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West Hartford Chiropractic - West Hartford, CT
West Hartford Chiropractic - West Hartford, CT



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Hi Dr. Laub, You treated my daughter Samantha about 3 months ago for colic. My insurance did not cover it and you waived the bill for us. My husband and I just wanted to say tha...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/16/2013

I walked (actually, limped) into Dr. Laub's office yesterday with severe acute low back pain that began when I bent over to tie my shoes the day before. The pain was horrible and I could barely get out of bed. He treated me at 8 am and I walked out 50% better immediately, and by noon, I was 95% pain free!\r This morning I was back to normal.\r As a retired physician, I believe I am a discerning health care consumer.\r I think his skills are truly amazing.\r JS, MD more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/21/2013

I have experienced some really beneficial results so far; as a result of starting receiving chiropractic treatment from Dr. Laub and Dr. G. They are both really knowledgable and excellent at what they do. The office staff are all kind and helpful. I went to West Hartford Chiropractic in search of help and relief for the chronic cluster headaches that I had been getting. I also thought it would be helpful to receive some help for scoliosis that I have. My headaches began to subside and then eventually disappear as I continued chiropractic care. As I'm into my fourth week of treatment, my spine feels great. Also, I can tell that my back is straightening out and my protrusion of my shoulder blade is subsiding. Also, my posture has improved. I am waking up feeling refreshed, pain free, and having no achiness. The chiropractic care is also helping alleviate my allergies to the point where I feel so much improvement with seasonal allergies since I started treatment. I would highly recommend and encourage anyone to get a consultation at West Hartford Chiropractic. I feel excellent and I am really glad that I am reaping the benefits from the superb chiropractic care at West Hartford Chiropractic! It's a great office with caring people who you can tell really want to help you. I have learned that Chiropractic care is so helpful and beneficial for so many conditions. Being a West Hartford resident, the location in Bishops Corner is convenient and parking is available in a large lot. Scheduling appointments is very easy and the staff are accommodating to times that work for your schedule. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/25/2013

I have had a problem with my C-1, which is the very top bone in your neck, for many years. I can tell when it’s subluxated, or out of place, because I have low energy and feel “off” throughout my whole body. I have dealt with this for many years, and have been getting adjusted for a long time. I always felt good after adjustments, but the “off” feeling would return pretty quickly. When I started seeing Dr. Laub, he did a special adjustment to my C-1, called a toggle, and the “off” feeling rarely comes back. I had also fallen on my right hip very hard. I didn’t tell Dr. Laub about it, and he was able to find that it was off, corrected it, and now I no longer have pain in my hip. Dr. Laub is very present when he’s treating me. I feel like I have his undivided attention and he really cares about me as a whole person. He also prescribed a very precise therapy regiment for my specific problems, which has done wonders. I am so happy I chose to go to West Hartford Chiropractic and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a caring, smart, amazing Chiropractor who takes the time to know you and cares for you. \r \r Cindy K more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/17/2012

Dr. Moshe Laub is a magician!! For months I had been suffering from pain that wouldn't allow me to sleep on my left side. Presto! One treatment and I am pain free. In addition, I have been seeing Dr. Laub regularly once or twice a week for the past year and a half and have not had ONE cold in all that time. That's in comparison to previous years when I would have at least two or three, along with asthmatic bronchitis. Thanks, Dr. Laub!! you are the BEST!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/7/2012

Steven and Daniel T.\r Joined November 28th, 2012\r Hi, I am Steven and I am 8. One day my mom picked me up from school and I was crying - I had a horrible headache. The doctors gave me lots of medications and nose sprays for sinuses and nothing worked.. I was in sooo much pain! Mom said she'd take to the magic doctor and my headache will be gone... I met Dr. Laub - the magic doctor, you know? He did it!!! The next day - no headache, I did cry any more...But in a couple of days - I fell on the playground and twisted my ankle - sprained it, I guess...The magic doctor did it again... Not only he put my ankle together, but put a magical tape that kept it together and did some other things...It's been three days, I feel great, can run and no pain - it's magical!!! Thank you Dr.Laub! And also, I love the family room in the office and all the toys - lots of fun! :::))\r \r Hi, I am Daniel, 11, and my mom brought me because my condition was causing me to have lots of headaches every day, I was tired and exhausted by the end of the day and had to take meds for headaches... After couple of visits, my headaches are next to nothing, I have much more energy, I walk straighter and I think every child can benefit from the hands of Dr. Laub! Thank you, Dr. Laub, see you soon:) more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/20/2012

