouldn't have given him ANY rating for this review, but since I had to, I gave him a reluctant one star.) Pros: There is NOTHING good about this business! Cons: Biggest rip-off artist in Oregon! (Maybe the WORLD!) more

not sure they are a real business 9/28/2009

Delivered a yamaha av receiver several months ago to Westronics for warranty repair. Repair person stated that they could order part and have it fixed in 4 days. I called after 2 weeks, and Westronics stated that power supply was bad, and replacements were on backorder. I then called 2 months later, and heard same status on parts. I then asked Westronics to give me service number or part number to expidite the repair, but he would not. I told him that I wanted to contact Yamaha and ask for a replacement system, but Westronics said they would take care of it. Asked how long it would take, and he said it may take between 4 to 7 business days. Called back 3 weeks later, and Westronics said he was on the phone with Yamaha, and that the yamaha service was going to call him back at noon. I then asked Westonics for a service number, warranty number or something that I can call Yamaha and reference this myself. Westronics said that I could not call them. He said that he was talking to technical support, and that they would not talk to me. I then told Westonics that I wanted to take care of it myself, as I have waited long enough for Westronics to take care of the problem. Westronic then told me ""WELL, THEN YOU CAN JUST COME IN AND PICK UP THE RECEIVER YOURSELF, AND TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM. ""\r Westronic service was angry at me, and abusive on the phone. Both unprofessional, and of no help.\r \r STAY AWAY from this place. Not sure they have ever fixed anything that I can figure. Cons: unable to give any information on status, more

Horrible 2/27/2009

Worst service ever!!!! The guy feed me along on some story about my equiptment and dident get it back for close to a year and when I did get it back it was still broken!!! The guy made me pay for it off the get go and then never gave me my money back. Took it somewhere else and fixed it in 3 days and a quarter the cost!!! more

westronix 10/19/2008

Dropped off my Sony beta vcr in May. It is now October and it is still not fixed. Everytime I call, he gives an excuss why it is not done. Back order parts, Bad part. Sent out to another repair shop(without my permission, I might add). Will get my unit back and give up on him. Stay away from this shop.\r I should have know better. He did not even give me a repair slip. Had a alot of units on the floor waiting to be repaired. Who knows how long they have been waiting to be repaired. How does he stay in business? more

Bad, Bad!! Worst business I have ever delt with! 9/5/2008

I called Westronix to repair my TV. The owner Ron stated over the phone that he knew exactly what was wrong with my TV and that he could order the parts for me. I paid for the parts with my Visa, and was told that I would receive them in about ten days. Ten days came and went, no parts. Every time I called Ron to check up on my paid for parts, he became very angry and unprofessional. After a few conversations with Ron over the phone and the same type of angry terrible customer service, I decided that I did not want a person like Ron in my home at all. I called Ron, told him that I did not want him in my home and that I would be in the next day to pick up my paid for parts. Ron became very angry over the phone and told me that he woud not let me have my paid for parts. The price of the parts was placed on my Visa card, I have not been able to pick up my parts due to Ron refusing to give them to me. I have had to call another TV repair service, Consumer Electronics, to come to my home and fix my TV. They will be here today. I wil have to buy the $195. parts again to have my TV repaired. I have reported this to my Visa company and hopefully the charge will be taken off my Visa card. This business needs to be shut down! more

Bad customer service Guy tells me I'm pretty much screwed. 4/25/2008

I first called this Westronix telling them about my Harman Kardon making a humming sound out of the speakers.\r He tells me it sounds like a Filter cap. on the Power side. \r So I'm pretty sure this guy knows what hes talking about, after all their an Authorized HK repair shop. I found out later, the only thing that makes them authorized , is that they buy the literature from HK.\r \r Well then the Receiver finally quit working auto shut down ""protect displayed""\r So I take my HK in to Westronix go through the whole History of events. Our phone conversations etc.\r A week later he tells me he needs to order a new board for it. Fine, I pay for it .\r 90 days later it's supposed to be fixed . I take it home hook everything up. HUMMING SOUND!!!!!!\r I call and tell him, he says ""Sounds like a filter capacitor on the power side""\r So why wouldn't he have replaced those in the first place.\r They won't refund any part of the $230.00 I spent.\r Needless to say Ive taken it to someone else. more

Worst Service ever! 1/26/2008

Worst service on the planet. I described the problem. They said it is a lamp. (The symptoms did NOT show in the owners manual as being a lamp problem) After several calls a few weeks later, it arrives. I call WESTRONICS they tell me to pull the old one and install it. I do that. It is the wrong lamp and will not fit. New bulb arrives. Nothing. Still doesn't work! I call WESTRONICS. I tell them we got the new bulb and it still doesn't work. He says, hmmm, must be the Light Engine. He strings me along for 4 months. They tell me they ordered the parts for the light engine. He doesn't tell me that it is a $1000 part! Two weeks into January I call him and ask about the progress. He says ""still waiting for a part"". \r I called Video Only, where we bought the TV. They recommended a Salem Company called ""CONSUMER ELECTRONICS"". I called them ON A SATURDAY. The lady inquires about my issue, and then lets me speak to the owner. I tell Matt that the TV has been broken since September. He asks for the symptoms. Says I'll check online. Gets lots of details from me. Goes to Sony website, types in the model and symptoms. He says Oh Yeah. There is a note in here about that model that matches your problem exactly, the Thermal Fuse is bad. I remember we fixed a whole bunch of these about 6 months ago. I ordered a few extra parts and have what you need right here! Next week Matt came up to do the work. It took him 5 minutes to fix it. more
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