My lower back pain is gone! I've suffered with constant lower back pain for years thinking ""i'll just deal with it"". It got to the point were I was unable to hyper extent (lean back) without blinding pain. I've been seeing Dr Laub for several months now. And I feel better than I can even ever remember and I have full motion back. I forgot how not living with pain felt and it's great. I can actually get out of bed in the morning pain free. Not only did the pain effect me physically, Ive also notice a hugh improvment mentaly that has given me a better perspective on life and happiness. I've tried other chiropractors in the past with not much success. Dr. Laub is truely different than the others I've experienced. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment and seeing the difference for yourself. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/12/2012

I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Laub since last spring. Initially it was for what I felt was only minor back pain that I had since high school. However, a few months later I now realize how bad the pain actually was. I feel amazing! I can't believe I tolerated feeling the way I did for so many years. My pain is gone, I'm standing up straighter, my family says I look taller, I rarely get headaches, and my energy level has sky rocketed. My performance in the gym has substantially increased and my athletic performance has changed dramatically. I play basketball year round and my quickness on court and thought process has seriously increased since I began getting adjusted. My body communicates with itself better and I am able to move in ways that I was never able to before. I would definitely recommend visiting Dr. Laub at West Hartford Chiropractic, not only if you are in pain, but also to achieve optimum body function and performance. You are given one body, one spine, one nervous system, why not help it out and allow it to operate the way it was intended to? Make an appointment, you won't be sorry. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/1/2012

I am a Physician Assistant and have great respect for all health care professionals. I have been to multiple chiropractors, massage therapists, and physical therapists over the past 15 yrs for the same complaint. I have had numbness and tingling in my fingers, hands, and arms for years. I have had chronic neck stiffness and frequent headaches as well. I have been diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome and I have spent thousands of dollars and hours looking for relief. Dr Laub has been the first health care professional that has been able to resolve the problem and keep me comfortable. He spent 2 hrs on our initial evaluation and did x-rays as well as some unique and advance muscle testing in order to personalize my treatment plan. He practiced as a Physical Therapist in the past and his knowledge of the human body and how it is meant to work is highly advanced. He treats every patient with great care and respect. His staff is knowledgable and very friendly. They are always accommodating and go out of their way to meet your scheduling needs. HIs office is newly renovated and state of the art. I highly recommend Dr Laub. You will not be disappointed. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/1/2012

I just wanted to share a long/short story about my son who's been suffering from ear infections since 10 months old. My son who is turning 3yrs old this December has had 5 ear infections this year: time period January 2012 - May 2012. This was very painful for him and for me as a mother because i was very confused WHY? and he would always get sick every two weeks with cold or runny nose. Our ENT doctor recommended that he needs the tube surgery ASAP because the fluid in the inner ear was not draining out at all. I was so scared and against it and then he said that its the only option in order to get rid of it and if it stays in the ear it will affect his inner ear and possible hearing loss because he failed all his hearing tests. After this i told him i need time to figure out what am going to do. Then there is goes i searched and searched and found Dr.Laubs practice. This was my last chance before making any decision. I called and made an appointment to start this process with the chiropractor in the middle of May 2012. I made a 1 year plan and i have been bringing my son to every single appointment as instructed by Dr.laub. Since May 2012 my son has not had not even one ear infection. I was amazed how good he was doing. Then comes the Follow up in October 2012 with his ENT DR. First we did the hearing test. For the first time my son has PASSED his hearing Test. ""Unbelievable"" In the Audiology dept before i went to see the DR. they told me that hes Ears look very healthy and all the tests they did are all within normal ranges. When we came to see his ENT DR. he was very surprised when he looked at the results by comparing it to his previous before may 2012. Then he looked at his ears and said that there is absolutely NO FLUID in the ears. I lost my words i was so happy that i wanted to cry so badly because of such joyfull news. Then he said that my son is doing so GOOD that he does not need to come to see him anymore. I cant not say it in words how THANKFULL i am to DR.LAUB ..he is just AMAZING and his practice is one of the BEST practices ive been to HONOST TO GOD because he has the best staff members that make every single patient feel welcomed and would make anyone's day. I would recommend anyone and everyone that i know to his practice because he made mine and my sons dream become REALITY. <<more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/31/2012

I have been seeing Dr. Laub since September 2012 following an auto accident. Prior to the accident I had chronic back and neck pain that intensified after the accident. I was receiving lidocaine injections and taking 800 mg of ibuprofen 2-3 times a day. Since receiving treatments from Dr. Laub I don't use ibuprofen at all and my pain has been reduced to occasional discomfort. My posture has improved tremendously. I have hope to finally be pain free. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/15/2012

As an athlete and martial arts competitor, I went to see Dr. Laub in an attempt to figure out what might been preventing me from doing things that I naturally did for many years. After a few weeks of treatment, my overall condition has improved dramatically. I'm not only moving faster, but my reaction time has also improved, and from a competitive point of view, everything is working in sync, and I feel like I'm better than ever. Thank you Dr. Laub more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/1/2012

I went to see dr. Laub because of my neck. I had a car accident about 5 years ago and I've been struggling with headaches and sore muscles ever since. I went to a specialist after the accident who examined me and told me that there wasn't anything wrong with me. I've been struggling for a long time and when my massage therapist recommended him I decided to go for it. (I thought at least it couldn't get any worse!) Dr. Laub took x-rays, did a routine check-up and spent almost two hours taking down my medical history and asked me to describe the accident as detailed as possible. I came back the next day where dr. Laub had studied the x-rays carefully and found a lot of problems! Finally I got the answers that I was looking for! We started treatment right away and after the first appointment I felt amazing! I felt like somebody had just turned the light on again! He is so dedicated to his patients and he does everything he can to make you feel better! His staff is also great and everybody in West Hartford Chiropractic do the best they can to make you feel better. Dr. Laub has definitely made a huge improvement on my life! I sleep better, I feel better and I can do everything better. Thank you! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/28/2012

Dr. Laub has helped me as well as many others to enjoy life again. What a lot of us do not realize about our bodies is that with all of the harsh movements/positions we make everyday starting from as a child to adulthood (sports, horsing around, motor vehicle accidents,\r falls, job duties etc) we change the position of some of the vertebra that make up our spine which disrupts communications between our brain and our body. I have seen for myself, people who were hunched over who are now straighter. People who could barely get up from sitting\r without using assistance to get up, who now just jumps right up out of their seat with no assistance. People who had debilitating migraine headaches or vertigo that have experienced a decrease to a cessation of their symptoms all because of Dr. Laub's Chiropractic techniques\r and treatment regimens, after many years of surgeries, medications, stuff that just wasn't fixing the problem, just masking. If I did not see this for myself or experienced a change in my life because of chiropractic care, I wouldn't believe that it could do anything. I have learned so much from Dr. Laub. He is very knowledgeable and his wide range of experiences and research make what he says that much more credible. No your not going to get healed or fixed in one treatment, years of damage is going to take some time to reverse or alleviate. For some, like myself, it might be instantaneous but it’s something that has to be maintained. Your nervous system is what your brain uses to connect to every organ in your body and if your nervous system is out of whack then you can expect to have some issues. My favorite example that he uses is ""You can't brush your teeth once a year and expect to have perfect healthy teeth right? So how can you\r expect to have a healthy nervous system if you don't take care of it?"" If you think about it, it makes sense. You can't brush/floss your teeth once in a blue moon and expect to not end up with cavities at some point!\r \r If Chiropractic got more press a lot of people could be getting the help they need. Then there are the people who are aware of these alternative medicines and poke fun at it because it’s different. What I find interesting is that these people don’t have any issues with taking prescription drugs that tell you upfront what the side effects could possibly be including death, but are very skeptical to try natural ways of healing themselves. Do I think you shouldn't use conventional medicine? Absolutely not, I believe they can work well together. But not every ailment requires prolong prescription drug use or surgery. But the thing is conventional medicine doctors are not going to refer you to a Chiropractor as an option for care, some do not believe these kinds of treatments help at all, prime example is my mother's physician questioning the effectiveness of the Traumeel. You ultimately have to find out for yourself either by curiosity or word of mouth. \r \r What I like about Dr. Laub is that he explains to you in language that you can understand and visual examples of what is going on in your body that is causing your pain or discomfort. You get so in tuned with your body and eventually you know what is out of place or when you need to be adjusted. You also learn the different areas of your spine and can tell him, ""I threw my T/L out over the weekend!!"" He doesn't want to have a relationship with his patients where you are just the patient and he is the doctor or that he is superior to you. He wants to be partners with you and work as a team to achieve your ultimate wellness and is genuinely happy and relieved for you when you feel 100%.Working at Dr. Laub's office has convinced me to pursue study of natural ways to keep the body healthy and to help as many people as I can as well!\r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/22/2012

Dr.Laub is amazing at what he does. Not only does he know what he's doing but he actually cares about his patients. I've had migranes for years, Dr.Laub has been treating me for the past 4 months and I have only experienced one migrane since. He is an amazing doctor and person. He will sit down with you to figure out the exact issue and continue to do so until improvements have been made. more

chiropractic and colic 7/14/2011

Hi Dr. Laub, You treated my daughter Samantha about 3 months ago for colic. My insurance did not cover it and you waived the bill for us. My husband and I just wanted to say thank you! We have spread the word about your practice and what you did for Samantha. We are greatly appreciative that the colic only lasted 3 months and not 8 months like our sons did! We think it truly helped. \r Thanks again, \r E & M more

The very best Chiropractic care I ever had. 12/19/2010

I have been treated at West Hartford Chiropractic for two years now. Prior to visiting Dr Laub I had experiences with other Chiropractors, each to varying degrees of success. Dr Laub is by far the best diagnostician I have seen, as well as, having a gentle but most effective touch. You will always come out feeling much better than when you arrived. Also, I am always seen quickly and treated with care and respect. An environment not all that easy to find today, This is the first time I ever left a review and I do so because of the importance of getting the word out concerning Dr Laub's talent and knowledge concerning whole body heath care. i am very confident in his ability to zero right in on my ailment more

Had almost given up.... 8/1/2010

I was involved in a traumatic accident 6 years ago where I lost my vision, sense of smell and had chronic joint pain which other doctors could not diagnose. I tried every kind of recovery I could over the years, including physical therapy, acupuncture, rheumatologists, neurologist visits, etc...then I found Dr. Laub. After the first two visits with Dr. Laub I could already see improvements. He took x-rays, used temperature reading scanners down my spine and many other tools. He had the kind of knowledge where he'd tell me what was wrong before I even said it just by feeling my spine. I find most doctors today give you the easy answer or take the path of least resistance just to get to the next patient. He was so invested in how I became impaired, he requested all of my medical records which was over a ream of paper thick. He also read them....shocking! After reading he discovered he might be able to help my sense of smell become stronger by rerouting some of the broken nerves the occurred during my maxillofacial reconstruction. Dr. Laub goes far and beyond what any chiropractor should do because he really cares. His staff is wonderful and Dr. Stacy is also extremely competent. She filled in while Dr. Laub was out a few days and although tiny, don't underestimate her strength. I cannot explain the level of satisfaction with the scheduled program of visits they set up for my condition. I'm finally on my way to living a pain free life. Pros: Knowledgeable, invested, state of the art equipment Cons: NO drawbacks more

THE BEST CHIROPRACTIC in the Hartford Area 6/28/2010

I tried several other chiropractic offices before ending my search for pain relief with Dr. Laub at West Hartford Chiropractic. Being both a Chiropractor and a Physical Therapist, I found that Dr. Laub knew far more about musculoskeletal pain relief and related therapies than most other doctors. The office is very comfortable and updated with the latest technology. The staff is friendly and accommodating. Most importantly Dr. Laub was vested in my health and well-being. Pros: pain relief, friendly, flexable scheduling, multiple therapy Cons: non more

Thank you 10/28/2009

I am currently a patient at West Hartford Chiropractic. I have been treated in the office for the last couple of years and I have to say I am very happy and satisfied with my experience here. The reason I started coming to the office was due to my scoliosis and with my consistent visits I have seen a huge improvement. I think what has truly helped my healing has been not only the office itself but the staff as well. The ladies at the front desk are pleasant and extremely helpful with anything I may need. On most days I see Dr. Stacey who I have to say with her firm, but gentle touch have done wonders for my back and the pain I have had. She gives me her full attention when I am there and I feel as if I am speaking with a friend rather than a doctor. It is so nice to know that she understands my needs and gives me excellent advice. Dr. Laub is amazing with his adjustments as well as being able to give me all the knowledge I need to help in my path to better health and feeling great! I am so thankful for the amazing staff and doctors at West Hartford Chiropractic because without them I know I would still be living my life in pain. Pros: Very helpful and understanding more

Dr Laub AWESOME - Dr Stacy not so much. 10/28/2009

Dr. Laub is the best chiropractor I've ever had. The man is like a magician - he can tell where you hurt and he can always (in my experience) fix you. I came in with intense, agonizing pain whenever I breathed and in a matter of days I felt 300% better - still a way to go but so much better. I've been going for a year and he is fabulous. Dr. Stacy Medeiros, on the other hand, is your average, run-of-the-mill chiropractor. At best she's ineffective; at worst she actually causes new problems to arise. The office staff are fantastic: friendly, efficient, and competent. On the whole I've had great experiences with this office - as long as I can stay away from Dr. Stacy... more
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